NHS cyber-attack: More ransomware cases ‘likely on Monday’ – BBC News

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More ransomware cases may come to light on Monday, perhaps on “a significant scale”, the UK’s cyber-security agency has alerted after a global cyber-attack.

The National Cyber Security Centre has advised firms how to protect computers as they start the working week.

It comes after Friday’s attack caused disruption in 150 countries. In the UK, NHS hospitals, pharmacies and GP surgeries were the worst-affected.

A handful of NHS trusts are still dealing with the problems it caused.

Is my computer at risk ? Analysis: How it started Keep your organisation’s security software patches up to date Use proper anti-virus software services Back up the data that matters to you, because you can’t be held to ransom for data you hold somewhere else Media captionHow to protect yourself online St Bartholomew’s in London – IT disruption ongoing. Planned surgery and outpatient appointments will be reduced on Monday at the trust’s five hospitals – the Royal London, Newham, Whipps Cross, Mile End and St Bartholomew’s. Patients should attend booked appointments on Monday unless their hospital contacts them to say otherwise East and North Hertfordshire Trust – Patients should assume their appointment is going ahead unless they hear otherwise. Neither Lister Hospital nor the New QE2 are doing non-urgent blood tests James Paget University Hospitals Trust, Norfolk – All clinical and surgical appointments this weekend were cancelled. Patients with appointments on Monday and Tuesday are being advised to attend unless they hear from their hospital. A& E wait times are longer than usual Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust – Problems continuing with IT systems. Patients are planned for surgery on Monday are being told not to attend unless they are contacted. All outpatient and endoscopy appointments for Monday are cancelled Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust – Outpatient appointments, diagnostic tests and routine operations are cancelled on Monday York Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust – Services are “almost back to normal” albeit a little slower so patients can assume their appointments on Monday will go ahead Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh – People are told to avoid A& E unless it is an emergency. The trust is working to restore its IT systems Media captionThe NHS has been given about 50 m to improve its computer systems, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon says. Media captionEuropol director Rob Wainwright warned that companies must patch their systems before Monday morning

I’m pregnant and want this second baby- but not the man

A woman with an unplanned pregnancy tells she is not sure about her relationship with the parent. Mariella Frostrup topics how unexpected the conception was

The dilemma Im a 38 -year-old single mother to a wonderful six-year-old girl. I was on my own for three years before meeting a person who had Ive since been assuring for eight months. Now Ive found out that Im pregnant it was unplanned. Im scared this relationship isnt stable enough to last raising a child. To make things worse, I had been contemplating aiming it because, as kind, smart and lovely as he is, Im not sure I enjoy his company enough. I dearly want another child and a sibling for my daughter. I know my chances of conceiving are lessen and if I met someone else it would take time to get to know them. Should I take this opportunity of having a newborn and run with it ?

Mariella replies I cant dissuade you. Nor would I want to. The depth of your desire for a second child isnt for me to gauge and so my views is irrelevant. If youre ready and willing to do it again, theres little I can say to convince you otherwise.

Let me instead give context to your dilemma. Pregnancy can happen by accident, but with most ripen adults an element of option goes into that unexpected discovery. Only teenagers, virgins and strict Catholics can get away with feigning surprise that they are with child. For the rest of us enjoying even a sliver of a sexuality life, determining that you( or your partner) are pregnant cant credibly be received with astonishment. Its particularly true for you, already a single mother. Placing yourself in a position of vulnerability to a repeat of that experience only attains sense if only we throwing your dice in the air, so to speak. Your relationship with this human sounds less than satisfactory in terms of potential longevity. Then again, I have no way of knowing if youre being harsh on him.

Having expended much of my own dating life dodging nice, dependable guys, Im convinced that happiness lies in eventually coming to see those qualities, so undervalued in youth, as virtues. It certainly takes the levels of angst in life down a notch or two if youre not perpetually in anxiety of your partner ditching you and moving on.

Lets not forget, too, that deciding whether or not to have children is a option we are lucky enough to be at liberty to stimulate. You can ensure you never become a mother or push out your own football squad, based entirely on that most irrational of compulsions what you feel like. Plenty of the persons with no natural ability or recommend to parent end up conceiving or contributing to the conception of newborns that they will raise poorly, if at all.

Nevertheless, as basic human rights run, having the ability to choose is surely one of the most important. Further afield than our own emancipated society, witnessing the experience of women without our options, for whom the proposed establishment of one child merely heralds the imminent conception of another( all too often coupled with the threat of infant mortalities) is a salutary reminder of our own good fortune.

Contraception, equal rights and education have all contributed to the now widely espoused right we take for granted of whether to have sex for fun, procreation, or both. Thats why, in maturity, unplanned pregnancy has less of an authentic ring to it than it does in youth. Impetuous decisions and the rush of hormones that construct rational selection a struggle are condonable when your mind and body are out of tune, captive to hormones and somewhat innocent to the ways of the world. You on the other hand are a grown up, with one child already, and as such can be expected to display responsibility for the decisions you take.

Choice, if we dont take advantage of it, becomes a redundant tool. Mistakes do happen, but with the wealth of knowledge and contraceptive devices available, they genuinely shouldnt be as common or as easy to shrug off as they remain. In a relationship, both adults have responsibility for ensuring that a healthy sex life doesnt necessarily mean a family and your boyfriend is as culpable as you.

He now has a right to be consulted and his thoughts considered in government decisions youre about to build. His response should assist your conclusions on what should most be preoccupying you: what prospects there are for joint responsibility for your unborn infant; whether youre ready to go it alone for the second time; and whether this guy deserves longer tenure in his trial as partner material.

Having babies isnt a divine right; its a responsibility that should be weighed up , where possible, with a degree of clarity that I appreciate isnt assisted by the ticking of your biological clock. Im sorry I cant provide a solution to your conundrum, but I do hope Ive dedicated you fuel for further thought.

If you have a dilemma, send a brief email to mariella.frostrup @observer. co.uk . Follow her on Twitter @mariellaf1

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Beyonc Shares Heartfelt Message For The ‘Hand In Hand’ Hurricane Benefit VIDEO

If the news, social media, and your own moral compass aren’t loud enough to construct you listen up and pay attention to the out-and-out war nature is unleashing on the world today, perhaps Queen B will. As part of a major celebrity fundraiser for hurricane supporting, Beyonce’s “Hand in Hand” video is making the rounds, encouraging listeners to pay attention, all while highlighting some serious horrifying truths about the political, social, and natural state of our country.

Originally, the “Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief” was designed to help those victims specific to Hurricane Harvey that struck earlier this month in Texas, ABC reports. Later, it was extended to include people touched by Hurricane Irma as well, which raked the southern east coast this past week. A truly staggering number of -Alist celebrities turned out to support the cause, which raised more than 44 million dollars. It was also broadcasted live across 15 networks, streamed on social media, and aired on over 150 radio stations across the country.

Along with Beyonce, folks like Cher, Oprah, Justin Timberlake, Kerry Washington, Stevie Wonder, Stephen Colbert, Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Hanks, and many, many, more donated their time and energies to the cause.

In her video, Beyonce spoke to being personally touched by Hurricane Harvey as it beat down on her hometown of Houston, Texas, and also took the opportunity to speak to the nation as a whole about how we can support each other and better ourselves.

The video is thoughtful and straight forward. In it, Beyonce says,

It’s impossible to watch the news without ensure violence or racism in this country.

Just when you think it couldn’t maybe get worse, natural disasters take precious life, do massive injury, and forever change lives, leaving behind contaminated water, inundated hospitals, schools, and nursing home, and countless households are now homeless.

In my hometown city of Houston, people need food, apparel, cleanig renders, blankets, shoes, nappies, and formula for newborns, and of course, clean water. The elderly want wheelchairs and kids require books and toys so they can continue to dream.

Natural disasters don’t discriminate. They don’t see if you’re an immigrant, black or white, Hispanic or Asian, Jewish or Muslim, wealthy or poor. It doesn’t matter if you’re from[ Houston neighborhoods] Third Ward or River Oaks, we’re all in this together.

Seeing everyone of different racial, social, and religion backgrounds set their own lives at risk to help each other survive restored my faith in humanity.

True mending is in helping.

She finished by touching on the various natural disaster statistics around the world, and adding, “Tonight, we come together in a collective effort to raise our voices, to assistance our communities, to lift our spirits, and heal.”

Marc Serota/ Getty Images

Bey also visited the St. J0hn’s Church which she attended as small children, to speak to Hurricane survivors in Houston earlier this month. According to, she was accompanied by her mother, Tina Knowles Lawson, her daughter Blue Ivy, and friend and former band-mate Michell Williams.

In a speech, she told,

Y’all are my family. Houston is my home. I thank God that you’re safe, your children are safe. I think that what really matters is your health and your children and your family. And I only wanna say I love you. I’ve been blessed so that I can bless other people, and I ask of God to continue to do that for other people.

According to ABC News, there is an estimated damage cost of $150 billion to $290 billion dollars between Texas and Florida disruption alone. Hurricane Harvey took 70 lives, and there have been 22 reported deaths due to Hurricane Irma as of Wednesday, Sept. 13. This does not include the totally catastrophic damages suffered in the Caribbean.

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