7 Route To Leave Your Stress At Home And Be Happier At Work

7 Route To Leave Your Stress At Home And Be Happier At Work

You should always love what you do.

If youre passionate about your job and you have fun while youre there, then its not actually work. But there are days where you roll out of bed and automatically think about things like bills, or your nosy neighbour and their dog and you merely dont feel like being a ray of sunshine. Fear not!

Here are seven things you can do to put your home problems aside and focus on bringing your A game to work 😛 TAGEND

1. Leave your personal problems at home.

I know if I carry around the burden of whats happening at home, Ill end up being less productive and more distracted at work.

Before going to work, do something that attains you happy working out, taking a long, hot rain, having two beakers of black coffee while feeing whole wheat toast and mashed avocado or making the snooze button once or three times.

I like to do whatever I can to set myself in a good mood before heading out for my workday. And on the way to work Im blasting my favorite tunes and singing to my imaginary crowd.

2. Smile at everyone.

You know the saying, It takes 17 muscles to smile and 42 muscles to frown? Well, its totally false.

However, I smile anyway because when I smile long enough, my mood actually starts to pick up. I cant think of any time where someone smiled at me and I didnt smile back. Its an automatic reaction.

So if you need a quick picking me up at work, only start smiling. Think about something funny, and soon enough, youll feel the corners of your mouth are beginning to curve up.

3. Dont skip out on break.

If you treat your body well, itll be good to you.

To maintain my energy levels up, I skip the junk food from the vending machine and pack my own lunch. Junk food is filled with sugars, preservatives and tons of salt which dont do well for your body.

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Make sure to have lots of nutritious food like fresh fruits and vegetables, a healthy-sized portion of protein and plenty of water to recharge for the rest of the work day.

4. Get some fresh air and sunlight.

During my infringes, I like to step outside for some fresh air and vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps keep bones strong, while sun exposure, in general, can help increase serotonin in the brain, which can be a mood booster and make a person feel more focused and calm.

5. Dont overwhelm yourself with run.

Although employers always promote their employees to multi-task, there have been claims its actually counterproductive.

So instead of trying to finish all your work at the same time, attain checklists and focus on one thing at a time. This will help ensure your work is 100 percentage, and not only a rushed mess to get everything done.

This will also keep your stress levels low, and your work flow on point.

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