Are you sitting down? Because someone devised a wearable chair.

Are you sitting down? Because someone devised a wearable chair.

I think we can all concur: Standing up for long periods of time is just … it’s really hard.

The struggle is real. GIF from “Arrested Development.”

No one knows this struggle better than a surgeon.

It takes a lot of skill to keep your razor-sharp focus and stay on your feet for hours at a time while someone’s life is on the line beneath your scalpel.

That’s why one company fabricated the world’s first wearable … chair?

Yes, you read that right: wearable chair . Sure it voices ridiculous, but it’s actually quite simple and pretty cool.

The wearable chair, called the Archelis( a rough phonetic translation of “walkable chair” from Japanese ), supports key pressure phases on the legs to ease the wearer’s wearines, re-creating the sensation of sitting while maintaining an upright posture. It was designed through a collaboration between the Japanese company Nitto and Chiba Universitys Frontier Medical Engineering Center.

Basically, it’s a pair of high-tech leg braces that hold your butt( and thighs and ankles) while you’re standing .

GIF from Archelis/ Archelis/ YouTube.

Just a few years back, a Swiss company called Noonee introduced a similar creation called the Chairless Chair.

Wired described this hydraulic-powered titanium frame as, “a really bad-ass wearable or an especially lame exoskeleton.”

The company’s CEO, Keith Gunura, was of the view that the device can give the body “microbreaks” of three to 10 seconds to relieve the stress of standing and compared the sensation to sitting on a barstool. It could also come in handy in workspaces where there’s only not enough room to store chairs.

GIF from Noonee/ YouTube.

While the concept of a wearable chair was originally designed to aid surgeons during seemingly-endless shifts, the design has plenty of possibilities outside the hospital.

Aside from the general exhaustion of standing all day, musculoskeletal ailments caused by physical strain, repetitive motions, and poor posture factor into 33% of workplace injuries and illness.

And, of course, surgeons aren’t the only ones who face these types of hazard . A wearable chair could go a long way to ease the strain on all the people who work in restaurants, retail, and mill production line and stay on their feet for hours at a time.

GIF from “( You Drive Me) Crazy.”

You know who else could benefit from a wearable chair? Anyone who expends their day sitting at a desk.

It’s easy to understand the pain of someone who’s forcing them to stand all day. But it turns out that excessive sitting isn’t good for us either .

Aside from members of the general mind-numbing-ness of staring at Excel spreadsheets the working day, the passive lifestyle of a desk task could lead to a whole host of ailments, one of the biggest being hunched posture which can lead to migraines, back pain, exhaling problems, and much more.

This is all assuming, of course, that the boredom doesn’t kill you first.

Though not necessarily entail for all-day sitters, the Archelis does help the user maintain ideal posture and allows for easy switching between sitting and standing. Something like that could definitely come in handy for those working dreary desk-bound days.

GIF from “The Incredibles.”

At the end of the day , no one should have to expend six to eight straight-out hours sitting or standing.

Moderation is a good thing. In a perfect world, we’d find a way to restructure the entire labor system so that productivity and physical stres weren’t so intertwined , regardless of whether you’re on your feet or in a chair.

But until that happens, at least we have cool tech like the Archelis to help us reached that Goldilocks sweet spot between sitting and standing. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

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