Flyers were placed on vehicles outside a sheriff’s office. One tested positive for traces of a deadly opioid

( CNN) A Texas sheriff’s sergeant was taken to the hospital after she removed a paper flyer laced with fentanyl from her car’s windshield, authorities said Tuesday.

The sergeant started to experience lightheadedness as she drove off. She has since been discharged from the hospital.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said that, while no one else was immediately affected, the sheriff’s office, along with the Harris County fire marshal and the Houston Police Department, will continue assessing vehicles and staff members.

There’s a search for a fifth meat- and 19 other things podcasts taught us in 2016

Whether its asking what happens when you watch Sexuality and the City 2 more than 50 days or which Oscar has won an Oscar, theres no question a podcast somewhere hasnt answered

1 Richard Ayoade used a ThunderCats duvet cover until he was in his late 20 s

Where we learned it The Adam Buxton podcast

Adam Buxtons life-affirming, jingle-packed ramble chats with his celebrity guests are a constant pleasure. In this two-parter, the multi-talented Ayoade went into everything from the height of pillows to the reaction to his notoriously awkward interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy. As funny as the pod is, you will learn a lot, too from Buxtons honest discussions of heartbreak when his dad succumbed to how upsetting Sara Pascoe sees it when people induce clicky sticky noises with their mouths.

Other lessons from this podcast Louis Theroux does a fine rendition of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie. Ellie Violet Bramley

Journalist and writer Malcolm Gladwell. Photograph: Anne Bailey

2 One of the biggest auto recalls in history may have been caused by drivers pressing the wrong pedal

Where we learned it Malcolm Gladwells Revisionist History

If you are familiar with Gladwells run, then Revisionist History is both a treat and familiar province. The New Yorker writer often takes assumptions and things we might think to be true and unravels them to end up in a different place altogether. In his bestseller Blink, he explained why it might not have been so unusual that an unarmed man was shot 41 periods by New York police. In the best episode of Revisionist History, Gladwell looked back at Toyotas sudden unintended acceleration phenomenon, which led to a gigantic fine for the car manufacturer. The conclusion when you are listen to a 911 call in which a man is driven to his death by a vehicle that wont slow down was not that the cars accelerators were sticking, but that drivers unfamiliar with certain autoes were having a brain malfunction that entailed the latter are physically unable to differentiate between the brake and the accelerator.

Other lessons from this podcast American colleges with the nicest canteens are the worst choices for poor students; if you want to score the most free-throws in basketball, do them underarm. Will Dean

3 One day, everyone in Sweden switched to driving on the opposite side of the road

Where we learned it 99% Invisible

You neednt be an architecture or design fanatic to enjoy Roman Marss gentle unpicking of how the world around us came to look and function as it does. As well as tales about the origins of the inflatable humen they have outside automobile traders in the US, and why they used to publicize missing children on milk cartons, you are able to learn about Hgertrafikomlggningen , or H-day 3 September 1967 when everyone in Sweden switched from driving on the left side of the road to the right.

Other lessons from this podcast Californias Salton Sea was formed by mistake; 20 years ago, the world became obsessed with a phone booth in the middle of the Mojave desert. Leah Harper

4 Having your own podcast wont win you an election

Where we learned it With Her

How do we know that Hillary Clinton enjoyed a Cuban sandwich and a brew at the end of a day on the road? Well, she had her own campaign podcast, about the little details of being on the road. In the first episode, Max Linsky, of the podcast Longform, talked to her in Miami about what she was going to have for dinner that evening. As the first presidential nominee to have a campaign podcast, Clinton tried to harness the power of the medium to proves a more personable side of herself. Suffice to say, it didnthave the desired effect.

Other lessons from this podcast Clinton is a TED talks fan and has to ration her Elena Ferrante novels. EVB

The hosts of My Dad Wrote a Porno.

5 Theres more than one way of motivating your sales force

Where we learned it My Dad Wrote a Porno

Pots-and-pans sales supremo Belinda Blumenthal can find lust in any situation even when she is lost in an ornamental labyrinth. The superstar of the erotic fiction written by comedian Jamie Mortons father has taught the world that a regional marketings conference has just as much possibilities for naked fun as a business trip-up to Amsterdam. Other things she has appropriated into her libidinous realm include a charity tombola, Herb Alpert, a chalet, a pomegranate, a horsebox and any sentence involving the words further access. What she has taught listeners about her ridiculously sexy life may be unsavoury, but via Mortons podcast it has brought a whole lot of mirth.

Other lessons from this podcast There is such a thing as a vaginal lid; never read erotic fiction written by your dad. Hannah Verdier

6 Sacha Baron Cohen has been known to use a getaway car

Where we learned it WTF

Marc Marons WTF can be off-putting: the hosts 15 -minute opening monologue and guitar jams are often enough to deter new listeners. But when it comes to teasing out colorful details from the careers of some of Hollywoods funniest and finest, Maron is the master. Grimsby may have bombed in the cinema, but it was worth it for the interview Baron Cohen did with Maron to promote the cinema. The best bits were the details of the logistical difficulties of attaining Brno, from how a redneck battle crowd were deceived into watching a homoerotic romp to how Baron Cohen managed to escape Kansas police after being caught with, among other things, a pedal-powered sexuality machine in a hotel room.( He had a auto waiting outside with the engine running .)

Other lessons from this podcast Asking what peoples parents were like rarely gets a dull answer; if you have the US president over to record in your garage, youd better have nice neighbours; William Friedkin is the best storyteller in Hollywood. WD

Alix Fox looks into peoples sexuality lives. Photograph: Ken McKay/ Rex/ Shutterstock

7 Having two vaginas doesnt mean you can have vaginal sex with two men at the same time

Where we learned it Close Encounters from the Guardian

Alix Fox pries into the complicated and fascinating lives of people for whom sex is not always entirely straightforward, from a polyamorous couple to a human paralysed from the waist down just before his honeymoon. An extraordinary interview with double-barrelled Hazel, who talked openly about the effects her condition has had on her and may have on her if she wants to have children is the standout so far.

Other lessons from this podcast Russian-doll-style dildos can cure vaginismus; having cold feet can help to delay an orgasm. LH

8 The search for a fifth meat continues

Where we learned it The Beef and Dairy Network podcast

The centuries-old assumption that there are only four meats beef, lamb, pork and chicken is crumbling after unconfirmed reports that the European Space Agency has identified a mysterious fifth meat. The Beef and Dairy Network podcast, produced by comedian Ben Partridge, is the No 1 podcast for those involved or only interested in the production of beef animals and dairy herds. Featuring guest appearances from agricultural experts such as Josie Long, and attracting fans including Miranda Sawyer, it is a surreal beefstravaganza.

Other lessons from this podcast According to Beef and Dairy Network sponsor Mitchells, 90% of cattle can kick through a vessel hull after just a few months of taking hoof-strengthening supplement Steel Hoof Deluxe. EVB

Dont put this cow in your ships hull. Photograph: Brian Brown/ Getty Images

9 John Oliver is not dead

Where we learned it The Bugle

For a decade, long-time comedy partners John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman set the world to rights via the medium of their audio newspaper for a visual world. Their riffs on anything from civil liberties( Like puppies, John, we love our own, but we get genuinely vexed when other peoples civil liberty keep shitting on our lawns) to Texas barbecues( All I know is this, Andy: if I was a cow, and I knew that I could savor like that, Id find it very hard to make a coherent example for not being immediately killed and slow-cooked) often attained the indicate the funniest thing you could get on Wi-Fi. With Oliver having left the Daily Show to front his own display on HBO, the Bugle went into satirical hibernation. It awoke in mid-October, just in time for a political event so ridiculous that even Zaltzman at his most surreal couldnt have imagined it. The pods Have I Got News for You-style rotating guest co-hosts now include US comics Wyatt Cenac and Hari Kondabolu, as well as Brit Nish Kumar and brilliant Indian standup Anuvab Pal. They dont know each other as well as best friends Zaltzman and Oliver, but perhaps the other co-host, Andys sister Helen, could claim an advantage on that front. The Bugle is dead, long live the Bugle.

Other lessons from this podcast Bashar al-Assad bought LMFAOs Im Sexy and I Know It as the Syrian civil war raged. WD

10 A bloke operating a driving school in Acton, west London, was also helping to prop up the death penalty in the US

Where we learned it More Perfect

In a residential area of west London, inside a house with a banner that reads Elgone Driving Academy, is a guy in his 50 s who seems a bit like William Hurt and who was the one-man operation helping to provide the narcotics used for capital punishment in the US. That was until a human rights charity alerted the UK government to his pharmaceutical broom closet of death. In the inaugural episode of More Perfect, a Radiolab spin-off looking at how US supreme court cases affect lives miles away from the bench, the presenters explored those three little terms from the American constitution: cruel and unusual.

Other lessons from this podcast An unusual 911 call made in Houston, Texas, in 1998, led to one of the most important LGBTQ rights decisions in the courts history, effectively building homosexual relations a basic civil right. EVB

11 The political insiders word for people panicking about a Trump win was bedwetters

Where we learned it Keepin it 1600

A politics podcast hosted by Barack Obamas former speechwriter and a senior communications consultant ought to scream wonkishness, but Jon Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer may be the two most engaging analysts of a bonkers election campaign. Having been at the heart of two US election blizzards, they alongside other hosts Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor know, inside-out, how this world runs and share it. Their near certainty about a Clinton win up to the morning of general elections induced 1600 one of the most reassuring political podcasts you could listen to and construct their morning-after mea culpa on 9 November all the more extraordinary. Now its actually time to wet the bed.

Other lessons from this podcast The Obama team realised it was impossible to refute crazy lies about its candidate after Fox News said in 2008 that the young Obama had been raised a Muslim when the team complained, they were told that it was an amusement show. WD

12 Billy Joel has really soft hands

Where we learned it Two Dope Queens

Comedians and co-podcast hosts Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams went where two black women have never gone before a Billy Joel concert. They sneaked in their ros in suntan lotion bottles bought on Amazon the kind that get white daughters, watching the Shins, through Coachella. And, having been given front-row tickets because Billy likes to see fairly girls up at the front, they got to shake his baby-soft hands. If thats not informative enough for you, listen to the other episodes of this snort-out-loud-funny podcast from WNYC and hear some of New Yorks best female comedians talking about sexuality, romance, race, hair journeys and living in the city.

Other lessons from this podcast Pierce Brosnans volcano thriller Dantes Peak has a lot to tell us about how far we have come since the 90 s; talcum powder is the best method to deal with boob sweat. EVB

13 Tar heroin reeks just like capers

Where we learned it Guys We Fucked

Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson host the anti-slut-shaming podcast, featuring interviews with everyone from Jon Ronson to Stoya( and, as the title gently suggests, people with whom they have had sex ). Their interview with Wendi Kent or, as they call her, White Precious who photographs protesters outside abortion clinics, exposed the same reasons she can no longer feed capers and what its like to have sex when youre homeless. But its not all heavy-going. The episode titles alone are a treat good luck disguising You didnt go to France because you wanted to masturbate ?, His pubes were haunted? and Period sex: supposes? from fellow commuters.

Other lessons from this podcast DIY HIV tests can be done at home( or on-air) with a mouth swab; comedians on the circuit all hook up with one another. LH

There is such a this as too much SatC2 I mean, you knew that already, right? Photograph: Allstar/ Warner/ Sportsphoto Ltd

14 You can watch Sex and the City 2 too many times

Where we learned it The Worst Idea of All Time

A lot of time, effort and fund, especially money, went into making this film, says Guy Montgomery. Weve just opened up the most disgusting can of worms. Theres no need to watch SatC2 because he and Tim Batt have done it more than 50 times for the sake of their podcast( they did the same with Grown Ups 2 ). Mirandas nanny Magda is a spy who is gradually poisoning her, Charlotte is the other one and the whole thing is crying out for the kind of dialogue that attained the Tv series great.

Other lessons from this podcast We Are Your Friends is next on your hatewatch list. HV

15 You can have a podcast about a podcast

Where we learned it Slates Serial Spoiler Specials

Slates week-by-week analysis of Serial, 2014 s podcast preoccupation, is perfect for when everyone you know is listening far too slowly offering story recaps, whodunnit hypothesis and critiques of the host, Sarah Koenig. Not to mention digging deep down into Reddit rabbit pits about the two cases encompassed so far.

Other lessons from this podcast The cow birth in season two can be seen as an agricultural metaphor for the militarys have responded to Bowe Bergdahls disappearance; its almost impossible to map a timeline via audio. LH

16 Moby is a CD thief

Where we learned it Heavyweight

Jonathan Goldsteins Heavyweight aims to the tell the stories of people whose lives have taken a wrong turn somewhere. One of these was to reunited his 80 -year-old father with his elder friend before it was too late. Another was to reunite his friend Gregor who is haunted by the moment he loaned a box of Cds to a techno-producer friend. The friend, was, of course, Moby, who utilized many of them as the basis for his squillion-selling Play. Gregor doesnt want royalties he only wants his Cds back. And Goldstein helps him get them.

Other lessons from this podcast Tracking down your school bullies is an uncomfortable eye-opener( as demonstrated by Julia in episode seven ). HV

17 You can have an -Alist cast in a podcast drama

Where we learned it Homecoming

Although Serial was essentially a piece of investigative journalism, its format have also shown that podcasting didnt need to be limited in its sort. Gimlet Media, functional specialists podcasting company, emerged around the same period as that NPR made and proved its aspirations in the field. Its scripted drama, Homecoming, aimed straight for the stars with a cast including Catherine Keener, Star Wars Oscar Isaac and David Schwimmer. The story flips between Keeners characters work at an experimental facility that helps soldiers integrate back in local communities and her present-day life as a waitress. There are plenty of cliffhangers helping to tell the story of what happened in between.

Other lessons from this podcast You dont mess with David Schwimmer. As Colin Belfast, he oozes fury and has the air of a human on the edge. HV

18, 19, 20 France buys in most of its frogs legs only one person called Oscar has won an Oscar Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck were more reprinted comic book characters( that arent superheroes) of all time

Where we learned it Answer Me This !

Helen Zaltzman and Olly Mann( plus Martin the soundman) solve listeners queries on a fortnightly basis with questions ranging from the practical to the ethical to the ridiculous. Suffice to say, you will learn more listening to them while doing the washing up than from Heart FM. You will also learn that drunken voicemails are welcome, especially from Dave from Smethwick and Graham from Canada.( Its Oscar Hammerstein II, by the route .) LH

The Guardian publishes a wide range of award-winning podcasts daily, from Football Weekly to the Guardian Books podcast, all of which are available on our site , iTunes and other leading podcast platforms .

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Rep. Mark Sanford: ‘Testosterone can get you in trouble’

Washington( CNN) While President Donald Trump is blaming Democrats for the collapse of the Republican health care plan and others point thumbs at the conservative House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Mark Sanford has his own theory about the failing: too much testosterone.

After listening to emotional statements at a pivotal session between White House officials, House leadership and Freedom Caucus members Thursday evening, Sanford said he noticed that only humen had spoken so far, two sources familiar with Sanford’s statements told CNN.

“I’m here to tell you, sometimes that testosterone can get you in trouble, ” he said, according to the sources.

Zika threat has clients exclaiming pollute on cruise lines’ inflexible cancellation policies | Fox News

Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas ship heads out of Port Miami, in Miami Beach, Fla. ( AP File Photo)

Expectant parents Kerry and James Scarpinito were looking forward to a relaxing vacation this month on a Royal Caribbean cruise — until Zika get in the way.

So instead of having fun on the much-anticipated journey, the couple was forced to cancel their babymoon — the last vacation before their newborn arrives and have their disappointment exacerbated by the cruise lines hardline posture against full cash refunds.

Royal Caribbean offered the Scarpinitos a voucher for a cruise to be taken in the next two years — a trip-up they say they will not take with a baby.

I understand they want you to cruise again, said Kerry Scarpinito, who lives in Staten Island, N.Y. But this is not the way to build me want to go.

The Centers for Disease Control has now advised pregnant women and those trying to become pregnant to avoid travel to Miami-Dade County whenever possible, as well as travel to the Bahamas, other Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands — all popular cruise destinations. Port Miami is considered the Cruise Capitol of the World, with nearly 4.9 million cruise passengers this past fiscal year.

The Zika virus, spread by the bite of a mosquito, has been proven to cause devastating birth defects, including microcephaly and other severe fetal brain abnormalities. Researchers are now reporting children whose mothers were infected with Zika while pregnant may face other challenges not immediately evident.

The Scarpinitos had no choice but to cancel.

I know cruises and infants dont mixture, said Scarpinito, explaining her reluctance to use the voucher and travelling with her child. I feel like they are banking on customers like me not cruising and not employing the voucher. I feel like Im being scammed.

The couple, who had use loyalty points to book the trip, wont get those back either. After Scarpinito complained( and reached out for commentary ), she was offered the $200 -plus that she and her husband had pay money fees and taxes on the trip, but received only a voucher for the $300 -plus they paid for a cabin upgrade.

Airlines have been more flexible in the wake of the CDC’s unprecedented proclamation. JetBlue, on the other hand, provided a full air fare rebate immediately. I didnt even are required to provide a doctor’s note, Scarpinito said.

But cruise vacations are expensive, and big liners are relunctant to enforce flexible policies that could hurt the bottom line. Big-ship cruises typically average $100 per day per person, according to

Generally cruise line cancellation policies are quite strict, leaving little room for refunds, said Colleen McDaniel, Senior Executive Editor of Given that there are very few pregnant passengers who may be facing this matter, McDaniel believes cruise lines are likely trying their best, though she was unable to offer insight as to why some people may be encountering difficulties on certain lines.

In the case of the Zika virus, many lines have adjusted their policies to allow for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant to cancel their trips, ” said McDnaiel.

Carnival Cruise Line, which has 25 ships, will issue refunds to pregnant women and their traveling companions on a case-by-case basis, as will other Carnival brands — including Princess, Costa, Holland America and Fathom. They also may give refunds to those trying to conceive.

We are trying to be flexible and understanding, given the situation, said corporate spokesman Roger Frizzell, adding that thus far, any such requests have been pretty mild, with no impact on their brands cruise business to date

Windstar Cruises, which attracts a lot of honeymooners on its sailing yachts, also is evaluating refunds on a case-by-case basis. Hotels are offering refunds, as well. Every hotel in Miami has been gracious about rebates, said Jack Ezon, president of Ovation Vacations, one of New York Citys largest travel agencies.

Airlines are addressing this issue through direct communication with their clients, said Jean Medina, a spokesman for Airlines for America, which represents the airline industry. Delta and Southwest are among those offering refunds.

Royal Caribbean wouldnt commentary beyond referencing its Zika policy: Royal Caribbean will assist any pregnant women who do not feel comfy sailing to countries affected with the Zika virus by providing alternating itinerary alternatives. This may include providing guests with a future cruise credit, valid for two years, so that they may re-schedule their voyage for a later date, with no penalty.

Norwegian Cruise Lines policy is similar. Nothing is being offered on NCL and Royal Caribbean to those trying to get pregnant, unless they have bought a cancel anytime travel insurance policy. Those policies typically cost 40 percent more and will cover up to 80 percent of a customers non-refundable deposit, said Daniel Durazo, spokesman for Allianz Global Assistance USA. Fear of contracting Zika is not something that a standard travelling insurance policy would encompass. The exception would be a female policy holder who becomes pregnant after they purchase their policy and is traveling to an region impacted by Zika, he said.

But if cruise lines, which have not announced plans to alter port routes away from zones affected by Zika, start permitting exceptions for some, others could take advantage of the loosened restrictions.

A few of the behemoth lines feel that if they start refunding some passengers it would open up a can of worms, defining a precedent about opening the door to money refunds which would hurt their bottom line since they never give rebates, offered Jack Ezon, whose luxury travelling agency Ovation Vacations volumes many cruises.

Cruise lines always promote guests to buy insurance for that very reason. The problem is that, even for people who bought insurance, Zika is not covered by most policies.”

I do think it will turn young people away from cruising especially since hotels and airlines are almost all cooperating with refunding people in full, Ezon indicated

Since Zika can be transmitted by sexual contact, the CDC also recommends women and their partners preparing to have children avoid travel to areas with Zika — a directive that has given pause to couples trying to get pregnant. One engaged couple posted on what many likely are believing whether to cancel their Caribbean cruise honeymoon as our desire to start a family is our priority.

The CDC has just announced that $6.8 million will be awarded to national public health partners to assist country, tribal, local and territorial jurisdictions with their Zika responses.

But no one is expecting a quick or easy solution.

The cruise lines cant control such a situation and neither can I, said Kerry Scarpinito. The message they are sending is that they dont care about their passengers.”

Eileen Ogintz is the creator of the syndicated column and website Taking the Kids. She is also the author of the ten-book Kids Guide series to major American cities and the Great Smoky Mountains. The third-edition of the Kids Guide to NYC has just been released.

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Nuclear weapons hazard greater than in cold war, says ex-Pentagon chief

William Perry listings a series of factors that he says mean the chance of a cataclysm is higher today than in the 1970 s and 80 s

The risks of a nuclear catastrophe in a regional war, terrorist attack, by accident or miscalculation is greater than it was during the cold war and rising, a former US defence secretary has said.

William Perry, who served at the Pentagon from 1994 to 1997, made his comments a few hours before North Koreas nuclear test on Wednesday, and listed Pyongyangs aggressive atomic weapons programme as one of the global risk factors.

He also said progress made after the fall of the Soviet Union to reduce the chance of a nuclear exchange between the US and Russia was now unravelling.

The probability of a nuclear cataclysm is higher today, I believe, that it was during the cold war, Perry said. A new peril has been rising in the past three years and that is the prospect there might be a nuclear exchange between the United States and Russia brought about by a substantial miscalculation, a false alarm.

Alongside the risks arising as a result of cyber-attack, North Koreas nuclear programme and volatility between India and Pakistan in Kashmir, Russias military interventions in Ukraine and Syria and the increasingly assertive posture of its air and sea patrols have brought Russian forces-out into close proximity to their western counterparts.

In a new examine, the arms control advocacy group Global Zero analysed 146 such incidents over the past 21 months, classing two of them as high risk. It deemed 33 provocative in that they stray from the norm of routine incidents, resulting in more aggressive or confrontational interaction that can quickly escalate to higher-risk incidents or even conflict.

Over the same period, different groups counted 29 incidents between North and South Korea, including three high-risk incidents, and 40 military encounters around disputed islands in the South China Sea, which brought showdowns and near-misses between Chinese forces and those of the US or its regional allies. Ten of the incidents were deemed provocative.

In south Asia, where three nuclear-armed countries face off, the study counted 54 significant military incidents between India, Pakistan and China, including 22 perimeter conflicts in and around Kashmir.

Pakistan is outnumbered by India in terms of conventional forces and is growing increasingly reliant on the threat of the early utilize of tactical weapons to deter an attack. Such weapons would have to be deployed to border positions in a crisis to represent an effective deterrent, but it is not clear if or when launch authority “wouldve been” delegated to field commanders.

Military incidents in east and south Asia – graphic

Kashmir remains the most volatile nuclear frontline, but the zone where Russia and the west scratch up against one another is also becoming increasingly precarious, underlining the inherent risks of US and Russian nuclear doctrine.

Twenty years after the cold war, neither nation has ruled out first use of its nuclear program arsenal and both maintain a launch-on-warning, keeping a combined total of 1,800 nuclear weapon on hair-trigger alert.

Barack Obama would have about 30 minutes to decide whether early warning spacecraft data showing an incoming missile assault was credible. His Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, would have half that time to make up his mind because Russia does not currently have a working early warning satellite.

These weapons are literally waiting for a short stream of computer signals to fire. They dont care where these signals come from. said Bruce Blair, a former US missile launch officer and co-founder of Global Zero.

Their rocket engines are going erupt and their silo eyelids are going to blow off and they are going to lift off as soon as they have the equivalent of you or I putting in a couple of numbers and reaching enter three times.

The dangers are compounded by inexperience. Neither the US nor Russian chairwomen , nor the overwhelming bulk of the military leadership in both countries, had to deal with the near-misses and constant pressure of the cold war standoff. Communication between Nato and Russian chains of command is at a new low, far worse than in the 1970 s and 80 s.

The shooting down of a Russian warplane by the Turkish air force over the Turkey-Syria border in November – the first time a Nato member had downed a Russian warplane since the Korean war exposed the breakdown. It showed how our institutional memory and understanding of Russia has been allowed to atrophy. We believed our own propaganda about partnership, a senior Nato official said a few days after the incident.

Military incidents in the west – graphic

Referring to the possibility of a nuclear exchange triggered by a military incident that spiralled out of control, the official said: It is still remote, but it is no longer trivial.

Nuclear experts say the growth of cyberwarfare potentially poses the biggest threat to the integrity and reliability of automated command and control systems.

In the cold war we were not contemplating how a cyber-attack might run awry. Its hard to be specific about that risk, but it seems to be very real and a growing hazard, said Perry, who has written a volume, My Journey at the Nuclear Brink, which highlights the increasing hazards. Some various kinds of cyber-attack on our nuclear command system either in the United States or Russia could be the basis for a miscalculation made about a launch.

US Strategic Command headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, had not commentary by the time of publishing, but the generals in charge of the nuclear arsenal acknowledge they do not know the extent to which it has been compromised because the threat is so new.

The sophistication of the cyberthreat has increased exponentially over the past decade, the commands former head, retired general James Cartwright, told the Associated Press in April. It was reasonable to believe that that menace has extended itselfto nuclear command and control systems, he said. Have they been penetrated? I dont know. Is it reasonable technically to presume they could be? Yes.

A 2013 review by the Pentagons defense science committee found that US atomic weapon control systems had not been properly assessed for their cyber-vulnerabilities.

The then head of US Strategic Command, General Robert Kehler, told the Senate armed service committee in 2013 that there was no significant vulnerability in the nuclear command and control system, but afterwards confessed: We dont know what we dont know. When asked whether Russia and China could avoid a cyber-attack from launching their nuclear missiles, he responded: Senator, I dont know.

The threats of cyber and nuclear war collide at a time when momentum is draining away from the arms control attempt under way at the beginning of Obamas presidency, when he vowed to work for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Moscow has induced increasingly common reference to Russias nuclear arsenal in combative rhetoric directed at its perceived adversaries. The countrys ambassador in Copenhagen has said Danish warships “wouldve been” targets for Russian nuclear weapons if they installed advanced radar equipment. The US has accused Moscow of contravening the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty by secretly developing a medium-range cruise missile.

On 9 November, Putin was filmed satisfying some of his generals in Sochi, and the cameras captured a glimpse of a graphic presentation of what appeared to be an alarming new weapon. Codenamed Status-6, it was a large droning submarine designed to carry a huge thermonuclear dirty bomb into a foreign port.

If detonated, Status-6 would be capable of dousing cities like New York in massive amounts of radioactive fallout, Jeffrey Lewis, of the James Martin Centre for Non-proliferation Studies, wrote in Foreign Policy magazine. At the risk of understating things, the draft is bat-shit crazy. It harkens back to the most absurd moments of the cold war, when nuclear strategists followed the logic of deterrence over the cliff and into the abyss.

In its efforts to reassure its eastern European allies over the hazards of Russian encroachment, the US has also been mixing its conventional and nuclear signalling. For the first time since the cold war, it flew formations of strategic bombers over the Arctic last year.

Over the next decade, the Pentagon is planning a $355 bn( PS243bn) spending spree to money 12 new nuclear-armed strategic submarines, as many as 100 new strategic bombers, new land-based, intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of deployment on mobile launchers, and more than 1,000 nuclear-capable cruise missile.

The missiles are described as uniquely destabilising, as they come in conventional and nuclear variants, so an opponent would have no way of knowing which was being launched. The UK repudiated a cruise-based deterrent in 2013 because, as the then defense secretary Philip Hammond said, it would carry significant risk of miscalculation and unintended escalation.

Perry said: In the cold war, we and Russia were in the process of dismantling nuclear weapons Today, in contrast, both the Russia and the US are beginning a complete rebuilding of the cold war nuclear arsenals. And today Russia is threatening the use of nuclear weapons Those are very dramatic steps between today and the 90 s. That is a major difference.

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DTAG 1 TT RTAG 1 TT was big news. After a long track to going public, Eventbrite reported ATAG 6 TTinteresting revenue growth acceleration after a somewhat muted pricing event. But even that DTAG 2 TT RTAG 10 TT, Pocket Casts, Downcast and all the casts . Celebrating health in the President’s sukkah – The Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post

‘ This is extremely tragic ‘: Woman killed by stray bullet while working in chiropractic office in Burien – Q1 3 FOX

Q1 3 FOX

‘People can change’: ex-prisoner smashes stereotypes, one workout at a time

Coss Marte served time for drug offences. Now hes opened a prison-based fitness studio on Fifth Avenue, where conferences are taught by ex-inmates themselves

For ex-convicts, getting back on your feet is hard. Former medication kingpin and inmate Coss Marte is on a mission to change that, with his prison-style fitness studio that opened its doors at Saks Fifth Avenue in May. In The Wellery, Saks 16,600 sq ft health mecca teeming with high-end designer clothes, salt rooms and meditation class, ConBody is decked out like a incarcerate, with cell bars, metal fences and a backdrop for taking post-workout mugshots.

But this isnt simply another bourgeois boot camp plus some cute jail-striped jumpsuits. These workouts are actually taught by former inmates themselves. Marte employs 10 former captives, and they incorporate the same no-frills exercises Marte carried out when he was locked up in a 9ft x 6ft solitary confinement cell with nothing but a bed and a Bible.

We dont use any equipment merely our own body weight. And were not just working out; were solving a real problem, Marte said.

How Marte got to where he is today could be mistaken for your quintessential Orange Is The New Black flashback, a reveal he loves: I love the demonstrate. Obviously they exaggerate some things, but its TV after all. Im addicted!

Having grown up in New Yorks Lower East Side in the 1990 s, Marte was peddling drugs on his very own street corner by age 12. By his late teens, he was overseeing a$ 2m cocaine and marijuana empire, affording him a lavish lifestyle of cars, bling and women. I to benefit from spend $2,000 on Louis Vuitton shirts, but Id never do that now, he said.

Aged 20, Marte was arrested and sent to jail for seven years. After receiving a full physical upon entering incarcerate, doctors told the then-overweight Marte that he only had five years to live because of high blood pressure and cholesterol.

I aimed up becoming the Forrest Gump of the prison yard, operating circuits every morning despite sneers from other inmates, he said.

In just six months, Marte lost 70 lbs, and helped 20 other inmates lose 1,000 lbs collectively. However, simply two months before his release, an altercation with a correctional officer landed him in solitary confinement and tacked another year on to his sentence.

I was so devastated that I wrote my family a 10 -page letter to them telling them to forget about me. After I finished the letter, I realise I didnt even have a stamp to send it, so I hurled the letter into the corner of the room.

A week afterwards, he received a letter from his sister, telling him to read psalm 91 from the Bible. As soon as I flipped to psalm 91, special stamps fell out of it. I felt shiverings all over my body. Then I started reading the Bible from front to back, and realized that what I had been doing with my life was affecting the lives and families of so many people. Thats when I had the lightbulb moment to start ConBody. To give back, Marte said.

And that he did. In 2014, less than a year after he was released, he opened his first ConBody studio on the same street corner he used to hustle drugs. Former convicts find it notoriously difficult to get back into the workforce. One New York City analyze determined having a criminal record reduced the likelihood of a callback or undertaking offer by nearly 50%( 28% for applicants without a criminal record versus 15% of applicants with ).

Although the business has really taken off over the past three years with the Saks opening and even being featured on Saturday Night Live on 20 May hes definitely come across some negative reactions too.

I tried to give a woman a high-five after a class once, saying Dont be scared. I only did six years in prison! She screamed, Dont touch me, and picked up her things and walked away.

Marte believes the whole ex-con stigma are due to be smashed, one boot camp-style slug at a time. Im now at Saks. This is crazy. I have tons of people supporting me and helping me along the way. People can change. This is what its all about. Dedicating people a second chance.

Today Marte speaks at meetings across the country and at colleges and adolescent detention centers in the Tri-State area to deter young people from going down the road he did.

Next on the horizon for ConBody is a volume called ConBody: Do the Time to be published in 2018, and a documentary film slated for release in 2019.

Were also launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the ConBody app where people will be able to volume classes, buy apparel, and access workout videos, he said.

Down the line, Marte is also planning to expand his cell footprint within and beyond the concrete jungle. Im looking to open up on the east coast, the west coast and everything in the middle!

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