Flashback Friday: The Problem with the Paleo Diet Argument

Flashback Friday: The Problem with the Paleo Diet Argument

“The problem of the ancient Stone Age, diet”, translation, Ghada, Khalil Diet, epidemics have led us to do a lot of research About the foods that people are supposed to eat for optimum health. In 1985, a prominent article supposed to be published was published. Our chronic diseases come from a difference Among the food that contributed to the development of our bodies in the Stone Age During the last two million years between what we fill our stomach today In support of our return to the diet of hunters and gatherers, It relies On lean meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts, Although it may seem reasonable to assume that our nutritional requirements are, It was established in the past and prehistoric times. However, the question of whether it is any era in particular remains

And why only the last 2 million years We have continued to evolve for 25 million years, Since our common ancestors were from apes During this period, our nutritional requirements and our digestive functions were determined. Therefore, we may have limited our awareness of the hunting and gathering period. So what were we eating during the first 90 % of our development? The rest of the apes would not eat it More than 95 % of the plants. This may explain why we are more vulnerable now to heart disease. For most of the human development period. Cholesterol was not present in the diet, Where there was no bacon butter or trans fats, but rather large amounts of fiber That expels cholesterol from the body. Perhaps that was the problem, because our bodies needed a certain amount of cholesterol.

And so our bodies didn’t just evolve to produce cholesterol, But also keep and recycle it. Our bodies have evolved to learn to keep cholesterol. If we consider the body as a cholesterol-keeping machine, We besieged it between modern day foods such as bacon, eggs, cheese, chicken and pork And pastes, then it is not surprising that there are heart diseases and clogged arteries. She is the number one cause of death. What was previously no coping mechanism for 90 % of our development, That is, to keep cholesterol because we weren’t getting it enough from our diet. Today, it is an obstacle responsible for our blockage of the arteries.

And it seems that our bodies cannot handle it As the editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Cardiology 25 years ago stated No matter how much you eat, fats and cholesterol, It does not block arteries. We can give you a cholesterol equivalent to 500 eggs and a butter template for a dog Without ever being affected Dogs evolved from the family of wolves. Therefore, their bodies used to take up cholesterol and get rid of the excess of it. Whereas, within a few months, you can have a small amount of cholesterol Begin to block the arteries of animals whose food is more focused on plant foods And even if our bodies were designed and prepared through natural selection, Fruits, vegetables and seeds will eat. Most of the time for 90 % of our development, Why couldn’t we cope with eating meat in the remaining 10 % during the Stone Age? We have had almost 2 million years to adapt to our extra saturated fats and cholesterol And, if eating that food throughout life affects almost everyone, the arteries become clogged. Why did the genes of those who had heart attacks not go extinct? They are replaced by other genes that help to live a long life With healthy arteries that are not affected whatever they eat, Because most of them didn’t live long. They did not live long enough to have a heart attack.

When the expected life expectancy is 25 years, The genes that transmit are those that enable you From living only until childbearing age, by whatever means necessary, That is, you will not die of hunger, Thus the more calories in food, the better. So if many bone marrow and brains are ingested, whether human or not, It was a selective advantage, It is equally important to discover a quantity of cake sent to them through the time machine at that time. If our mission is to live long enough to pass on our genes to our children at puberty, So developing preventive mechanisms against the ravages and effects of chronic diseases was not necessary.

In order to find people who are almost free from chronic diseases in old age, We do not need to go back a million years In the twentieth century. Missionary hospital networks were found in rural areas of Africa. Coronary artery disease is almost nonexistent, not just heart disease. Even high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, common cancers, etc. In a way these peoples were in the rural areas of China and Africa Eat the same quality of food that we have been eating for 90 % of the last 20 million years or more, Which was almost exclusively on plant foods.

How do we make sure that their diet is what protects them from disease and not something else In the updated version? 25 years after their research paper on the Stone Age Diet, They tried to clarify that they had not been proposed earlier, nor currently For people to follow a certain diet, Just based on what our grandparents used to eat before Dietary recommendations must be put to the test. This is why pioneering research by Pretiken, Ornish and Islsten was the leading research Of great importance. It shows that vegetarian foods cannot only stop heart disease In most patients, it has even been shown to be able to treat it.

Sure this is the only diet that is capable of this. The reason may be that this is what we were eating during the vast majority of our development.