Ad Against Texas Bathroom Bill Encourages Everyone To ‘Pee With LGBT’

Ad Against Texas Bathroom Bill Encourages Everyone To ‘Pee With LGBT’

The ACLU of Texas , nonprofit Legacy Community Health, and director Richard Linklater want you to take a seat and make a stand to stop the Texas Privacy Bill.

In a new advertisement, LGBTQ advocates are criticizing Lieutenant Governor Dan Patricks controversial transgender bathroom bill( Senate Bill 6 ), which would limit public restroom access for transgender people because it doesnt allow individuals to use the bathroom they choose.

Youve got to roll up your sleeves. Pull down your gasps. And peeing with LGBT, the ad says.

EntitledTaking a Seat, Making a Stand, the ad was created by GSD& M and five-time Academy Award-nominated director Richard Linklater as a means of encouraging Texans to reach out to their nation legislators to resist S.B. 6 , according to AdAge.

Accompanying the ad is the social media campaign that stresses theI Pee With LGBT slogan and the hashtags #IPEEWITHLGBT and #StopBS6.

The ad utilizes humor to balance out the severity of what the bill is calling for, including a woman saying that money should be spent to keep kids in school , not out of bathrooms and then shouting at kids to not run in the hallway.

Other sequences feature a man in a suit on his telephone went on to say that SB6 threatens Texas businesses and another in a cowboy hat telling the bill cant pass because we damn sure aint going to end up like North Carolina.

The ad ends with the text: This isnt a privacy issue. Its a discrimination issue.

The bill was referred to Senate State Affairs at the end of January, but a hearing date for the bill has not yet been set.

If youre interested in supporting the cause, you are able to visit http :// /~ ATAGENDfor more information and snag a t-shirt or tote.

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