Theres something about lunchtime in New York City thats just so tough. I entail, the line at every salad bar within a 20 -block radius is more painful than starving till dinner, and as much as we love our Sweetgreen, sometimes we just need a infringe from salad. Like, if Chrissy Teigen can eat fried cheese for lunch, we can have our raw kale hiatus. In the meantime, it is feasible to tricky to detect good lunch spots that are healthy and affordable, so we tried like, every restaurant in the city and find the best ones around. If youre looking for a healthy lunch that wont make you dislike yourself, try out these places 😀 TAG 8 TT

1. Westville

Westville isnt new or especially trendy, but the menu is astounding and the ingredients are healthy, so were down to keep going back. However, they dont take reservations, so you should probably run during an off hour to avoid waiting in line with a bunch of bloggers debating between the dijon brussels sprouts or the Asian bok choy. Either way, Westville has a ton of options for anyone, whether youre hardcore dieting or literally only want a burger and fries. If youre trying to be healthy but dont want a salad, get their grilled chicken, salmon, or veggie burger, and their listing of vegetable sides is longer than Caitlyn Jenners memoir. You wont leave hungry.

2. Chikarashi

Usually when someone indicates getting a poking bowl for lunch, its a hard no. I mean, Id instead die than eat raw salmon out of a tin that looks like the clearance bin at Sephora. Luckily, weve seen a gem that actually builds poke bowls classy, and that gem is Chikarashi. Unlike most poke places in the city, Chikarashi isnt buffet style or gross, so you just order something off the menu and dont “re going to have to” garbage your time opting ingredients to go in your bowl. The genius behind this place is the former executive chef of Neta, Michael Jonh Lim, and theres a reason for the long lunch line. Chikarashi even offers seared toro, which you wont find at any other poke spot. Right now theyre only on Canal street, but apparently theres a NoMad location on the way, and were pumped about it.

3. Inday

If you love the taste of curry but wont admit it because Indian food is unhealthy AF, meet your new Indian bff, Inday. Inday is build-your-own bowl style, and all of their food is antibiotic-free, local, and organic. Their motto is Good Karma Served Daily, and were totally on board. Inday is all about healthy food with good vibes. Their traditional Indian flavors will destroy the bland salad youve been feeing everyday, and the food is legit healthy. Suppose cauliflower rice, coconut tahini, golden curry chicken, and herb quinoa. For dessert, get their dairy-free dark chocolate avocado cocoa bowl. Sounds funky, but dont knock it till you try it.

4. Mulberry& Vine

Mulberry& Vine is one of those places that are perfect if youre out to lunch with the healthiest friend you have, or the friend who would rather succumb than eat a salad. You basically make a plate or a bowl, and you can picking a protein and sides. They let you sample anything before you get it, which is a huge plus since we tend to have commitment issues. In words of ordering, people love the chicken and salmon, but the tofu is also astonishing if youre vegetarian. Plus, the roasted sweet potatoes with coconut petroleum are low key cracking. Like, better than sweet potato fries.

5. Beyond Sushi

If youre vegan, vegetarian, or just require a breach from your regular salmon avocado roll, Beyond Sushi offers amazing plant-based sushi rolls the hell is super healthy, obviously. First of all, they use black rice and six-grain rice instead of regular sushi rice, and their rolls are filled with roasted veggies, tofu, and really interesting combos. I mean, your lunch will literally look like a rainbow-colored sushi platter, so it may seem slightly extra, but the food is actually really good. They have a few locatings in Union Square, Chelsea Market, Midtown West, and Herald Square, so theres definitely one close to you.

6. Bluestone Lane Cafe

Bluestone Lane is one of those West Village Instagrammable places with Free People models and Australian food bloggers, but dont let the crowd deter you. I mean, at least its not tourists, or even worse, families with small children. We love Bluestone because the dishes are super simple and not bearing at all. Like, I think they have a salad on the menu, but people merely order that to add some colouring to their Instagram. The avocado smash is obviously a go-to, but if youre feeling adventurous, go for the portobello mushroom toast with pesto or the Balthazar toast with ricotta and berry jam. You could also only order everything and convince your friends to divided it with you.

7. The Hall at Union Fare

When Union Fare first opened, everyone believed all they served was a croissant that looked like the result of a one night stand between the lesbian pride procession and a Funfetti cake. But after everyone ultimately got over the photogenic 5000 -cal cooked goods, people started realizing The Hall at Union Fare is actually pretty healthy without attaining you feel like youre eating a bowl of rabbit food. If youre into cute toasts, the avocado smash and banana berry toasts are really good, and if you want seafood, we recommend the tuna tataki or salmon skewers. The brussels sprout flatbread is astounding if you want to split with friends and feign you didnt realise it came with bacon on top.

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