28 Men And Women Share The Most Shocking Thing They Ever Accidentally Walked In On

28 Men And Women Share The Most Shocking Thing They Ever Accidentally Walked In On

1. Young at heart

I was living with my grandparents when I was about 19 years old, and I came home early one day from work. I walked into the bathroom and find my grandfather who was like 80 at the time, butt naked staring at himself in the mirror. He was smiling and shaking around his schlong.

After we both built eye-contact, we both said ” oh shit “… and simply turned around….

I’ll never forget that image in my head as long as I live.

2. Dad The Tattoo Artist

About 6 years ago when I was in high school I strolled out of my room to see my father putting a temporary tattoo of a spider on my mom’s ass. We stimulated very brief eye contact before I did a U-turn back into my room. Mothers are weird, man.

3. Mom’s Best Friend

When I was 8 I walked in on my father banging my mom’s best friend in my bed. She was babysitting and he was supposed to be at work. They were loud, and I went to see what the noise was. My daddy called at me “re going away”, so I got out of there without actually assuring them.

I told my mommy when she got home, and she objective up spending the night in jail for violating her best friend’s nose. When she got home she beat the shit out of my father with a baseball bat. Wasn’t the first or last hour he cheated on her either.

I got an awesome new PrincessJasmine bedding set out of it, though.

4. Grandma, On The Phone

When I was 14, I went over to my grandmother’s house and came bounding in like normal. To my astonish, she was sitting on the phone- wholly naked. She hollered. I hollered. I quickly turned and exited the house. She called me subsequently that day.

” I hope you don’t think that all women are saggy and old like me .”

5. Jock Itch

I lived in a two bedroom apartment with 4 guys so it was 2 guys per room. I usually left first because of my job. One day, I realized I had forgotten some important the documentation and is coming to get them. I opened up the door to my room and saw my roommate, laying naked on his bed, his legs up in the air, and blow drying his balls. He subsequently explained to me that he had some sort of jock itch and needed to keep that area” moisture free “. That image is burned into my brain to this day and on his birthday, every year, I send him a picture of a blow dryer.

6. A Rabbit makes a delivery

I strolled in on a couple having sexuality. Wouldn’t be that bad, except I was garmented as a giant rabbit delivering chocolate bunnies for Easter.

7. Family Trauma

I once strolled in on my sister-in-law licking my brother’s asshole in my parents’ bathroom. Quite traumatizing.

8. It Was A Nice House, Otherwise

I( 25 F) was being toured around a home I was planning to rent a room in from Craigslist by the owner. The last bedroom door was closed, so he knocked and opened the door to disclose a husky man with headphones on aggressively jerking off. I still rented the room.

9. The Great Outdoors

So I’m out tent camping at a country park. It’s early morning( maybe 6ish ), I require the restrooms down the path. I grab my shaving kit, start walking the 500 yards. About halfway, I hear a noise, and look to my left…

…directly into the eyes of dude hammering away at his girl doggy style inside their tent, with the door open.

I pause, kinda shocked. Dude waves at me. I wave back. Girl appears up, she waves. I wave back. They continue fucking. I continue walking.

10. Communication is key

Walked into my girlfriend’s place unannounced, observed a guy balls deep in her ass in the living room. That was the working day she went from girlfriend to ex real fast. If she wanted anal she could have just asked.

11. Sketch Has No Limits

A” walking in” story from a party I was at when we were all about 17 -1 8. A couple of hours in, everyone had turned up except one of the birthday girl’s best friends. She eventually calls and says she’s out at a club and can she bring the guy she’s met- whose name is apparently “Sketch”.

Half an hour afterward they turn up, pretty drunk. After about 15 mins, we realise they have vanished upstairs. Birthday girl doesn’t really want them fooling around in her bedroom but no one wants to walk in on them either. So we send the drunkest guy up to call them down.

He toddles off upstairs and then about a minute afterwards comes back into the living room seeming pale and distraught. He sits down. We ask what happened.

” I went up and opened the door … and he was going down on her … and then he appeared over at me … and I think he was a vampire! There was blood all over his mouth. So I left .”

Turned out they’d started fooling around, it became clear it was her time of the month but “Sketch” decided to power on through. We’d accidentally sent up the one person who, in a drunken haze, was not mentally equipped to deal with this at all. He looked broken for the rest of the night.

12.” You Do You, Man”

So this happened last semester. But I got home around 11/1130 pm and no one was home, I’m like alright whatever. I go to my room, hurl my stuff down and grab my water bottle, I walk into the kitchen to fill it( where the front doorway is- small 3 bdrm apartment through the school) and in strolls this girl and I’m like wtf is this girl doing in my house. We induce eye contact. I realise it’s my roommate in full drag. Fake boobs, wig, high heels, all of it. All he says is” I can explain …” Already having seen a lot of this kid’s oddities, I just say ” Don’t bother, you do you, man .” And I just went to fill up my bottle and continued to play civ or something the rest of the night. He now occasionally merely shiverings in drag and talks makeup and clothes with my other roommate’s girlfriend. I’m writing this sitting next to his 7ft unicycle propped against the wall. It’s been an interesting year to say the least.

13. Knock First

In college one of my friend/ roommates had a girlfriend we all liked. Cool chick.

Except I somehow walked in on her shitting 5 different times in a year. It get so ridiculous that I got antsy about going to any bathroom with her around. It took a year for me to stop shout through bathroom doors before I went inside.

14. Hide And Seek Goes Terribly Wrong

Didn’t really walk in but the most traumatizing day. When I was 6 I had friends over for a play date and I went to go hide underneath my grandparents’ bed with my friend. My grandparents came into the room after us so they had no idea we were in there so they started undressing and goton the bed. Sounds started. I started crying but the latter are basically deaf so they couldn’t hear me. But my mommy strolled by the room and thought she heard me exclaiming so she walks in. Grandparents start calling at my mama. Mom starts screaming at grandparents I run out from for the purposes of the bed with my friend trailing behind me. It was awful.

15. A Father/ Daughter Moment

One time I, then a teenaged daughter, walked in on my father masturbating to porn. I could tell from the dialogue was porn that I had masturbated to several hours earlier. I didn’t see anything other than papa hurl the bed sheets over himself and look incredibly sheepish. That day I learned we both like lesbian porn, however, we have not bonded over this incident.

16. The Resident Assistant Does His Rounds

I used to be a Resident Assistant. I was doing room inspections with my partner RA. I had given all my residents over a week notice, taped a letter to their door alerting them that I would be coming around. Everything was running fine until we are going to room 312. I still recollect the room number to this day.

We knocked on the door 3 times with no response. I announced that I was keying into the dorm. We get inside, everything’s normal. I go to the individual bedrooms and knock 3 times again. As soon as I announce I’m keying in, my resident opens the door in only gym shorts.

” Hey what’s up ?”

” Just doing our scheduled room checks .”

” Oh, ok. Come on in .” Without even hesitating or giving me a warn on what I was about to walk into.

As he opens the door I watch a naked human dart across the room and into the bathroom. I didn’t know he was gay, so that was surprising. But then as I walk into the room and look to my left I insure a tiny Asian human was standing in the corner with a laptop in front of him. He was merely wearing a cheetah publish thong. I speedily forestall my eyes and look to my right and I see a camera on a tripod.

I dart out of there immediately hollering” you passed, have a nice day .” They could’ve had kilos of coke in the corner I wouldn’t have cared.

17. Cocaine Is A Hell Of A Drug

I was 12, at a sleepover with a good friend of mine. It was around mid-afternoon. I was getting myself some water when I come back to see my friend get lectured about how messy his room was( it was immaculate) and how he should take responsibility for things( he did ). His father is pulling up carpet fuzz and yelling at him for it. My friend is crying. I kinda feigned that I didn’t walk in on that, and hung out in the kitchen reading cereal box ingredients.

As soon as the papa walks out, his girlfriend comes in through the door in tears. She had totaled her Corvette operating a red light, and now the boyfriend was hysterical, hollering at her, and us. They go to their room and there’s this banging and fighting noise. Then everything was normal.

Took me fucking forever to realise they were addicted to cocaine.

18. Heroic Girlfriend

We’d gotten our friend a bit too drunk for purposes of the present birthday. Strolled in on his girlfriend clean him up after he had apparently shit himself. Amazing girl was trying to keep it a secret so as not to have him embarrassed.

Called him the next day and instructed him to marry her. They’ve a son in college now.

19. Eighties Nostalgia

8 years old, virtually 9, It was my birthday in a week and I was all hyped up because I thought we were going to go out for pizza later that day. In those days, it was a big deal. Wtf was$ 5 pizza? This was 1987 and Round Table Pizza was better than God. Anywho, strolled right into my parents’ room. My mom and dad, butt ass nekkid on the bed in the middle of making the brute with two backs. Except , not two backs. Three. One of mom’s friends striding mid-step into the master bath like ninja fast. Mom’s on the bed, straddling, and oh god what a matted mess. Dad right behind her, also straddling. Lock eyes with mom, and in a valiant attempt to diffuse whatever shock I was in, chooses she’s gonna play it cool. She leans forward, drops a reasonably epic sized doubling objective dildo, grabs my dad’s feet, picks them up and starts singing” row, row, row your barge .”

Obviously, I hollered like a banshee and ran for my life. Almost 40, still can’t go camping without flashbacks.

20. Mom, The Hypocrite

I walked in on my mommy watching the” Anal Princess vol 2″ tape she had confiscated from me the working day before … 🙁

No, I never got my tape back.

I also never again caught shade for watching porn.

21. Answering the bellow light

I worked as a CNA in a long-term care facility. A bellow sunlight was going off so I entered the room to find an old person with a Foley catheter jacking it in his wife’s face. They both screamed at me for going in the room, even though the bellow light was on. It was just a weird sight to behold.

22. Unsanitary

When I was about 13 years old, I ran inside from playing touch football with my friends to go to the bathroom. I truly had to piss. Now I’m not much of a sportsman-I just liked to play for the fun of hanging out with my friends-but my step-brother was a real shut-in. He rarely bathed, had a long greasy mullet, and always wore his jean jacket that had a Metallica patch ironed onto the back.

We were the same age, by the way.

So I run upstairs and hurl open the door…and stop dead in my tracks. The lavatory was in one corner of the room, and the sink was next to it about an arm’s length away. There squatted my step-brother, bracing his body weight on the sink and the back of the toilet. Between his legs stood the plunger suctioned to the linoleum floor. The aim of the plunger was up his ass.

23.” I Supposed You Were In The Shower”

I used to sleep at my cousin’s home all the time. I was raised by my mother and she’s a nurse, so I spent many nights there.

One night when I was 12 I was at his home. It was just us and his three younger siblings. When I stayed there I crashed in his room. So, around 9 pm I say I’m going in the shower. His shower to benefit from take a long time for the water to become hot, so I turned the water on and went into the living room with my towel on and watched” Who Wants to be a Millionaire” for about 10 minutes. Then I hear a bunch of shit falling in my cousin’s room, so I stroll towards it.

I open the door and there’s my cousin, altogether naked with a dish towel wrapped around his erect dick, and he’s knocking everything down in the room with his dick. I’m talking athletics figurines, a lot of books, VHS videotapes, video games, basically anything you could think of that would be in a 13 -year-old’s room. So I say ” what the fuck cuz” he just looked at me calmly and said,” I thought you were in the shower, I was going to clean it up, I always do”

Never referred to it again.

24. Naughty Until The Very End

Do you know there are people in their mid-8 0′ s still having hot, sweaty, hair pulling, ass spanking, dirty-talking sex?

I know there are. I accidentally walked through a room where my 80+ year-old friend was banging his 80+ year-old girlfriend. They didn’t know I was there and it took a full minute to get out of the room. Apparently, an 80 -year-old woman can still be a” naughty girl who needs a good, hard fucking .”

You run, my human Howard!

25. Unsurprising Somehow

Years ago I was sharing a room with my homophobic brother, he is one of those guys that consider himself the alpha male but is mostly merely talk. I came early from run and I found him employing a dildo in his ass….to this day I can’t look at any penis shape thing without having flashbacks.

26. Sis borrows laptop for” school run”

I thought nobody was home when I got home and remembered my sister borrowed my laptop to do her school run the night before. I go to her room to get it and she has it playing porn while “shes just” pounding herself with a cucumber. I’ve never run out of the house so fast. Went and hung out with a friend til afterwards when everyone would be home. Never mentioned what I watched to anyone until now.

27. Dad Was Not Amused

When I was a young son( 5 or 6 maybe) I remember going to get my parents’ room at night to hop in bed with them and my father being completely naked when I just ran in and hopped in bed.

My mom thought it was the funniest thing ever and I can remember my dad being in a bad mood the entire time I laid there until( very quickly) he got me out of the room and back into mine.

I recollect asking” why is daddy naked” and my mommy said ” Oh, he is just going to take a bath now”

1) My dad didn’t take baths 2) I only realise about 20 years later that I most likely just strolled in on my parents about to get it on and my dad was in a bad mood because” fuck this kid” right?

28. Morning Glory

I was the one” strolled in” on 😛 TAGEND

In high school I snuck out of the house late at night to meet some friends and let’s just say I was very hungry when I got home. So I raided the kitchen pantry and took the only two edible things that were ready to eat- plain tortilla chips and plain hershey’s chocolate bars.

I go up to my room and start eating the chocolate and chips. Mind you I sleep naked and it was a little warm in the house, so I’m naked on top of all of the blankets and with the state of mind I was in I was making a pretty big mess. Crumbs and chocolate bits get all over my chest . … Well, then I pass out.

Here comes their own problems. I have always been hard to wake up. We’re talking now I have to set 12 alarms every morning for run. So every morning my mothers( mommy until this incident) would come to my room, open my doorway, turn on my lighting, say time to get up and close the door. Turning on the sun was the only style to get me up and out of bed.

So, my poor mom comes to my room to wake 17 year old me up. And as a 17 year old boy, who is just waking up, I was FULLY ERECT. Door opens, light flips on, and there is her son laying like a dead starfish on his bed, chips crumbs and melted chocolate all over his chest, with a RAGING boner. Not only that but from her angle she is staring right down the devil’s alley at my taint/ balls/ boner.

So she hollered at the top of her lungs. This frightens the shit out of me, so I wake up and start hollering at the top of my lungs. Now she’s kind of running in place flapping her arms around screaming, I’m screaming naked in horror in my bed, and my dad comes bounding over believing something is wrong and explodes the door fully open. He yells” OH WHAT THE FUCK !” I try to yell “GET OUT” and cover myself but really just manage to holler, “GEEEEEEROUFFF!!!!” as I rip the blanket up and fall off the bed to the side.

Breakfast was quiet that morning.

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