Ansbach bomber declared is supportive of Isis, tells Bavarian official

Syrian who killed himself and injured 15 others at celebration had video of pledge on his phone, says Bavarian interior minister

A video found on the phone of the Syrian asylum seeker who blew himself up in Ansbach in Germany shows him declaring his support for the leader of Islamic State, the Bavarian interior minster has said.

Joachim Herrmann said that according to an initial translation of the Arabic-language video, the man announced a retaliation assault against Germany. I think that after this video theres no doubt that the attack was a terrorist attack with an Islamist background, told Herrmann.

The attacker, 27, killed himself and injured 15 otherswhen he exploded a rucksack of explosives outside a music celebration in Ansbach on Sunday. He was due to be deported to Bulgaria after having his application for asylum turned down.

Herrmann told policemen detected videos with Salafist content on storage device seized at the unnamed Syrian mans home, along with gasoline, chemicals and other material that could be used to make a bomb.

The Isis-linked Amaq news agency said on Monday that the attacker was a soldier of the Islamic State who had acted in response to calls to target nations in the coalition fighting the terror group. It offered no evidence to support the claim.

Bavarian home minister Joachim Herrmann. Photograph: Daniel Karmann/ EPA

The attack went two days after a gunman killed nine peoplein the Bavarian city of Munich and a week after a man attacked train passengers with an axe in Wrzburg, also in Bavaria.

The three incidents have plunged the south-east German state and the country as a whole into an acute state of nervousness and inspired probing the issue of the extent to which the open-door policy of the chancellor, Angela Merkel, towards refugees last summer might be to blame.

In another incident on Sunday, a 21 -year-old Syrian “ve killed a” pregnant Polish female, 45, with a knife in Reutlingen, in the state of Baden-Wrttemberg. Police said there were no indications of terrorism and the attacker appeared to have known the woman he killed.

The German interior minister, Thomas de Maizire, said the country will boost its police presence at airports and train stations and to be implemented by stop and search operations close to border areas, after the four attacks.

What seems particularly important to me at the moment is an increased police presence in public spaces, De Maizire told a news conference in Berlin.

I have therefore ordered that the federal police visibly increase their presence at airports and railway stations and that there are random checks, which are not visible but very effective, in border areas.

De Maizire defended Merkels refugee policy, pointing out that none of the suspects involved in the two attacks in the past week were among the refugees who arrived last autumn after Merkels declaration that Germanys doorways were open to those in need.

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He said the perpetrator of the Ansbach attack had requested asylum in 2014. He had been due to be deported to Bulgaria where he had already been offered refugee status but the order was suspended after medical credentials were submitted that proved “hes having” mental health problems. De Maizire used to say deportation proceedings recommenced on 13 July.

Police earlier said the attacker was known to them following his arrest for a mild medication offence, as well as two attempts at suicide to which the latter are called.

The Ansbach attack happened at about 10.10 pm local time in the entryway of a wine bar at the Ansbach Open festival, when the attacker tried to enter the grounds but was turned back because he had no ticket. He instantly detonated the explosives in his rucksack.

Had he managed to get into the celebration, there would certainly have been more victims, told Nurembergs deputy head of police, Roman Fertinger. The mans rucksack contained the types of metal items being implemented in timber run and available at DIY stores.

Four of the 15 injured people have serious injuries, Ansbachs mayor, Carda Seidel, said on Monday. No one suffered any life-threatening traumata, she told, and most of the traumata came from splinters.

The festival was called off after the two attacks and 2,000 people travelled home.

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Sephora Hit With Lawsuit After Woman Claims She Get Herpes From One Of Their Testers!

Let this be a alerting to shoppers!

A California woman is suing Sephora after she says she contracted herpes from using one of their lipstick tester samples in 2015, this according to

The unnamed female is suing for emotional distress from her “incurable lifelong affliction.”

Sephora hasn’t commented on the lawsuit, although a spokesperson did share a statement with Fashionista:

“While it is our policy not to comment on litigation, the health and safety of our clients is our foremost priority. We take product hygiene very seriously and we are dedicated to following best practices in our stores.”


May this be a reminder to stay away from the communal testers …

Putnam Chiropractic Center alleged to owe more than $75000 to chiropractor – West Virginia Record

West Virginia Record

Putnam Chiropractic Center alleged to owe more than $75000 to chiropractor
West Virginia Record
WINFIELD – A Putnam County chiropractor alleges a Hurricane entity defaulted on a note. Jan A. Harbour, D.C. filed a complaint in Putnam Circuit Court against Putnam Chiropractic Center PLLC alleging breach of promissory note. According to the

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Twitter Is Roasting Ivanka Trump With Ivanka Guarantees Jokes After A Blistering Op-Ed

If you feel like you’re being gaslit by Ivanka Trump, you’re not alone. “The Ivanka Trump Guarantee, ” a scathing op-ed written by contributor Lindy West, perfectly unpacked the hypocritical, wishy-washy role that Trump has played in The White House thus far. As an added bonus, the piece also prompted a whole slew of tweets about “Ivanka Trump Guarantees”– which were both barbarian and highly creative.

To start, let’s look at what Ivanka Trump’s ensure was to be. She positioned herself as a champion for women, children and underprivileged Americans, gushing neatly packaged talking phases about gender equality and closing the pay gap. She tweeted out supportingduring Gay Pride month and condemned the white supremacists who took to the streets in Charlottesville, Virginia( without acknowledging the fact that those people were, in fact, supporters of her parent ).

And yet, as her father passes legislation after legislation that fastened down hard on the vulnerable, the first daughter sits in radio stillnes.

That is because, West points out, Trump is not a real advocate for women. Instead, she’ll talk endlessly and vaguely on social media about “child care credit” and “female entrepreneurs” and ignore pretty much everything else that’s going on. West wrote ,

A real proponent for women’s power and prosperity would be devastated by President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which will shatter the lives of hundreds of thousands of immigrant women and the ones who depend on them.A real proponent for women’s freedom would fight indefatigably for affordable health care and abortion access.

But what Trump guarantee us? According to Twitter 😛 TAGEND

She’ll maintain stimulating her products outside of the United States…

She won’t live up to her promises…

And she’ll make decisions on par with her father.

Oh, and then there were those who never bought the Ivanka Trump Guarantee in the first place.

At the very least we know there’s a pattern. Donald Trump does something despicable, and Ivanka Trump takes to social media, in her best powder pink dress, to make some vague, irrelevant statement about entrepreneurs. #TheIvankaTrumpGuarantee, right there.

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