Toddler declared brain dead moves hospitals, attorney says | Fox News

Israel Stinson was declared brain dead after suffering from an apparent asthma attack. (Fox40)

A California toddler whose family waged a court battle to keep him on life support after he was declared brain dead has been transferred to another hospital.

According to a post on the family’s GoFundMe page, 2-year-old Israel Stinson was transferred to an undisclosed location in another country over the weekend.

“Israel Stinson was transferred out of Kaiser Permanente yesterday!!!” Jonee Fonseca, the boy’s mother, posted on the page. “He has been taken to another facility and is already receiving care!!!”

“Due to the sensitivity of Israel’s case, we are not yet ready to disclose where he is, but we can say this… in order for Israel to receive his badly needed care, he had to be transferred out of the United States,” Fonseca wrote.

Kevin Snider, the family’s attorney, confirmed Monday that the boy was admitted to another facility, but declined to release the name of the hospital.

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The Smart Garden 9 is a self-contained kitchen garden for your “herbs” and vegetables

When we last met Click & Grow they were selling a massive wall garden designed for indoor gardening. Their new product, called the Smart Garden, is a self-contained kit pod for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs that costs $129 on Kickstarter

The system is quite simple. You fill the water tank, place in small pods of soil, nutrients, and seeds and then turn it on. Its automatically lit by a set of LEDs and all you have to do is raise the lights when the plants get too high. The entry level gets you all lettuce pods but there are also seedless pods so you can grow anything you want.

The kit can grow nine plants and automatically waters your pods as necessary.

Mattias Lepp, founder of Click & Grow, was an orchestra conductor who went into IT. Telia acquired his first IT company in Estonia and he decided to return to his long-term interest in plant cultivation.

We have over 300,000 active users for our products thus far, he said. The main volume of users today is made up by our second generation product users, the Smart Herb Garden, but were seeing a lot of traction happening already for the larger wall farms directed at consumers as well.

The Smart Garden 9 got its start from surveys we made among our clients, he said. More than 80% indicated an interest in having a bigger garden than our previous one. The bigger bulk of the 9-hole product specific wishes came from the backers of our last project on Kicsktarter. So we decided to give people what they want and also improved some key features on the new garden: we featured high-end LED lights that offer plants the perfect spectrum to induce photosynthesis while focusing the lenses in a way that theres much less light pollution coming from the LEDs.

The company raised $4.1 million from a number of investors including Jaan Tallinn and Ruchi Sanghvi. Theyve also received some government funding to make the smart soil product. The Smart Garden 9 ships next July but I saw an early version and it looks like what Apple would make if it really liked tiny peppers. I approve.

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Federal appeals court says Fourth Amendment doesn’t protect phone location data

Police officers can demand a cellphone’s location data from a wireless company without getting a warrant, a federal court ruled Tuesday.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit declaredthat Americans have no reasonable expectation of privacy for so-called “cell-site location information”records of where phones have been based on their contact with cell towersbecause they voluntarily share those movements with their wireless carriers as a condition of their contracts.

Because the Supreme Court has saidthat the Fourth Amendment does not cover “information voluntarily turns over to third part,” the appeals court, by a vote of 12 to 3, concluded that the government had not violated the Constitution in acquiring two robbery suspects’ phone location data without a warrant.

“The Supreme Court may in the future limit, or even eliminate, the third-party doctrine,” Judge Diana Motz wrote in the majority opinion. “Congress may act to require a warrant for CSLI. But without a change in controlling law, we cannot conclude that the Government violated the Fourth Amendment in this case.”

Federal appeals courts in Louisiana and Atlanta have previously ruled that cell-site location information can be obtained without a warrant. A federal appeals court in Ohio came to the same conclusionin April. Privacy activists were hoping that a ruling in their favor here would prompt the Supreme Court to consider the issue, something it rarely does unless appeals courts have issued conflicting rulings.

“Because months worth of cellphone location data can reveal extraordinarily private details of a persons life, the right way to protect people’s privacy interest in that information is to require a warrant,” Nathan Wessler, a staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, said in an email. “The Fourth Circuit’s decision is not the last word on this issue. Other appellate courts will surely address these questions soon, and the Supreme Court may well need to weigh in.”

Andrew Crocker, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said the ruling relied on “a strained definition of what it means to ‘voluntarily’ give information to third parties.”

“The use of a cell phone is all but a necessity in today’s world, but the court sidesteps any consideration of the realities of how people use this technology and of how long-term location tracking can reveal the intimacies of people’s lives,” he said in an email.

David Gray, an expert on surveillance law who teaches at the University of Maryland, said in an email that the ruling amounted to “an effective license for government agents to conduct exactly the kinds of broad and indiscriminate searches that are anathema to the Fourth Amendment as it would have been understood in 1791.”

A three-judge panel of the Fourth Circuit court previously ruledin this casethat the government did need a warrant to obtain Americans’ data from third parties, applying what is known as the “mosaic theory” of interpreting the landmark Supreme Court cases in this area. But the government sought a review of that decision by the full court, and on Tuesday it reversed that conclusion.

Decisions of the Fourth Circuit appeals court, which is based in Richmond, Virginia, are binding in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Gray predicted that the lack of a circuit split wouldn’t prevent the Supreme Court from wading into the fray.

“The constitutional status of CSLI is in urgent need of clarification,” he said. “Although the Court may not be ready to take the issue up for its own reasons, I do not think the absence of a circuit split is stopping them.”

Correction: This is the fourth appeals court to issue this kind of ruling. Updated to reference two other rulings.

Update 3:25pm CT, May 31: Added ACLU comment.

Update 4:10pm CT, May 31: Added EFF and law professor comments.

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Poland lurches to right with election of Law and Justice party

Exit poll points to Beata Szydo becoming the countrys next prime minister as ruling party concedes defeat

Poland consolidated its rightwing switching on Sunday as exit polls indicated voters had handed an absolute majority in its parliamentary election to Law and Justice, a Eurosceptic party that is against immigration, wants family-focused welfare spending and has threatened to ban abortion and in-vitro fertilisation.

The current ruling party, Civic Platform, confessed defeat in accordance with the first exit poll, published by Ipsos moments after polling stations shut at 9pm (8 pm GMT ), which devoted the national conservative Prawo i Sprawiedliwo ( Law and Justice party) 39.1% of the vote, putting it far ahead of Civic Platform on 23.4%.

Jarosaw Kaczyski, Law and Justices chairman and the twin brother of Polands late president Lech, immediately proclaimed victory. Speaking to supporters at his party headquarters in central Warsaw, a triumphant Kaczynski told: We will not kick those who have fallen … We need to show that Polish public life can be different.

If the polling is corroborated, research results would dedicate Law and Justice 242 seats in the 460 -member lower house of parliament, meaning the party could govern alone and that its lead candidate, 52 -year-old Beata Szydo, is likely to be appointed prime minister.

Poland exit poll data

Distrustful of Germany and the EU, Law and Justice wants more sovereign control and believes a strong Nato hand is required to deal with Russia. The party promises more welfare spending, a lower retirement age and new taxes on foreign banks.

Szydo has also campaigned against the EU forcing member states to accept a situated number of refugees from the Middle East and north Africa.

The British “ministers “, David Cameron, has in the past expressed support for Law and Justice and has included his Conservative party in the same European parliamentary grouping, but the Polish shifting to the right may not inevitably be supportive of his efforts to renegotiate Britains relationship with the EU.

Law and Justice candidate hails amazing turnout in Poland election . Photograph: Andrzej Grygiel/ EPA

Two million Poles running abroad including an estimated 700,000 in Britain depend on the freedom of movement the EU allows. Polish Euroscepticism is also different from the British variety. It feeds to some degree on frustrations over sovereign influence and the economic dominance of neighbouring Germany, but for the large part it is linked to the countrys conservative household values and worry over gender politics and perceived secularist trends that are seen as undermining the influence of the Catholic church.

One Warsaw voter, Magorzata Cyganik, a 37 -year-old translator, said she was afraid the election would lead to individual freedoms being curtailed. The ideology that is coming into Polish politics[ with Law and Justice] is frightening, she said.

Person are voting to protect what they see as the things that are special about Poland and that are threatened by the outside, but with that may go a big step backwards.

Lucas Miszczyk, a 48 -year-old sound technician, took the opposite view, saying he felt Law and Justice was the only party that has Polish interests at heart. If you look at Warsaw, you ensure merely foreign shops, banks and brands C& A, Bank Millennium, H& M, Carrefour. Where have all the Polish business gone? We have opened our doorways too much and we have lost control of our own economy. We must say stop.

Polands economy is expected to grow by 3.5% this year and next, and unemployment lately fell below 10%. Voters, however, have responded favourably to introspective rhetoric and claims that secular and gender politics in the EU, and the multi-ethnicity of western Europe, are a threat to traditional Catholic values and national sovereignty.

The governing Civic Platform has never recovered from a 2014 eavesdropping scandal that discredited high-profile government ministers.

The Polish electorate is also faced with a left wing that has failed to rebuild itself since the end of communism. It remains a messy mixture of greens, socialists, radicals and post-communists who fell short of the 8% of the vote needed to enter parliament.

After voting in the Saska Kpa district of Warsaw, the United Left leader, Barbara Nowacka, said she hoped the election would mark a breakthrough for small parties such as hers. It looks like Law and Justice will win, but what is even clearer to me is that voters in Poland want change. You see this because of the route voters are capable of moving from one small party to another. They are looking for a believable system change.

Law and Justice told Szydo would be its prime minister if it formed a government, but the party is also strongly associated with the controversial former prime minister Jarosaw Kaczyski.

He won political capital during the campaign by playing up anxieties linked to Europes migration crisis. He claimed refugees were bringing cholera to the Greek islands, dysentery to Vienna, various categories of parasites. Civic Platform has fought to keep Polands refugee quota down, finally will be willing to take simply short of 7,000 refugees.

Law and Justice last held power from 2005 to 2007, when Kaczyski governed in tandem with his twin friend, the late chairman Lech Kaczyski, who died in a plane crash in Smolensk, western Russia, in 2010.

Their time in power was marked by internal political commotion triggered by their combative style and international tensions brought about by their anti-German and anti-Russian opinions. Since two brothers death, Kaczyski has hinted several times that he believes the plane crash was Russias work.

If Law and Justice end up governing alone with an allied chairwoman, Poland will become another Hungary, said Prof Radosaw Markowski of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a reference to the radical rightwing views of the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor OrbA! n.

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Berkeley project tests tracking imperiled forests with 3D multispectral drone imaging

Droughts, climate change and deforestation are putting forests at risk worldwide, so studying these ecosystems closely is more important than ever but its a hell of a lot of work to climb every tree in the Sierra Nevada. Drones and advanced imaging, however, present an increasingly practical alternative to that, as this UC Berkeley project shows.

Todd Dawson, an ecologist at the university, spends a lot of time up in trees, measuring limbs, checking growth and so on. As you can imagine, its slow, dangerous and demanding work which is why a collaboration with drone maker Parrot and imaging tech company Pix4D was appealing.

Before, a team of five to seven people would climb and spend a week or more in one tree mapping it all around. With a drone, we could do that with a two-minute flight. We can map the leaf area by circling the tree, then do some camera work inside the canopy, and we have the whole tree in a day, Dawson said in a Berkeley news release.

  1. 1-_uxjdgml-tejo4a1shxcda

  2. drone_tree_imagery

  3. fpv-sequoia750

  4. sequoia

Drones are, of course, commonly used in forestry and agriculture, but this particular setup is very focused on quickly and repeatedly profiling individual trees. Pix4Ds Sequoia camera collects light in a variety of complementary wavelengths a useful technique called multispectral imaging while also building a detailed 3D point cloud using LIDAR. Between the two, the resulting data can show overall health and growth; it can also be collected repeatedly over weeks or months, creating a time-lapse view.

Processing and storing the data is becoming less troublesome as well; Pix4D created software to quickly turn around the data and make it accessible for this particular purpose. All that data can feed into prediction models for other things: overall leaf area can help predict carbon exchange, and growth or health patterns can be mapped to climatic or anthropological ones.

Dawsons project was a pilot; Parrot and Pix4D are also launching a Climate innovation grant through which researchers can get access to drones and imaging hardware any topic from archaeology to zoology, as long as it will foster innovation in understanding and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

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At just 17-years-old, Muntathar Altaii can tell you a little bit more about losing something we take for granted than you might think.

While working away, trying to remove an old tree stump from the ground, Altaii made a mistake. Remember those old, “lift from the knees, not the back,” quotes? Well that has legitimacy for those that didn’t know. While trying to remove the stump he messed up his back, and bad.

Altaii was diagnosed with kyphosis shortly thereafter, a back curvature so insane it causes a very noticeable rounding of your torso. Basically, he turned into what is commonly referred to as a “hunchback.” The biggest problem with this isn’t the looks however, no when it comes to kyphosis the main issue is the severe, debilitating pain that can come with it. Altaii was no exception. Along with nonstop, excruciating pain, he could no longer even feel his left leg.

Daily life became a struggle, and everything a 17-year-old boy should be doing, he could no longer do. He couldn’t even do it half-assed, because he would have to physically lift his leg in order to use it to walk. Even then, that’s if he’s able to even get out of bed that day.

Not knowing what else to do, or where else to turn to, Altaii and his family turned to Gonstead Chiropractic in Australia. No one in his country would even touch him, fearing they’d only make it worse. That’s how bad it was.

Somehow, in just ten days he makes an incredible transformation! Honestly if you’re not a believer in what chiropractors can really do for you, check this out!

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Crystal Hefner shows off body after having breast implants removed | Fox News

After revealing she removed her 34 D breast implants, Crystal Hefner is showing off her new figure.

The new me. Happier and healthier. Use 2016 to reclaim my health and espouse and love myself for the real me. Thank you for the overwhelming supporting, the 30 -year-old wrote Wednesday on Instagram.

Earlier this week, Hugh Hefners wife explained her decision to remove the implants, claiming they slowly poisoned her.

Ive had days in 2016 when I couldnt get out of bed. Ive felt such hopelessnes knowing life was happening all around me but I couldnt participate, Hefner explained on Facebook, listing persistent neck ache and wearines among her many symptoms.

After being diagnosed with Lyme disease and toxic mold, Hefner turned to social media to share her health update. But as she detected from several commenters, her symptoms mirrored that of breast implant illness.

Though, as board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David P. Rapaport( “whos never” treated Hefner) told Page Six, breast implant affect all the women differently.

Proving the cause and effect on any dedicated person is next to impossible, Rapaport told. Breast implant illness is a vague collect of symptoms relating to soreness, wearines, muscle ache, which are real symptoms, but we dont know the cause. And we dont know if they are at all related to breast implants.

This story first appeared in the NY Post .

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