7 bizarre fad diet you’ve likely never heard of | Fox News

7 bizarre fad diet you’ve likely never heard of | Fox News

Fads, by definition, are short-lived, and fad diets definitely come and go, many in the blink of an eye. Here are 7 fad diet that they are able to never have heard of.

Grapefruit Diet
Instead of eating balanced snacks, just eat grapefruit. What could go wrong?

Cabbage Soup Diet
This diet replaces most snacks with cabbage soup, and also has the side effect of stinking up your entire house.

Israeli Army Diet
This diet actually has nothing to do with the Israeli Army. On this eight-day diet, only apples are eaten on the first two days, cheese for the next 2, chicken for the next two, and salad for the final two.

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Breatharian Diet
Based on a notion that food isnt necessary to sustain life, someone whos on the Breatharian diet feeds nothing at all.

Cookie Diet
Instead of eating a dinner, those on the Cookie Diet eat low-fat cookies to appease their hunger.

Feingold Diet
This diet adheres to the faith that artificial additives and sweeteners are responsible for hyperactivity in children, so it eliminates them. Its been widely debunked.

Negative Calorie Diet
Adherent to this diet believe that certain foods have negative calories, meaning that it burns more calories to digest them than the food offer. These foods include celery, broccoli, and cabbage. While no food is actually negative-calorie, some people lose weight on it because it fills the stomach with foods that arent calorically dense.

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