Media startup Prhbtd raises$ 8M to assist bring cannabis to the mainstream

Media startup Prhbtd raises$ 8M to assist bring cannabis to the mainstream

Prohbtd, a startup that CEO Drake Sutton-Shearer said is designed to “build a bridge” between the cannabis industry and mainstream culture, is announcing that it has raised$ 8 million in Series A funding.

It’s not the only cannabis-focused digital media company out there; I wrote about the initial funding for Herb last year. But Sutton-Shearer was contended that Prohbtd is creating premium content with a unique voice.

For one thing, he told Prohbtd’s isn’t focused exclusively on cannabis. Instead, the goal is to create a diverse slate of lifestyle- and culture-related content, with cannabis as the hook.

Take, for example, Edibles, a video series hosted by Birdie Harrelson( niece of Woody Harrelson) — the series includes recipes for creating cannabis-infused baked goods, but as Sutton-Shearer set it, when each episode opens,” She’s not talking about weed, she’s going to bakeries .”

The company says that its video content( which is available on both the Prohbtd website and on devices like Apple TV and Roku) find 21 million views in May, with an average opinion period of 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Sutton-Shearer said one of his priorities is forging” mainstream partnerships” like Prohbtd’s deal with Advertising Week. The company also works with more than 60 cannabis brands — not just on branded videos and sponsorships, but more broadly on product developing, design and marketing.

Asked whether this creates a potential conflict with the editorial side of the business, Sutton-Shearer pointed out that plenty of other digital media companies( like BuzzFeed and Vice) operate their own branded content studios.

” Today’s younger consumer, I don’t think they really care that much whether something’s branded or not ,” he said.” They do want to know if it’s entertaining and thoughtful .”

Prohbtd had previously created$ 4 million in seed fund from investors including actor/ musician Donald Glover. The new round was led by Serruya Private Equity, The Delavaco Group and Cresco Capital.

” We’ve seen every media possibility in the cannabis industry but none of them compare to what the team at PROHBTD has built ,” told Serruya Private Equity’s Aaron Serruya in the funding proclamation.” We expect great things from the company and we’re aroused to support the team’s global vision .”

Speaking of that vision, Sutton-Shearer said Prohbtd is exploring international opportunities, including in Canada, Australia and Latin America, with plans for a Canadian public offering.

” We’re very strategically looking at the rest of the world, but there’s still a lot to be done in the U.S .,” Sutton-Shearer said.

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