To The Girls He HASN’T Given Herpes To Yet: This Is For You

Hey Dame,

I do not know any of you personally, but this is the closest that you will ever get to an apology from him. I am sorry he is too sheepish to tell you that he knew he has genital herpes. I am sorry he is too orgasm-focused to be honest with you. I am sorry he continues to live in refusal, stringing you along.

The truth being, you may never contract genital herpes from this fellow, either. Despite this, he chooses to set himself first. He is putting your health and mental well-being at risk by not informing you. He is not giving you a selection in your future. At this point, I doubt he has even been tested. And even if he gets a standard STD test, I doubt he will ask for Herpes IGG( it’s not included ).

I never wish herpes, or any STD, upon anyone, but you are able to ask to see some record. It has taken me a significant amount of time to be herpetic and confident; I know not everyone is as equipped to handle this combination as I amwhich is part of the reason I set myself in the public eye.

There are times that I wish I could contact those women whom he is so obviously fooling, but that is not my place.

So to the woman who guesses shes won him over, the woman who supposes she has him hooked, I hope you think again. I hope you put yourself first in this. I know youre asking questions, I know youre thinking deeper than what you see. I know your friends are, too( Theyfriend-requested me on Facebook, after all ). I know how you feel towards me. I know, he likes your pictures-the selfies, the friends, the seemingly innocent moments-but that’s his game. You think to yourself,” This time must be different. Its me. Well my dear, you and every other girl hes focused on for six months or less. I know we only know one another through twenty-something, social media stalking, but I will be there for you if things ever do go awry.

If you ever do contract herpes from him, I pray you are stronger than me. I pray you can walk away, because he knew this time. He knew what he was doing to you. I dont know if he knew he was able to infect me, but after what we went through, hes going to do a number on you, and I hope you step back and realize your worth. No one deserves a long distance fan, especially when youre five miles down the road.

And you, you’re miles away

Your fellow Eskimo Sisterwith HSV2

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Scientists Discover Traits Shared By People Who Live Longer, Healthier Lives

If, for a second, you ignore the small slump in lifespan over the past couple of years, people today are living longer than ever before in human history. Sadly, while life expectancy is on the rise, life quality isn’t necessarily maintaining up. Here i am, however, a subset of the population that scientists dub the “superagers”.

These men and women aged 80+ remain cognitively young, which entails their brains and mental abilities seem comparatively immune to the degeneration most of us experience with age. While others slide into senility, a superager’s memory, employ of language, and cognition stay on point. This remains true even when they indicate biological signs of dementia, like deposits of deformed proteins and neurofibrillary tangles.

Now, researchers speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science( AAAS ) meeting on Sunday have identified a particular neuron that could influence this excellent brain health.

“We are get quite good at widening our lifespan but our health span isn’t keeping up and what the superagers have is more of a balanced relationship between those two, they are living long and living well, ” Emily Rogalski, from Northwestern University, told audiences at the conference.

So, what separates superagers from their more average peers? Post-mortem analysis of the brains of 10 superagers revealed these people possess a higher density of Von Economo neurons( VENs) than average. VENs are spindle-shaped brain cells generally found in the anterior cingulate cortex. The anterior cingulate, importantly, is an area of the brain believed to be key for all things memory related.

Interestingly, the superagers also had more VENs than the majority of 50 to 60 -year-olds, despite being more than two decades older.

“When we look at the rate of cognitive thinning in the cognitively average 80 -year-olds, their brains are thinning at nearly two and a half times that of the superagers, ” said Rogalski.

Only 5 percent of people are born superagers, said Rogalski. These luck few share certain personality traits. Her research suggests that superagers are more resilient and optimistic towards life’s trials. They also tend to be more extroverted and less neurotic than average.

Personality tests the superagers took demonstrated a “unique personality profile, highlighting optimism, resilience, and perseverance as well as active lifestyles, ” Rogalski said. “Positive social relationships” and “reading and travel” were also common themes.

Another interesting find: they aren’t inevitably the health puritans you expect them to be. Rogalski’s research shows that 71 percent of superagers smoked and 83 percent regularly enjoyed a drink.

“We ask them why is it that you think you are a superager, how did you get here, and there are a couple of funny dames and they will say, well it’s because I have a martini with my friends every day at 5 o’clock. Others have never had a beverage, ” Rogalski added.

[ H/ T: The Guardian, The Hour]

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Leon Russell, member of Rock& Roll Hall of Fame, succumbs at 74

( CNN) Leon Russell, who emerged as a stone ‘n’ roll star in the 1970 s after working behind the scenes as a conference pianist for other musicians, succumbed Sunday in Nashville, his wife Janet Bridges told CNN. He was 74.

Russell died in his sleep, his wife said in a statement posted on his website . Honey Bridges, his daughter, told CNN he was retrieving from a quadruple bypass when his health took a turn for the worse.

A Brief History of Screen Panic

For as long as we’ve had TVs, videogames, smartphones, and tablets, there have been scientists, politicians, and parents worrying about whether too much screen time will build children less healthy( maybe ), more violent( debatable ), and hopelessly distracted( Sorry, can you repeat that ?). Here’s a short history of people dreading the worst.


Anthropologist Earnest A. Hooton describes Tv as “a visual education in how to do wrong.”


Fredric Wertham writes, “I have found that children from 3 to 4 have learned from television that killing, especially shooting, is one of the established the process for coping with a problem.”


Following the release of a videogame called Death Race, Gerald Driessen, a behavioral scientist, describes gaming consoles as “definitely negative … The person no longer is just a spectator, but now an actor in the process of creating violence.”


“Children with higher weight status played moderate sums of electronic games, ” a study in The Journal of Adolescence read, “while children with lower weight status played either very little or a lot.”


“Social media has been described as more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol, ” says Shirley Cramer, chief executive of the UK-based Royal Society for Public Health. “It is no longer possible to ignore it when talking about young people’s mental health issues.”

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Republicans defend having no women in health care group

Washington( CNN) Just hours after House Republicans managed to pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Senate is signaling it will write its own proposal — announcing a group of 13 Republican members who will be responsible for crafting the Senate’s plan.

All are male.

Senators of the working group include Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, Health and Education Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander and conservatives Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

Danny Fields: the coolest guy you’ve never heard of- until now

He managed the Ramones, helped launch the Door, and hung around with Warhol. A new documentary sets the man behind the scenes front stage

In his diary, Andy Warhol wrote that he would love to cinema Danny Fields life story. The artist died six weeks later, but now Fieldss life has finally arrived the screen in a new documentary called, Danny Says .

You may not have heard of Danny Fields, but you definitely know his friends. As well as hanging out with Warhol, Fields helped launch the Doorway into superstardom, palled around with Nico, Edie Sedgwick, and Alice Cooper; was the first person to play the Ramones to Lou Reed; was friends with Linda McCartney despite helping end the Beatles touring career; introduced Iggy Pop to David Bowie, and was immortalized in the Ramones tune Danny Says.

For decades, Fields has operated behind the scenes of the music world, forging connects and inducing stars. If it werent for Danny the world might not have ever heard the Stooges and the Ramones, and we definitely wouldnt have heard Nico as a solo artist, said Gillian McCain, co-author of the definitive punk oral history, Please Kill Me, a book dedicated to Fields as forever the coolest guy in the room.

As the self-described label freak at Elektra Records, Fields was almost single-handedly responsible for ushering in the punk epoch in the US. He managed the Ramoness early career, and get both the Stooges and the MC5 signed to his label. Despite these impressive credentials, Fieldss name is scarcely known outside the music business. That might all change thanks to the new documentary, which premiered at SXSW last year and is now open in select theaters and available online.

The film was directed by Brendan Toller, who worked on the movie for almost seven years, finishing it mere weeks before it was slated to premiere. He first came in the different regions of the legend of Fields in the books Please Kill Me and Edie( Jean Steins book about Sedgwick, the Warhol muse ), but he had a hard time sorting out the facts of the case from the exaggeration. Danny Fields at Harvard stealing crystal with Edie Sedgwick couldnt perhaps be the same guy being the publicist for the Doorway or managing the Ramones, says Toller. Turns out, though, when it comes to Fields all the rumors are true, which Toller exemplifies in the film.

The documentary pieces together interviews with Fields and many of his friends including Pop, Cooper, Tommy Ramone, Jonathan Richman, legendary record boss Seymour Stein, Ramones logo designer Arturo Vega, folk singer Judy Collins, MC5s Wayne Kramer and many more, all interwoven with archival footage, audio recordings, and animation that blends together to help tell the story of this musical influencer.

Fields devoted Toller access to his personal repositories and Toller expended months going through the files, telephone recordings, cassette videotapes, ephemera, and photographs that Fields had collected over his long career. Professionally, Fields played a variety of roles in the music industry he was a journalist, editor of 16 magazine and Datebook. When the latter publication published John Lennons quote about the Beatles being bigger than Jesus( from an interview which had passed without comment in London Evening Standard a few months before ), it caused outrage throughout America, the pressure virtually breaking up the band and spelling the end of their touring career. Fields also dedicated bands like the Velvet Underground and the Who some of their earliest press.

He also worked as a publicist, director, DJ, A& R rep and a photographer who documented the scene he was helping generate. He was a noted provocateur who loved swapping bon mots. When I think about Danny, I think of sitting and laughing with him, says Lenny Kaye, writer and longtime member of the Patti Smith Band. He liked to cause a little trouble. Hes a little mischievous.

There are so many Danny narratives, many not fit to publish, says Justin Vivian Bond, the longtime downtown fixture and superstar of Kiki& Herb, proving the phase with an anecdote sadly unsuitable for a family website.

Fields Fields at the re-presentation of Joey Ramones Rock& Roll Hall of Fame induction award in 2009. Photograph: Joe Kohen/

Whatever his role, Fieldss over-arching goal was to bring people together. That was one of Dannys things, says Kaye. He was a matchmaker, whether it was bringing a band to a record label or putting creative people in the same room and most of the time that room was Maxs Kansas Citys back room.

Dannys a connector, hes a fuel line, a place where things are liable to erupt, says Iggy Pop in the documentary. I imagine that Dannys legacy, aside from the brilliant way hes chosen to live their own lives, is how he has enhanced the lives of others by being a connector.

Ive satisfied so many brilliant and astonishing people through Danny, adds Bond. I like to think that through these threads and connectivities we have all was better people, artists and contributors to the ongoing dialogue. Hopefully these threads will continue to raise human consciousness through art and notions long after were gone.

The film features an incredible cast of characters, which is no real surprise when looking back at Fieldss circle of friends. Dannys set are truly the people that generated the world we live in today, says Toller. At least all the good stuff of art, music, and film. These were the revolutionaries of the 60 s and 70 s that brought about what we know as alternative culture.

While the documentary seems back at Fieldss career and has the feel of a retrospective to it, according to McCain, who got to know Fields while working on Please Kill Me, Fields is not particularly the reflective type. He always looks ahead and doesnt dwell on the past, says McCain. Dannys attitude is the best is yet to come.

Danny Says is in theaters now and is available bothon demandand on iTunes

Abusive voicemail to mother of dead son investigated – BBC News

Image copyright Sara Ryan
Image caption Connor Sparrowhawk, 18, who died at Slade House, had epilepsy and experienced seizures

An abusive voicemail left for a mom whose son succumbed while in the care of a mental health trust is being investigated by police.

Sara Ryan has been campaigning for changes at Southern Health since her son Connor Sparrowhawk drowned in 2013.

She said a message claiming to be from a woman who said she worked for the trust labelled her a “vindictive cow”.

Thames Valley Police said it was investigating a report of a malicious communication.

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust said it was also investigating the claim and “ve called the” message “deeply concerning”.

The recording was left on Friday, the same day that the Care Quality Commission issued a report criticising the trust for “continuing to put patients at risk” .~ ATAGEND

The caller told Dr Ryan: “You know as much as anyone else knows that Southern Health only took over those divisions in Oxfordshire[ in] the recent months before your son died.

“You know with your background it takes a while to make changes … and I think now … you want some attention, but you are vindictive and you are unpleasant and you are a nasty cow.”

Media captionThe voice sent to Dr Sara Ryan has been passed to police

An inquest jury found in October that neglect contributed to the death of the 18 -year-old who drowned after suffering an epileptic seizure while unsupervised.

In a statement Southern Health said: “We have been made aware of the phone message through social media, and the content is deeply concerning.

“The trust cannot condone these behaviours and we take matters like this extremely seriously. We exhort anyone with any information to get into contact with us so a full internal investigation can take place.”

Dr Ryan said: “Nobody should receive a call like that.

“The kids are distraught,[ it’s merely] another kick down the teeth.”

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