Your Pret cake been in a position to more sugar than 6 Krispy Kremes

High street coffee shops are serving cakes containing “staggering” levels of sugar, new research has disclosed .
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UPDATE: Dec. 6, 2016, 2:54 p.m. GMT Statement from Starbucks

LONDON Cakes sold at leading coffee shops could contain “staggering high levels” of sugar with some containing as much as 18 teaspoons per slice according to new research.

The research was conducted by the campaign group Action on Sugar( AoS) at Queen Mary University of London. It surveyed 67 cakes from 157 UK coffee shops and supermarkets.

Data on the product’s nutritional information found on labels and brand websites were used by researchers to compare sugar content on servings of “fruity cakes”.

The worst offenders

According to AoS, among the worst offenders was Starbucks’ Christmas Carrot Cake with 15 teaspoons of sugar( 616 kcal) per 146 g serving which equates to “more sugar than five Krispy Kremes”.

Pret a Manger’s Lemon Drizzle slice which contains a 18 teaspoons of sugar per 172 g slice, which equates to “more sugar than six Krispy Kremes” and contains nearly 700 calories.

Pret a Manger’s Double Berry muffins which weigh 145 g contain 10 teaspoons of sugar( 512 kcal) per serving.

A Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut contains 12.6 g sugar and 200 calories.

The news comes as the government publishes legislation enforcing a taxation on soft drinks.

Image: Westend6 1 Images/ AP Images

‘Extraordinary’ findings

The findings come as the government publishes “sugar tax” legislation which will see a excise imposed on drinks containing more than 8g of sugar per 100 ml. The tax will be imposed on soft drink producers, rather than on consumers.

Graham MacGregor, prof of Cardiovascular Medicine at Queen Mary University of London, told Mashable that the findings were “extraordinary”.

“It’s partly caused by the serving sized used in coffee shop. But, these cakes contain a lot of calories and a hell of a lot of sugar, ” MacGregor said.

When asked about the accuracy of the findings, MacGregor said the data used comes from manufacturers’ labels or websites, which are “very tightly controlled”, but the ingredients quoth “may vary by very small amounts”.

Action needed

The campaign group is exhorting food manufacturers and cafe to reduce the amounts of sugar in products

“This country has one of the worst rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes in Europe. It’s time the government took action, ” MacGregor said.

MacGregor says that retailers and cafes must immediately start reducing the amounts of sugar and calories in these products.

1000 calories in one sitting

“Considering most people are likely to buy a hot beverage to feed with their cake, its far too easy to visit a coffee shop and devour the best part of 1000 calories in one sitting, ” Kawther Hashem, AoS researcher, said in a statement emailed to Mashable .

“Everyone should be able to enjoy cake, but there is no need for simply one slice to exceed an adults maximum daily recommendation of sugar by almost three times, ” Hashem continued.

A spokesperson for Pret a Manger told Mashable that the Lemon Drizzle cake in question has been on trial in several regional shops.

After the trial which objective next week the cake slice will no longer be available. “We will revert back to only selling smaller, individual cake portions, instead of these larger slicings, ” the spokesperson said.

“The calorie information for our cakes continues to be is illustrated in stores, and the full nutritional info is available on our website, ” the spokesperson continued.

A spokesperson for Starbucks told Mashable that Starbucks is committed to working towards reducing sugar content by 2020, in line with Public Health England’s targets.

“We display nutritional information on our bakery labels and website to help our clients attain informed choices, ” the spokesperson said in an email to Mashable .

“We are working on a reduced-calorie and sugar Carrot Cake recipe, with plans to launching around Spring next year, ” the spokesperson continued.

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Bikram yoga founder ordered to pay $924,500 in sexual harassment trial

Los Angeles jury orders Bikram Choudhury to pay an lawyer compensatory damages after detecting he had subjected her to harassment and retaliation

The founder of a popular hot yoga method was ordered to pay more than $900,000 to a lawyer who said she was fired for investigating allegations of sexual harassment against the guru.

A Los Angeles jury ordered Bikram Choudhury on Monday to pay the attorney $ 924,500 in compensatory damages after finding he had subjected her to harassment and retaliation. The jury is considering whether to award the lawyer, Minakshi Jafa-Bodden, with punitive damages on Tuesday.

Its an enormous vindication, said Jafa-Boddens attorney, Carla Minnard.

She told Choudhury sexually harassed Jafa-Bodden, inappropriately touched her, and tried to get her to stay with him in a hotel suite. Choudhury fired her in June 2013 when she began investigating claims from other women of sexual abuse, Minnard said.

Choudhurys attorney, Robert Tafoya, did not return a call for comment.
Choudhury, 69, has built an empire around Bikram yoga, a rigorous, 90 -minute routine performed in a room that can reach more than 100 F( 38 C ). The technique is taught at more than 650 studios worldwide and has described a throng of devoted followers.

Mondays verdict is just the latest bad news for Choudhury. In October, the guru lost a court appeal to copyright his sequence of 26 poses and two breathing exercisings. The ninth US circuit court of appeals ruled that the sequence used in hot yoga classes is a process intended to improve peoples health, so copyright law does not cover it.

Choudhury is facing suits by six women who assert he sexually assaulted them, the first of which is set for trial in April.

The most recent lawsuit, filed 13 February, accuses Choudhury of raping a Canadian girl who had utilized $10,000 from her college money to pay for a nine-week class so she could teach Bikram yoga to others.

Choudhurys lawyers have said he never sexually assaulted any of the women suing him and that attorneys had declined to bring charges in their cases.

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Banks face mental health challenge – BBC News

Image copyright Thinkstock

Banks must offer basic account alternatives, as given to other vulnerable people, to assist those struggling with mental health conditions, a think tank says.

Mental health problems affected everyday activities such as budgeting and paying bills, the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute( MMHPI) said.

Setting spending limits on cards and allowing people to set how banks contacted them would help, it said.

The trade body for High Street banks has vowed to improve inclusion.

In its mission statement covering 2016 -1 8, the British Bankers’ Association used to say the “crucial part of the industry commitment to creating standards” should include working with mental health initiatives.


The MMHPI said one in four people could suffer from mental health issues in any one year. It has published research is recommended that periods of poor mental health set people at risk of financial trouble.

For example it found that people with depression or post-traumatic stress ailment has the potential to struggle with short-term memory, inducing Pin numbers harder to remember.

Those experiencing bipolar disorder or ADHD often struggled to resist impulses, potentially leading to dramatic spending sprees, it said.

People with borderline personality disorder or psychosis could find it very difficult to compare financial options and find it more difficult to plan ahead.

Extreme anxiety could also stop people opening letters or taking calls from banks.

The MMHPI is challenging banks to adapted some systems already available to help those with mental health problems. For example

The ability to delegate limited permissions to someone else to manage an facet of your finances, as is available to wealthy individuals Defining spending limits on cards or blocking access to some merchant codes, as is possible on many corporate cards The ability to set communication predilections on an account, which is generally offered to people with visual or hearing impairments.

Teen suffered by fatal disease builds decision to end life | Fox News

Jerika Bolen, 14, decided to enter hospice rather than undergo more surgery. ( GoFundMe)

A 14 -year-old girl is living out her summertime dreamings after choice hospice over surgery and telling her mom that she is ready to die. Jerika Bolen, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 which is often fatal for patients in adolescence is in constant chronic ache, the Post-Crescent reported .

When I decided, I felt extremely happy and sad at the same period, Bolen, of Appleton, Wisc ., told Post-Crescent . There were a lot of tears, but then I realise Im going to be in a better place, and Im not going to be in this terrible pain. Ive been working on it and thinking about it for style longer than anyone else has.

Bolen use a power wheelchair and has control over her brain, eyes , nose and mouth but has difficulty swallowing. She has slight control over her hands and limbs but relies on constant care for everything else and uses a ventilator to exhale for 12 hours worked per day. Shes had more than 30 surgeries since being diagnosed at just eight months old, with her muscles further deteriorating after each procedure. The medication she takes to keep the ache at a level 8 out of 10 has furthermore injury her body, the Post-Crescent reported.

At the end of August, Jerika has instructed her mom, Jen Bolen, to pull the plug on the ventilator. Neither know how long it will be forwarded to she succumbs, but Jen hopes that its not too many days. She told the Post-Crescent that she has had to explain the difference between assisted suicide and her daughters decision to many people.

Bolens doctor, Kari Stampfli, director of the pediatric palliative care program for UW Health in Madison, told the news site that for patients with spinal muscular atrophy the standard of care is often convenience measures from the beginning and that theres always the option to stop if it isnt offering an improved quality of life.

If shes at peace with it, I have to find a way to make peace with it, Jen told the Post-Crescent . I know shes only 14, but shes old enough to decide. Its her body and its her pain.

More on this…

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Explaining Depression To Someone Who Isn’t Depressed

Have you ever felt hunted inside your own head?

Like a predator is loose in there, stalking you like preys?

Like there is a thing inside of your mind, a darknes, dangerous, devious thing and it is stalking you. Your mind, a forest of beautiful trees and alive with birds and wild things alike, is eerily silent, a shroud of night encompassing it like a blanket on a too hot night this is what suffocating is. But on the outside, you are breathing in oxygen as you always do. Your mind has sliced itself away from your body, and you have no control over what happens in there anymore. But you are still in this forest. You are alive in thereand there is a thing, an evil thing stalking you.

It starts to set parts of your head aflame, a woodland flame threatening to take over you as it tries to smoke you out of your own head. Panicked, you are running, knowing you are being hunted, you are being chased, and you do not even know what the thing that is hunting you looks like. If you could give this fear, this terror a name, it would be better a lion, a tiger, a shark, a thing that wants your blood and meat , nothing else from you, but this goes deeper. This thing wants every peaceful part of your intellect. This thing wants to set you on fire and watch you burn, laugh at your ashes and then bring you to life so it can do it again. Or worse, swallow you whole and maintain you in an abyss of eternal sadness inside your own head.

You are running inside the labyrinth of your mind, as it grows more and more complex, away from the thing, yet drawing closer to it, you can smell it the style it grows closer to you with ease. It doesnt even need to run. Somewhere in the distance in the hot dusty road within this maze of a wood, you find the house, the place inside your head where you keep the softest, kindest memories. This is where you keep your cushions for when life hurls you hard against the wall and you are lying hemorrhaging on the floor. This is the place you must go toSinged by the flames, you run faster and faster, the thing hot on yours heels until with all the strength you ever had, you hurl yourself into this safe space with all the energy you have left within you and slam the door.

Panting, exhausted, you collapse, for the first time, feeling the rush of relief since it started its hunting. In here, you do not feel like prey. In here, you are safe. Until you open your eyes when you hear the breathing so close to you, the stink of its breath. Its in here with you, and your eyes open wide as you realise too late…it has devoured your already, all of you now belongs to it. And all that is left is darkness.

This is what depression feels like. This is what it entails when someone says they have depression. This is what depressed people mean when they say they feeling devoured by sadness, unable to escape the pain inside their own heads.

Have you ever felt hunted inside your own head ?

If notI jealousy you your good fortune. But please do not be unkind when I tell you about the monster, the predator that lives inside my head.

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This Is What You’re Like In Bed, Based On Your Spirit Animal


You’re playful, so you enjoy teasing your partner during foreplay as much as you enjoy sex itself. If there’s ever an embarrassing moment where you bump snouts or get stuckin your skinny jeans, you won’t dwell on it and let it ruin the experience. You’ll laugh about it, and somehow it’ll build the sex feeling even more special.


You exude confidence, because you know how skilled you are in bed. You also like to take control, which is why you have a drawer filled with handcuffs, blindfolds, and ball gags. Of course, you have a soft side, too. Once sexuality is over, you’ll be eager to cuddle until the sun rises.


You’re driven by your instincts, so if you’re in the mood for sex, you’ll initiate it right then and there without thinking thingsthrough. During sexuality, you’ll be just as straightforward. Your partner will never have to wonder what you want, because you’ll already be asking for it.


You’re drivenand focused, even during sex. You pay close attention to what your partner likes, which is why it’s so easy for you to get them to orgasm. Theylove sleeping with you, because unlike their past partners, you’ve actually taken the time to learn the way that their body works.


You’re cunning and creative, which is why there’s never a dull moment in the bedroom. Nipple fastens? Butt plugs? Double sided dildos? You’ll try it all. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. You’re the type who favor having sexuality outside of the bedroom, so it’s not unusual for you to get dirty in the back of a movie theater or in a bar bathroom.


Honestly, you don’t want to do any work in the bedroom. You simply want to relax and let your partner take control. Receiving oral is your favorite thing in the world, because it means you aren’t expected to move your body.You can simply enjoy the moment and then fallback asleep.


You’re active and adventurous. You actually likegetting on top, because it means you get to show off your hot body and hip thrusting skills. You also love trying new things, so whenever your partner mentions one of theirkinky fantasies, you’ll agree to act it out. No questions asked.


You get bored if you stay in one place for too long. You like to move around, which is why you’ll bending yourself into dozens of different positions during sex. You’re also a fan of the outdoors, so if you get the opportunity to have sex on a hammock or inside of a tent, you’re going to take it.


You have a strong intuition, which is why sexcomes naturally to you. You don’t really have to try to build your partner orgasm. It simply happens. Of course, you feel the most alive during late night hours, which is why you hate morning sexuality. You prefer to do itrightbefore you go to bed.


You don’t want to sleep with a stranger. You want to sleep with your best friend. You merely hook up with people youget along with well, which is why you always havean astonishing time in the bedroom. Even if you don’t end up climaxing, youwon’t care, as long as you got a good story out of it.


You’re independent. You don’t need a partner in order to have an earth-shattering orgasm. That’s why you don’t mind going home alone and masturbating instead. The orgasm you give yourself are usually more intense than the ones your partner would give you, anyway.


You have an excellent memory, so you remember every little thing that your partner tells and does in bed. You’ll never make the mistake of played with their nippleswhen you know they detest it. You’re the perfect lover, because you actually care about your partner’s feelings as much as your own.


You’re highly sensitive, so every touch feels intenseto you. If your partner does something small that you don’t like, like play withthe incorrect hole, you’ll run operating. But if they do something small that you love, like kiss your neck, you’re going to have the most amazingorgasm of your life.


You aren’t into the whole hookup culture mentality. One-night stands just aren’t appealingto you. You enjoy sex the most when it’s with the love of their own lives, because seems aren’t everything. You need to have a spiritual connect with person, as well as a physical one.

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Opposing hot stress pays back – All about feed

All about feed

5 Style I Knew I Was Ready To Have Sex For The First Day With Someone I Was Dating

Having sex with person for the first time is super exciting, and there’s really no time frame for when it’s right.

There are times when I’ve hit it off with somebody so intensely that we’ve had sex on the first date. There are other days when we’ve gone on a few dates before doing it, and still others where we were friends for so long that we never had a date to begin with.

Feelings don’t stick to a strict schedule. That’s why I’ve learnedto tune into what’s going on with me, what kind of connect I’m sensing, and where I’m at physically as well.

These are the things that help me figure out whether or not I’m ready to have sex with person for the first time.

1. I Felt Comfortable

Before I have sex with somebody, I need to know that they are respectful of me. This includes firm confidence that they will pay attention to my borders and listen if I convey discomfort.

According to Dr. Nikki Goldstein, expert sexologist and author of, these boundaries vary depending on who you are.

For some people, sex on the first date or early on is fine, and the objective is comfortable with it. For others, they need to feel connected, intimate, and safe with person before they jump into bed, Dr. Goldstein told Elite Daily.

For me, these lines vary depending on how I’m feeling. Casually seeing someone versus looking to seriously date them also plays a role. There’s no incorrect boundary to set, though, and it’s important to listen to your intestine instinct, whether you’re heading out on your first date or your 31 st.

Feeling comfortable also entails knowing that the person goes into the bedroom with an open intellect, that they’re into providingpleasure to their partner and not just seeking their own, and that they’ll be appreciative of what happens , no matter what.

Obviously, this can’t all be gauged before actually going to bed with someone. But before I have sex with the person or persons I’m seeing, I wantto have a pretty good notion of how they’ll act in the bedroom.

2. I KnewThey Were EmotionallyInvested

Before I have sex with person, I don’t need to think that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together or anything. At this point, I doubt I’m guessing beyond the next week.

What I do need, though, is to feel like the person I am ensure is equally invested in me emotionally. I also need to be pretty confident that that investment isn’t going to disappear as soon as we have sex.

Of course, there is always a risk that a person who is attached at first will become emotionally unavailablelater. Paying close attention to their behavior over time should help you gauge whether or not you’re with a person who is going to flake.

I can tell whether or not a person is into me by insuring how they treat me. It’s definitely more about what they do than what a person tells. Does she respond to my text within a reasonable sum of period? Does he get in touch with me if I haven’t hit him up?

If I am in doubt about how a person feels aboutme well, it’s better to ask than to stay in the dark. Some people are shy or slow to answer. A simple question ahead of time can save you a lot of pain down the road.

3. I Felt Good About Myself With And Without Them

When I was younger, before I was fully in control of my sex life, I think there were definitely a few occasions where I rushed into sex to please the other person.

I didn’t have the best self-esteem when I was younger, and I’ll admit that sometimes, I had sexuality as a confidence boost. More often than not, however, this backfired.

Sometimes, this happened before we even talked about one another’s sex health a conversation that, these days, I feel is an absolute must.

I know I am ready to have sex with somebody when I’m not entirely focused on how they’ll think ofme in bed. If I am emotionally close to them and comfortable, I’ll be more interested in our reciprocal pleasure of each other.

And when it comes right down to it, I will have the confidence to know that it’s 99 percent likely that my partner will have a good time. If they don’t, I’ll also be in a place where I’m able to say that it’s them and not me.

4. I Felt In Control

When it’s the first time with somebody new, I know that if I feelin control of my wishes and my body, then the sexuality has a better likelihood ofnot being totally awkward.

Being nervous the first time you’re having sexuality with the person you’re find is pretty normal. You’re not familiar with their body, their predilections, and what feels good to them.

That’s actually kind of amazing because it means that this is your chance to communicate and begin to explore one another.

I’ve found that being out of control induces it seem a lot less amazing and a lot more clumsy. This is especially true if we have been drinking to appease our nerves.

Waking up feeling embarrassed in the morning because you don’t know what you said or did the night before is not a great feeling. It might even attain you feel like you have to run in shame from that person you were really into 12 hours ago.

Tune into what you want and find a way to stay in control and to soothe your own fears. Clue: It won’t be at the bottom of that bottle.

5. The Timing Was Right

There are certain times of the month when I’m just more into sexuality than others. I’ve learned to be patient with the process.

When I’m ovulating, for instance, I often get cysts. I know because I have a twing-y pain in my pelvis. This has induced sex truly painful in the past. It’s definitely not worth rushing into.

As for period sexuality, I’m entirely down if I’ve been with a person long enough to know that they won’tbe weirded out by it.

If they’re not? It causes a lot of hassle and will probably lead to me feeling resentful of the person or persons I’m seeing for not being more open minded.

While my boundaries might fall a few months after going steady, it takes time for that to happen. I want to be sure my body is in alignment with my intellect when I’m having sexuality with someone for the first time.

Trust me, I know it’s tough. When you’re really into somebody, you want to hop into bed right away. And while there’s no substitute for sexuality, just think about how much that anticipation is going to turn things up a notch when you ultimately do get into bed.

While it’s not sexuality, there’s nothing incorrect with a good, old-fashioned make-out sesh if you feel you only aren’t ready yet.

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Global ransomware attack: 5 things to know

( CNN) A massive global ransomware attack has struck hospitals, companies and government offices around the world, seizing control of affected computers until the main victims pay a ransom.

The majority of the attacks targeted Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan. But the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and global firms such as FedEx also reported they had come under assault Friday. Experts indicated Saturday that the ransomware’s progress had been halted, but new assaults could soon follow.

Here are five things to know 😀 TAG 3 TT

Hackers demand ransom in major cyberattack

Cyberattack has global reach

What one school did when hackers held its data captive

Grenfell Tower fire: Theresa May calls for cladding investigation – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Nearby residents are scrutinising the response in the aftermath of the fire

There should be a “major national investigation” into the use of cladding on high-rise towers, Theresa May says.

It comes as it was disclosed cladding from 95 towers in 32 local authority areas in England had failed flame safety exams – all of the samples submitted in so far since the Grenfell Tower fire.

An expert panel to advise on immediate safety action has been appointed.

A public inquiry has already been ordered into the 14 June blaze, which is feared to have left 79 people dead.

It has also emerged that London Fire Brigade issued a warn to all 33 London councils about panels attached to the exterior of houses in May this year, in a letter find by the BBC.

The warning was issued as a result of the fire at the Shepherd’s Court tower block in west London last year, as experts believed that insulation panels installed as part of an earlier renovation may have helped facilitate the spread of the fire up the side of the building.

Meanwhile, campaign group Justice4Grenfell has said it will set up an unofficial database of the victims of the flame amid distrust of the official death toll from police.

Who are the victims ? Guide to what happened ? Six questions for the investigation German flats cleared amid cladding anxieties Media captionGrenfell locals Layla and Hassin on how they’re coping with mental health issues Where have cladding tests failed ? Why do England’s high-rises keep failing flame exams ? Tower fails preliminary exams Media caption“I can’t do that to her”: Sabah Abdullah lost his wife in the Grenfell Tower fire