Late-night hosts on Trumpcare and Russia: ‘Administration allergic to facts’

Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert addressed the GOPs stalled healthcare bill and the Russia controversy that has engulfed the White House

Late-night hosts addressed the GOPs stalled healthcare bill and the continuous revelations being unearthed about Donald Trumps campaign and its a link with Russia.

Seth Meyers, returning from a hiatus, began by explaining Donald Trump Jrs amorphous explanations for the meeting held a total of Trump Tower last summertime between him, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and several Russian figures.

The Russia scandal has engulfed the White House after last weeks bombshell revelations that Trumps son Donald Trump Jr met with a woman described as a Russian government lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of Russia and its governments is supportive of Mr Trump, he began. One Trump ally called it a category 5 hurricane and another White House official said, This is sum-of-all-fears stuff, its what weve all been dreading.

Maybe youve been dreading it, Meyers quipped, but the rest of us have been waiting for it like the new season of Game of Thrones.

Meyers detailed the presidents sons changing explanations for the meeting: First he said it had nothing to do with the campaign, it was just a short introductory session about the adoption of Russian children. The next day he acknowledged the lawyer promised grime on Hillary but said her statements were vague, ambiguous and induced no sense. The day after that he said the session was normal opponent research that ran nowhere, but had to listen.

And then finally, Meyers said, after releasing all the emails, he insisted the meeting was fine because it occurred before the current Russian fever was in vogue.

Okay, first of all, in vogue? Meyers asked. Its war criminals conspiracy to meddle in an election , not a romp-him.

Meyers concluded: He changed his narrative four times in four days. Thats like if your spouse asks, Where were you last night? and you said, I was at work, I was working at a coworkers house, at a friends house, at a female friends house, in a female friends bed, but nothing came of it.

Trevor Noah of Comedy Central took aim at the GOPs endeavors at healthcare reform, which have stalled after senators Mike Lee and Jerry Moran conveyed their opposition to it late Monday night.

The Trump administration is allergic to facts, he began, referring to their statements, in stark contrast to the projections of the Congressional Budget Office and insurance companies, that the Republican healthcare bill would not cause tens of thousands of Americans to lose insurance.

Instead of focusing on the numbers, Trumps team says we should focus on what we believe, Noah said. Yes, we believe everyones going to be covered. Some by insurance, some by the sheets that the coroners place over them because they cant afford healthcare.

He went on: Now, the CBO clearly doesnt believes in the power of dreamings, because their numbers show that around 22 million fewer people will have insurance under this plan, and theyve come to that prediction with data and statistical models, which are by far Trumps least favorite type of model.

On some level, you have to be impressed that Mitch McConnell and his friends have written a bill so bad that their own party loathes it, Noah joked. The only question is when something is so deeply unpopular, how could you possible make it worse?

He then aired news coverage of Ted Cruzs proposed amendment to the plan, which would supposedly sell cheaper insurance plans with fewer benefits while increasing premiums. My man, Noah joked.

So, to sum up, the CBO says millions fewer people would have insurance. Moderate Republican dislike it for not covering enough people. Conservative Republican hate it for covering too many people. Insurance companies hate it. Republican governors hate it. The American people detest it, Noah said, before explaining that, with John McCains temporary absence from Capitol hill to get a blood clot removed, the GOP did not have the votes to pass the bill.

The bill is seeming so bad right now that even Republican senators are like: I better get my procedures done now before we pass this thing.

Finally, Stephen Colbert began his indicates Russia Week by be concentrated on Trump Jrs meeting, which has inspired calls for the removal of Jared Kushners security clearance.

Its Russia Week. And I just want to get out ahead of the narrative here. I recently met with a lot of Russians, Colbert said of his reporting trip to Saint petersburg a few weeks ago. I cant recollect why. Maybe because I was in Russia. This week well be indicating you one Russian field piece. I meant to say two Russian my lawyers are now telling me its five Russian field pieces.

Meanwhile, back in the United States: Russia, he said.

Folks, things are not looking good for chairwomen son and store-brand Billy Baldwin Donald Trump Jr, Colbert joked. Now weve learned that there was another Russian at the meeting, Russian lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin.

The host went on: Funny detail. He is reportedly a former Soviet counter-intelligence officer. Of course, when it comes to Don Jr, theres not much intelligence to counter.

Last week, Don Jr did not mention this other Russian snoop guy, Colbert explained, airing a clip of the presidents son saying this is everything prior to the revelations that there were, in fact, other Russian officials at the session in June 2016. This is everything? It mustve slipped his mind. With all that hair gel, things simply slide out.

So then we found out there was also a sixth person, he said. Thats more people than are currently working at Trumps EPA. Now , no one is saying that there were seven people in the session. Because it turns out there were at least eight people in the room. Eight. Thats not even counting the other Russians that were nesting inside of them.

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