A review of the association between diet and mood.

A review of the association between diet and mood.

PMID:  Psychiatry Res. 2018 Dec 4 ;271:428-437. Epub 2018 Dec 4. PMID: 30537665 Abstract Title:  The association between diet and mood: A systematic review of current literature. Abstract:  A number of studies have examined the association between diet and mood state, but the findings have been inconclusive. Herein, we conducted a systematic review to assess the association between different diet and mood state. PubMed, Cochrane’s library, Science direct, Scopus, Google scholar and ISI web of science databases were searched for all available literature until December 2017 for studies assessing the association between diet and mood state. The Newcastle-Ottawa Scale and Jadad scale for reporting randomized clinical trials were used to assess study quality. A total of 18 studies out of 2857 met our inclusion criteria and included in our systematic review. Although there are not consistent findings between studies, it seems that DASH, vegetable-based, glycemic load-based, ketogenic and Paleo diets could improve mood more than the others. Further studies are needed to assess such relationship in a longer period to draw a firm link between diet and mood.

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