Cancer-fighting spices offer flavorful way to eat healthy | Fox News

Cancer-fighting spices offer flavorful way to eat healthy | Fox News

While many dismiss spices as simply preservatives, merely a pinch for the human rights kind can have surprising health benefits. Professional chef and writer Floyd Cardoz utilizes spices in his dishes to promote healthier meals with plenty of flavor.

I grew up in Bombay, India, and Im known for my employ of spice in food, Cardoz, also a partner of White Street in New York City, told Cardoz credits his years in the kitchen with leading him to discover that spices were more than only color and taste.

Turmeric is the yellow coloring that you find in most curries, Cardoz said. But what most people dont know about turmeric is that its a great antioxidant, its get great anti-cancer properties.

Adding freshly ground black pepper can strengthen the benefits of turmeric in some dishes, and even help prevent breast cancer tumors from growing, according to a study from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Cardoz creates combinations of healthy, cancer-fighting spices to increase their benefits. The fennel-ginger broth that accompanies his braised snapper can help to fight off harmful cancer cells.

Fennel, often used in Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking, contains anethole which curtails the adhesive properties of cancer cells. Ginger, another cancer-fighting spice, consists of not one, but two anti-cancer compounds called gingerol and zingerol which complement each other in the body.

They are both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, Cardoz said.

Studies also show that capsaicin in chili peppers ignites the bodys fight against potential cancer cells. Surveys have shown it can also dramatically reduce leukemia cells. Garlic, onions, shallots and leeks can also act as cancer preventers, while adding flavor to many everyday dishes.

But Cardoz advises not to overdo it, and adds that the key is to use all these spices within the restraints of a balanced diet.

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