The Number Of Adults With Diabetes Has Quadrupled To 422 Million

By Kate Kelland

LONDON( Reuters) – The number of adults with diabetes has quadrupled worldwide in under four decades to 422 million, and the condition is fast becoming a major problem in poorer countries, a World Health Organization study indicated on Wednesday.

In one of the largest studies to date of diabetes trends, the researchers said ageing populations and rising high levels of obesity across the world mean diabetes is becoming “a defining issue for global public health”.

Type 2 diabetes is a long-term condition characterized by insulin resistance. Patients can manage their diabetes with medication and diet, but the disease is often life-long and is a major cause of blindness, kidney failing, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation.

“Obesity is the most important risk factor for kind 2 diabetes and our attempts to control rising rates of obesity have so far not proven successful, ” said Majid Ezzati, a prof at Imperial College London who led the WHO research.

Published in The Lancet journal ahead of the United Nations World Health Day on April 7, such studies utilized data from 4.4 million adults in different world regions to estimate age-adjusteddiabetes prevalence for 200 countries.

It found that between 1980 and 2014, diabetes has become more common among humen than females, and rates of diabetes rose significantly in many low and middle income countries, including China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt and Mexico.

Margaret Chan, the WHO’s director-general, said the findings proved an urgent need to address unhealthy diets and lifestyles around the world.

“If we are to make any headroom in halting the rise in diabetes, we need to rethink our daily lives: to feed healthily, be physically active, and avoid excessive weight gain, ” she said in a statement from the WHO’s Geneva headquarters.

“Even in the poorest settings, governments must ensure that people are able to make these healthy options and that health systems are able to diagnose and treat people with diabetes.”

The study found that northwestern Europe has the lowest rates of diabetes among women and men, with age-adjusted prevalence lower than 4 percent among women and at around 5 to 6 percent among men in Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands.

No country find any meaningful decrease in diabetes prevalence, it found.

The largest increases in diabetes rates were in Pacific island nations, followed by the Countries of the middle east and North Africa, in countries like Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The data also showed that half of adults with diabetes in 2014 lived in five countries – China, India, the United States, Brazil and Indonesia. Rates more than doubled for men in India and China between 1980 and 2014.

( Reporting by Kate Kelland, editing by Jeremy Gaunt)

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Price-gouging ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli arrested for securities scam

The most hated human on the Internet may be going to prison.

Martin Shkreli, the 32 -year-old CEO of Turing Pharmaceutical who became infamous for boosting the price of alife-saving narcotic more than 5,000 percentage, has been arrested by the FBI for securities fraud, reports Bloomberg News.

Shkreli’s arrest has nothing to do with cost gouging, however. Instead, federal prosecutors have accused him of taking stock from a firm he founded in 2011, Retrophin Inc ., and using the stock to pay off indebtednes related to MSMB Capital Management, a hedge fund that collapsed after losing millions of dollars, as well as personal indebtednes. Shkreli is also accused to misleading clients to get them to invest in two funds.

He first sparked the public’s fury earlier this year after news that Turing jacked-up the price of Daraprim, a drug used to boost the immune systems of people with life-threatening illnesses like HIV, from $13.5 per pill to $750. He rapidly became the face of corporate greed and a poster son from everything that people feel is wrong with a capitalist system.

Adding to his villainous image, Shkreli later reneged on his promise to lower the price of Daraprim. It was later revealed that he was also the mystery person who purchase the only transcript of Wu-Tang Clan’s albumOnce Upon a Time in Shaolinfor millions of dollars.

In a suit filed in August, Retrophin accused Shkreli of a number of complex financial transactions that include poaching company funds in fraudulent transactions with investors in MSMB. The company also alleges that Shkreli used fake consulting agreements, as Bloomberg sets it, to pay off some MSMB investors, among other allegations of wrongdoing.

Writing on the investment forum Investorhub in February 2015, Shkreli shrugged off Retrophin’s allegations as totally false, untrue at best and libelou at worst.

I am confident that anyone who looked into the transactions would find them perfectly legal, reasonable and quite intelligent( the results of the company speak for themselves ), Shkreli added. I welcome any scrutiny by any party and have faith any investigation will be resolved without issueit would not be the first time and it won’t be the last that my moves have been looked atthis is not my first rodeo and I have too many scars to do something stupid.

Shkreli, as well as a second defendant, lawyer Evan Greebel, could face up to 20 years in prison, if convicted.

Adding to Shkreli’s legal woes, the New York Attorney General’s office launched an investigation into whether Turing intentionally obstructed other companies in creating generic versions of Daraprim, which could be sold at a lower cost.

Later that month, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Inc. began selling its own version of Daraprim for approximately$ 1 per pill.

Update 4:35 pm CT, Dec. 17 : Shkreli and another defendant, Evan Greebel, face up to 20 years in prison.

Screenshot via ABC News

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The Rules Of Downton Abbey Can Cure All Your Social Awkwardness

Sorry, “Game of Thrones, ” but “Downton Abbey” is the best prove ever. The historical romance oozings style.

The show plays host to Lady Sybils periwinkle harem pants and Lady Marys enviable roaring ’2 0s sequins. It has witty banter, beautiful humen( Tweet me, Allen Leech) and Dame Maggie Smith, for weeping out loud.

“Game of Thrones” might build me dreaded bridals, but Downton is next level drama.

What depicted me in initially, however, wasnt Allen Leechs jawline. It was the etiquette.The prove makes me pine for a time when people courted instead of swiping right.

Every mannerism, dialogue and comebackwasshaped around the strict conduct codes of the post-Edwardian era.

While I cant model my life on “Downton” I dont have a Carson , nor am I a Dutchess I can take certain social cues and are being implemented to my day-to-day.

To help channel my inner Lady Mary, I spoke with lifestyle and etiquette expert Elaine Swann on how toapplysome ’2 0s-style suavity to social situations.

From awkward holiday parties to modern-day dating, here’s how to live the “Downton” way.

Start devoting a sh* t about what other people think.

You might be a boss lady who doesn’t give a damn what anyone believes, but its time to take a step back.

At the turn of the century, reputation shaped your entire livelihood. Things arent as severe these days, but maybe giving a f* ck isnt such a bad idea.

Swann stress the importance of being concerned about how we conduct ourselves whether were out in public, at work or even online.

Etiquette is all about putting others at ease, Swann says. Consideration[ means] doing something that wont embarrass someone else.”


It’s okay to act like a damn lady.

Yes, women are strong and independent. There are more women in positions of power now than ever before.

Just because youre a powerful chick at work doesnt mean you have to translate that to every aspect of your life.

Its hard for a man to hug a porcupine, Swann explains.

In short: There’s nothing wrong with a dame accepting a chivalrous act.

Dont refuse his jacket if youre cold. Allow him to open the door for you.

He shouldnt text you to say hes awaiting downstairs in your building’s foyer. Instead, he should come straight-out to your doorway and walk with you to his car.

Swann emphasizes the importance of not dumbing ourselves down, but lightening up a bit.

Even prickly Lady Mary lets humen to woo her. And we all know she’s a boss bitch.

Wait a little while before jumping his bones.

Sex on a first date might be fun, but its setting a precedent for the rest of the courtship.

It won’t get any easier for you afterwards down the line.

Sure, Lady Mary mightve opted to sleep with Lord Gillingham before considering matrimony. But, for the most component, sex before matrimony just wasnt done in the “Downton” days.

And for good reason.

When we have sex with someone too early, we become clouded and are prevented from stimulating sound judgements, Swann stresses. If hes not the right one for you … it stimulates it easier to cut him off if you wait.”

Dont let vexing family members get the best of you.

If Aunt Marge wont shut up about how youre still single, have a plan of action.

After all, its not like Cora assaulted The Dowager Countess over the dinner table.

Let crazy be crazy, Swann suggests. Distinguish you cant fix them.”

Swanns top tip is to maintain your aplomb in the face of adversity. Dont call anyone out.

When the conversation get weird, answer Aunt Marge’s probing question. Then, promptly divert the conversation by making small talk about her life.

She’ll love that you remembered her hobbies. And, honestly, dames love to talk about themselves.

Or, you can be like the Dowager and devote virtually zero f* cks.

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10+ Genius Food Inventions You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Ever insured a shopping cart with a magnifying glass attached so elderly people can read the food labels better? Ever picked up an avocado and noticed that it’s got a color-coded sticker that tells you precisely when the fruit is ripe? Ever find a microwave that they are able to cook your food to perfection by simply scanning the bar code on the packaging? If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then check out this list, compiled by Bored Panda , for an awesome listing of innovative food inventions that you might not know exist. Once you consider them you’ll wonder how you survived without them for so long! Don’t forget to vote for the best!

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New York’s chewing tobacco prohibition indicates dipping is yesterday’s pastime

Chewing tobacco has been part of baseball since the start, and some players dont like being told what to do but progress towards a healthier game is welcome

The new baseball season is into its second week, but one old tradition will be less visible this year: dipping.

Th use of smokeless tobacco products has already been banned at Major League ballparks in San Francisco, Boston and Los Angeles, and last week, dipping is now prohibited in the sport stadiums of New York. The crusade to eradicate tobacco from baseball will be a long one, but progress is being stimulated, to the delight of veteran campaigners.

We have long been on the side of getting smokeless tobacco off the field, said commissioner Rob Manfred during a Kansas City Royals broadcast last week. Its been banned in the minor leagues for a number of years, and in multiple rounds of bargaining, we made proposals about limiting its use on the field. So, in general, we watch the legislation that has been passed as a positive. Its a health hazard for our players, and one we would like to avoid.

For many fans, the sight of players chewing tobacco or spewing its remnants into a cup has become cliche. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids lately estimated that between 25 and 30% of Major league players use the substance, which comes in many varieties.

Chewing tobacco has been deeply ingrained in baseball since video games was formulated in the mid-1 800 s. At that time, chewing tobacco was popular in the United States, with many people viewing it as a kind of cultural insurrection against the English, who largely smoked their tobacco through tubes. The art of dipping came to permeate American life including baseball.

But America seemed to fall out of love with chewing tobacco in the 1890 s, when German microbiologist Robert Koch linked spitting to the spread of tuberculosis. On Kochs advice, major cities passed anti-spitting laws, and spittoons were removed from public places. This stimulated chewing tobacco far less convenient, and triggered a great migration towards cigarettes, deemed safer in the public conscience.

But as the new century dawned, baseball didnt follow the trend. Chewing tobacco was still deeply entrenched. Many players were patently addicted to chaw, but others reaped strategic benefits from it, such as lubricating gloves and providing moisture for spitballs.

As the spitball was proscribed and cigarettes became an virtually glamorous accessory, some ballplayers gradually weaned themselves off chewing tobacco but it never is away entirely. Baseball maintained a close relationship with the tobacco industry, as legends like Joe DiMaggio fronted advertising campaigns and post-war ballparks were plastered with billboards for Bull Durham and Camel cigarettes.

In the 1960 s, greater education led to a drop in cigarette usage, but there was also a resurgence of chewing tobacco in the Major Leagues, as producers flooded clubhouses with free products, hoping to get a whole new generation hooked. It ran: baseballs habit was passed down like a baton, from veterans to rookies, from idols to worshipers. By 1999, 31% of Major League rookies use chewing tobacco, according to a study by Jeff Cooper, James Ellison and Margaret Walsh. The national average for males was just 6 %, which spoke to an endemic problem within the game.

That year, Tony Gwynn was enjoying his 18 th season with the San Diego Padres. A fun-loving guy with a broad smile and gentle personality, Gwynn collected his 3,000 th made that year and was selected to the 15 th All-Star Game of a remarkable career. Gwynn was an icon, a formidable craftsman at the plate but he was also a serial user of chewing tobacco. Gwynn would eventually say that caused the salivary gland cancer that led to his death in June 2014.

Gwynn maintained that the cancer was located where he typically placed a wad of tobacco. Other baseball players have suffered complications due to using tobacco products, from Babe Ruth, who died of oral cancer, to Bill Tuttle, who eventually lost the ability to speak. Star pitcher Curt Schilling blamed smokeless tobacco for his battle with mouth cancer, and likened working in baseball afterwards to an alcoholic becoming a bartender.

The threats of smokeless tobacco are well established. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it has myriad of negative impact, from nicotine addiction to cancer of the mouth, esophagus and pancreas. Dont forget gum disease, tooth loss, extreme dehydration and belly acid; high blood pressure, loss of jaws and the erosion of tongues and cheeks. An average wad of tobacco, chewed for 30 minutes, releases as much nicotine as three cigarettes, while direct contract with the mouth stimulates it arguably more potent.

In the 2012 -1 6 labor agreement, Major League owners pushed for a complete ban on smokeless tobacco, but satisfied opponent from the players union. The league was able to secure concessions, however, as players were banned from carrying packages of tobacco on the field and conducting interviews while chewing a wad. Now, the new city rules will hopefully eradicate the substance altogether from significant ballparks around the country, should the players comply.

That isnt totally insured. The forbidding will be difficult to enforce, although Manfred has pledged to work closely with local statute officers. Nevertheless, some players have voiced their displeasure at the legislation, citing the legality of smokeless tobacco in everyday life and smarting at a perceived infringement on their civil rights. Were grown-up men, Cubs pitcher John Lackey argued during spring training. People in the stands can have a beer, but we cant do what we want? Thats a little messed up.

Many Major league players are simply addicted, and that could create problems. Giants ace Madison Bumgarner began chewing tobacco at 10, which offers a stark insight into the combat that lies ahead.

The new laws are greeting, but plenty of work is still required. A slew of terrific young players have recently emerged in Major league Baseball, headlined by Bryce Harper, who is quickly becoming the superstar of a changing sport. Its brilliant that baseball has a new icon, a fresh face for fans to engage with. But would it be even better if that face didnt have a protrusion in its cheek, and didnt spit out tobacco juice every 20 seconds?

But progress is being induced, but the latest developments must be steps towards a wider solution that will attain baseball healthier and better. The evidence is irrefutable, and so is the momentum towards a total ban.

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These Videos Of Babies At The Chiropractor Might Make You Uncomfortable, But Experts Say It Helps – Romper


‘Here it is a big dream’: Syrians taken in by Vatican begin new life in Rome

Trastevere becomes temporary home for 12 Syrian asylum seekers after Pope Francis offers sanctuary after Lesbos visit

Hot water, a plate of lasagna, the pleasure of a walking, and a night of peaceful sleep. Then, a breakfast with coffee, milk, bread and jam.

The twelve Syrian asylum seekers woke up to a new world in the heart of Rome on Monday, in the bustling neighborhood of Trastevere, which has become their temporary new home after Pope Francis took the three Muslim families six adults and six children with him following his brief visit to Lesbos over the weekend.

Standing before an Italian speech centre within a Vatican-sponsored charity complex, SantEgidio, where the refugees are being housed temporarily while they await longer-term accommodation being prepared for them in the Vatican, 31 -year-old Hasan recounted to journalists his harrowing journey from Damascus to Lesbos, and the astound he felt after being told he was heading to the Eternal City.

Here it is a big dream. I suppose all the refugees there, in Greece, maybe in Macedonia and Greece, deserve the right to come here and stay there. Not specifically here, I mean a safe country like Italy, he said.

Hasan said he had felt compelled to leave Syria with his wife and two-year-old son for many reasons, but that his call to join military service was the final impetus before his familys departure.

I did not want to kill anyone. Im an technologist , not a soldier. Im interested in my work. So I must escape from Syria at that time, he said. I hope that I can find a new future for us, suitable for us, suitable for our situation, especially for our family.

His escape from Syria included a seven-day detention by Islamic State, who held him in Aleppo before he was able to convince a smuggler to get him to Turkey. Once there, he paid another smuggler to get his family to Greece.

A Syrian household walks with a member of the SantEgidio Roman Catholic charity in the Rome district of Trastevere. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/ AFP/ Getty Images

Asked about his first impressions of Rome, he broke out into a smile. This is the seventh interview today, he said.

SantEgidio said the families had been chosen because their paperwork was ready, they wanted to aid households seeking asylum, and because, as Syrians, they were clearly fleeing war. Asked by a journalist why the leader of the Catholic church had chosen Muslim households, Daniela Pompei, who heads refugee services at SantEgidio, said religion was not an issue in the face of the humanitarian crisis.

Now, the families are beginning a new journey: an asylum application in Italy, speech lessons, and integration into a new culture.

For most asylum seekers, it is a difficult transition in a country where, as one asylum seeker living in Italy who asked not to be named said, there are few if any services for new refugees. Many refugees and aid agencies have carried frustration at the long waiting times many face in Italy some wait up to two years as well as forbiddings on seeking employment.

For now, Hasan, his wife who was an atomic scientist in Syria and their family will be cared for by the Vatican charity. An officer at SantEgidio said the first step towards consolidation would be teaching the new arrivals Italian.

The need for language is a primary necessity, because it is necessary for communication, for relationships, for a life, said Pompei. The knowledge of speech is a key to enter the world.

The decision to bring the three households from Lesbos to the Vatican came eight months after Francis made a plea for every religious community across Europe to offer shelter to migrants in their places of adore. For Catholic parishes, he said at the time, such an act would be seen as a concrete act of preparation for the jubilee year of mercy, which began last December.

Giancarlo Perego, the manager of a church-affiliated refugee charity, said that about 23,000 of a total of 105, 000 refugees in Italy were now being housed in church facilities across 200 Catholic dioceses.

The Syrians arrival received a mixed answer in Rome, with people appearing to hold nothing against the families, but noting that broader problems needed to be addressed.

Those 12 are fortunate. Its not right for the others, but I am for welcoming people, said one store employee, referring to the thousands of others of refugees who also risk “peoples lives” to reach European coasts. Poor people, Im in favour of helping people, she added.

A bar worker described the atmosphere in Rome as a little bit angry. He said people in Trastevere were not against the 12 chosen by the pontiff, but a host of other problems in Italy were not being addressed. The problem is not those who are hosted, but Italy, he said.

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Super Bowl I to air after long-lost footage surfaces | Fox News

Legendary Packers Coach Vince Lombardi would win the Super Bowl again in 1968, but succumbed simply two years later.( AP)

The Super Bowl will air Friday night, and your fund is safe if you take Green Bay and lay the 14 points.

The game airing at the end of the coming week on NFL Network was originally played Jan. 15, 1967, and pitted Vince Lombardis legendary Packers against the Kansas City Chiefs a matchup of storied franchises still in the hunt to play in this years championship.

But even though that first Super Bowl aired on two television networks , no complete video version of the game existed until the network spliced one together utilizing grainy cinema collected from dozens of sources.

“In an exhaustive process that took months to complete, NFL Films searched its enormous archives of footage and were able to locate all 145 plays from Super Bowl I from more than a couple dozen disparate sources.”

– NFL Network

In an exhaustive process that took months to complete, NFL Films searched its enormous archives of footage and were able to situate all 145 plays from Super Bowl I from more than a couple dozen disparate sources, the league said in a statement.

The CBS and NBC tapes were either lost or recorded over, although a full audio tape of NBC radios Jim Simpson and George Ratterman doing play-by-play and colouring commentary survived. That sound was dubbed over the video footage collected by the league network to produce a full game of future Hall of Famer Bart Starr resulting the Packers to a 35 -1 0 victory, aided by Jim Taylors running behind the vaunted offensive line that featured Fuzzy Thurston, Forrest Gregg and Jerry Kramer.

The game, which was played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, ensure the Packers take a 14 -1 0 halftime leading before interring the Chiefs with three unanswered touchdowns in the second half. No less than a dozen future Hall of Fame players took part in video games, including Kansas City quarterback Len Dawson and defensive starrings Buck Buchanan and Bobby Bell. For the Packers, Starr, Turner, and Gregg would go on to enshrinement in Canton, along with linebackers Ray Nitschke and Dave Robinson; defensive backs Herb Adderley and Willie Wood and defensive linemen Willie Davis and Henry Jordan.

Lombardi and Kansas City Coach Hank Stram are also in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Billed as The Lost Game, the broadcast of Super Bowl I will take place on January 15 at 8 p. m. ET on NFL Network. According to the league, the presentation will include wired voice from Lombardi, the hard-charging coach who would be dead of cancer just three years later.

The 2016 Super Bowl will be played in Santa Clara, Calif ., on Feb. 7.

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