A Peek Into Women’s Bedrooms In 2016, According To A Popular Sex-Advice App

Want to improve your sexuality life? There’s an app for that.

In fact, 500,000 women turned to one such app, Eve, to share sexuality advice and track their periods, says the company that stimulates the app, Glow. Glow is a startup created by PayPal mafia member Max Levchin.

Thanks to the volume of women use the app, Glow was able to look back at its data to get a peek into women’s bedroom lives in 2016.

Many females said they were satisfied with their sex lives in 2016. Eighty-nine percent of those who utilized the app to log sex activity reported that the sexuality was either ‘mind blowing’ or ‘pretty good.’

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Source: Who won sex in 2016 ?

That entails 11% reported that sex was ‘ ehh … ‘


Source: Who won sex in 2016 ?

Eve users living in St. Louis, Missouri, had more sex in 2016 than those in any other city in the US .

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Source: Who won sex in 2016 ?

After St. Louis, the next 10 cities where women reported the most sexuality over the past year were: Las Vegas; Detroit; Portland, Oregon; Salt Lake City; New York City; Dallas; Orlando, Florida; Wilmington, Delaware; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and Boston .

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Source: Who won sexuality in 2016 ?

Aquarius women, born between January 20 and February 18, also had a big 2016. Eve users with this astrological sign reported having the most sexuality in 2016.

Wikipedia/ Sesion Hippie

Source: Who won sex in 2016 ?

The next five astrological signs who reported the most common sex were: Virgo( August 23 to September 22 ), Taurus( April 20 to May 20 ), Libra( September 23 to October 22 ), Pisces( February 19 to March 20 ), and Sagittarius( November 22 to December 21 ).


Source: Who won sexuality in 2016 ?

Women are also talking to their would-be lovers about sex. A poll of over 1,800 women in the Glow community found that 62% talked to their partners about their sexual histories before having sexuality for the first time .

Gene Kim

Source: Glow

However, girls are, for the most part , not insisting that their would-be partners get tested for STDs before sexuality. Merely 19% of 2,100 females polled said they required their partners to get tested .

REUTERS/ Tobias Schwarz

Source: Glow

The Eve data also shed light on health issues related to women’s cycles. For instance, women are more likely to have glowing, clear skin halfway through their monthly cycle. That’s because this would be baby-making time when ovulation results and skin-loving estrogen peaks .

Natasha d.H/ flickr

And it uncovered some interesting stats about the other major activity that happens in the bedroom: sleep. Over 25,000 years of sleep have been logged on the Glow apps, the company says .


The data showed that women under 25 get the most sleep, averaging slightly over 7.5 hours worked per night .

Image Point Fr/ Shutterstock

Women 25 to 35 years old get almost as much sleep. They average about 15 minutes less sleep than those under 25. Those over 35 get the least amount of sleep, averaging 7 hours .


Glow also found a surprising correlation between a woman’s ethnic background and the amount of sleep she’s likely to get .

Flickr/ Women In Tech – 66

White females get the most sleep, on average, with 7.6 hours a night. Hispanic women are averaging 7.4 hours, and black females get the least sleep, at 7.2 hours .

Flickr/ Alyssa L. Miller

The folks at Glow had no real answer about what may have caused the correlation, although they said it was not a matter of household income the trend held no matter how much money the women earned .

Flickr/ normalityrelief

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I toke thee to be my wife: inside a cannabis wedding in California

From a pot sommelier to cannabis buds in the corsages, Zak Walton and Dani Geens ceremony was not Carmels typical nuptials

It was a scene postcard California beach wedding. The bride wore white. The Pacific Ocean lapped at the altar. The violinist played Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love.

Then, upon being proclaimed husband and wife, Zak Walton and Dani Geen inclined their heads, puckered their lips, closed their eyes and took long, deep whiffs of potent cannabis.

A table by the altar had all the accoutrements: pots of cannabis concentrate, a torch lighter to heat it up, and glass boats known as rigs, through which they inhaled the vapour.

The family and friends sat before them minded not a little bit. This, after all, was a weed bridal and most of them had also ingested.

Melissa Cunningham, the bridal planner, said:” The clairvoyant effect you get from it is very calming. Dani and Zak want to be on the same spectrum going into their wedlock .”

Dani Geen and Zak Walton create their glasses to years of weeded bliss and check out their rings. Photograph: Robert Gumpert for the Guardian

Everybody seemed to be on the same spectrum during the ceremony on Thursday at Stewart’s Cove, a bucolic beach near Carmel, south of San Francisco.

Walton, 30, savouring his first minutes of married life with a joint alongside bridesmaids and groomsmen, all smoking, said:” I’m feeling good. Nice and relaxed, medicated .”

What had he ate so far?” I had some dabs at the hotel, a joint, some edibles. Not too much , not too little ,” he said.

It was all legal: the cannabis bud in the posy and floral arrangements, the goody pouches with joints and cannabis vapes, the cannabis-infused munchies (” handcrafted to melt in your mind “) and the dab bar at the reception in nearby Monterey, where a pot sommelier in a three-piece suit offered guests different ways to get gently, blissfully stoned.

California voters approved recreational marijuana last November, a landmark victory in the fight for legalisation that has paved the way for the largest commercial pot market in the US.

The smartly dressed weed sommelier presides over the dab bar at the reception venue in Monterey. Photo: Robert Gumpert for the Guardian

Activists and entrepreneurs have found ways to “weedify” multiple products and services, including weddings.

It was news to the catering guys setting up chairs on the beach before the ceremony.” A cannabis bridal, truly ?” said one, astonished.” Is it, like, a thing ?” asked another.

To evangelists, it’s the future.

Philip Wolf, the co-founder of the Cannabis Wedding Expo, which showcases industry products and services, said:” Down the road, people won’t call it a cannabis wedding, because bud bars will be normalised. Smoking makes a bonding facet. People did it in ancient times. It enhances dialogues .”

Luna Stower, 33, a friend of the bride, said cannabis soothed nerves and made couples more romantic. Stower, the wedding officiant and sales director for a cannabis distribution company, had benefited from munching toffee hours earlier made by a company called Mind Tricks.” It’s very relaxing. An aphrodisiac and a euphoric sedative that lasts a very long time. It has organic sugar so it’s a quality high ,” she said.

Cannabis-based snacks, just some of the baked goods on offer, laid out for the soon to be hungry guests. Photograph: Robert Gumpert for the Guardian

The high did not addle Stower’s brain. She resulted the ceremony fluidly, without notes, and made a quip about the the couple caring and honouring one another ” till dab do you part “. Dabbing is the term for heating a dosage of concentrate on a hot surface and inhaling it through glass.

Cannabis brought the Oakland-based couple together because they started out as smoking buddies, said Walton, who works on automobiles.” One thing led to another and here we are 12 years later ,” he added.

He uses the herb to ease backache and Geen, 31, employs it for fibromyalgia, cancers and other conditions.” Cannabis has been my medicine and my saviour ,” she said. Not to mention her employer: she works for Harborside Health Center, a medical cannabis dispensary.

She wanted her bridal to show that cannabis could be classy- integrated into decoration and menus, with the reception hosted at Monterey’s Victorian-era Perry House- and safe, with controls to keep it away from children.

Geen giggled off the stereotype of zonked stoners, saying certain stress of pot sharpened concentration.” I’m going to remember my night better than someone who has had a lot of alcohol ,” she said.

Steve DeAngelo, her boss and guest, concurred, quoting Carl Sagan, Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as evidence that weed did not spawn low functionality.

A bridesmaid holds a bouquet containing cannabis bud. Some guests said the weed helped de-stress them. Photo: Robert Gumpert for the Guardian

The drug also did wonders for intimacy, he said.” It opens you to more sensual experiences. It allows men, especially young men, to match their sex rhythm to a woman’s rhythm ,” DeAngelo added.

Geen was indicated that about 60 of the 70 guests were utilizing cannabis.

Some were exultant, like David Nevitt, 34, who dabbed, munched, vaped and toked.” We’re at a weeding! Usually at bridals you have to be discreet, do it in the car park. Doing it here right in front of everybody, it feels revolutionary ,” he said.

Others were grateful. Holly Alberti, 34, said:” I’ve taken several concentrated dabs and I could use some more. The ride over was quite stressful, we got lost .”

And some, including a pair of college profs, were coy, saying they might partake. They declined to give their names lest Google for ever link them to pot.

The groom’s mother, Aurea Walton, 55, was one of the few to opt out.” I’m Catholic ,” she said.” So no, I won’t partake .” Then she smiled.” Unless it’s by mistake .”

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Teens live in a social media world that most grown-ups know almost nothing about.

The social life of a teen is as virtual as it is physical.

“When you go digital, you’re basically amplifying yourself way out. And so the question is how much can you handle.” Dr. Gregory Dillon

On the one hand, by interacting with a larger audience, you might get more approval than you’re used to in the physical world. But, on the other hand, you also stand to be rejected on a much larger scale . And that can be awful.

They talked about four things.

FOMO: Anxiety of missing out


Communicating with texts removes all the visual and tone-of-voice clues, so it’s something to be really wary about.

“Like” anxiety

Likes on Facebook and Instagram too easily become a measure of popularity. It’s exciting when you get them and painful when you don’t.

Achieving a balance

Dillon’s suggestion was to think of all online and offline activities as slice in a pie chart. Each has a place and caring about Likes is fine as long as it doesn’t overwhelm everything else you care about.

The teens’ thoughtful answers and self-awareness are encouraging. And there’s barely a moment in which the children smiles’ aren’t communicating how much fun their online lives are.

Maybe they’re up to the challenge after all.

Listen in:

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New Year, New You: Nutrition for glowing scalp, strong nails and shiny hair – Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Sun

Iran’s president under pressure to appoint female pastors

Concerns raised that Hassan Rouhani may unveil all-male listing of ministers responsible for in cabinet reshuffle as he prepares for second term

Irans chairwoman is under pressure to appoint female pastors as he mulls a cabinet reshuffle before his swearing-in rite on Sunday.

Hassan Rouhanis all-male list of ministers during his first word in office dismayed his base even though the moderate clergyman appointed a number of women as vice-president, a comparatively less senior position in Irans political hierarchy.

As jockeying intensifies before the unveiling of his new cabinet, fears have grown that Rouhani may give in to pressure from hardliners and not include females as pastors. Expectation is particularly high because he operated on a reformist agenda. Under the Iranian constitution, the Majlis( parliament ), would have to approve his appointees.

Tehran is preparing for a big inauguration ceremony after Rouhanis landslide victory in May. Officers have declared Sunday a bank holiday as eight presidents and senior diplomatic delegations gather in the Iranian capital to mark the beginning of his second term in office. In a sign of thawing relations, the UK is for the first time sending a minister of state, Alistair Burt, who is in charge of the Middle East and North Africa at the Foreign office.

Despite shortcomings, one existing Rouhani appointee his vice-president for women and family affairs, Shahindokht Molaverdi has won the support of some of the countrys most respected womens rights campaigners. Her hands have largely been tied in the past four years as she came under huge pressure from hardliners, who threatened her with prosecution.

Molaverdi said in April that as many as three women would be appointed as ministers but she has voiced pessimistic more recently and it is not clear if she would maintain her job.

Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, the Rouhani administrations spokesman, said on Tuesday, that the number of women in the cabinet would not go down, the semi-official Isna news agency reported, but he sent mixed signals over ministerial appointments, suggesting there may not be any females as pastors at all.

If there would be no females pastors in the cabinet, that does not mean were not utilizing the potential of women[ in the government ], he said. Women will still play a significant role. Its an injustice to girls to think that they should only be used to fill ministerial roles.

The taboo of appointing female pastors after the 1979 Islamic revolution has in fact already been broken. In 2009, former hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad nominated three women as ministers amid opponent from conservative MPs and some senior clerics. One of his appointees, Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi, was approved and she became the countrys first post-revolutionary female minister, serving as health ministers and medical education.

Ghoncheh Ghavami, a resulting womens rights activist based in Tehran, said it is much more important to have gender-sensitive and feminist policies than just merely relying on descriptive representation but nevertheless having female pastors is still important because Irans political system is too male-oriented.

Shahindokht Molaverdi, Irans vice-president for womens and family affairs. Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images

She said: This structure has eradicated women working in the excuse of meritocracy and experience but it looks like that main criteria for them is being male. Thats why appointing female ministers is symbolically important and would send a powerful signal in a country where politics still originates from humen.

Ghavami said Dastjerdis appointment meant Rouhani had run out of excuses, especially now he was facing a friendlier parliament. She said even a conservative figure such as Dastjerdi performed better than her male colleagues and was removed before too long after a spat with Ahmadinejad.

Conservatives, however, still have traditional positions about females, their own priorities is for women to stay at home and take care of their kids. Even their female parliamentarians held such a world view and were seeking policies that were discriminatory towards females, she said.

Womens rights campaigner Fatemeh Sadeghi is among six speakers invited to a discussion panel in Tehran this week called Violating the Glass Ceiling, in reference to Iranian women in senior managerial roles. She believes symbolic appointment of women as ministers will not resolve challenges faced by women in Iran.

The presence of one or two women in the cabinet wont much advance women rights and the experience of Mrs Mowlaverdi shows that until we seek gender[ equality] policies, we wont find a massive change or transformation for women, she said.

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Medford chiropractor arrested on reports of sex crime | OregonLive … – OregonLive.com


7 bizarre fad diet you’ve likely never heard of | Fox News

Fads, by definition, are short-lived, and fad diets definitely come and go, many in the blink of an eye. Here are 7 fad diet that they are able to never have heard of.

Grapefruit Diet
Instead of eating balanced snacks, just eat grapefruit. What could go wrong?

Cabbage Soup Diet
This diet replaces most snacks with cabbage soup, and also has the side effect of stinking up your entire house.

Israeli Army Diet
This diet actually has nothing to do with the Israeli Army. On this eight-day diet, only apples are eaten on the first two days, cheese for the next 2, chicken for the next two, and salad for the final two.

More On Diets

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Fad Diet Are Out, Low-Fat Diets and Exercise Are In

10 Celebrity Fad Diets

5 Funniest Fad Diets

Breatharian Diet
Based on a notion that food isnt necessary to sustain life, someone whos on the Breatharian diet feeds nothing at all.

Cookie Diet
Instead of eating a dinner, those on the Cookie Diet eat low-fat cookies to appease their hunger.

Feingold Diet
This diet adheres to the faith that artificial additives and sweeteners are responsible for hyperactivity in children, so it eliminates them. Its been widely debunked.

Negative Calorie Diet
Adherent to this diet believe that certain foods have negative calories, meaning that it burns more calories to digest them than the food offer. These foods include celery, broccoli, and cabbage. While no food is actually negative-calorie, some people lose weight on it because it fills the stomach with foods that arent calorically dense.

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It’s Not Just White People: Heroin Overdose Deaths Have Tripled Among African-Americans

WASHINGTON — There are very few places in the United States not affected by the opioid epidemic. Across the country, there have been spikes in overdose demises and treatment facilities overwhelmed with demand. Although whites have been most acutely affected, the epidemic is also making the African-American community hard.

Frontline reports that among African-Americans, heroin overdose death rates increased by more than 200 percent between 2010 and 2014. Among Hispanic and Latino residents, fatal overdose demises have increased during that time period by 137 percentage. Native American opioid demises jumped 236 percent, while death rates among whites have increased by 267 percent.

But African-Americans, as a result of structural racism, may not be transitioning to heroin from prescription analgesics, Frontline reported 😛 TAGEND

The heroin epidemic in the African-American community is distinct for another reason, in that they’re less likely to come to the medication through opioids. Multiple analyses have shown that doctors are less likely to prescribe opioid painkillers to blacks than whites, even young children, for the same ailments.

Even when they do get a prescription, blacks in low-income neighborhoods can struggle to find a pharmacy that has the opioids on hand to fill it. “There’s a well-known phenomenon that there’s less opioids available in segregated minority communities, ” said Dr. Compton of the NIH. “You can’t find them in the pharmacies. There’s less medical access.”

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention reported similar data regarding late 2014 , noting “death rates increased dramatically for both sexes, all age groups, all census regions, and all racial/ ethnic group other than American Indians/ Alaska Natives.”

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