This Would-Be Doctor Switched Paths To Help People In An Wholly Different Way

Kunle Oladehin was on track to becoming a doctor as a biology student at Harvard. But he switched paths where reference is realise his love of dance was something he could use to help communities thrive.

Oladehin explained to HuffPost Rise in a new video that he felt pressure from his mothers to become a doctor. But the longer he worked in health care, the more he realized his heart wasn’t pulling him toward medication.

“I started to explore the way to intersect these two things of being truly passionate in dance but really, really also deeply caring about the health of people and the health of humanity, ” Oladehin said. “So I simply thought to myself what if dance is a way that I’m supposed to have an impact in building communities as a whole healthier? ”

Oladehin is now the national executive director of Everybody Dance Now !, a nonprofit that brings dance to kids in low-income communities. When he teaches children how to dance, he said he feels like a “proud” parent.

“But the real spark comes, I think, when kids do something I didn’t expect them to do. When children just let their imagination go, ” he said. “They take dance much further than even I can take it. So I think that’s the feeling of I am reassured that I am in the right space.”

This video was produced by Rebecca Halperin and Susannah Gruder, and edited by Alfred Marroquin . When to Jump, an independent media partner of The Huffington Post, is a curated community featuring the ideas and tales of people who have stimulated the decision to leave something comfortable and chase a passion . You can follow When to Jump on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more stories like this one, sign on for the When to Jump newsletter here.( Note: The When to Jump newsletter is not managed by The Huffington Post .)

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Dishing the dirt on detox | Jay Rayner

A self-confessed glutton, Jay Rayner has always been wary of the January detox. But after talking to experts and sampling some of the products, hes detected the truth is even worse than he imagined

Sunday afternoon in the darkest days of early January and I am sitting on the sofa, my face caked in a mixture of clay mined from deep below the Atlas mountains and organic rosewater from the Dades Valley. My cheek and brows are a mess of coagulating geography. I am devoting myself a home facial, politenes of Facetox, a product originating from Leeds which promises to Extract, Pull& Detoxify. The box says its brutality free, but doing this to myself feels rather less so.

In my hand is a steaming mug of Dr Stuarts Liver Detox naturally caffeine-free tea, containing dandelion root, centaury herb and milk thistle. The tea promises to get it out your system without saying exactly what it might be. Before applying the mask I drank a glass of lemonade the colour of an outflow from a inundated coal mine. It is produced by Press London, is 0.05% activated charcoal and has the word detox on the label.

The face mask starts drying out, pulling my skin taut underneath. I begin to feel a bit of an arse, because the one thing all these products apparently claim to do detoxify me, purge me of poisons is the one thing they cannot do. Yes, I may have indulged over Christmas: drunk deep, eaten broadly, hit the sugars and the fats like a develop ramming the buffers. But I know nothing with the word detox on the label will mitigate any of it.

The whole idea does build me smile, says Dr Donal ODonoghue, professor of renal medicine at Manchester University and president of the Renal Association, because it is cobblers. There is nothing like this which will improve your bodys detoxification system.

Nor does there need to be because of what butchers would call our offal, and Ill call our kidneys and liver these organs have that whole detox business encompassed for us. The liver processes what we put into ourselves. The kidneys then filter it out. There is nothing we can eat which will improve liver and kidney function, says Dimple Thakrar, spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association. As long as you are eating a normal, balanced diet your body will do exactly what it needs to do. Without our liver and kidneys we would die of poisoning, she says. The whole notion of detox is not solely redundant but, to set it in technical terms, a dumb-ass symptom of a deep well of scientific illiteracy which enables sane people to believe whatever unsubstantiated, anti-modern, counter-intuitive, make-it-up-as-we-go-along, bottom-feeding blather thats jostle in front of us.

Mud, glorious mud: Jay Rayner tries a facemask which, the packet says, will extract, pulling and detoxify

And yet the myth of the January detox suffers. Cosmetics companies spew forth literature on products they promise will purge your skin of all the poisons they have absorbed simply by living in the 21 st century. Juice companies offer detoxifying cleanses. You want your liver to be as shiny and fresh as a newborns? Someone somewhere believes they have a product for that. Reputable newspapers OK, the Daily Mirror fill their pages with hokum and woo about the need to re-alkalise your system by eating plant algaes which help your body detoxify quickly.

The obvious response is to mutter a fool and their money and move on. Certainly, purifying yourself is a quick style to cleanse your billfold of fund. That Facetox pack costs 24.99 for seven masks and, according to Dr Tamara Griffiths of the British Association of Dermatologists, will not detoxify you at all. Nothing applied to the scalp will do that. It may take off some dead scalp cells, but thats not really the same thing, she says. The tea is 4. 40 a box. The activated charcoal lemonade retails at 6 for 330 ml.

The odd face mask or drinking of tea isnt going to do now you any harm, but there can be a darker side to it if you go for a whole regime and choice the wrong one. This month a newspaper in the British Medical Journal reported the recent occurrence of a 47 -year-old woman admitted to hospital, suffered by seizures brought on by low sodium levels in her blood. She had been undergoing a herbal drug detox, alongside drinking vast amounts of water, green tea and sage. She recovered entirely once her sodium levels were returned to normal, but otherwise might indeed have been cleansed, if only from the face of the earth. The newspaper reported another case of a human who experienced fits after undertaking a similar regime.

It frustrates me when people bang on about detox, says Thakrar, because it can actually cause harm. The evidence been shown that by following a so-called detox, especially ones involving fasting, you can injury liver enzyme activity and therefore injury your bodys ability to detoxify itself. Likewise, she says, reducing calories for the short term can reduce your metabolic rate and you can end up putting on more weight in the long term.

I depict her literature from a company offering tailor-made juice-cleanse packages delivered to your door for hundreds of pounds which they say will detoxify your body and reset your metabolism. They extol celebrity endorsements from the likes of Madonna, Georgia May Jagger and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Theres no proof to back up any of the claims, Thakrar says. Theyre nonsensical. I suppose the positive is that youd get a lot of fruit and vegetables, but were adults and we have teeth. We dont require our food juiced. Plus, you could end up eating enormous amounts of sugar. Wheres the protein? Wheres the calcium?

You would think there would be laws covering this sort of thing, and there are. Any health claims made for food or cosmetics have to be backed up by scientifically rigorous research which is then assessed, since 2007, by the relevant European Union body. In the case of food it is the European Food Safety Agency. Applications for a valid assert of a detoxifying effect have been attained for a dozen foodstuffs, including grapefruit, seaweed and a rice vinegar extract. All have been refused. But, as Im told by David Pickering of the Trading Criterion Institute, which has responsibility for messages on packaging: It is very hard to police the health-claims marketplace , not least in persons under the age of the internet when products might be coming in from places where regulation is different.

Talking to the companies in this country responsible for detox products and their marketing is not always a rewarding experience. In a south London branch of Boots I find racks of multi-vitamins. While none of these say they rid your body of poisons, the sign above the shelves does say Detox. Boots tells me it was a mistake, and left over from an installation put up in 2007 and would be taken down immediately. I ask the manufacturer of Dr Stuarts Liver Detox tea, are stationed in Storrington, West Sussex, how it detoxifies the liver and what research they have to back up the message that it could get it out your system. Arran Elliott of Dr Stuarts replies: We have decided to abstain from commenting on this matter. Oh.

Its tricky to work out when detox became a necessary cure for lifestyle rather than genuine poisoning. Illustration: Eva Bee

Ed Foy of Press London, which manufacturers the activated charcoal lemonade, is more forthcoming. First, we dont build direct claims about their impact on a persons body, he tells me by email. As we know this would put us into a category of therapeutic regulation and would be beyond our remit as a consumer food company. Indeed it would, though he goes on to point out that charcoal applies in other clinical detoxifying process. Perhaps, but is that any excuse for turning out a lemonade which looks like pond water?

As to the justification for putting the word detox on the bottle, this is apparently a massive category error on my part. Apparently and its worth read this explanation in full I was confusing the publics vernacular utilize of detox in common parlance and the medical term detoxification. Today, if anyone says I am doing a January detox they mean that they are cutting out negative factors in their consumption habits, such as alcohol, smoking and foods rich in sugar, fat or salt. Therefore when we talk about detox to a consumer the consumer understands we are promoting the preferential consumption of healthier products rather than harmful ones and not referring specifically to the process of detoxification by the liver and or kidneys.

Say what? This is my mistake? The fact that detox is short for detoxification and that, in every dictionary the word is defined as variations on the removal of poisons from the body has nothing to do with it? I build myself another cup of Dr Stuarts Liver Detox tea to see if that will calm me down. It doesnt. I analyze a pack of cleansing detox foot pads induced in China for Organic Guru. You bandage them to your feet while “youre sleeping” and apparently the active ingredients vinegar, plant powder and something called minus ion run wonders. The main functions according to the pack are detoxification beauty, clear physical beauty, stimulate metabolism, enhance immune function. Not bad for 6.99. If it wasnt utter tosh.

Detoxification does, of course, have a medical meaning, involving therapies for narcotic craving or overdose. It is, hence, tricky to work out when detox became seen as a necessary remedy for lifestyle rather than genuine poisoning. However, according to Dr Alun Withey, historian of medication at Exeter University, it is less a modern phenomenon than a notion that reaches back to our pre-pharmacological past. There is a striking similarity between modern media ideas of detox and 17 th-century versions of medical treatments to drive out the bad things, he says. The literature of the period, including that by renowned herbalist Thomas Culpeper, is full of remedies against a surfeit, he says. Culpeper in turn recycles a lot of stuff thats centuries old about restoring the body to balance.

Judy Swift, associate professor of behavioural nutrition at Nottingham University, also ensure a link with the past. If you go back to the early Christian period there is the strong idea that the pleasure food gives you is a temptation and we rise above these things because we are not animals. We prove our moral worth by not doing it. Modern notions of detox echo all this. However, she says, there is also very much a link to modern health policy. While the medical brotherhood may laugh in the face of detox products, she points out that government health advice feed five portions of fruit and veg a day, avoid certain fats, cut out the fizzy drinkings is scarcely dissimilar. The message of that advice, she says, is that to be healthy you have to work at it. It requires denial. It has to be medicalised. It has to be hard won. Which sounds very much like a juice cleanse or gargling with sooty lemonade.

After I wash off my clay detoxifying face mask, I examine my scalp. It is a bit pink in places, but otherwise “were not receiving” difference from before, which stimulates sense given my skin wasnt poisoned in the first place. It simply serves to highlight the sadness of people landing themselves in A& E with seizures as a result of an ill-judged detox they thought was good for them. I run myself a bath and pour in bright orange granules of Total Detox Bath Potion, the colour of childrens sweets. Constructed by a company called Ancient Wisdom, they are apparently infused with potent aromatic oils and cost 4.74 a pack. They give the water a yellowish tinge, like someone has pee-pee in it. I settle back and wait for the poisons to dissipate from my body. Nothing happens.

Still, its a nice bath.

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Alternative medication therapy set four-year-old boy in A& E – BBC News

Image copyright Thinkstock

The plight of a four-year-old boy who nearly succumbed after his mothers gave him 12 alternative medications has inspired doctors to warn against the treatments.

Doctors at Newham Hospital in east London said the mothers were “devastated” that their good intentions had induced him so unwell.

The boy took a dozen supplements supposedly to help treat his autism.

The National Autistic Society said it was crucial for doctors to talk through the risks of alternative therapies.

The boy developed a potentially life-threatening condition after taking supplements from a naturopath( natural health practitioner) for a number of months, which included vitamin D, camel’s milk, silver and Epsom bath salts.

He was admitted to A& E after losing 6.5 lbs( 3kg) over three weeks, suffering from symptoms including vomiting and extreme thirst.

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption ‘Often mothers think that supplements are natural, safe…but this is not true in many cases’

Dr Catriona Boyd and Dr Abdul Moodambail, writing in the British Medical Journal Case Reports , said it was not until the son had been at Newham Hospital, which is part of St Bart’s Health Trust, for several days that his mother told them about the holistic supplements.

Dr Moodambail told the BBC: “This happens on many occasions with other patients as well.

“Often the parents is considered that these supplements are natural, safe and do not cause any side effect or adverse effects, but this is not true in many cases like this.”

He added: “The situation was stark because the child developed vitamin D toxicity leading to very high calcium levels, inducing the child quite unwell and this can even be fatal as well.”

The boy made a full recovery in 2 week after being treated with hyperhydration and drugs to reduce his calcium level.

What are complementary and alternative therapies?

Complementary and alternative medicines( CAMs) are treatments that fall outside of mainstream healthcare Generally when a non-mainstream practice is used together with conventional medicine, it is considered “complementary” When a non-mainstream practice is used instead of conventional medicine, it is considered “alternative” Examples of CAMS include homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic and herbal medications Some complementary and alternative medicines or therapies are based on principles and an proof base that are not recognised by the majority of independent scientists Others have been proven to work for a limited number of health conditions, such as osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture for treating lower back pain When a person use any health therapy – including a CAM – and experiences an improvement, this may be due to the placebo effect Osteopaths and chiropractors are regulated in the same way as mainstream medical professionals There is no statutory professional regulation of any other CAM practitioners

Shep Rose, Resident Fuckboy, Is Also Charleston’s Biggest Feminist

We open this weeks with Shep walking some random girls out of his apartment because he had to go crabbing. I was gonna make a crabs joke but I feel like it’s low-hanging fruit. Oh, BTW and before you ask , no I am not recapping I’m sorry, I lived in Georgia and even IDGAF about this shit. Not to mention I’m not sure my brain would retain normal functioning after two straight hours of So I’m gonna bow out for my health. Anyway, let’s get into this week’s in the only city that are important, Charleston.

Shep has liver inflammation and hes like Is there anything I can do to combat this? Besides giving up alcohol?

Like damn, I went out 4 nights a week in college and my liver is fine so how much does Shep genuinely drink? Really puts my alcoholism things into perspective.

Whitney rolls up to Patricias house to tell her that Thomas is worried hes losing his mojo. GOOD. The last thing this father of two illegitimate child requires is more mojo. Cut his mojo off. Give him a mojo-sectomy.

Craig shows up to his appointment with Cameran late. Hes trying to get an investment property and other adulting shit I don’t understand.

Watching Craig look at these apartments be like watching an episode of. I play harmonicas on the side of the street for money. I want a mansion in downtown Charleston thats 30,000 square feet with granite countertops and hardwood floors and my budget is $200.

Craig literally says So I want to put an offer down in two weeks and my savours are going to change. Soooo you have unrealistic expectations and no notion what you want, is what youre saying.

After commercial Kathryn calls Shep and shes like Im going to yoga Ill meet you after and Shep is like yoga, can I come? “

Shep: * stops drinking for one day* I am an icon of health. Im going to do yoga and align my chakras.

Meanwhile Austen goes to Chelseas house. How the fucking do these people all live alone in their own separate houses? Am I in the wrong city?

Austen : I dont suppose anyone out there doesnt like brew. They merely havent had the right beer. Me :

In this case,* not* enjoy things, but you guys know what I mean.

Cameran is genuinely sticking to this weird voodoo thing and the doll is get its own chair. I AM SCARRED.

Shep shows up like What the hell is that? RT, Shep. If I went to lunch and ensure THAT thing staring at me Id is just like 😛 TAGEND

Shep has gone one meal without a drink. Hooray! This calls for gala! Let’s get some Champaoh wait.

Shep: I had an epiphany.

You didnt have an epiphany, Shep. You get specific physicians instructions to not drink. You cannot act like you came up with this on your own.

Of course for Cameran all roads lead to Shep being single. If Shep merely met somebody he would drink less. I feel like relationships can also cause alcoholism tho, at least if my grandparents’ marriage is any clue? Anyway, she’s still trying to induce Shep and Chelsea happen. Shelsea? Chep? I’ll work on that.

Shep: Chelseas hooking up with Austen tho.

Cameran : Women like to be hunted.

Shep is like “Yea no, I’m good tho she’s with somebody.” How the fuck is Shep more of a feminist than the actual woman at this table rn?

So Shep is supposed to leave some creepy-ass doll on Chelseas porch? Im calling the police.

FINALLY we are at Queen Patricias house for a dinner party. It has taken too fucking long.

Patricia is like Scheming a dinner party is easy. I just decide what I want all the help to cook and then they do all the work. Well…yeah. Things are generally easy when you don’t actually put in any of the work.

Craig is sewing pillow cases and hes low-key really good at embroidery. I am ashamed to admit that I’m turned on rn.

Naomie rolls through and Craig opens with I potentially bought a house today.

Naomie : I cant take you seriously at your sewing machine.


Im not sure if Naomie is right or if shes like that daughter who says shes blunt or brutally honest when she just employs it as an excuse to be an asshole.

Damn, Craig and Naomie didnt score the invite to Patricias. Thats gotta hurt. I know how you guys feelLandon invited me to Patricias next soiree and yet you will not assure me making a cameo on this seasons.

So Patricias entire intent for this dinner is to merely try to set Landon and Thomas up. That seems unnecessary. Like, put them in the same room with a lot of alcohol or somethingyou dont need this whole elaborate ruse.

Patricia rings this turtle bell and Michael comes in and shes like Are we ready to eat yet?

Michael: Ready when you are, Madam.

Inner Michael, probably: Hope you fucking die bitch.

I mean, IDK, I’d be resentful if I was a 70 -year-old butler who rang buzzers at me like I’m a damn animal, is all I’m saying.

Cameran : Setting Landon and Thomas up is a terrible idea.

Cameran 2 seconds later: So what about you, Thomas, are you dating anyone? What do you want in a woman? Someone like Landon, perhaps?

Or, a visual depiction in meme format 😛 TAGEND Cameran : Dont stir the pot. Also Cameran :

Whitney says I heard hes dumb in regards to Landons boyfriend. Spoken to the girl who wants to start a website without even knowing how to write content for a website.

Kathryn shows up to yoga and DAMN. Her ass is seeming huge in comparison to her waist. Good undertaking, girl. Please DM me your workout routine.

Shep shows up to this yoga class full of womenwhat are the odds hes gonna hit on everyone in the class?

Shep cant even follow bring your hands together, palms together like youre doing a prayer move. Theres a simile in there for you, how can you not get this?

Shep is like to Kathryn I havent been drinking for the last few days so I basically did what you did with this whole rehab thing.

Shep: * Makes one smoothie** calls his mommy about it*

Austen is having dinner with his parentsmy mothers would never agree to appear on a reality Tv showand Austen says no offense to my papa but my mommy is the matriarch of the family. Thats literally what matriarch meansnvm.

Austens talking about his undertaking and his mommies like OK cut the bullshit. Lets talk and this basically turns into the scene from where Hannahs mothers cut her off.

Austen : If youre asking me what I bring to the table I dont have anything to tell you.

Austen: I dont have a frickin business plan, MOTHER.

Real compelling argument. You sure indicated her!

This is the biggest bullshit ever, his parents are basically telling him that theyll subsistence his being an entrepreneur if all he does is think of a fucking idea. God damn it, I was born into the incorrect family.

Jennifer is having something called a sip and see. Whats that? Is that when you drink wine and paint shit? Is this like, a responsible thing to doinvite all your friends over to drink and then hold your newborn? Seems like a gigantic stroll liability, but what do I know? Im only 25 and an internet recapper who doesnt have any children.* frantically knockings on timber*

Naomie left Craig in the dust to go to this party and frankly I do not blame her. If your daughter is ready before you, you are doing something wrong. Is that sexist? Fuck it, its true.

Craig walks in and doesnt even say hi to his own girlfriend. I can feel the awkwardness through the screen.

THIS IS SUCH A STRANGE CONCEPT TO ME. Sip and consider. Is this like, the WASP-y equivalent of a baby naming, or like, a bris? Can someone help me out here?

Jennifer runs up to Craig like Hey Craig, why is everyone talking to you upstairs? And Craig is like Uhhh IDK you tell me? Come on, Jennifer, snitches get stitches.

THIS HOUSE IS FUCKING $ 183,000? Bruh, get me a plane ticket because I am moving to Charleston.

So it seems as though theres nothing more to this Jennifer/ Thomas alliance than the handkerchief exchange. This is fucking nuts.

Craig says hes dating a teenage girl because Naomie ventilates about their relationship to her friend? Wut?

Craig : Go ahead child, speak.

Wowwwwwwww I’m done.

Naomie : Are you kidding me?
Craig : You left me. How could you?

Yeah, such a betrayal. Not sure how Craig will ever learn to trust Naomie again.

Naomie: Because you induced me wait on you for 30 minutes.
Craig : No I wasn’t late. That’s fake news. You are fake news!

Craig’s like “Just remember, I never left you.” This is a reminder of when to all these children, singing a duet with someone is the highest form of cheating. Merely this is like … real.

Craig calls Naomie “a fucking moron” who “acts like a spoiled fucking child and airs[ their] dirty laundry” …. says the guy who is literally airing their dirty laundry on camera. Okay, Craig. OK. I didn’t wanna have to do this, but I believe I have to officially start the #CraigConoverIsOverParty. Trust me, Craigthis hurts me more than it hurts you.

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‘Socialism has never existed’: Reports of tear gas used on hospital and clinic in Venezuela

Twitchy has encompassed the suffering that Venezuelans have suffered because of their government here.

In addition to confronting starvation and poverty on a daily basis, government protesters on Monday reportedly faced the threat of tear gas canistersdropped by helicopter. The U.S. State Department on Monday issued a statement recommending President Maduro to protect rather than prevent peaceful protest.

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America’s top 5 airlines | Fox News

The best domestic airlines to fly on ( iStock)

In the unbelievably competitive world of air travel, the airlines that win our hearts( and our allegiance) are those that are dependable, have personality, and strive to impress.

To travelers, that may mean regional and artisanal snacks, in-flight entertainment that actually keeps you occupied, or stellar customer service.

Every year for the Worlds Best Awards survey, Travel+ Leisure asks readers to weigh in on travelling experiences around the globe to share their opinions on the top hotels, resorts, cities, islands, cruise lines, spas, airlines, and more. In the airlines category, readers rated carriers on cabin comfort, service, food, customer service, and value.

The domestic carriers that do this best are continuing to perfect their formula. Many of this years Worlds Best airlines also ranked high on last years list.

Top marks in all of the characteristics helped buoy the wins above even the legacy carriers.

After all, Southwest Airline has charmed frequent fliers with its generosity( two free checked pouches , no fees for altered or canceled flights) and a killer rewards program.

We could wax poetic about the ultra-valuable Companion Pass for decades.

Hawaiian Airline, meanwhile, has announced big plans to give every passenger a good nights sleep, with new lie-flat seats in the premium cabins and toiletries with allaying tropical scents.

JetBlue Airways, another Worlds Best Awardwinning airline, loves to host flash marketings and reward unsuspecting passengers( like the time they devoted a 25 percentage discount on future ticket buys to moms with exclaiming newborns ).

Perhaps the biggest story this year is the purchase of Virgin America a recur No. 1 win by Alaska Airline, which stepped up from No. 5 in 2015 to No. 4 in the 2016 survey. Both West Coastbased carriers have excellent on-time performance records( Virgin has been hailed as the best in the country) and pioneering tech: electronic purse tags, high-definition seatback amusement, and soothing mood lighting.

Alaskas acquisition of Virgin promises to please fans of both brands by expanding the network of roads and increasing opportunities to rating miles.

The merger is certain to encourage other airlines to step up their game.

1. Virgin America

Herb Lingl/

Score: 83.59

Its been a big year for Virgin America, which has held on to its No. 1 position.

When Alaska Airline announced in April that it intended to acquire the San Franciscobased carrier, fans fretted Virgin America would lose its personal feel.

We hope its best qualities live on: snack streetcars stocked with Hail Merry macaroons and amiable employees with a sense of humor. We also love their hilarious in-flight security videos.

Virgin America is just pure fun to fly, said one WBA voter. Its the only airline Ive ever flown where a captain has strolled the aisles to greet passengers.

2. JetBlue Airways

Adrian Wilson/ Corbis

Score: 79.88

3. Hawaiian Airlines

Getty Images/ iStock

Score: 77.86 More from Travel+ Leisure 100 Best Hotels in the World The Best City in the World The Best All-Inclusive Family Resorts The Worlds Best Islands

4. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Score: 76.92

5. Southwest Airline

Southwest Airlines

Paul Ryan Calls Alternative Health-Care Proposal Intriguing

House Speaker Paul Ryan said a health-care scheme floated by Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana” has got merit and has legs under it .” The comments, in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, are Ryan’s most encouraging terms yet for a proposal that grew out of the Senate’s failure to overhaul Obamacare.

The Graham-Cassidy proposal would send federal health-care funds to the states in block awards, while repealing Obamacare’s mandates that all Americans have insurance and most employers offer it. Some governors have gotten behind the alternative, and Ryan said ” various caucuses in the House” are open to it.

If Republican want to replace Obamacare without support from Democrats, they have to do it before a tactical maneuver, which allows them to pass legislation with 51 votes in the Senate, expires on Sept. 30.

Trump cautions GOP: Don’t break your health care promises

Washington( CNN) President Donald Trump, in an attempt to sell the GOP Republican health care plan, warned Republican about breaking all those promises to repeal Obamacare they’ve stimulated over the years.

The White House is currently unsure that Republican have enough elections to pass the GOP health care bill. And for a chairwoman who fashions himself a deal-maker, the law has become a potent test of Trump’s ability to make it happen.

“The American people voted for historic change. They also voted for serious action by delivering the House, the Senate and the White House, ” Trump said at a National Republican Campaign Committee dinner Tuesday. “The American people gave us clear instructions. it’s time to get busy, get to work and to get the job done.”

What snacks to feed for better sleep

( CNN) Many people chug caffeine-packed coffee or scarf down an energy bar to wake up, but what should you eat to wind down?

More than a third of adults in the United States are not getting enough shut-eye, in agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So, to make sure that your bedtime snack can only be effective in promoting sleep, some experts say it should contain one essential amino acid: tryptophan.

How important is a good night’s sleep?