Is Pokemon Go the answer to America’s obesity problem? | Dave Schilling

People may be gazing through their smartphones at digital characters in inappropriate places, but at the least they are moving

I am currently writing this under a great deal of stress. The Pokmon Go servers are down. Frankly, if the Pokmon Go servers were up, I wouldnt be writing at all.

Id be playing Pokmon Go, because thats all I do now, and Im certainly not the only one in that situation. America nay, the world is ingested with this totally irrelevant altered reality mobile game in which human beings collect grotesque cartoon ogres concealing throughout the planet.

There are some haters out there who claim Pokmon Go which confuses people from their everyday lives, encouraging them to collect said monsters wherever they may be, whether in a park or at the Holocaust Museum is poised to ruin our already tenuous society. But I predict the opposite to be true, because Pokmon Go actually encourages strolling. The game might even solve Americas obesity problem forever.

Living in Los Angeles, I hoof it as little as humanly possible. First of all, its oppressively hot right now. Second, everything from my local grocery store to the juicery where I get my greens is kilometres away. Theres even a ballad about how no one in LA walks anywhere. I spend most of my days either in my air-conditioned home or in my air-conditioned auto, watching life pass before my eyes with no interest in its contents. Pokmon Go exacerbates this tenfold with its layer of digitized fiction, but at the least Im putting one foot in front of the other while I do it.

Most video games are played from a seated position. Bellow of Duty, Halo, Uncharted and the like are best experienced with your behind firmly planted on a luxurious lounge. I have find people play video games while at a standing desk, but those people uniformly look ridiculous, like theyre just about to run out of the room because the fire alarm get pulled. Those Wii Sports games, where people swaying a remote control in front of a Tv while pretending to play golf, was all the rage a decade ago. But now no one plays them unless theyre drunk after a dinner party or their parents dont let them watch movies rated PG-1 3.

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