11 Ways Dogs Tell You They Love You

11 Ways Dogs Tell You They Love You

Dogs have their own behavioral patterns and when it is necessary to communication their uniqueness really shines.

They actually pick up on little signals from humans and react accordingly. They express love in the cutest styles and when they need something they have their own way of letting you know. When theyve done something wrong, they communicate guilt which can be hilarious.

Here are some tell-tale signs of how dogs communicate with humans.

1. When a dog stares at you, it means they love you .

Apparently when puppies look at you in the eye, the objective is visually hugging you. What gets released within them when they give off these stares is oxytocin, a hormone that also helps with dog mommies bonding with their babies. You shouldnt force the stare onto your puppy, but rather allow it to occur naturally.

2. Bringing you a doll means more than merely wanting to play. They want to share something they value with you .

Sharing is common dog behavior.

3. When a puppy wants to sleep with you rather than alone, it means you are family to him .
4. When a dog cant wait to see you walk through the door, and suffocates you with attention, it means he actually misses you .

5. If you catch your puppy looking at you softly before you leave him alone or dismissing you, its because they are relaxed and trust you to return .

Separation anxiety can be common and usually will happen when a dog starts to panic when you leave. While its a sign that your dog loves you and misses you, its genuinely more of a sign of an anxiety condition that can lead to destructive behaviour. Now if your dog is quiet upon you leaving, this does not mean he or she loves you less! Its more that you dog trusts you will be back.

6. Dogs use their eyes and their body language to tell you if they trust you and tell you exactly what we feeling .

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