As a successful female entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience on Wall Street, I’m a strong believer in the ability of women to leading in male-dominated areas.

As our country seems to select its next chairwoman and as we look to other countries that have already put girls chairmen in officesuch as Argentina, Germany, Brazil and Korea it’s hour that we too have a woman leading our nation. If you really break down the details in Hillary Clinton’s economic scheme, you’ll see that there are several key points females entrepreneurs should be excited about.

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1. Major taxation relief for small businesses and the middle class.

Clinton promises to rebuild a healthy middle class and assist small businesses. She wants to close theloopholesthat are being used by the wealthy. She wants to require that earners of more than$ 1 million pay a 30 percentage tax rates( following the Buffet Rule ).

The middle class will not consider any taxation increases( ie, the people building less than $250,000 a year ). She hopes to be the small business chairman by reducing federal, state and local conformity costs. She wants to provide tax relief and cut the red tape in order to allow growth.

It’s important we reduce taxes on small and medium-sized companies, as they help our communities thrive.

2. Encourages females to enter the workforce.

Clinton knows the barriers women with households face when they enter the workforce. This lack of childcare and maternity leave constructs it harder for women to violate the glass ceiling.

We can’t be the most powerful country in the world if we don’t support one of the most significant groups in our country. Hilary’s ExpandedChildcare Planwould construct preschool most accessible for low-income households, as well as guarantee up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave.

As a businesswoman, I assure the imperative need for these plans. I believe we need more strong female business leaders and owneds. This scheme would encourage more females to continue seeking their careers, even after they have families.

3. A brighter future for students.

We’re insuring millions of American students graduate from college with an average of $28,950 in student loan indebtednesand no promised future. When we impede our future generation, we all pay for the consequences.

College alumnus are struggling to pay off their student loans. In turning, they’re unable to invest in their futures.

Hilary plans to reward four-year public colleges and universities if they prevent students from taking out loans. They will also receive a portion of $175 billion in grants if they agree to end budget cuts, reduce tuition and increase spending on higher education.

Investing in our future generation will give us great economic gains.

4. Expanded employment opportunities.

Hilary is a huge advocate of expanding employment opportunities. Her goal is to create well-paying chores by investing in infrastructure and clean energy, as well as scientific and medical research.

She would provide incentives for corporations that invest in employees, and strip tax benefits from companies that move jobs overseas. Her aggressive scheme will increase the minimum wage and improve benefits for workers, all while dedicating companies an incentive to share their profits with their employees.

There’s no more time to waste when it comes to building up the workforce.

5. Lowered health care costs.

As I grew up onwelfare, I understand the struggles many Americans face. Health care is expensive, and even with Obamacare ,a decent health plan still costs a lot of money. By lowering health care costs, we’d give every American the chance to have a quality health care plan.

These peoplewould eventually be able to receive the treatment and medication there is a requirement to at a fair cost. We’re one of the richest nations in the world, and we still have such huge health care inequalities. Improved health care plans will facilitate a thriving nation.

Of course, as November draws near, it’s important all the women does her research in order to understand where each candidate stands. Understand their goals before you cast your vote.

Our nation requires more informed and empowered girls. Let’s exercise our rights.

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