1. The Birch

A young son, bullied beyond his ability to withstand it, eventually appeals to the power of an ancient woodland being for protection and vengeance. He gets more than he expects.

A fantastically produced piece with wonderful consequences, visuals, and acting. Highly imaginative and loaded with great theories that will have your imagination jumping.

2. Monster

When a young boy is being haunted by a malevolent spirit, what can his mother do to protect him?

Highly creative and well acted and shot. The objective will have you smiling your head off.

3. Off Season

A loser thief and his extremely likable dog expend the winter robbing vacation spots until they happen upon the wrong cottage.

High quality filmmaking and slow burn,’ Off Season’ is textbook isolation horror done right.

4. The Little Mermaid

The ain’t no fairy tale. Enough said.

5. Witch

A couple helps a strange girl after a very public breakup but her relationship advice is merely a ruse for something much darker. Written in a flashback narrative, the true nature of the characters are uncovered just as the film’s pivotal moment arrives.

6. Strange Thing

An incredibly happy newlywed couple are only enjoying living their unbelievably happy lives until one morning, over breakfast, they discover a strange doorin their kitchen.With their fear combating their curiosity, will they open thedoor and if they do then what’s on the other side?

7. Derailed

A man at a nighttime Parisian railway station hears a woman’s distant call for help but his attempt to do a good deed reveals a terrifying world hidden in plain sight.

You’ll never help anyone again after watching this.

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