Why John Kelly may be destined to recur history

( CNN) President Donald Trump, who is always looking for a quick fix, can only hope John Kelly, his new joint chiefs of staff, will be the magic bullet.

But it won’t work. Kelly will find himself exceedingly frustrated, and there will be limits to the kind of “order” he will achieve. He is working for a chairperson who will continue to act in the same destructive way. Unless there is a wholesale purge, Trump will still be surrounded by some calculating and strong-headed figures like Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Sebastian Gorka, Jared Kushner and Anthony Scaramucci, who will not concede ground very easily.

Kelly also faces a political environment that is even more difficult than before. Republican on Capitol Hill are angry and frustrated, while special advise Robert Mueller is conducting an investigation that could prove damaging. The trifecta of the Russian sanctions legislation, the defeat of health care and the backlash against the idea of removing Jeff Sessions as us attorney general suggests the Republican firewall on Capitol Hill is starting to weaken.

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Guns in Texas psychiatric hospital could harm patients, proponents say

Mental health proponents push back against states new open carry statute, arguing presence of pistols could negative impact therapy or increase suicide rates

Mental health advocates have denounced Texas new firearms statute for letting the open carry of handguns in nation psychiatric hospitals, arguing it could negatively impact patients therapies and could lead to an uptick in suicide rates.

The state hospital in Austin took down its signs banning firearms the coming week, the Austin American-Statesman reported, though officials have requested that if visitors enter with their weapons, they at least keep them concealed.

With the new law in effect, we are putting up signs asking licensed gun holders to conceal their pistols or left open safely in their vehicles before going to get our state mental health hospitals, told Carrie Williams, a spokeswoman for the country health department. While licensed guests are legally permitted to carry on our hospital campuses, our patients are being actively treated for psychiatric conditions and generally its best not to uncover them to weapons of any kind.

On New Years Day, Texas became the 45 th and most populous nation to allow some sort of open convey of handguns. Open display of long firearms such as rifles was already legal, though a rarely-exercised right. The law repurposes disguised handgun licenses as licenses to carry, meaning that licensed Texans may now visibly carry guns in hip or shoulder holsters in many public places.

Greg Hansch, the public policy director of the Texas branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, said his group is opposed to people bringing firearms onto country psychiatric hospital grounds, arguing that it promotes fear and will be detrimental to the recovery of persons receiving treatment.

The direction that state legislators and the governor are going in now is increasing the visibility and the fact that there are guns at state hospitals and that builds it more likely that the weapons will end up in the wrong hands.

Hansch added that he is worried that allowing guns in mental hospital will make it easier for suicidal people to kill themselves. Of the roughly 30,000 handgun deaths in the US each year, around two-thirds are ruled suicide.

A loophole that was not shut when the new law passed last summertime means that psychiatric institutions are not subject to the same exemption as general hospitals because they are in a different segment of the states health and safety code.

Kirk Watson, a Democratic country senator, tried to address the apparent oversight last year in the legislature but used to say the amendment he proposed was shut down without a debate, with Republicans unwilling to compromise. During their election campaigns and since taking office, many senior Texas legislators, including the governor, Greg Abbott, have pledged to expand gun rights. A concealed campus carry bill becomes law in August and will entail it is fine to bring a Glock into a public universitys dormitory room but not a waffle-maker.

Part of the reason[ the loophole] didnt get closed is because of the desire to pander to a small but vocal group, Watson said. Theres some irony here because many who resist reasonable restrictions on guns will often say that what we need is to have better mental healthcare its merely no place for people walking around with open weapons.

More than 800,000 Texans are licensed out of a population of about 27 million. They must be aged over 21, undergo four to six hours of training and take tests and background checks.

The law still prohibits handguns in certain sensitive locations, such as schools, courthouses, prisons, sports events and bars. Private industries such as supermarkets and restaurants can choose to opt out, either by verbally advising clients that guns are unwelcome or by clearly posting standardised signs in English and Spanish at their entrances.

Some church rectors and even banks have saidthey are allowing the practice. But the laws various exceptions and conditionshave prompted embarrassment, especially related to multipurpose government and other public builds, where weapons may be permitted in some places but not others.

The Houston Independent school district posted guidanceadvising community members that guns can be carried in school parking areas and driveways, but only during times when a school-sponsored activity is not carried out in the parking lot, driveway, or other parking area. If the school parking lot is required for band practice after school, handguns/ pistols or other banned weapons cannot be carried openly or concealed in that parking lot when the band is practicing.

Zoos have proved contentious, with several the hell is privately-funded but located on public land arguing they are exempt; the Houston zoo argues that it should be treated as an educational institution.

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These 26 Notes From Mom And Dad Prove Kids Probably Shouldn’t Be Left Alone

As a resident assistant in college, I dealt with my fair share of “helicopter parents.”

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the word, a helicopter mama or father is a parental figure that single-handedly tries to micromanage every aspect of their son or daughter’s life. Now take a moment to reflect, and if that describes your parenting style, go ahead and loosen the leash just a little bit.

The mere believed to be your son or daughter leaving, or you leaving them for any extended period of time, can cause a helicopter parent to kick into full throttle. But let me be the first to tell you that everything will be alright, and when all else fails, leave a note like these 26 awesome mommies and papas did.

1. “No, the other Handel! “

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2. The stationery truly pulls this image together.

3. This is what happens when your stepdad’s a fireman.

4. This dad might be a member of the mob.

5. Mom and Dad have slightly different ideas about their son’s road trip.

6. I suppose Sarah finally got the clue that she’ll be paying for her own gas from now on.

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7. I guess she meant to say love tap.

8. Spoiler alert: Everyone succumbs!

9. Either Mom’s a Star Wars fan or she’s Yoda’s wife.

10. To set it bluntly…

11. I feel your pain.

12. Who even likes newborns anyhow?

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13. It’s the respectable thing to do.

14. “The number you have reached is no longer in service.”

15. This dad’s laying it on quite thick.

16. Three daughters, one Joshua.

17. What if Meatloaf had moved ??

18. I’m going to start going above and beyond for all my serial murderer visitors, too!

19. Vagisil: Same flavor, same great savor!

20. Desperate periods call for desperate measures.

21. I think this dad simply discovered Reddit.

22. When Mom has to provide a transcript with every note from Dad.

23. Well, this son’s dinner options are limited.

24. Liam and Alexia were able to let their parents sleep in until 10:01 a.m.

25. Someone takes their electrical sockets severely.

26. Anyone else shedding a tear for all the unicorns lost during their childhood?

I can’t guarantee that when I’m older I’m not going to be a helicopter parent, but at least I have some inspiration to be the “cool” parent.

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Whats In Your Herbal Medicine?

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Australian doctor under fire for video proving him cracking newborn’s back | Fox News

An Australian doctor is facing backlash after a video of him cracking the back of a 4-day-old premature baby was posted to social media. Dr. Ian Rossborough, who treats newborns and children suffering from various illnesses, said his young patient was suffering from colic and reflux, Sky News reported.

In the video, Rossborough lays the unidentified newborn across his lap before pressing down. Spectators hear a loud crack followed by the newborn weeping out.

While posts on social media ripped the doctor for using such a harsh method on a newborn, at the least one doctor said the therapy has been known to improve the health of children.

Colic is genuinely caused by exclaiming episodes and stressed newborns, Dr. Tim Bain, of Bain Clinic Wellness, told Fox& Friends. We think there may be something to do with gas in the bowels, bubbles, that kind of stuff. The medical treatment is truly simethicone that really has been proven not to work, but people are doing that every single day.

Bain used to say while he adjusts the spine of newborns in his own practise, he is careful to do it with less pressure. He said there are a handful of peer-reviewed examines that suggest this chiropractic treatment runs better than simethicone for treating colic.

The parents of the child have also come under flame, as children typically grow out of the condition by the time theyre the three months old. But Bain defended the parents of the child in the video and said he, too, considers mothers at his practice who the hell is desperate for solutions to ease their childrens stress.

More on this…

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Food fraud rampant throughout US restaurants and supermarkets, volume reveals

Author Larry Olmstead tells sushi restaurants are particularly bad offenders of food fraud.( iStock)

Among the many things New Yorkers pride ourselves on is food: making it, selling it and ingesting merely the best, from single-slice pizza to four-star sushi. We have fish markets, Shake Shacks and, as of this year, 74 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Yet most everything we feed is fraudulent.

In his new book, Real Food Fake Food, writer Larry Olmsted uncovers the breadth of forgery foods were unknowingly eating. After reading it, youll want to be fed intravenously for the rest of your life.

Norton chiropractor agrees to surrender license – Salina Journal