Green slime oozes into Florida’s primary elections

Green slime oozes into Florida’s primary elections

Cape Coral, Florida( CNN) Usually, politics and gunk run hand-in-hand. “Sliming” a political opponent is well-worn tradition, after all.

Green slime oozing from Lake Okeechobee is polluting Florida’s pristine waterways that flowing east and west from the pond and eventually south into the bays and oceans. This disaster has caused a dramatic decline in the economy.

It’s the topic of dialogue around here. Campaigns are running heavy on the environment. Television ads are focused on the algae and billboards now line the roads.

Some voters say they’ve had enough and they want their voices heard in a big style.

Looks like guacamole, smells like eggs

Chris Wittman is on the water daily. He has lived in Florida his entire life and has never seen his backyard so polluted. He lives and runs near Cape Coral, Florida, just south of Fort Myers. He has insured a huge decline in the number of barges on the water. “People come here and live in Florida to recreate on the water, to fish and to boat and to ski and swim and this robs them of that, ” says Wittman.

The green algae and dead fish are driving them away. He describes it as “offensive.”

The algae are the brightest shade of green you can imagine, its consistency is similar to guacamole and smells like rotting eggs and flesh.

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