Hotel plan to serve up midge burgers

Hotel plan to serve up midge burgers

Image caption The burger will be dipped in midges and coated with a secret ingredient

An Argyll hotelier has unveiled plans to serve burgers built with midges to his customers.

David Keat, who owns the Brander Lodge Hotel near Oban, said he would harvest the blood-sucking insects from the hotel’s midge exterminator machines.

He said the burgers would be dipped in a coat of midges, like breadcrumbs, and a special secret ingredient added.

The plans are due to be considered by Argyll Council’s environmental health department.

Mr Keat, who acknowledged the idea started off as a joke, said he came up with it after creating a vegan “midge fodder burger” use plants from the hotel’s garden, which are a haven for the tiny insects.

WATCH: Midge swarm in Argyll Outlander star tweets about midge encounter Image caption The burger will have to be tested to ensure it is fit for human consumption Image caption David Keat and chef Connor Hay will harvest the midges from extermination machines at the hotel

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