Julianne Hough Is In Insane Shape And Eats Pizza, So There’s Hope For You

Julianne Hough Is In Insane Shape And Eats Pizza, So There’s Hope For You

Here’s the truth: You’re not going to wake up tomorrow and look like Julianne Hough.

Getting into amazing shape like her isn’t impossible, though. In fact, you’re probably more like her than you think. Thisfit superstar also eats pizza. It’s actually one of her favorite foods.

Hough told Shape how she mostly sticks to whole unprocessed foods and snacks. “I don’t want to set a paragraph of ingredients in my body, ” she says. On the reg, she’ll feed lean protein and veggies. She’ll occasionallythrow in quinoa and rice for extra energy.

Pizza isn’t out of the picture, though. Hough explains,

“Pizza is my favorite food. I eat it a lot! I want everyone to know that I’m not Miss Perfect. You can cheat every once in a while, and that’s OK.”

This is just another perfect instance of how the 80/20 regulation works. Eighty percent of the time you should feed healthy and clean foods. Then 20 percent of the time, you can eat what it is you want. You can read more about how this rule runs here.

Like most of us, Hough started her fitness journey in her teens. She worked out for hours a day and barely ate enough to sustain herself, and that wasn’t good.That’s not how fitness is done and it’s not a realistic lifestyle at all.

Hough tells Shape what being healthy actually means to her.

“My definition of healthy is figuring out a lifestyle. A plenty of people think it’s about what you feed or how hard you work out. It’s about your intellect as much as it is about your body.”

Speaking of a healthy lifestyle, you can see Hough has figured it out for herself. She also talks about what inspires her to keep going. You can probably guess it’s not motivational quotes and images on Instagram. She tells, “I think about my future self … What I want to feel like 10 years down the line.”

All we see right now is the result of years of hard work. So no, you’re not going to wake up tomorrow and look like a supermodel, but you can take steps to figuring out what living healthy looks like for you.

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