5 Foods To Help You Sleep Better In Middle Age

Restful shuteye at night can sometimes become elusive as we get older. Not merely does it become more challenging to fall asleep, it’s also harder to stay asleep like we are to in our younger years. Your sleep rhythms can change perhaps that’s why you’ve noticed you’re adhering to the “early to bed, early to rise” proverb. Other sleep and health conditions, including insomnia, also make it difficult to get well-rested and get enough deep sleep. It’s commonly thought that older folks don’t need much sleep, but according to the National Sleep Foundation, your sleep needs don’t change drastically as you go from adult to older adult.

Here are a few things you can add to your diet that might help you sleep a little better.

1. Tart cherry juice

The sound of this beverage may attain you wince, but one study found that older adults with insomnia who drank this potent drinking morning and night, for two weeks straight-out, were able to sleep around 90 minutes longer. Tart cherries are believed to be an excellent source of melatonin, a hormone that helps govern our sleep. Another small study found that only drinking the juice for a week increased subjects’ melatonin levels and their sleep efficiency.

2. Protein-rich foods

If you’ve already jumped on the high-protein bandwagon, there’s good news. No, we’re not talking about a whittled-down waist. A recent survey found that middle-aged adults who are overweight, can improve their sleep quality by going on a lower-calorie, higher-protein diet. The protein came from sources like beef, soy, pork, legumes and dairy.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends pairing a protein with a carb as a bedtime snack if you need one, to better release the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan. Try a combining like cheese and crackers or peanut butter and toast.

3. Nuts

Tryptophan helps your body render serotonin, which you might know as a feel-good hormone that can help with your mood. But it also helps you sleep. Nuts, like walnuts and almonds, are good sources of tryptophan. Some analyzes have even found that walnuts can immediately increase melatonin levels. Almonds are also rich in magnesium, a inadequacy that has been linked to insomnia.

4. Fatty fish

In a study conducted by the University of Oxford, researchers found that in children with sleep disturbances, supplementing their diet with omega-3 helped them get nearly an extra hour of sleep. Other research has suggested that omega-3s can reduce inflammation and may assist with sleep apnea.

You can get plenty of omega-3s in your diet through feeing oily fish like salmon and tuna.

5. Passionflower tea

If you’re a tea or coffee drinker, you probably know that it’s best to avoid caffeine six or more hours before your bedtime to make sure it doesn’t disturb your ability to sleep. But having a warm drink before bedtime can be soothing and help promote relaxation for some people. Passionflower tea is a great option if you’re be very difficult sleep. The herb is touted for its calming impact and one small analyze found that a low dose of it, taken in tea, can help improve sleep quality for people who have mild sleeping problems. It’s important to note that as with any herbal supplement, passionflower can have interactions with other drugs, and you should discuss this with your health care provider before using it, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Is this undecomposed McDonald’s Happy Meal really 6 years old?

If you enjoy eating pork patties shaped into something they’re not or attempting to gorge yourself on 100 hamburgersin one sitting, McDonald’smight be your favorite eatery. And if that’s the case, there are a couple of things you should know.

For one, you should never watch how the company produces its chicken nuggets.Secondly, you should never think about how long it takes for the typical McDonald’s meal to decompose. The answer to both questions might just cause you to skip your next visit to the fast-food spot.

Jennifer Lovdahl, proprietor and operator of Balanced Health Chiropractic in Anchorage, Alaska, wrote on that she went to a McDonald’s in 2010, bought a Happy Meal, and then just sort of waited around for the next six years. Here was the result.

Her photos appears to make this a believable experiment, and that’s probably one reason the post has been shared more than 250,000 hours. The receipt, grease and all, is from Jan. 8, 2010, and the price of a Happy Meal these days is $3.29 rather than the $2.10 Lovdahl apparently expended six years ago. It also stimulates sense that Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel is featured on the box, since that movie was released on Dec. 23, 2009.

Of course, it’s impossible to know for sure whether the food photographed was actually bought six years ago and then stored for the last 2,222 days or so, soSnopesrates Lovdahl’s assert as mostly false.

Either way, we should know by now that there are plenty of preservatives in the food served by McDonald’s. But the company also has addressed the question of why its food doesn’t rotting in anonline Q& A 😛 TAGEND

“Actually, it can. Food needs moisture in the air for mold to form. Without it, food is as simple as dry outsort of like bread left out on a counter overnight to attain croutons for stuffing. You might have considered experimentations which seem to show no rotting in our food. Most likely, this is because the food has dehydrated before any visible deterioration could occur.”

So, truly, the photos, assuming they’re real, shouldn’t astonish anybody. Others have tried the same experimentation, with similar results, and as Snopes writes 😛 TAGEND

Most asserts about McDonald’s food failing to decompose were presented in the context of individuals’ having purchased food items specifically to evidence the phenomenon, but rarely( if ever) did such asserts provide much information about the conditions under which the experimentations were conducted. Moreover, ever fewer of them included one or more “control” samples of items bought at other outlets or made at home to rule out factors such as environmental or storage conditions as factors. Since most experimentations involved significant passages of hour and lacked control specimens, their probative value was significantly lessened .

In any case, going to McDonald’s on a regular basis isn’t healthy for your body. And watching the livestreamof Iceland’s last-ever McDonald’s mealwhich has yet to decompose at all, reallyis maybe a better route to expend your lunch hour.

Photo via Big Mac_6 0 / Flickr( CC BY SA 2.0 )

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She felt like a stone superstar in her 20 s — until she had 2 strokes at 27.

Mom and veteran Tamika Quinn supposed she was untouchable in her 20 s until she had two strokes back-to-back.

The first occurred on the right side of her brain, initially paralyzing the left side of her body. The second make her frontal lobe. As a result, Tamika expended three and a half weeks recovering in intensive care. While she did regain her motor functions, the experience was a huge wake-up call for her . “And to think it could’ve been prevented, ” Tamika recounts in the video below .~ ATAGEND

Tamika Quinn. All images via Cigna.

Earlier in life, Tamika had been diagnosed with high blood pressure but had brushed it off as a relatively unimportant statistic; it ran in their own families. But it wasn’t just genetics. Her household had limited access to things like fresh produce. As a outcome, less healthy and more convenient snacks often became the norm in her house.

After she recovered, Tamika started strolling more and eating healthier, home-cooked snacks.

She encouraged her two daughters, Sequoia and Kashra, to do the same especially Kashra, who was diagnosed with high cholesterol as small children.

Sequoia and Kashra.

“The switch for us was not feeing as much fast food and going on a lot of strolls, ” Sequoia recounts in the video.

Today, Tamika’s an advocate for the American Heart Associations Youre the Cure network and actively spreads the preventive health message.

“Any health issue that can be prevented should be, ” she wrote for You’re the Cure. “Since we know that nutrition plays such a key role in later health, its well worth our passionate focus now.”

Tamika also shares her health strategies through GLAM Girl Enterprises, the company she started to empower young woman to better themselves.

Treating your body with care often starts with knowing what to pay attention to such as your health numbers.

Tamika and her daughters.

And we’re not talking about waist and hip measurings. Your four health numbers blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index( BMI ), and blood sugar is available with important insight into how your body’s doing. They’re your doctor’s starting point to determine what, if anything, you need to do to get your body’s health back on track.

Taking steps toward taking care of ourselves before health issues arrive could have a big impact on each of us and the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that “if everyone in the U.S. received recommended clinical preventive health care, we could save over 100,000 lives a year.” That’s fairly staggering.

As a result of what she went through, Tamika will never take her health for awarded again.

She hopes her experience will inspire others to follow suit and prioritize preventive care. Because if they don’t take care of their body, everything can come to a screeching halt.

“People will take their vehicle to get an petroleum change or a tune up, ” Tamika explains below. “Your body is route more important than your car.”

Watch Tamika’s entire health journey here :

She was 27 and feeling invincible. Then she had a stroke.

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