I’m HIV-positive. But thanks to drugs no one can catch the virus from me | Michael Nugent

Advances in medication now mean that the virus can no longer be detected in my blood, so its impossible for me to transmit it to anybody

I will always recollect how I felt the moment I was told of my diagnosis as HIV-positive. It was 4 July 2016, and I thought that was it for me. I guessed I was a risk to others, and on a countdown to death. Im not alone in those views a new survey depicts nearly 40% of the public would be uncomfortable going on a date with someone on effective HIV treatment. And one in three would be uncomfortable devoting first aid to someone living with HIV, even if they are on effective treatment.

Now I know that I and everyone else who believes this could not have been more wrong.

A year ago, I was terrified and anxious that I could, and would, infect someone. Satisfying a new partner was now out of the question. With every action I took, I though about every possible scenario that could result in me injuring myself. The thought of seeing my own blood scared me to the core.

I supposed my doctor wouldnt be able to help me any more, and dentists wouldnt be able to treat me. All because I guessed I was walking around being infectious.

Being around people was one of the hardest things to be dealt with, especially my nieces and nephews. They know I am a big kid at heart, and as normal they kept running up to me wanting to play, but I maintained discovering myself putting them at limbs length and telling: Not now.

I began to do a lot of research on HIV and went across articles mentioning the word undetectable. It was not a cure, but this seemed to be a sunlight at the end of the tunnel: effective HIV treatment controls that suppress the virus, so the tracings of HIV in the blood can no longer be detected.

The recent Partner survey which looked at 58,000 instances of sex without a condom between couples where 1 was undetectable and one was HIV-negative determined not a single transmission of the virus. Zero, out of 58,000. This proves that if you are HIV-positive and have an undetectable viral load, you are not infectious and cant pass on the virus. It has taken 20 years, but the scientific proof is here.

Getting to undetectable became my goal. I remember my very first tablet there was so much power in such a small thing. I knew it would not only save my life, but would also protect the people around me. I felt suddenly like I was back in control again. Just two months after my diagnosis, I ran for my viral loading test, to find out if the therapy had been effective. I could feel my belly twisting.

I have some good news for you, the doctor said. The results are back and they demonstrate your viral loading is not detected.

I had just been handed my life certification. I went straight to my sisters house to show her. I gave my niece and nephews a massive nuzzle and rolled around the living room wrestling them, just like Id always done before my diagnosis.

Before these results, my family all knew about my HIV status, and we all tried to be normal, but we all had our own anxieties the what ifs. With these results in front of them, you could feel the atmosphere shifting. There was relief.

I am still adjusting to being HIV-positive, that I cannot lie about. After all, as a homosexual man, my brain had been trained from a young age to fear HIV. But now, as an HIV-positive person, I know that its us the people who are diagnosed, and know they have the virus, but are on medication to suppress it who are the people taking precautions to objective HIV transmission. We dont wishes to, and cant, pass on HIV.

Now I know Im healthy and cant pass on the virus, Im enjoying every moment life brings. But there are going to be many challenges I have to face, because the stigma has not gone away. People fear HIV because they dont understand it. I know that all too well. That was me not that long ago.

Ive become a volunteer speaker in colleges and colleges, giving talks on what life is like being a HIV-positive person. People say Im brave being open about my status, but it shouldnt have to be a brave thing to do.

Im not a risk and there is no need to treat me any differently. We need to get this message out to the people who arent getting tested, who are living with undiagnosed and untreated HIV, simply because theyre too afraid to know. Currently one in seven people living with HIV in the EU doesnt know they have it, and can therefore still pass on the virus. If we removed the dread, we could stop HIV transmission. Its as simple as that.

The Terrence Higgins Trust is starting this process through its Cant Pass it On campaign: people on effective treatment cant pass on HIV. I tested, Im on effective treatment, and I cant pass it on. This is my journey from diagnosis to undetectable. But my journey to stop HIV stigma is only just beginning.

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Meghan Markle Will Be Walking Herself Down the AisleWith Prince Charles

WINDSOR, England–We were expecting a strong independent black woman to stroll herself down the aisle before taking her place in arguably the world’s most elitist and impenetrable family. Perhaps her mom would even be at her side, step by stride, to celebrate the most stunning royal match in generations.

And Meghan will indeed go solo–but with significant nod to royal tradition. Prince Charles will step in to partly escort the bride after Meghan’s own parent, Thomas Markle, was laid low by a bad publicity strategy and failing health .~ ATAGEND

Tomorrow morning, Meghan Markle will stroll the first stretching to altar by herself, with her future father-in-law, Prince Charles, escorting her for the final section of the procession.

Reports emerging from Kensington Palace suggest that Meghan asked Charles on Thursday to walk with her from the Quire, where assembled royals will be seated. However, it seems hard to imagine that this request was the result of genuine affection developing between the two. Britain has known Charles for approximately 69 years longer than the new princess and we’re still waiting for that first flush of warmth. Just 22 percent of the British public have told pollsters they want Charles, the next in line to the throne, to take the crown when his mother’s reign comes to an end, so while it’s kind of Charles to step in, he can hardly be considered Prince Charming.

Less cynical observers have welcomed Charles’ role as a sign that Markle has been taken into the family’s bosom, even after a rocky week that has ensure Meghan’s sister hospitalized after a paparazzi automobile accident, her father uncovered as staging photos for the newspapers, and various members of the extended clan pointing thumbs of blame at others until her father was felled by an apparent heart attack.

For Charles–the future monarch of England — to step up and deliver a symbolic gesture of acceptance to the union does show how far the royal family has come since another divorced American, Wallis Simpson, was so viciously shunned.

Among the crowd already gathered in Windsor the day before the ceremony, the gesture by Charles was well-received. Gail Markle, 61, an American who was at pains to point out that she is not related to Meghan, said she was planning to camp out tonight near the church after flying in from Arkansas.” I think it’s great Charles will be doing that ,” she told The Daily Beast.” As her future father-in-law, it is a good way to welcome her to the family. I think as a woman she could have walked herself down the aisle or had her mother do it, but it is usually a gentleman who does that and I suppose she simply wants to respect that .”

Meghan’s marriage to Prince Harry will, of course, remain a historic moment for the royals, but it would have been fitting to mark this official entry into British public life with an iconic entrance into the church by two beautiful black American women.

Meghan is also an entirely new kind of princess and it’s ferociously appropriate for her marriage to challenge the old misogynistic traditions of the creation and the church, including by inviting her mom to fulfill the patriarch’s duties.

Doria Ragland will at least accompany her daughter on the way to the church, which is perhaps more fitting that her father delivering Meghan to the service.

Doria was undoubtedly the primary caregiver in Meghan’s life after her parents–who met on the situate of General Hospital where Thomas, who had two children from another marriage, was doing the lighting and Doria was working as a makeup artist–split simply two years after she was born. They were officially divorced by the time she was 6.

Thomas was, by all accounts, an involved mother, and through him, Markle was exposed to the Hollywood world. She wrote in her now-shuttered blog The Tig:” There I was, behind the scenes of a glossy soap opera and a TV sitcom, surrounded by famous performers and their glam squads, multimillion-dollar budgets, and crew lunches that always included filet mignon and enough sweets to construct you think you were at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory .”

It’s not known when or why relations soured, but by the age of 18, Meghan was captured on video telling a friend as they passed his home,” We aren’t going to go there … We aren’t on the best of words .”

Years later, Thomas would be left bankrupt from credit-card indebtednes of less than $30,000. He moved to Mexico, where he now lives, in apparently straitened circumstances.

It always seemed somewhat unlikely that Thomas would therefore be given a plum task at the bridal. And when it was announced two weeks ago that he would be walking her down the aisle, many people who have followed the story closely were taken by surprise , not least because he had never even fulfilled Prince Harry.

By contrast, Meghan has never described her relationship with Doria–whom Harry has met on several occasions–in anything but the warmest terms.

Following the separation of her mothers, Markle lived with Doria full-time and they clearly have a close bond:” We can simply have so much fun together, and yet I’ll still find so much consolation in her support ,” Markle, wrote of her mother in Glamour .” That duality coexists the same route it would in a best friend .”

Meghan has had an extremely difficult week, but now it seems she is, eventually, on the glide path to Saturday’s big event. The rehearsal today went well, judging by the smiles on her and Harry’s faces after they left the church. Let’s hope everyone is still smiling by Saturday afternoon.

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Supreme Court Rejects Texas Case On Same-Sex Marriage Benefits

WASHINGTON( Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear Houston’s appeal of a lower court ruling that threw into doubt the city’s spousal benefits to lesbian married municipal employees, allowing a example that tests the reach of the landmark 2015 decision decriminalize same-sex marriage nationwide to proceed.

The justices left intact a June ruling by the Republican-dominated Texas Supreme Court that resuscitated a lawsuit backed by a conservative group that advocates “biblical, Judeo-Christian values” aimed at blocking Houston from offering such benefits.

The high court’s action set no nationwide precedent but may give a boost to conservative legal efforts to limit the effects of its decision in the case Obergefell v. Hodges that the fundamental right to wed is guaranteed to gay couples under the U.S. Constitution.

The case will now proceed in a Texas state court, which could decide to stop the benefits offered by the fourth most populous U.S. city. Such a ruling again could be appealed to the nation’s top court.

In another case involving the scope of protections provided by the Obergefell decision, the Supreme Court in June overruled a country court ruling that had allowed Arkansas to refuse to list both same-sex spouses on birth certificates.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday will hear another significant case involving lesbian rights, a conservative Christian baker’s assertion that the Constitution protected his right to refuse to make a cake for a gay married couple in violation of his religious beliefs.

The Houston case began in 2013 when Jack Pidgeon, a local Christian pastor, and Larry Hicks, an accountant, sued the city after Annise Parker, a Democrat who was its first openly lesbian mayor, dedicated municipal spousal benefits such as health insurance and life insurance to same-sex married couples.

Pidgeon and Hicks argued that the benefits infringed the state’s constitution and nation and local laws against same-sex wedding. They are backed by Texas state Republican leaders and the conservative advocacy group Texas Values. The humen had urged state’s highest court to “save Texas from unchecked ideological rulings from the federal judiciary.”

A state trial court initially sided with the two challengers, but after the 2015 Obergefell decision, an appeals court reversed that ruling.

Lawyers for Pidgeon and Hicks told the state Supreme court that the Obergefell ruling should be interpreted narrowly and did not involve states to give taxpayer subsidies to same-sex couples any more than the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion involved states to subsidize abortions.

“It is clear that the current Supreme Court will continue to use its power to advance the ideology of the sexual revolution until there is a change of membership, ” their lawyers added.

In June, the Texas Supreme Court threw out the ruling favoring Houston, agreeing that the Obergefell decision “did not hold that states must provide the same publicly funded benefits to all married persons, ” and remanded the case back to the trial court to allow the men to plead their arguments again.

The city and current Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, also a Democrat, appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, saying the dispute had already been determined because the Obergefell ruling extended to married same-sex couples the “constellation of benefits that the states have linked to marriage.”

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Children May Not Be Ready For The World They’ll Inherit

The fourth industrial revolution is underway, and Boston Consulting Group CEO Rich Lesser wants to make sure our children are prepared for it.

In a dialogue with The Huffington Post last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Lesser stressed the importance of education in laying a foundation for future success. And that entails a very different thing now than it did 50 years ago.

“The has been informed of our generation was, you learn a ability, and for most people you apply that skill, and that was your career, ” Lesser explained. “That’s not today’s world. The world is changing so fast. We need to teach children, and frankly, adults, how to learn.”

We need to teach children, and frankly, adults, how to learn.

To keep pace with constant change, we instead need to focus on lifelong learning and continually updating our skill sets, he told. Those that can be flexible and learn via interruption will do well.

“The biggest challenge is, this is a very disruptive change. And like all disruptive changes, there are a lot of entrenched people, people who have been in a traditional career, that are going to be challenged, ” said Lesser.

“Helping millions of people around the world adapt to a changing world — whether it’s around how people get a taxi, or how a manufacturing floor runs, or how you volume a hotel room — we have a lot of work to do to help everyone adapt.”

More from the World Economic Forum 2016 😛 TAGEND This Buddhist Monk Is An Unsung Hero In The World’s Climate Fight CEOs Are Waking Up From Obsession With Profits And Facing Harsh Reality These 10 Major Company Admit They Don’t Have Enough Women Davos’ Ebola Vaccine Deal Signals A Major Shift In Global Health How CVS Lost$ 2 Billion And Still “re coming out” On Top Wikipedia’s Carbon Footprint Is Tiny Compared With Amazon Or Google 5 Technologies That Blur The Line Between Robot And Human

Pregnant Muay Thai Champ Shut Down Haters Who Criticized Her For Working Out

A while back, we introduced you to the lovely Sarah Stage.

You know, shes that gorgeous pregnant model who had a better six-pack than the majority of members of us could ever hope for, even without a newborn in our bellies.

Well, if seeing Stages shredded stomach stimulated you feel really bad about all the days you skipped out on the gym last week, you might want to look away.

It turns out Stage isnt the only woman out there who builds fitness an integral part of her pregnancy.

Caley Reece is another expecting athlete who hasnt let her pregnancyslow down her workouts.

Thats right. This six-time world champion in Muay Thai is still going strong at the gym.

In fact, even at 39 weeks pregnant, Reece still crushes high-intensity training sessions on the reg.

All of her heart-pumping sweat conferences are clearly doing wonders for her bod because this Muay Thai mama appears absolutely incredible.

Lately, Reeces workout routine has been triggering a lot of debate on social media.

Apparently, a lot of people have actually been blaming her for continuing to work out this far into her pregnancy.

However, Reece isnt letting her critics weigh her down.

She responded to her haters by posting a Facebook video of her most recent kickboxing conference with her husband, and she told her critics that working out while pregnant is completely safe.

Reece explains that she knows health risks associated with working out while pregnant, and she takes precautions to make sure shes not doing anything to endanger her unborn child.

She wrote on Facebook,

Theres so much I cant do such as switch left kicks, lots of punches in a row( twisting ), any power, any speed and quick footwork or changes, but that doesnt entail I have to give up. It simply means, I make do with what I have.

There is no freestyle pad constrain, Daz is calling every single thing so we both know exactly what is happening at all times.

People ragging out on previous videos telling Im going to fall over, trip on my belly, get punched accidentally, too much on the belly, etc ., so what if I get punched in the face? My newborn isnt growing in my head! There is no more hazard here than there is in power walking or distort in a pool.

Reece isnt just transgressing a sweat in the ring, either.

Shes also been maintaining herself in tip-top condition by lifting weights, and she posted a clip that shows her crushing a strength-training session simply a few days ago.

Now, youre probably wondering, How does Reece stay encouraged them to hit the gym every day?

She told Metro UK,

Its a simple answer right now I dont have an excuse not to.

It takes a reason , not an excuse and if I dont have a reason, then thats not been enough for me.

With the movements I have left, I feel entirely fine and everything is does so with rest time.

This kickboxing champ is living proof you can stay active during your pregnancy, as long as youve done research on how to keep both you and your newborn safe.

Plus, Reece also serves as an amazing reminder that being pregnant doesnt have to impede you from doing the things you love most in life.

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Running Out[ LABS]

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22 Side Characters More Interesting Than The Leads

When it comes to movies and television, the main characters we’re forced to watch are OK, largely … we guess. But sometimes, creators develop a side character so compelling, it’s criminal that they don’t have their own series.

( Shout out to PJ7 for the contest suggestion. We hope you get the Jacob Black spin-off you deserve .)

22Entry by Timon DJ Spaji

by Timon DJ Spaji

21Entry by notjessied

by notjessied

8 Great Moments Of Total Insanity In Celebrity Interviews

It’s easy to forget that celebrities are just like the rest of us: awkward, clueless, and perpetually constructing it up as we go along. It may not look like it while they’re singing harmonies or reciting someone else’s carefully crafted terms on a giant screen, but that’s why we have interviews. Painful, excruciating, head-explodingly idiotic interviews.( Warning: The following article contains debilitating sums of douche-chills. Consult your physician before reading any further .)


John Mayer Calls His Dick A “White Supremacist”

When he isn’t running one of the most self-centered Instagram accounts ever( which is saying something ), John “Your Body Is A Wonderland” Mayer thinks about sexuality. More specifically, he thinks about what he thinks about during sex. Which is to say, other, different sexuality. When Playboy interviewed him in 2012, he declared that masturbation is just as good as boning to him 😛 TAGEND

Yes, Mayer would rather stay home and high-five his genitals than go out and satisfy people. He went on to say that the best days of his entire life were when he dreamed about sex with a previous partner. When he awakens after the dreaming, he simply cannot keep his hands off of himself. Yes, the tables have turned — his body has become his own wonderland. But when discussing one’s own wang, why not add a little bristling racism out of nowhere?

So Mayer effectively knows what it’s like to walk in a black person’s shoes because he’s played and recorded with several of them. The interviewer circled back around to sex( this is Playboy , after all , not Der Sturmer ), asking Mayer how black females viewed him. He instead unnecessarily referred to his dick as a racist 😛 TAGEND

The ever-suffering Mayer has enough to worry about, what with having to visualize previous conquests while trudging through sexuality with beautiful women; now he was to worry about a Mr. Hyde boner that’s just lying in wait to lunge an epithet at any approaching female of coloring. He is a man of struggle.


The Media’s Been Printing Insufferable Lena Dunham Quotes For Decades

Lena Dunham is the incarnation of the out-of-touch, privileged liberal who can’t assist putting her foot in her mouth in every interview, but let’s be fair: she was never given a chance to be normal. Least of all by the NYC media, which has been lapping up her bullshit like a dehydrated cat since she was literally in the sixth grade. For starters, a 1998 Vogue narrative cast the 11 -year-old Dunham as a tragic tween manner martyr, since there was no Prada admitted to membership in her household and she couldn’t afford Manolo Blahnik shoes on her allowance 😛 TAGEND Li’l Lena was so incredibly snooty, in fact, that Vogue aimed up giving her a task a few years later 😛 TAGEND In 2001, a New York Times article asked prominent NYC residents to reveal their favorite places in the city. Dunham , now a worldly 14 -year-old, spoke of a magical place called Under The Bridge. You may wonder if that was a trendy clubs in Greenwich Village, or an Upper East Side coffee shop. But nope, it was a place … under a bridge. Let her tell you why, as she pries the sides of her butt apart and begins to reverse-crown herself into the lower rectum 😛 TAGEND

The Times would revisit Dunham in 2003 to encompas her vegan dinner party( it’s not like there was a war going on or anything ). Besides learning of her low tolerance for normal teen parties and love of Tofurky, we find out that the vegan get-together is “barefoot formal” for a perfectly sensible reason 😛 TAGEND

The Times and Vogue would dip into this well again in 2007 and 2009, as Dunham headed up her earliest web serials, and many more publishings would follow. So maybe it’s not so much her, but instead the steady river of newspapers and publications that trained her to say the cringey-est things possible whenever she’s interviewed.


The Chainsmokers Go Out Of Their Way To Prove That Faceless EDM Artist Can Be The Worst People On Earth, Too

In 2016, Billboard magazine spoke with electronic dancing music duo The Chainsmokers, because apparently they’ve had a few hits. Billboard wanted to clear some things up, most notably the quote in their bio on the Chainsmokers website that stated “1 7.34 inches … think about it … ” If you guessed that 17.34 inches is the length of a major league pitching knoll, you haven’t been reading this article carefully enough.

How they get such a pinpoint measurement is unclear to anyone outside of the space program. Phase is, they say they’re packin’. And that’s important to them. After all, they’re in this game for the fringe benefits. One half of the group boasts about their own priorities 😛 TAGEND

And what did they attain of the other EDM acts lavishing them with kudo? The Chainsmokers immediately interpret that as resentment, saying that now everyone copies them. But actually, they’re planning on remaining modest. “We’re only frat bro dudes, you know what I entail? Loving ladies and stuff.” That’s the stuff that stuff is made out of, right there.


Miles Teller Is Way Too Confident For Someone Who’s Just Miles Teller

After his acclaimed performance in 2014 ‘s Whiplash , Miles Teller briefly became Hollywood’s new golden boy, and when has that ever gone wrong? Well, in 2015, Esquire magazine took Teller out to lunch, and here’s literally the first line in the article 😛 TAGEND

The interviewer casually mentions that the champagne glass the objective is holding is said to be shaped like the left breast of Marie Antoinette. Teller volleys back, stating that highball glasses are modeled after his dick, then makes sure to repeat that to the presumably delighted waitress. He then admits two equally embarrassing things: 1) he’s recognizing also that he thinks he’s hotter than he really is, and 2) he browses message board threads about his looks.

The real fun arrives when their food arrives. Scallops for him, pork belly for the interviewing party. He gazes at the pork belly with longing, so the interviewer offers him some. Let the emasculating commence 😛 TAGEND

So Teller alleges that he has the teeth and chewing power of an 18 -month-old. Why he would choose that narrative after detailing his dong in grandiose terms is unclear. After namedropping influences like Christian Bale and “Joaq”( Joaquin Phoenix, who he’s never gratified ), Teller components styles with the article writer and orders her an Uber. When she mentions offhandedly the recent spate of sexual-assault allegations Uber drivers have had directed at them, he assures the interviewer he’s specifically ordered the “Do not rape” service.

To answer the question in that opening line: Yep.


Vin Diesel Loses His Shit Because His Interviewer Is Too Attractive

Vin Diesel was someone we really, truly wanted to like. From voicing the Iron Giant to being a giant Dungeons& Dragons nerd, he just sounded like someone we’d enjoy hanging out with more than the average Hollywood musclehead.

That impression lasted until Brazilian YouTuber Carol Moreira attempted to exchange words with Diesel during the promoting of his thinking-man’s film, xXx: Now With Less Ice Cube . Immediately, Diesel chose to drop his voice down an octave or two, which never, ever adds a sleazy, potentially murderous vibe to whatever is going on.

No, this is not a Barry White music video .

As she began trying to ask questions, Diesel simply could not handle that this woman happened to be attractive, cutting her off multiple times to remark on it. To him, it was not important that she was trying to establish herself as a journalist, or that she was visibly uncomfortable with his statements, because DAMN GIRL.

Carol Moreira

Carol Moreira
“No , not you, the bald one stand behind you. Hey there, sweetie.”

As she awkwardly recurs “thank you” with the same exuberance displayed by dungeon captives, he turns incredulously to off-screen people, utterly dumbfounded that such a beast even exists. Diesel( who, incidentally, is married with three children) declares his love for her and suggests they fell the interview and run have lunch, because she patently can’t merely be there to do a job. She redirects, bringing up previous acting gigs he’d had with Tom Hanks, and trying to even humanly connect with him about a shared love for D& D , to no avail.

Carol Moreira
The worst portion is that he actually used the Groot voice, instantaneously ruining millions of childhoods .

By the end, Diesel is literally looming over her, casting a shadow across her, screaming nonsense about being trapped in “beautiful world.” So, future note to pretty girls: Sitting down in front of shallow douchebags is in fact enough to break them. Use this knowledge wisely.


Mel Gibson Was Already A Paranoid, Anti-Gay Lunatic In The ‘9 0s

Mel Gibson has a reputation for being Hollywood’s golden boy who abruptly ran from zero to Hitler, but that’s inaccurate. Let’s set things straight: The guy was always a kooky asshole, it’s simply that he used to be dreamy enough to get away with it. Take his Playboy interview from 1995, for example. For some reason the interviewer asked about women becoming priests, and Gibson was happy to give his take 😛 TAGEND

This is immediately followed by him going on about how feminists are out to get him for some mysterious, unknowable reason. After conveying his skepticism about evolution ( “How go apes aren’t people yet? ” ) and talking about how there’s definitely a secret cabal deciding/ killing U.S. chairwomen, Gibson moves on to the subject of lesbian people. Specifically, how they’re wrong to hate him simply because he said they’re “unnatural” 😛 TAGEND Yes, he did merely indicate the homosexuals are trying to drive him off the road, like out of some surprisingly compelling Mad Max reboot. And then there’s this 😛 TAGEND

Spoiler: He would not learn to maintain his mouth shut.


Kevin Costner Is A Big Fan Of “Sluts”

Kevin Costner’s penchant for on-screen “aw shucks” monologues constructs him seem like your simple, friendly uncle who is full of sage advice( mostly about baseball, ponies, and Sherwood Forest ). His early interviews, however, reveal that he’s more like that other uncle who isn’t let at household dinners anymore because he’d get handsy with your cousin’s girlfriend.

In a 1987 GQ interview, the heroic star of The Untouchables reveals that his mother once told him to never date a girl he wouldn’t consider marrying, which college-age Kevin took to mean “just fuck everything and everyone.” He explains that other guys ” went into a anxiety if they didn’t have a date and I never went through that. I merely picked up girls. I was kind of used to sluts . ” Don’t worry, he later clarified what he meant by “sluts” 😛 TAGEND

Considering his self-described savour in females, the female reporter probably wasn’t terribly flattered when this interview turned into a subtle game of seduction 😛 TAGEND Costner’s quiver of Cupid arrows wasn’t quite empty yet. He went on to profess his love for his longtime spouse in such a profound way that he basically admitted to banging complete strangers 😛 TAGEND

And just in case you wanted some existentialism to go with that entree of seared romance, the GQ interview also includes this gem: ” I’m not a prick , not a nice guy. I only am . ” That’s poetry right there.


Val Kilmer Thinks He Understands The Horrors Of War More Than People Who Have Actually Been To War

Val Kilmer is an actor’s actor. You could tell him to pretend to be a pork chop for five months, and he could probably pull it off. That’s why noted author Chuck Klosterman was drawn to Kilmer, and actually visited the actor at his ranch in New Mexico. During their chat, the subject of acting arise … and that’s when Kilmer took a deep breath and stepped off the ledge of all forms of sanity.

Kilmer believes that actors are style more intuitive than most people — nearly supernaturally so. According to the third cinematic Batman, because performers can hone in on whatever they’re portraying on camera, they know what it’s like to go through, say, the trauma of Vietnam 😛 TAGEND Yes, Kilmer not only understands slaying, but he understands it more than a person who has taken a life . By his logic, a Vietnam veteran riddled with PTSD and health issues from communists-killing pesticide ingestion doesn’t truly know what it’s like, because they haven’t read a script about it. And as we all know, the U.S. war draft that sent many young folks to opposed on the other side of the world merely targeted broke-ass delinquents. Klosterman induced really, really sure he was hearing Kilmer right 😛 TAGEND

You heard the man: Fighter pilots are too bogged down in their pride to be aware that they are maneuvering a billion-dollar piece of equipment meant to kill people. The author tried to turn the scenario against Kilmer by asking what if another actor played him in a movie, but Kilmer would have none of it. He surmised that if an actor was going to play the part of Val Kilmer, he still wouldn’t have that magical Kilmer-esque way of becoming the component, because Val Kilmer is an actor. It’s just simple math.

Klosterman then decided to open the asshole of the universe and ask, “what if it was a movie about your teen years? ” Kilmer then conceded that yes, he would suppose that actor would know Val Kilmer more than young Val Kilmer knew himself. He then opened his mouth and swallowed Klosterman, like a Sphinx displeased that you actually solved its riddle.

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Gear up for a very important mission with The Guardian Of The Galaxy with this adorable Groot tee. Or show off your quiet intensity in this nifty Drax shirt. Hurry, the universe NEEDS you .

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5 Anxiety Vs. Reality Comic That Show How Social Anxiety Screws Up Your Perception Of The World

Jacob Andrews is the creative genius behind For Lack of a Better Comic , who now works as comic artist for CollegeHumor. His comics encompass all kinds of topics, from the objectively best and worst feelings in the world, to romantic expectations and sleeping with your partner, Jacob has got you covered with a witty and sometimes dark take on things.

This time he has tackled a topic that many people can relate to, nervousnes. Not the intense, heart-pounding terror that wakes you in the night and leaves you convinced that you are about to die kind of nervousnes, but a milder sort of social nervousnes that leaves you feeling like you suck and the whole world is secretly laughing at you. We all feel a little bit inadequate at times, and Jacob manages to capture feelings that will stimulate many people nod knowingly, while highlighting how absurd and painful the condition can be.

Scroll down to check out the comics for yourself, as well as some reactions to them. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

A lot of people find themselves…

Others wanted to remind that it’s not all that bad

And while not everybody gets it

Most at least try to

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