Discovering The Perfect Highlighter For Your Skin Tone

Discovering The Perfect Highlighter For Your Skin Tone

I miss the simpler days when all I had to do with makeup was set some powder on my face, draw a line on my eye, and put a shit ton of mascara on. Now, I have to worry about painting my entire face different colors so that my cheekbones look upon phase in my selfies. Because all the filters in the fucking world arent enough, I guess. I should be thankful, frankly, because it seriously steps up my Instagram ratio, but it’s a lot of fucking work to make your scalp look like it naturally glows without looking like you spent at least an hour on your contour. That’s not including the times you mess up and have to start all over.

Me every fucking day^

Simply wearing enough bronzer to convince people you got a shitty spray tan doesn’t cut it anymore. Of course, there will always be another thing to add to our faces that stimulates us look more extra than we already are. That, my friends, is a shimmery, holy-looking highlighter that’s supposed to induce you glow like you’ve never glowed before.

Assuming you’ve already choice a highlighter to last you like, two weeks tops, it’s honestly fucking riling and inconvenient when you can’t settle on a perfect highlighter for your skin complexion. It is such a life-ruiner when you spend half your rent check on a palette but end up loving the blush and bronzer and absolutely hating the highlighter. Like, it’s bad enough you spend your entire life savings at Sephora buying other shit necessities. It’s even worse when you go home and try out yet another fucking highlighter only to be like, “well , now that I look like I just poured gold glisten on my face, I may as well run to the nearest rave.” Then, you have to suck it up and go with it because there’s no way in hell you’re throwing out an Urban Decay powder.

Since I’m totally over this bullshit, I’ve done us all a fucking favor and received the best highlighters for your scalp tone so you are able to look like the glowing goddess you are all the time. Because you, at the very least, deserve to glisten like a goddamn diamond.

For Pale Skin

If you find yourself thinking you always appear pasty no matter the season, find a highlighter thats pearlescent in color. Employing a highlighter with pink or gold undercurrents on a light skin tone may actually cause your friends to worry about your health. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl leaves a smooth, subtle shine with a white finish. If youre going for a look that presents everyone youre a fucking queen with an ice-cold heart, try NARS Illuminator in Copacabana. Its a light-reflecting liquid in a gleaming pearl. To add some coloring, mix with a golden bronzer and light pink blush.

For Medium Skin

You already have tan scalp or you just vacay somewhere in the tropics every two weeks. Now, you only need to enhance your tan and construct people more jealous of you than they already are. For warmer scalp tones, find a highlighter with a light pink hue or one in a golden shade. If youre trying to enhance a rosy light, go with Lancme Glow Subtil Silky Creme Highlighter in Buff Lights. If youre trying to look like you laid out in the sun for hours without stepping outside of your house, go with Natasha Denona Face Glow Cream Shimmerin medium. This stick applicator gives you the perfect sun-kissed dewy look if you cant make it to the beach. Just swipe right on your face.

For Dark Skin

For darker skin tones, aim for highlighters that have a rose gold or darker bronze fluctuation. Since you probably dont want to look youve aged 10 years overnight, far removed from silvers, pearls, or icy-looking shadesthey will give you a gray seem that only doesnt look cute. Immerse your face in a bottle of ros a colour that reminds you of ros by utilizing Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 -hour Highlighter in Sparkler. If you want something that enhances your scalp tone, go for a shade like Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder in Bronzed Glow.

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