Our children are being shot by weapons of war and the government does nothing

Parents across the US cant send their children to learn math and reading without worrying that theyll never hug them again

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Ten people, most of them children, are dead this week because the United States refuses to do anything about our firearm problem. As an American, I’m furious and heartbroken; as a mom to a school-aged child, I’m terrified.

Our kids are literally being shot to death by weapons of war, and the government continues to do nothing. Mothers across the country can’t send their children to learn math and reading without worrying that they’ll never hug or find them again. This is no way to live.

Any politician that takes fund from the NRA has blood on their hands, and any legislator for whom stopping firearm violence isn’t their first priority should be ashamed. Who are we if we can’t even protect the most vulnerable among us?

I’d offer terms of hope, but I don’t have any. I lost them in Sandy Hook. And Parkland. And Texas.

Glass half full

This Australian man who has a rare blood type has been donating plasma every week FOR SIXTY YEARS. He’s saved millions of babies – literally.

What I’m RTing

Shannon Watts (@ shannonrwatts)

Don’t bother tweeting me that it’s too soon to talk about the necessity of achieving stronger firearm laws. It’s always too soon in America. For children shot at Santa Fe High School today, it’s too late.

May 18, 2018

Leah McElrath (@ leahmcelrath)

If you watch nothing else about the mass shooting at #SantaFe High School in Texas, watch this.

Her name is reportedly Paige. #SantaFeHighSchool pic.twitter.com/ Xwy5VMCOTK

May 18, 2018

Chris Hayes (@ chrislhayes)

Bill Gates says that in* both* meetings he had with Trump, Trump asked if HPV and HIV were the same thing. https :// t.co/ Py7fRwC6l0

May 17, 2018

Claire Hennessy (@ chennessybooks)

If you don’t agree with abortion there is literally nothing you can do to stop it happening in the world.
Vote to make it illegal. Fund fake crisis pregnancy centres. Wave banners. Stand outside clinics. Lock girls up.
You can only make it less safe. You can’t stop it.

May 17, 2018

Who I’m reading

Jia Tolentino on” the rage of the incels ,” The New York Times on the racist criminalization of marijuana in New York ; and Kaitlin Menza at Cosmo on the women taking over for Eric Schneiderman.

What I’m watching

Jay Smooth on” not monetizing line-steppers” and professional provocateurs.

How outraged I am

The Trump administration announced on Friday that it’s implementing a domestic gag rule which would prevent any health centers that receive Title X funding from even mentioning abortion. I’m at a full ten out of ten.

How I’m making it through this week

I’m trying to look to student activists this week to give me hope about the sad country of gun reform in our country, while also recognizing how supremely unjust it is that this onu has been placed on their shoulders.

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New York’s Attorney General Wants To Keep Birth Control Free

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman( D) announced legislation Wednesday that would protect access to free contraception even as Republicans move toward repealing the Affordable Care Act.

The Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act would require all insurers governed by the nation to cover the costs of FD-Aapproved forms of birth control, including male contraceptives and emergency pills such as Scheme B. The bill would also allow people to get a full-years supplying of family planning at a time.

President-elect Donald Trump and congressional Republican have made repealing the Affordable Care Act which contains a provision that guarantees full birth control coverage for most women a priority. On Wednesday night, hours after Schneidermans announcement, Senate Republicans took the first legislative step toward repeal.

Rep. Tom Price( R-Ga .), Trumps nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Service, has also said contraception coverage is unnecessary.

In a statement, Schneiderman said his proposal was immediately aimed at protecting contraceptive rights should repeal go through.

New Yorkers have a right to comprehensive, cost-free access to birth control. With the Affordable Care Act under assault in Washington, its all the more critical that New York act now to protect these rights, he told.[ This bill] will ensure that all New Yorkers have access to the birth control technique they need to stay healthy and effectively plan for their own future no matter what happens in Congress.

Schneidermans proposal would need to pass both chambers of the state parliament and earn approval from Gov. Andrew Cuomo( D ). While New Yorks assembly is controlled by Democrats, Republican have the majority in the state Senate.

Access to reproductive health care alternatives is a basic right for all women and it must be protected against the stated goals of the incoming Trump Administration, said the state Senates minority leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins. I advise my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to work together to pass this bill and ensure no New York woman loses her rights due to actions taken in Washington , D.C.

Several countries, including California and Illinois, have already adopted similar statutes to protect birth control coverage. With Obamacare now under threat of repeal, states like Colorado and Minnesota are seeking similar protections.

Read more: www.huffingtonpost.com

What Parents Of Children With Mental Illness Wish You Knew

When my son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder nearly two years ago, there was so much I didn’t know.

I knew about manic and depressive states, but had no idea they could be mixed. I knew about cycling, but had never heard of rapid cycling. I knew of medications, but were not aware that for many of them, the side effects can actually worsen the disorder.

I knew my sweet boy needed assistance, but I had no idea how to get it for him.

Two years later, I can candidly say that almost every practical thing I have learned has come from a single, but necessary source —

Other parents of mentally ill children .

Yes, there are great volumes that provide the basics — the drugs available, the school accommodations necessary, the steps and tests for proper diagnosis, and a best guess as to treatment. These volumes covered about 25 percent of what I needed.

Everything else has come from living through my son’s own painful experience and the help of other mommies and dads in the same barge.

No matter what the actual diagnosis( bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, major depressive disorder, etc .) there are parts of our experiences as mothers that are shockingly similar, and yet, they are the proportions no one truly talks about when it is necessary to parenting a mentally ill child.

In an effort to help parents who do not walk this path with us understand a bit more, and to promote all the mommies and papas who do, I put together a summary of what we wish was better understood about childhood mental illness.

What Parents Of Children With Mental Illness Wish You Knew

We are doing everything we know to do, and it still isn’t enough .

It may not seem like it sometimes, but we have spent years trying to figure out how best to assist most children. Medication trials, therapists, hospitalizations, and more medication trails — we are and have been doing every single thing we know to do and often, it still isn’t enough.

And that results me to…

Resources are shockingly absence .

When my son was first diagnosed, I thought it meant we would now have access to treatment options and doctors that would greatly improve his quality of life.

I love the doctors we work with, but I could not have been more incorrect. Let me share a painful, but illustrative example.

Last fall, my son went through a horrible mixed episode with psychosis. He was literally out of his intellect and sure that he needed to kill me and himself. I won’t go into all the details, in an effort to protect his precious heart, but it was really, really bad. We went to three ER’s( the only option we are given for these types of situations ) and were turned away. My son was hurting himself and me, all the time, and there were simply no beds available anywhere in the area.

Luckily, we have a wonderful psychiatrist who helped us come up with a home treatment plan that stabilized him within a few weeks. But please hear me when I say, it took weeks and we had no recourse in the meantime .

The younger the child, the less anyone genuinely knows what to do .

Because most of these diagnosis didn’t even exist in pediatric practise ten years ago, the truth is, we are on our own. Yes, we have wonderful therapists who dedicate us ideas for behavioral management and doctors who work with us to see if any medications might help, but the reality is that there is just not enough information about how all of this works in children under 12.

Add to this the still very present myth that children can’t have these types of disorders( yes, many doctors were taught this in medical school and still believe it to this day, despite analyse after study to the contrary) and parents of young children are often working with professionals who are medically hurling spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

Stabilizing small children is not spoiling small children . The nature of mental illness is chaos . When small children is unstable in every style, parenting looks very, very reactive and chaotic. Please don’t mistake this as “giving in” or letting him to “get away with things.”

Stabilizing a child is very different from spoiling small children .

A very young child can want to die, all the time .

You might be surprised at some of the darkest moments. But please know, they are real.

My son was first suicidal when he was 10 years old. Ten. He was not medicated at that time. Nothing was “causing it.” He went from being a slightly anxious and confused little boy to wanting to die in a matter of months. People questioned it all the time.

Is he only inducing it up ? He is too young to truly be suicidal, right ?

Oh my goodness, he simply needs a different diet and more time in the sun. He will be fine.

For many of our children, this is a daily reality for years. The only thing worse than your own child pleading with you to kill him so that he doesn’t “re going to have to” suffer anymore, is not being able to help him feel better.

And that brings me to…

Judgment never, ever helps .

I am not sure I need to say much more here.

It’s shocking how often mental health issues are dismissed and determined to be behavioral and/ or a lack of good parenting in nature. Please don’t go there. Every single examine presents very real and very distinct differences in our children’s brain scans. Add to the genetic component that must exist for small children so young to even receive one of these complicated diagnoses, and I can assure you that decision and presumptions merely depict one’s ignorance of a problem that is medical in nature.

We insure the news too, and it’s terrifying .

This one has come up a lot lately, in support groups that I am proud to be a part of. Although I receive commentaries all the time online about how I am raising the next school shooter( the objective is promptly deleted and I move on) many parents have friends and family essentially saying the same thing.

The only response I have is that these are our children. We watch the news. We know the reality of what has happened in some households. We are doing everything we can to keep most children alive and stable, with almost no real resources. This is a serious debate, and we are absolutely a part of it. But please don’t have it with us in our dining room, with our child right next to us.

Our children are still infants . This post is about my family’s worst days. Please know, my son is so much more than all of this .

He is bright and inquisitive. He has the best sense of humour and loves every single animal on countries around the world. He treats me with tenderness and affection that I consider a wonderful gift.

Our children, while complicated, are still infants . They are not just a cluster of diagnoses and poor behavior . They are suffering in ways most of us will never understand. They require compassion and care. They require support and understanding.

They need to be treated like the precious human beings that they are.

** This post seemed originally on NotTheFormerThings.com.

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This Guy Is The First Pokmon Go Trainer To ‘Catch ‘Em All’

Everyone knows how theold theme ofPokmon runs: “Gotta catch ’em all.”

Well, this guy took it literally.

Brooklyn’s Nick Johnson is the self-declared firstPokmon Go trainer to actually go out and catch ’em all. All that are available, that is.

There is a consensus that only 142 knownPokmon are available in the US and Johnson’s captured them.

On Thursday, he made a declaration of his mastery on Reddit with this screenshot.

So how did he do it in merely two weeks? Here are the remarkable details.

Johnson told Business Insider he strolled an average of 8 miles per day since the game was released, which he was able to way use the “Health” app on his iPhone.

He would walk around after work for a full eight hours at a time on some occasions, BI reports.

And yes, he does indeed work.

The 28 -year-old is the Head of Platform at the tech startup Applico, so he would take care of hisPokmon business after leaving his undertaking around 6, which sounds like it took some real dedication.

To capture his second to lastPokmon, Porygon, for example, he even ordered an Uber to drive him around Jersey City ’til he found one.

But the commitment did not come without its benefits. Johnson told Buzzfeed he lost 10 pounds while trekking around the city trying to become a Pokmaster, so you can take that, Pokmon-is-ruining-this-generation guy.

As for the nine missing Pokmon, which would bring us to the1 51 original Pokmon that were introduced in the initial television series, here’s the deal 😛 TAGEND

Shapeshifting PokmonDitto and “legendary”Pokmon Mew, Mew Two, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltreshave never been spotted in America.

Meanwhile, Kangaskhan, Farfetch’d and Mr. Mime are only available outside of the US.

But once they are available in the states, we have a pretty good idea of who will catch ’em all.

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Scientists Now Believe They Know Why More Than 200 Dolphins Died In Brazil Bay

Scientists believe they have discovered why more than 200 Guiana dolphins have died over the last few months in Brazil’s Sepetiba Bay, according to a new report by The New York Times.

Scarred, emaciated, and bloated carcasses of Sotalia guianensis dolphins began surfacing late last year in a bay 40 miles( 64 kilometers) west of Rio de Janeiro, sometimes as many as five a day. This population is believed to be one of the highest concentrations in the world and has now lost up to a one-quarter of its population.

Now, scientists have pinpointed the cause- an airborne virus related to the one responsible for measles in humen. Cetacean morbillivirus( CMV) affects the lungs, brain, and immune systems of marine mammals like porpoises, dolphins, seals, otters, and whales. All symptoms- which include skin lesions, rashes, disorientation, fever, as well as respiratory and brain infections- point to an “agonizing” death.

It’s not the first mass outbreak of CMV in dolphins. In 2013, more than 1, 000 migratory bottlenose dolphins died from the same virus along the US Eastern Seaboard. In 1987, another outbreak resulted along the mid-Atlantic coast, killing virtually 800 dolphins from New Jersey to Florida.

But Brazil’s case is the first time the virus has been detected in the South Atlantic, and scientists want to know why.

The answer is a familiar one. Researchers believe that increased pollution and poor environmental planning have made the dolphins more susceptible to the virus. A mining company was in operation in the area in the mid-1 990 s, shutting down in 1998 after facing scrutiny for allegedly improperly disposing of trash runoff. Since then, the region has seen a development boom. Because they are an apex predator, cetaceans develop higher concentrations of toxins than non-apex predators by ingesting uncovered prey.

The virus is spread by inhaling respiratory particles and from direct contact between animals. It can enter through other entryways as well, such as the eyes, mouth, belly, skin wounds, and urogenital track. Since dolphins are social mammals, outbreaks have the health risks to spread quickly through interactions,

Pollution aside, accidental bycatch further threatens the survival of this population. Fishermen reported to the New York Timesdeclines in populations of other bay marine animals. With dwindling populations of shrimp, sea bass, and sardines, fishermen have taken to larger nets that unintentionally trap dolphins as bycatch.

Scientists say the Guiana is a “sentinel” species. “When something is wrong with them, that indicates the whole ecosystem is fractured, ” biologist Mariana Alonso told the newspaper.

[ H/ T: The New York Times]

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New Zealand health minister denies taking ‘fake cocaine’ at primary school event

School board apologises after Vegas-themed fundraiser at Northcote primary in Jonathan Colemans electorate had icing sugar and razors on trays as props

The New Zealand health pastor has procured himself in the position of having to deny he took fake cocaine at a primary school fundraising event.

Northcote school in Auckland ran a Las Vegas-themed function for adults that was attended by parents and friends of the school, including the health pastor, Jonathan Coleman. He is the local MP for the area.

Among the adornments and props were trays of fake cocaine, made from icing sugar, and disposable razors.

Coleman was asked on Tuesday by reporters whether he had tried any of the cocaine.

Of course not, he told. I was there all night. And candidly I didnt even know that this prop was there.

Coleman called the furore over the fake cocaine a massive beat-up.

So call me naive but looking, the school and no one there is condoning drug use.

The school board chairman, Andrew Fox, said he was unsure how many prop trays of cocaine were laid out at the event but he was aware of at least one in the womens toilet.

In hindsight it was inappropriate. We were having a little bit of a satirical play on Vegas but we got it wrong and have apologised to the parents who had an issue with it.

It was an R1 8, adult-themed event and no children were present at any time during the night.

I cannot comment on whether Dr Coleman was aware of the trays, I dont know.

Many mothers who were not at the fundraiser expressed their outrage at the fake cocaine on social media, telling the stunt was inappropriate and stupid as many of Northcotes infants had access to images of the event that were shared.

Northcote primary school was contacted for comment.

Read more: www.theguardian.com

New Hampshire’s transgender anti-discrimination bill signed

Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican, signed bills Friday to protect transgender people from discrimination and ban therapies that seek to change the sex orientation of minors.

The anti-discrimination law, which takes effect July 8, forbiddings discrimination based on gender identity in housing, employment and public accommodations, in addition to the protections that already exist based on race, sex, religion and sexual orientation.

Sununu also signed into law a bill that would outlaw “conversion” therapy that attempts to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of minors.

New Hampshire had been the only New England state without protections for transgender people. It joins 19 other states in doing so.

Sununu told Friday that discrimination in any form is unacceptable and “runs contrary to New Hampshire’s ‘Live Free or Die’ spirit.”

If the state wants to live up to its famous motto, he said, “we must ensure that New Hampshire is a place where every person, regardless of their background, has an equal and full opportunity to pursue their dreamings and to make a better life for themselves and their families.”

Supporters of the anti-discrimination bill argued that it was long overdue and said it could save lives by avoiding suicide. Some foes focused on the fear of predatory humen molesting women and children in public restrooms, while others pushed unsuccessfully for a study to further evaluate the issue.

Leaders of the New Hampshire Log Cabin Republican, a group of LGBT Republican and allies, said, “We want to emphasize the importance of these laws to the health of our citizens, especially in younger people struggling with their sex identity.”


The headline has been corrected to say that the governor of New Hampshire , not Rhode Island, signed the transgender protection bill.

Read more: www.foxnews.com

How does Donald Trump’s health compare with the average American?

As the president heads for his regular physical check-up on Friday, what clues are available to assess his fitness? An expert weighs in

Every so often , American chairpeople are expected to go to the doctor- for their checkup and merely to reassure the American public that everything is alright. On Friday, it’s Trump’s turn.

A physician at Walter Reed medical center will operate Trump through many of the same tests regular Americans receive, such as blood pressure and cholesterol screenings. Details about the president’s health are at his discretion to release, but with what clues are available in so far, a natural question originates: how is Trump likely to compare with his fellow American?

If Trump’s past quizs hold true, amazingly average.

Like many American men, the 71 -year-old president enjoys fast food, and is overweight. He takes statins to keep cholesterol in check. He golfs but probably does not get enough exercise. He does not smoke.

In some styles Trump is in a much less risky position than the average American senior. He nearly predicted as much before the exam, telling:” I think it’s going to go are you all right .” In fact, he said he would be” surprised if it doesn’t “.

He has reported only one serious medical problem, ever: an appendectomy at 11. He is shuttled around the country in an ultra-safe auto, so unlikely to have an accident. He is a teetotaler. He takes statins without a history of heart disease, which could create eyebrows, but is common.

” He’s median in terms of health ,” said Steve Schroeder, a professor at the University of California at San Francisco and a public health expert.” The most important thing he’s done is never smoking in his lifetime, and that puts him ahead of most American humen .”

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump grab some cookies. Photograph: Evan Vucci/ AP

However, if a letter from Trump’s doctor is accurate, he’s nearly obese. In 2016, his campaign released a doctor’s letter which said the 6ft 3in candidate weighed 236 pounds. That sets his body mass index at 29, just shy of the medical definition of obese.

Further, despite the apparent openness of a public physical, the White House already ruled out releasing one exam: a psychiatric exam.

Trump’s mental competency has been on trial since the Guardian published excerpts of Fire and Fury, in which advisors questioned Trump’s fitness for office.

In any case, Trump will have a high bar compared with his predecessor. President Obama, who is more than 10 years Trump’s junior, actually get healthier toward the end of his second word in office, after he increased his lean body mass.

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Chemicals In E-Cigarette Flavors May Cause “Popcorn Lung”

There are over 7,000 electronic cigarette, or vaping, flavors on the market right now fruit, candy, and cocktail, just to name a few. But while E-cigs are reportedly “9 5% less harmful than tobacco, “researchers investigating flavoring chemicals discovered compounds previously linked to lung cancer in several dozen types of flavored E-cigs. The findings were published in Environmental Health Perspectives this week.

Back in the early 2000 s, inhalation exposure to the flavoring chemical diacetyl in food products became associated with a serious illnes that came to be called popcorn lung. Workers in a microwave popcorn processing plant were exposed to visible dust and particles as well as vapors with a strong buttery odor when oil, salt, and flavorings were mixed into big, heated tanks. Multiple factory workers developed a respiratory illness that resembled bronchiolitis obliterans, the symptoms of which includecoughing, asthmaand labored breathing. It can lead toirreversible loss of lung function that can become so severethat a transplant isthe only possible treatment.

Despite the popularity of E-cigs around$ 3 billion( 2 billion) was spent on them in 2013 in the U.S. alone theres been limited research on their flavouring chemicals. E-cigs arent regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and concerns about their hazards have typically focused on nicotine exposure, second-hand exposure, and their potential to be a gateway to cigarette use.

Now, to analyse flavouring chemicals in E-cigs, a Harvard team led by Joseph Allen analyzed the air stream discharged from 51 types of flavored E-cigs sold by multiple resulting brands. In addition to diacetyl, the team also analyse 2,3 -pentanedione and acetoin. All three chemicals are found in butter spice, as well as a variety of other flavors like caramel, butterscotch, pina colada, and strawberry. These E-cig cartridges are sold with names such asCupcake, Fruit Squirts, Waikiki Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Tutti Frutti, Double Apple Hookah, Blue Water Punch, Oatmeal Cookie, and Alien Blood.

The team found at least one of the three flavoring chemicals in 47 of the 51 flavors tested. Diacetyl was detected in 39 of the flavors, while 2,3 -pentanedione and acetoin were detected in 23 and 46 of the flavors, respectively.

Due to the associations between diacetyl and severe respiratory diseases, the team recommend urgent action to further evaluate its potentially widespread exposure via flavored E-cigs.

Read more: www.iflscience.com

Turkish chairwoman Erdogan says uncovering US-based cleric’s supporters ‘patriotic duty’ | Fox News

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday urged tycoons to come forward with any tips-off on suspected followers of the U.S.-based Muslim cleric he accused of orchestrating Turkey’s failed takeover, saying it was their “patriotic is under an obligation expose” Gulen advocates even if they were household or friends.

Erdogan also vowed to press ahead with a large-scale government crackdown on suspected members of the movement led by Fethullah Gulen, who repeatedly has denied he was involved in the takeover attempt. Erdogan was speaking to a group of Turkish exporters.

Turkey is pressing the United States to extradite Gulen, who has lived in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania for more than a decade. The disagreement has strained U.S.-Turkish ties, with some Turkish officials implying Washington could have been behind the coup. Washington has strongly denied that.

Turkish officials have also fumed at backlash from Europe over the crackdown, and accused the West of failing to show support for a democratically elected government. Ankara also lashed out at the EU for failing to uphold its aim of an EU-Turkey agreement on migration.

Turkey was officially arrested 16,000 people in connection to the failed takeover. Tens of thousands of people with suspected links to Gulen have been suspended or dismissed from their jobs in the judiciary, media, education, health care, military and local government.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, told a delegation of Turkish foreign ministry, military and intelligence officials was traveling to Russia for discussions on finding a solution to the Syrian civil war.

The announcement went a day after Erdogan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg for the first time since the countries agreed to mend relations soured by Turkey’s downing of a Russian airliner in November.

The two leaders agreed to take steps to rebuild their injury trade ties and revive major energy projects. They also held a separate meeting to discuss the conflict in Syria — despite their divergent opinions. While Moscow has backed Syrian President Bashar Assad throughout the nation’s civil war and further bolstered that support by launching an air campaign last September, Turkey has pushed for Assad’s removal.

Cavusoglu told state-run Anadolu Agency that the Turkish delegation would head for Russia on Wednesday in search of common ground. The session would be followed by talks by higher level officials, he told, adding that the two countries had a mutual understanding on a number of issues.

“On Syria, we believe the same on the issue of a cease-fire, on humanitarian aid and a political answer, ” the minister said. “We may have a different outlook on how the cease-fire should be implemented.”

Cavusoglu said: “We( Turkey) especially don’t want assaults that harm civilians. We don’t believe it is appropriate that the moderate opponent is assaulted. We don’t find the Aleppo siege to be appropriate.”

Cavusoglu on Wednesday also denied that Erdogan’s visit to St. Petersburg was intended to send a message to Turkey’s allies in the West, which Ankara accuses of not showing Turkey sufficient support since last month’s failed coup.

“We have always regarded our relations with Russia as complementary not as an alternative( to the West ), ” Cavusoglu said.

“We are not improving ties with Russia to send a message to the West, ” he added. “We are doing it for our own interests and for the rights and interests of the region.”

Turkey’s shooting down of the Russian airliner near the border with Syria had brought relations with Russia to freezing point until Erdogan apologized to Russia in June.

The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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