Hollywood’s rape culture is a reflection of our culture

How can one react to the unrepentant admission by Bernardo Bertolucci that he and Marlon Brando conspired to rape Maria Schneider on the define of Last Tango in Paris?

These are not easy days to be a feminist in America. The film industry, as well as other progressives in American society, are still reeling over the election of a human who acknowledges to having sexually assaulted women, knowingly employing his celebrity to exploit them. Over the last several days a video surfaced( thank you, Elle) from a 2013 interview with the Academy-Award-winning Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci, in which he talks about how he and Marlon Brando conspired to rape actress Maria Schneider on the decide of the Last Tango in Paris, a cinema that was nominated for two Academy Award and many other accolades.

Its important to note that Schneider, who died in 2011, told the Daily Mail in an interview style back in 2007 that she felt humbled and, to be honest, I felt a little raped, both by Marlon and by Bertolucci. This wasnt a little bit rape. This was rape where she was penetrated by a stick of butter. They actually took a prop and forced it inside her. In addition, the scene wasnt in the script. The 19 -year-old was blindsided by a bunch of older all those people who, according to Bertolucci, wanted her reaction as a girl , not as an actress.

This woman said she was raped almost a decade ago yet there was no response , no outcry, like there was this weekend. The common theme is that we continue to disbelieve females when we say “weve been” raped. It took over 50 girls to come forward for the world to believe that Bill Cosby was a rapist. People( even our best and most feminist actresses) still have no problem working with Roman Polanski or Woody Allen, and others whom the world knows have multiple issues with women. And, by the way, Bertolucci was one of the signers of a 2009 petition demanding that Polanski be released from Switzerland while the US was trying to extradite him.

It took Bertolucci acknowledging to facilitating rape and went on to say that he felt guilt but not regret over what he did for people to believe Schneider, who regrettably “isnt here” to realise the benefits of his confession. Neither is Brando, who according to the reports was also traumatised by what happened. If “youre reading” “whats happened to” Schneider after her rape, the suicide attempts and narcotic problems which were attributed at the time to the onslaught of renown, in hindsight we can see that this woman had PTSD( something that is common with rape survivors) because she had to cover up her own assault and it tortured her for the rest of their own lives.

The fact that Bertolucci has no regret over the scene because I guess he guessed in a warped and unacceptable way that she wouldnt be able to act like she was raped if she knew it was coming belies a complete lack of responsibility. Say I was wrong and I shouldnt have done it. Own it. You made a career as a result of this film, off the back of a woman who you are conspired to assault for your own interests. She was a 19 -year-old actress and you could and should have trusted her to do her chore on that scene, just like you trusted her to do in other scenes. Maybe you didnt tell her because she would have said no, and you didnt want to deal with that?

It would be a different story if this sad tale of Maria Schneider were an isolated incident in the film community but its not. The so-called progressive community of Hollywood hides behind its liberal values while paying men more , not hiring women in equal numbers, sexualising females, kicking girls out when they are no longer fuckable and, yes, raping them. Evan Rachel Wood and Rose McGowan are two women performers who have been vocal about their own sexual assaults.

Rape is used as a device in TV and cinemas with such regularity that we are almost immune to it. It is employed over and over again in one of the most contentious movies of this awards season, Elle. For those who havent considered it, Isabelle Huppert is raped multiple times in the film. There have been a variety of differing sentiments related to the grey area of whether she is complicit with her rape. Huppert is no Schneider in this piece. She knew exactly what she was get into and is winning commendations for the cinema; she won a Gotham Award last week.

For me there is no grey area. Rape is rape. The stats suggest that between 90 -9 8% of rape survivors tell the truth, yet rape is the only felony where the main victims is disbelieved and in turn the conviction rate is absurdly low. When any movie tries to create nuance over an issue that is an epidemic in our culture, we all need to stand up. Movies are not just movies. They are touchstones, reflections of our culture of where we are, of who we all want to be.

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Napa chiropractor learned’ how to learn’ at Napa Valley College – Napa Valley Register

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Choose Someone Who Loves You Without Anxiety

We all understandably get scared of rejection, of showdown and of getting hurt. So, sometimes, when we take our old bruised and beaten down hearts and give them to someone else, we get frightened. We get anxious. We get the urge to sprint the other direction .

But you shouldn’t choose the one who wants to run. You shouldn’t choose the one who sprints away from you. Never, ever opt the one who hesitates.

And never, ever choose the one who seems the other route when you pour your heart out to them.

Choose someone who gazes right at your flaws and doesn’t cringe. Choose someone who finds the worst parts of you and doesn’t cover his eyes. Choose someone who witnesses you spew venom, and doesn’t conceal in anxiety . Choose someone who will say ” I love you” confidently and easily. With no tremble in their voice. And no shakiness on their lips. Choose the person that listens to you when you’re hurting, and will hold you through it instead of scoffing at you. Choose members of the public who looks up at you instead of appearing down. Choose members of the public who lets you glisten on your own, and lets you walk at your own pace .

You deserve someone who won’t run at the first sign of trouble.

You deserve someone who won’t leave when you need them the most. True love isn’t supposed to fled the scene of such crimes. True love stays, through thick and through thin. True love is stronger than the urge to say goodbye. True love should never apologize for its strength. And it should never apologize for glistening so brightly .

The right person for you should love without a whisper of hesitation.

They will love you fiercely, without any doubt that you are the best person that they have ever met. They will kiss you aloud, and shower you with their confidence in you. They will hug you proudly, the kind of hug that doesn’t have a question mark in it . They will hold you, embracing you in their safety net. They won’t let any fire violate their grip on you.

Choose someone who loves you without dread. Who screams instead of whispers. Who leaps instead of strolls. And who runs towards you, instead of away from you.

Choose someone who always has a hand out for you to grab onto. Choose someone who never looks at you with a frown, but looks at you with a glimmer in their eyes. Choose the one who says” I love you” in everything that they do. Choose the one who loves you with every atom in their body and who will say ” I love you” only by a touch. Choose someone who loves you and doesn’t ever leave .

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People Are Apparently Utilizing This Anti-Diarrhea Drug To Get High

If you were ever a high school student, then you’ve likely experienced your fair share of vodka-soaked gummy bears and purple drink. But what’s the latest tendency in over-the-counter, DIY highs? Overdosing on anti-diarrhea pills, apparently.

Unfortunately, yes, this is a thing people are doing. The reason? In many of these pills, there are levels ofloperamide, which according to chief medical officer and founder of Townsend Addiction Treatment CentersDr. Howard Wetsman,

It’s a weak opioid agonist that doesn’t cross the blood-brain hurdle very well. It’s meant to treat diarrhea by stimulating the opioid receptors of the intestine without affecting the opioid receptors in the brain.

You reportedly have to take 20 or 30 Imodium tablets to feel any kind of high, and if the sheer amount doesn’t deter you, theaddictive and cardiotoxicqualities of loperamide should.

For many, it isn’t even about the high. According to Dr. Wetsman, people utilizing anti-diarrhea medication are often “seeking to self-medicate opiate withdrawal. This is happening because there isn’t enough therapy available to people.” Sadly, their own problems stems from intensifying rates of opiate addiction in the US. Anti-diarrhea meds are a low-cost, legal and easy-to-find opiate alternative.

While these drugsaren’t new, the abuse of them is and its roots are in the opioid epidemic that started approximately 30 years ago. Back then, the government along with non-government agencies like the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organisation were pressuring physicians to do more for patients with chronic pain. A few misinformedstudiesreported opiates as having a low craving risk, and that’s where our problem with over-prescribing begins. As Dr. Wetsman explains,

So there was widespread pressure on physicians to prescribe opioids for patient pain. Things got so bad that currently, there are physicians that feel like they could lose their jobs if they have poor patient gratification ratings, and patients with addiction threatening them with those ratings in order to get medication.

So what are we to do now that we’re in the hurls of a nationwide outbreak? Dr. Wetsman says,

What we’ve missed in each[ epidemic ], and still miss today, is that opioids aren’t the problem. Addiction is. Until we address the brain illness, this pattern will continue.

Hopefully we can come up with a solution soon, because overdosing on anti-diarrhea pills should never be someone’s last resort.

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The Red Dot: I Discontinue My Boring Job To Become A Tattoo Artist, And Here’s The Result

Everybody asks me the story of the red dot quite a lot. Actually it has a special meaning for me. Hence I will give you some boring personal details about myself. My narrative as a designer started when I was examining German Philology at Hacettepe University. I was already working as a graphic designer back then to supporting myself. I was expecting to be happy doing what I like, but after my graduation I realised my life is not going in the direction that I wanted. I have tried many undertakings. I worked as a window-dresser, buy director, trade expert and who knows what else. The more I tried, the more miserable I became. I was pretty sure about that; it’s impossible to be happy at work and doing what you like at the same time in this corporate world. I was underpaid and unhappy for years until it was making me sick to be considered going to work, waking up everyday unhappy. I got fed up at the end and decided to quit my job.

I started to draw at that time to feel good and after a while I supposed “I should turn this drawing into tattooes. They seem good on scalp! ” I devoted it a try at home and I figured it’s the job I want for all of my life.

Learning period was painful for me because I didn’t know any tattoo artist. Since I couldn’t get any assist or tips, the said period took longer than it was supposed to be and it passed by trial and error but after few months I have already started tattooing poeple whom I don’t know of.

Suddenly I was out of that spirit crushing work routine and I was so happy to do what I like. I wanted to reflect this on my work and I honoured this change with the red dot. I like black tattooes and I didn’t want to involve colorings thats why a bright red dot was the best choice to catch a contrast with a pitchblack tattoo. It also created a contradiction to burdensome times in my past and It was to symbolise hope and fortitude. My customers like the idea of the red dot and they started to give meanings to their own dots. It was health for one, happiness for another, a lost relative, a planet or just a sinking sunshine. Two years has been past since my first tattoo. During this time I tattooed hundreds of people from in all regions of the world. I listened their narratives. I have became part of “peoples lives” and I helped them to carry their narratives on their bodies with secret symbols.

I work at our own studio with my friends that I got a lot of help and info after a lone tattooing adventure.

Now I work with people that I admire side by side and I do what I like to do. Therefore, I hope this post helps people who need of a change in their life and think its too late to catch their dreams.

# 1

# 2

# 3

# 4

# 5

# 6

# 7

# 8

# 9

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How the scientific community united against Tribeca’s anti-vaccination film

As soon as the screening of the anti-vaccine documentary Vaxxed was announced at Robert De Niros festival, experts joined forces to resist it

Within half an hour of Robert De Niros Tribeca Film Festival posting on its Facebook page that it had scheduled an April viewing of Vaxxed, the highly controversial anti-vaccine documentary, a well-oiled network of scientists, autism experts, vaccine advocacy groups, film-makers and sponsors cranked into gear to resist it.

At the center of the network was a listserv group email list of more than 100 prominent private individuals and science research bodies run out of the Immunization Action Coalition( IAC) are stationed in St Paul, Minnesota. The listserv acts as an early warning system that voices the alarm whenever the potent conspiracy hypothesi that autism can be caused by vaccination surfaces yet again.

Through the listserv, conference call were quickly organized among top scientists across the country to discuss how to respond to the news that what was seen as a scurrilous and misinform film was to be given a high-profile airing. Resulting figures in the documentary world is likewise enlisted to add their objections to the reveal of Vaxxed, the film directed by the disgraced former British physician Andrew Wakefield who was struck off from medical practice in 2010 for serious professional misconduct.

Having learned lessons the hard way in the past, this time the scientific community was ready for the fight. Four or five years ago we werent as well organized and people didnt realize the importance of responding quickly and strongly, said Alison Singer, the president of the Autism Science Foundation and a member of the IAC listserv.

Today, we know that we have to respond to every incident however large or small, because if you leave any of these discredited hypothesis unchallenged, it allows people to think that theres something still to be discussed, she said.

By Friday, De Niro, a founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, was already feeling the blast of criticism over the decision to offer a platform to Wakefields work. The former gastroenterologist first published his suppositions in the Lancet medical periodical in 1998, where he explored a possible connection between the triple vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella and autism.

The paper, based on merely eight lawsuit analyses, was thoroughly debunked and retracted by the Lancet in 2010, and at his removal from medical practice that year, Wakefield was censured for dishonesty and for abusing his position of trust. But it was too late to stop the suspicion that there might be a link between vaccines and autism from spreading like wildfire, driving down vaccination rates and contributing to outbreaks of measles and other potentially serious diseases.

Between 1996 and 2004, vaccination rates in the UK plummeted from about 92% to 80%, leading to a spike in measles cases in later years. A similar pattern of behaviour was watched among American parents.

In his first statement on Friday, De Niro attempted to justify the decision to show Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe. As the father of an autistic child, he said, this is very personal to me and my family, adding that he wanted the causes of autism to be openly discussed and examined.

But by Saturday the force of the scientific blowback unleashed in part by the listserv proved overwhelming and the scheduled viewing of Vaxxed was cancelled. In his second statement on the subject, De Niro said that after reviewing the issue with the Tribeca Film Festival squad and others from the scientific community, we do not believe it contributes to or farthers the discussion I had hoped for.

For the members of the listserv and for experts in the fields of autism and vaccination, it was a vindication of their longstanding fight against unproven and unscientific fear-mongering. It was also a sign of their new collective strength.

It indicated the weight and heft of the scientific community when it comes together, said Singer. Its wonderful that we are now considering science triumph to me that was the message of what really happened: science won.

The supremacy of the scientific process has been under assault in this presidential cycle, in which several leading Republican candidates have expressed their doubts concerning the science of climate change, or even denied evolution. The GOP frontrunner Donald Trump immediately created the spurious link between inoculations and autism during a televised presidential debate.

At such a febrile day, there was a palpable sense of relief among experts that in this case, respect for science was reinforced. Amy Pisani, executive director of Every Child By Two, a pro-vaccination group co-founded in 1991 by the former first lady Rosalynn Carter, said she was thrilled by the decision to pull Vaxxed.

Robert De Niro said he wanted the conversation about vaccines and autism to happen. But that dialogue has already happened it has shown there is no connection. He just wasnt paying attention, she said.

William Schaffner, prof of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt university medical center, said the campaign to stop the viewing of Vaxxed had notched up an important victory. Had it failed, Wakefield would have enjoyed a certain degree of validation from the festival.

That would have been very dangerous his views have already caused a slump in immunizations and made skepticism about vaccines without basis in science, Schaffner said.

By Monday, conspiracy theorist websites were portraying the decision to pull Vaxxed as an act of censorship perpetuated by the vaccine mafia. Wakefield and the movies producer Del Bigtree put out a statement saying: We have just witnessed yet another example of the power of corporate interests censoring free speech, art, and truth.

Alison Singer rejected the debate of censorship. There is no question of free speech; this is about dangerous speech. The question of whether there is a link between autism and vaccines has been asked over and over again, and the answer is always the same no. We dont to consider whether the world is flat or round any more.

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