New Orleans violence ‘beyond the pale of reason and sanity’

New Orleans violence ‘beyond the pale of reason and sanity’

New Orleans( CNN) It begins with a simple fender bender. Two SUVs speed off. Three blocks away, the drivers exit and argue. Within seconds, shots are fired, and ex-NFLer Will Smith lies dead in the street.

Welcome to New Orleans.

To the world, the Big Easy is a place to cut loose, rich in culture, music and cuisine. A city that lives its motto, “Laissez les bon temps rouler, ” and draws up to 9.8 million tourists a year.

But peel back that glittery exterior and you find a place that’s infringe and violent in many ways — a place where demises such as that of a favorite New Orleans Saint don’t terribly astonished anyone.

“For all its love of life, the committee is also seems to lack a respect for life, ” told Father Bill Terry of St. Anna’s Episcopal Church. Outside his church hangs a white plastic committee that lists the names and ages of all those murdered — an eerie monument to the city’s fallen residents.

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