21 Fall-Themed Foods Inspired By The Best This Season Has To Offer

21 Fall-Themed Foods Inspired By The Best This Season Has To Offer

There are two types of people in the world: those that believe fall is the greatest season ever, and those that don’t.

Fall is here, and if you’re like me, you can’t seem to get enough of all the autumn goodness. Whether it’s autumn decoration or awesome fall treats, this time of year offers something special for everyone. That said, though, I have a bit of a confession to attain: We’re only halfway through October and I’ve already had my fill of all things apple and pumpkin spice. I’ve also consumed more pieces of candy corn than I’d like to admit.

So what’s a autumn fan to do when he’s had his fair share of fall flavors? Turn to this list of fall-themed foods, of course! These 21 tasty treats will give you the looking and feeling of autumn without the flavors that you’ve already grown tired of. Prepare yourself, because things are about to get deliciously creative.

1. You can’t go wrong with these bite-sized acorn treats since there’s chocolate and peanut butter involved.

2. I can’t maybe eat another bite of candy corn, but when it comes to these look-alike sugar cookies, I don’t mind if I do.

3. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but no one has to let him know these cupcakes aren’t the real deal.

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4. I couldn’t imagine feeing pumpkin as an appetizer until I tried this cheese ball in disguise.

5. These cupcakes look like they’ve been growing outside all autumn long.

6. All the squirrels in your neighborhood will go crazy over these acorn donut holes.

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7. These candy corn jello cups look absolutely delicious, but imagine how much better they’d be with only a little bit of vodka.

8. These Rice Krispie treats look like they were freshly picked from the local pumpkin patch.

9. You can’t help but fall in love with these lifelike fall cupcakes.

10. Whoa, I nearly thought that was a real-life turkey on that plate.

11. These cheesy edible foliages are scrumptious and beautiful.

12. I was never a big fan of deviled eggs growing up. I would have never known what I was feeing with this pumpkin surprise.

13. How do you make an Oreo even better? Disguise it as a pumpkin.

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14. You can never have too many acorn-shaped treats.

15. I bet you’d never guess these no-bake pumpkin bites are made with peanut butter.

16. It’s hard to be-leaf these gingerbread cookies didn’t come from a tree.

17. Nothing says fall quite like pumpkin pie…err, I entail, cheese and crackers.

18. This pound cake has a pumpkin surprise baked into every slice.

19. This late in the season, it’s surprising to find a corncob like this.

20. These dinner rolls prove that what you see isn’t always what you get.

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21. And last but not least, a cornucopia of deliciousness.

The next time I bite into one of my favorite treats, I better double-check to make sure it’s the real thing.

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