Hello Friends; In my last video,one of my subscribers suggested me to make a video on subconscious Mind Hack. Many have liked that comment, and so today i will share knowledge and information related to that topic, When a Person takes a decision, He thinks that he is taking that decision by thinking a lot,. And also by proper Reasoning, But most of the time this thing is not true, While taking a Decision many Cognitive Biases comes under picture,which impact’s a lot on Person’s Final Decision. About which we are not aware of.. In one of my Earlier Video “CAN YOU ANSWER THIS” Which was the summary of Think Fast and slow, I had cover this topic and i had even share about three Cognitive Biases,understanding it more nicely, You can influence others and yours decision and subconscious mind Or in the other words, you can hack yours or others subconscious mind So if you haven’t watched that video, do watch it, By clicking on the card which appears on screen, Or by going below the link description or in the comment section i have shared its link.

Similarly, Today as well i will share Three more Cognitive biases, through which You can hack or influence yours or others decision and actions..so let’s begin No.1) Anchoring In an experiment, Two different groups were asked a question, That how long do you think the length(Feet) of the longest Redwood tree is in the world? Both Groups were asked the same question but with some changes. First Group was asked what do you think, how much less or more the largest tree would be from 1200 feet? And the other group, question was asked, what do you think, How much less or more the largest tree would be from 180 feet? And to both the groups , it was said that the estimation which were given to them were not 100 percent correct, But Still, both Group’s Answer had a very significant impact of Anchoring.

First Group Guessed 844 feet and the other group guessed just 282 feet, There was a lot difference in both the guesses, And the Reason for this much Difference was the Different Anchoring. Because the anchor had confused their mind with the given estimation, b Because of which they were stuck to that estimation and were not able to think beyond that. when we are not aware about something,at that time whatever information we get, We start taking decision on the basis of that available information,whether it is right or wrong. Hence by using this fact, the mental hack which you can do is known as Anchoring.. This has been used in market very long.

For Example: Shop owner or seller,Initially tell us high price of any product, For 500 rupees product, they say 2 K. By influence of it, Customer bargain till 1 k and they feel Embarrassed to say below that amount, Which is nothing but a Rough Example of Anchoring By which if we get that product by 1 k we feel good and feel satisfied,But the actual Reality is, We behaved the way shopkeeper want us to behave. Even in Advertising this Anchoring has been used very differently. so if you have any examples do comment and let me know. No.2) Loss Aversion. If i give you 1 k(Thousand rupees) , no doubt you will be very happy, but the happiness will be nothing in Comparison to the sadness,if that money gets lost some where.

I am sure you must have faced such situation in your life,Do remember how bad you felt at that moment. How much you must have regretted. Research and studies shows, that to lose anything in our life is very painful for us, If we psychologically compare it with the happiness of getting or gaining it, Hence we are afraid of losing things and taking risks in life,and hence we do not think of gaining much in life. which many a times stop us from moving ahead in life. Many a times you must have seen the use of this principle in the Advertisement, How insurance company shows in their ad, that you will be in a loss if you do not take insurance, Similarly big companies use it by showing you that you will be in loss if you don’t take or use their product.

Now, how to make use of this Principle for our subconscious brain, At first while taking decision don’t only think about the loss,but also think if i take this Risk, What better things will happen next, Try to think both ways. For others we can use this principle such a way like, for example: Suppose if you want someone to read books, And want to convince them, So don’t tell them the benefits of reading book,instead tell them about the loss of not reading books, The opportunities and happiness they can miss,if they do not read books.

They don’t learn from mentors and hence they do nor ready themselves for the future etc. No.3) Framing After Doing an Organ Donating Research On European Countries,Came to know That the rate of Organ donation in some countries like France, Poland , Belgium , Portuguese etc were very high. But Similar Countries Like them, Denmark, Netherland, Uk, Germany had a low Donation Rates. And why exactly it was like this,for this, research was going on.. About which a very interesting thing got Highlighted,they came to know, It was nothing like, the countries who had high rate of donation was very loving or more socially sympathetic Or their culture religion was the factor But surprisingly, the reason for such huge Difference in donation was, the framing of a question.

That’s it,nothing else. Means the only difference was, the countries which you can see on the left side,. People from those countries when used to fill their DMV FORMS, On that above the organ donation,a question has been written something like, TICK INSIDE THE BOX IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ORGAN DONATION PROGRAMME. BUT through which, what used to happen,people look at it, even read it But they do not tick inside the box,because of which they don’t participate in the programme.

And on the other side,The countries on the right side who had a high rate in donation. In that country Dmv form the question was written something like this TICK INSIDE THE BOX IF YOY DO NOT WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ORGAN DONATION PROGRAMME. Interestingly, even after getting such option,people did the same thing, they behaved similarly, They didn’t tick inside the box and hence they joined the programme.

This was the amazing result of framing. How you frame things, can impact a lot on others decision, Meaning if you frame a good thing in a bad was, so even that good thing will not look good to others, and Unfortunately the opposite of it is, if you frame a bad thing in a good way, even that bad thing will look good to others. And it has been used in market and taking advantage of it, in a very negative way. If i give a good example for it, well will not say, you better see it, An experimental video,under which what happens is, A magician name Tell and Penn makes a fake Restaurant, Under which they nicely frame that tap water and gives it different attractive name and sell it to people, This is a very funny and also makes us think, how stupid we can be sometimes,do watch the video, I have shared its link in the below description link These Three Principles which i have shared, which can help you to influence or hack yours and others subconscious mind, I have shared it from the book Think fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman If you want to understand and learn this psychological biases and how to use it, then do buy this amazing book, By going below the description link, Now to End, if you do not want to miss any of my new videos, then do subscribe, Click on the Bell icon and select set all notification option so that you can receive notification whenever i upload a new video.

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