Aaron Sorkin publishes letter urging daughter to oppose after Trump win

West Wing and Social Network writer attacks president-elect as exhaustively incompetent swine with dangerous ideas

Aaron Sorkin, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of the Social Network and creator of the popular political series The West Wing, has written a letter to his wife and 15 -year-old daughter after the election of Donald Trump, in which he calls on them to fight injustice anywhere they see it.

The letter, which is addressed to Sorkin Girls, focuses on the potential pitfalls of a Trump victory as well as the importance of keeping hope in the face of difficulty.

Well the world changed late last night in a manner that is I couldnt protect us from, Sorkin writes in the letter published by Vanity Fair. Thats a terrible impression for a father. I wont sugarcoat it this is truly horrible.

Its barely the first time my candidate didnt win( in fact its the sixth time) but it is the first time that a thoroughly incompetent swine with dangerous notions, a serious psychiatric ailment , no knowledge of the world and no curiosity to learn has.

Sorkin goes on to lament that it was not just Trump who won but his supporters too, including the Ku Klux Klan as well as white patriots, sexists, racists and buffoons. Angry young white men who suppose rap music and Cinco de Mayo are a threat to their way of life men who have no right to call themselves that and who suppose women who aspire to more than seeming hot are shrill, ugly and otherwise worthy of our disdain rather than our admiration.

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16 Awesome Recipes You Can Make…In The Microwave? Pure Genius!

We’ve all experienced it…that bone-crushing, soul-killing tiredness when we get home after a long day.

There’s absolutely no way you’re going to cook a whole dinner with all the bells and whistles. But you also don’t want to trash money on ordering in. So what do you do? Grab some simple ingredients and pop them in the microwave.

No, seriously.

You can stimulate so many tasty things in that little countertop appliance you typically just use for hot cocoa.

1. Let’s start off with fulfilling your craving first: you can construct perfect potato chips in your microwave.

2. Sausage and cheese spaghetti? I can’t believe how good this appears!

3. But if traditional spaghetti isn’t your jam, try some parmesan spaghetti squash.

4. I bet you didn’t know you could stimulate polenta in the microwave…

5. This ooey gooey potato casserole is everything.

6. In the same vein, you can stimulate baked potatoes in the microwave, too!

7. You can totally have breakfast sandwiches for dinner…and attained in the microwave.

8. Then again, this well-balanced breakfast can also work come dinnertime.

9. Butter chicken pot pie…with naan crust? Yes, please!

10. This perfectly portioned spinach ricotta lasagna means no wasted leftovers.

11. Fried rice, anyone? Did I mention I’m hungry?

12. You could induce your salmon in the dishwasher, but the microwave sounds better.

13. Enchiladas are astonishingly easy to attain — they are mostly melted cheese, after all.

14. I love pizza and I love easy meals…so this microwave mug pizza is a no-brainer.

15. Well, it wouldn’t has become a snack without dessert…right? This snickerdoodle mug cake should do just fine.

16. Now that I know you can microwave lemon curd, I’m going to make it all the time…and put it on everything.

I had no idea you could build so many delicious things in a microwave!

If you’re suddenly craving more microwave recipes, check out all these mug desserts.

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James McAvoy Shuts Down Rumors He Was Feeing 6,000 Calories A Day To Get Ripped

Now anyone who’s a fan of James McAvoy will have noticed that he has been looking remarkably different in recent months. The X-Men star is no longer the relatively small and skinny performer we once knew him to be.

In fact, the talented Scotsman is now legitimately ripped. And his reason for was intended to get jacked? Well, aside from the aesthetic appeal, he is a world class actor- and what are actors known to do? Transform themselves and their bodies for their latest( hopefully) Oscar-winning role. For some performers, this will entail losing a ton of weight so that they can achieving the appear of an emaciated person. Others will be expected to practically balloon in sizing. And then there are actors such as McAvoy whose latest roles demand an authentically Adonis-type seem. McAvoy, being the dedicated starring that he is, wasted no time in reaching the gym in order to attain the seem. However, while reports have been flying around that part of his fitness routine involved eating up to 6,000 calories a day, this is simply not true according to McAvoy. However, the repeated mention of “6, 000 ” across multiple publications wasn’t altogether a fabrication, it actually came straight from the horse’s mouth. In January this year, McAvoy explained his entire process of bulking up to the journal publication for fashion retailer Mr. Porter. McAvoy first started training at the gym in order to prep for M. Night Shyamalan’s 2016 blockbuster Split, the sequel to 2000 ’s Unbreakable . But it wasn’t until McAvoy started filming for Glass , the third movie in Shyamalan’s trilogy, that we really began to see the unbelievably impressive results. He told Mr. Porter publication that he managed to bulk up without the help of personal trainers and dieticians. McAvoy said that he created his own weightlifting routine which he referred to as “super simple, but it works every muscle”. He also explained how he went all out when it came to increasing his food uptake. In fact, he actually stimulated his own diet scheme which involved ingesting “5, 000, 6,000 calories a day.” Or did he? “Instead of feeing two eggs in the morning, I’d eat eight. Then a snack of chicken breast, ” McAvoy continued. “Then two chicken breasts for lunch, and then a steak for another snack. Then two salmon steaks for dinner.” Now even to the food fans amongst us, the mere notion of eating a whopping 6,000 calories in a single day sounds insane. However, in an Instagram post, McAvoy said that his words were taken out of context and that he actually doesn’t eat anywhere near that amount of calories. Recognising that eating “6, 000 calories” is not just false, but potentially hazardous, McAvoy revealed the truth on the social media site:

“Seeing a lot of articles went on to say that I feed 6000 calories a day to get bigger and leaner. Just to define things straight incase anyone decides to give this a go. I have never done this. The quote is taken from an interview I did for a movie called’ Split’ , not the one I’m on right now which is called’ Glass’.”

“The interview was done at the beginning of the year and me saying’ I eat 6000 calories a day’ is inaccurate, was mean as a joke and is being widely used out of context. The truth is that this time around I gained more muscle weight and got leaner by not counting a single calorie.”

“Good old @magnuslygdback had me eating a lot but nowhere near the 6000 calorie mark. In fact we didn’t count a single calorie. We counted macros…I suppose probably a healthier way of tracking uptake .

I’m sure most people would never dream of copying the advice of some article/ s on the internet about some actor but I know some would and id be gutted if they laboured under bad advice or worse yet seriously harmed their health. 6000 a day might work well for somebody but I’ve got zero experience or info on that being the suit. Guys and girls in the gym and out … this IS NOT how I got the results I got.please don’t transcript. enjoy your workouts or non workouts.stay healthy and eat well to enjoys if you can! All the very best, James.”

So there you have it, McAvoy has never and will never be feeing up to 6,000 calories in a single day. Yes, spending hours at the gym in order to bulk up does usually entailing increasing your food intake especially foods that are rich in protein. However, for most people, a diet of 6,000 calories would actually end up being counterproductive. So you’d have more success emulating McAvoy’s actual diet scheme rather than the one currently making waves in the media.

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10 superstars of the ‘6 0s who ran wild

The ‘6 0s introduced us to sex, narcotics and rock and roll, and as Hollywood “experimented” with the freedom of the hippie age, many stars’ success tales turned into cautionary tales. From drug-induced drama and porn starring marriages to frightening slaying trials, here are some of the biggest starrings of the ‘6 0s who ran wild:

1. Brian Wilson


Musical genius Brian Wilson crafted the critically acclaimed album Pet Sounds and then he disappeared. The Beach Boys front man was set to release his next big album, Smile, but he left the project unfinished and entered seclusionlocking himself in his homefor nearly two years following his papas demise in 1973. Wilson eventually got his mental health and drug addictions under control, and he even released Smile in 2004. He has since fluttered in and out of the spotlight and he even reunited with the surviving members of the Beach Boys in 2011.

2. Lisa Loring


Best known for her role as Wednesday Addams in “The Addams Family, ” pigtailed cutie Lisa Loring found success early on in life. But she got pregnant at a young age and after a string of failed marriages and later became addicted to heroin. She married porn superstar Jerry Butler after the two satisfied while she was a makeup artist on a porn define. Loring eventually get clean in 1992 and the couple divorced that year.

3. Patty Duke


In 1962, Patty Duke earned an Oscar at the age of 16 for her role in The Miracle worker, but some years later it was her personal life that took center stage. After divorcing her first spouse, 23 -year-old Duke dated 17 -year-old Desi Arnaz Jr. and became a tabloid sensation. She marriage three more periods and later disclosed she had bipolar disorder and became an advocate for mental health. She passed away in 2016 at persons under the age of 69.

4. Butch Patrick


In the 60 s, a young Butch Patrick won the coveted role of Eddie Munster in the The Munsters. By persons under the age of 16, he was buying medications with his hard-earned money and he eventually went to jail for possession. Patrick struggled to attain the dough to feed his habit and he even ran as a Christmas tree salesman at one point. In 2010, he went to rehab, and in 2011 he announced he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had now been recovered. He wedded Leila Murray in September.

5. Bob Crane


Hogan’s Heroes star Bob Crane procured great success as the starring of the series, but he struggled to find roles after his hit prove wrapped. He became friends with an electronics administrator, John Henry Carpenter, and the two made a habit seducing women and filming their sexual encounters with them. After Crane distanced himself from Carpenter in the late 70 s, he was found dead in his apartment with an electronics chord tied around his neck. Carpenter was charged in his death but afterwards saw not guilty.

6. Jane Fonda


Actress Jane Fonda rose to fame in the 60 s with roles in Barefoot in the Park and Barbarella. All the while she admits she had a wild-sex life at home with her first husband Roger Vadim. Fonda has said she and her husband shall include participation in threesomes and even foursomes throughout most of their matrimony. Vadim reportedly once asked Fondas stepmother to join them in the bedroom, but she declined. Fonda retired from acting for about 15 years but she reentered the spotlight with the film Monster-in-Law in 2005 and has been acting steadily since.

7. Jack Nicholson


Nicholson first observed notoriety in the 60 s as a screenwriter, and in 1969 he became known for his role in Easy Rider. But Nicholson was a hard partier during the start of his career and its been reported that drugs fueled his early works. In 1994, the actor was charged with vandalism when he smashed a mans automobile with a golf club after “the mens” allegedly cut him in traffic, according to a lawsuit on the incident. The charges were later dropped and the two reportedly determined out of tribunal( after Nicholson wrote a hefty check for the damages ). Despite his wild days, the actor has had a successful career throughout the years.

8. Dennis Hopper


Nicholson’s “Easy Rider” co-star Dennis Hopper had some major medication issues too. Hopper has said that he only did medications to fuel his intense alcohol addiction, which at times included 28 brews in a day. Hopper explained that he did narcotics, principally cocaine, so he had a higher tolerance for alcohol. He was also married five timeswith one of his marriages only lasting two weeks. The notorious partier eventually died of prostate cancer in 2010.

9. Elizabeth Taylor


Liz Taylors wild love life was nearly more entertaining to watch than her cinemas. The iconic actress was married eight times( twice to Richard Burton) and she became a grandmother at the young age of 39. Taylor also had many relationships outside of her marriages, but her biggest scandal may have been when she began dating Eddie Fisher while he was still married to Debbie Reynolds. Taylor died in 2011.

10. Phil Spector


Music producer Phil Spector worked on records with everyone from the Beatles to the Ramones, but he reportedly had some unconventional tactics in the recording studiothat included threatening artists at gunpoint. In 2003, actress Lana Clarkson was found dead in Spectors home and he was found guilty in her slaying. He is currently serving his 19 -year sentence in California.

How to have a cannabis-filled Thanksgiving with your family

Image: Mashable/ Vicky Leta

It’s going to be a green Thanksgiving for families across a lot of America this year.

Gathering with family and a copious quantity of food and drink is part of what constructs the Thanksgiving holiday so special. But many families in certain America nations may be considering adding a different offering to their holiday menu this year: marijuana.

Thanks to the 2016 election, California, Massachusetts, Nevada and maybe Maine have all voted to legalize cannabis for recreational use among adults, joining Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Washington DC. So , now that pot is legal for millions more households and the stigma surrounding cannabis use is slumping faster than you can slide into the comfy spot on your couch, it’s safe to say that it’s about to become a very relaxing Thanksgiving for many.

But perhaps it’s been a few decades since you picked up a joint. Perhaps you’re still scared after that one time you feed a weird pot brownie at a college party and spend your entire night hugging the porcelain throne. Perhaps your mommy wants to try it for the first time but doesn’t know how. How do you introduce some stickiness into your Thanksgiving feast?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

How to bring it up

Without getting too political, a good way to see if your family is open to toking is to see how they feel about recent marijuana legalization. Ask them about their experiences with cannabis, and from there you can see if they’re open to trying it. If they oppose, don’t move them. Inform them that cannabis has had a positive effect on countless people, and it’s safer than alcohol. Point to experiment states like Colorado where marijuana has been legalized without any major repercussion. If it doesn’t work this time around, think of this as an opportunity to plant the seed for the other upcoming vacations. Then sneak out and toke by yourself.

There are a number of medical benefitsfrom cannabis, so suggesting that it may help with a specific ailment, such as headaches or nervousnes, may also be a good way to suggest trying it out.

Pick your method

While eating cannabis in the past mean rolling up a joint and heading to the back porch, there are endless option for those who are lucky enough to live where retail marijuana stores are already open.

Marijuana bloom

Dried cannabis flower

Image: AP Photo/ Gosia Wozniacka

Marijuana flower, or the dried bud from a female cannabis plant is the most common sort. While this is probably the easiest and safest bet for smoking weed with your family, you still have plenty of choices to make.

First, you need to select your weed. There is an enormous and ever-changing number of strains out there, and they’re all going to have a slightly different effect on everyone. If you’re buying your weed legally, ask your bud tender for some suggestions.

Cannabis is derived from indica or sativa stress or a hybrid of the two. Indica is known for its relaxing, lethargic qualities while sativa is well known for it’s buzzy, uplifting boost.

Because of the nature of Thanksgiving, we would recommend trying a hybrid or sativa with low THC level.( THC is the active component in marijuana that stimulates “youre feeling” stoned. Like alcohol, the highest percentages per, the most potent the weed will be .) Our reasoning behind this is that it’s easy enough for people to fall asleep on the couch due to overeating, so smoking an indica may further induce couch lock, which is great but won’t allow your family to have a great bonding session.

Smoking or Vaping ?

Image: Luiz Rampelotto/ Sipa USA

Now that you’ve got your weed you still have to figure out how you’re going to devour it. While vaporization is becoming increasingly popular, you’ll require a weed vape for that, which can get expensive real quick. If you do plan on picking up a vape, we indicate the VaporFi Orbit, ($ 99) the PAX 2 ($ 199) or PAX 3 ($ 275 ).

If you don’t want to fell some money on a vape we indicate smoking it the old fashioned style. Most old school stoners will want to reach for a joint, which is a great way to consume, but can easily turn disastrous. Rolling a joint takes a small amount of ability, and the method can force people to eat more than they intend to because it’s constantly burning. We indicate picking up a inexpensive glass pipe at your local headshop. The weed will savour better and you can take smaller reaches, which is important.

Regardless, if you choose vaping or smoking, remember to take it slow . Like alcohol, marijuana doesn’t reached you immediately. Some cannabis stress have a slower onset than others, so we indicate your inexperienced family members take a hit or two, then set the pot down for 20 minutes and let it set in. Eating too much pot can induce people feel anxious, nervous and paranoid, but the “slow and low” technique will be needed to make sure granny doesn’t overdo it.


Image: Bloom Farms

With legalization came an abundance of concentrates. Utilizing various techniques like C02, butane and even water, THC is extracted from the cannabis flower and was transformed into wax, shatter, hash or oils which can then be smoked, vaped or dabbed. We don’t suggest trying to the concentrate road if you’re going to introduce cannabis to the family for the first time, but if you do we indicate buying a vape pen pre-loaded with concentrated oil like the one above from Bloom Farms.


Freshly packaged cannabis-infused peanut butter cookies are prepared for casing, inside Sweet Grass Kitchen, a well-established gourmet marijuana edibles bakery which sells its confections to retail outlets, in Denver.

Image: AP Photo/ Brennan Linsley

While edibles appears to have been the easiest and most comfortable route for novice consumers, it’s also the best way to have a terrible day. Eating weed is a totally different brute than smoking or vaping because it’s processed by your liver. When you feed weed, your livers turns delta-9 THC into 11 -hydroxy-THC which passes the blood-brain obstacle quicker and has a stronger psychedelic effect. Although this process is what induces edibles absolutely amazing, it can also turn dark real quick.

The most important thing to recollect when eating edibles is to take it slow and to feed a small dosage. It can take up to two hours after you eat your pot edible for the effects to start, and the maximum effect may not climax until hour three or four, so be patient. The most common mistake people induce when feeing weed is to eat more when they don’t feeling the effects, and when it finally does kick in it can be too much thanks to that second or third serving.

The state of Colorado has determined that a single serving of edible marijuana contains 10 mg or less of active THC, which has since become somewhat of an industry standard. While 10 mg is a nice, medium serving for most people, it’s a good notion to start with a smaller dosage to see how people react.

There are plenty of edibles out there on the market and with the recent popularity of microdosing there are a number of low level edibles that will be perfect for someone trying edible pot for the first time. We suggest trying Mr. Moxey’s Mints, which come in individual 1mg THC serving sizes.

And don’t forget, feeing cannabis can impair you for upwards of eight hours, so make sure that everyone is in a safe place with a safe ride home

When and where?

Setting is super important when you’re ready to get high. Cannabis enhances your emotions, your feeling and how you perceive the world around you, which is why people can sometimes get a little bit uncomfortable, weird or anxious. If you’re eating on Thanksgiving we suggest get high after dinner but before dessert. This way all the major cook is done but there’s still another round for the inevitable munchies that will ensue. Throw on some good tunes, relax and recollect to have a good time.

If you’re smoking it is possible to best to do outside, but if it’s illegal in your region, too cold or maybe you have neighbours that live close by you can always make a spoof with a few household items to help mask the pungent odor of marijuana smoke.

What do you do when you’re stoned?

Whatever you do decide to do, this probably isn’t the best time to bring up the results of the recent election with your Trump-loving uncle. We recommend popping in a super silly slapstick movie, playing a board game or something that they are able to get you laughing like Cards Against Humanity. Use cannabis as a lubricant to help your family bond, understand each other more and ultimately have a good time.

Avoid scary movies, intense music and uncomfortable and confrontational conversations that can build emotions run high.

Don’t mix with alcohol and other drugs

Although it may seems like a good notion to mix weed and alcohol, we highly deter mixing the two, especially if you’re going to eat a cannabis edible. While some people can handle mixing the two, mixing pot with liquor can attain some people ailment. Nobody wants to throw up their Thanksgiving dinner.

Don’t pressure anyone

There’s stigma surrounding the cannabis community that’s candidly pretty dangerous and irresponsible. If person doesn’t wishes to ingest, don’t pressure them, that’s their choice. And if anyone only wants to take one hitting, that’s penalty too. Coaxing someone into taking more than they’re comfortable with can lead to someone having a bad experience and that’s a great way to ruin someone’s viewpoint on pot.

Have a great, safe period and recollect to tell your family that you’re thankful for them.

BONUS: Inside a High-End Cannabis Greenhouse

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Russian ballet dancer released from Gitmo fightings return to homeland

One day before Donald Trump became U.S. chairperson, a former Russian ballet dancer, Ravil Mingazov, became the final Guantanamo Bay detainee to be released.

But after virtually 15 years in Gitmo, the last thing Mingazov, a Muslim, wanted was a homecoming. He dreads for his safety if he returns to Russia where the government has adopted a tough posture toward any Muslim suspected of being radicalized — something Mingazov has repeatedly denied being.

He said he would rather stay at Gitmo than be sent to Russia. Despite Kremlin demands that the U.S. return him to Russia, American officials flew him to the United Arab Emirates.

While some, such as officials in President Vladimir Putin’s government, are saying that Mingazov is part of a sustained radicalization problem in Russia, others deny that and have protested his imprisonment in the U.S. facility as a blatant violation of human rights.

Ravil did not do anything wrong. He was fleeing religious persecution from Russian authorities, swept up in a mass arrest by Pakistani police, sent to Gitmo and treated like an animal, Gary Thompson, a partner with D.C. statute firm Reed Smith who took on Mingazovs case over a decade ago told Fox News. Ravil remained strong in body, intellect and spirit. It took him 15 years to get his freedom back. Fortunately, he was released the day before the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Despite being arrested in 2002 at a Pakistani safe house associated with accused senior Usama Bin Laden official Abu Zubaydah, the 48 -year-old Mingazov has maintained he never had copes with any terrorist outfit. An ethnic Tatar from eastern Russia, he was a prominent ballet dancer in the 1980 s. He then served in the Russian military from 1989 to 2000 as part of a military ballet troupe and later in food preparation and passport control. After the Soviet Union fell in 1991, he openly espoused the religion of most Tatars, Islam, and claimed to have been subsequently victimized, eventually leaving the army and relocating with his family to Tajikistan in 2000 and later Afghanistan only prior to 9/11.

After the U.S.-led war there began, Mingazov fled to Pakistan and was arrested by local police for allegedly attending military training in Afghanistan and joining several terrorist groups, including the Taliban and al Qaeda. He soon ended up in Gitmo. Quoting a lack of proof to support the U.S. government claims, a federal district tribunal in D.C. issued a court order for his release.

One of the reasons U.S. authorities chose to transfer Mingazov from Gitmo to the United Arab Emirates rather than Russia is that several former detainees who were returned to Russia in 2004 were according to a Human Rights Watch investigation faced with harassment, imprisonment and torture.

Mingazovs family ex-wife and teenage son reside as asylum seekers in Britain, thus his D.C. lawyers have filed an application for him to be transferred to them for family reunification. It is not yet clear if this request will be granted. The U.K.s Home Office did not respond to a request for comment.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Defense( DOD) declined to comment specifically on Mingazovs case. But stated that the interagency Periodic Review Board, set up by the Obama administration, determined that the continued law of war detention for individuals, including Mingazov, does not remain necessary to protect against a continuing significant threat to the security of the United States.

The actual number of Russian citizens held at Guantanamo Bay remains unclear, although the DOD has now been admitted to holding at the least nine. According to retired Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu, writer of Inside Gitmo, the Russian Chechens had a big presence in Gitmo and were responsible for a lot of the turmoil that occurred inside the camp.

Of all the detainees, I consider them to be the most hazardous individually, he told Fox News. Many had years of experience fighting the Russians and were absolutely ruthless.

Soon after Moscow in March 2014 controversially annexed Crimea in March 2014, home to many Tatars, Russian security agencies began a massive clampdown on Muslims with a multitude of terrorist-related arrests taking place. While some view the operation as needed, others within the Tatar, North Caucasus and Ural regions have complained of false accusations, abductions and torture insisting the War on Terror is a discriminatory campaign to assert authoritarian control. However, the threat of a new jihadi front has been bubbling significantly over the past three years as resentments in the border region grows.

Russia does have a genuine terrorism problem; there remains a constant concern about the potential for new assaults in Moscow and other heartland cities. This will merely get worse as fighters who left to join ISIS begin to return, said Mark Galeotti, an adjunct prof at New York Universitys Center for Global Affair. But it remains confined to the North Caucasus and a small fraction of the countrys Muslims. Russia is not going to become the battleground for some grand ideological showdown, however much jihadists may sometimes want to claim this.

The threat of a spreading caliphate is, according to Russian officials and state media, touted as a top reason for the countrys air support, alongside the Assad regime, in the ongoing Syrian civil war. The narrative is that if opposition groups referred to as terrorist groups victoriously take control of the conflict-riddled country, they will have the power to advance their caliphate and offer direct funding to those Islamic cliques inside Russias borders. President Vladimir Putin estimates there are 4,000 Russians fighting with activists in Syria alone.

According to one Moscow-based government policy consultant, radicalization was more overt in the 1990 s and 2000 s, but in the ensuing years organized groups have been forced to operate underground.

Authorities have highly harsh treatment of those suspected of terrorism, and has publicly stated that we have zero tolerance toward such international crimes. Every single month you hear of a new report about destroyed terror groups, added the insider. But terrorists are nearly never captured, only killed. The the tribunals and judicial suits about terrorists are closed, so it is impossible to check if there are any real grounds for accusations.

Hollie McKay has been a FoxNews.com staff reporter since 2007. She has reported extensively from the Middle East on the rise and fall of terrorist groups such as ISIS in Iraq. Follow her on twitter at @holliesmckay

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7 International Crime Sprees( That Are Totally WTF But Real)

When we talk about criminals, “youre supposed to” imagine something typical like a guy with a knife asking you to hand over the cash, or an old dude in a suit promising to lower your taxes — but there are far, far more types of crimes than that. Some are so bizarre that they’re straight-up Batman villain material. What’s shocking isn’t that these weird-ass misdemeanours exist, but the fact that somewhere in the world, they happen often enough to be considered tendencies. For example…


Italian Criminals Painted Over 85,000 Tons Of Expired Olives Green To Sell Them As Fresh

Italy has a long-running issue with counterfeit food, since in Europe, cheese and wine are more lucrative bargaining tools than actual currency. Wily robbers are passing off plastic as pasta, newspaper as pesto, and Domino’s as pizza. While career criminals around the world hone their capabilities in breaking and entering, in Italy it’s more profitable to put your skill points into baking and pastries.

In Italy, COPS and Top Chef are one prove .

Olives are a massive industry for the nation, and as such, they are a prime target for the food falsifiers. It’s so bad that a recent police sting targeting prominent crime households uncovered 85, 000 freaking tons of fake olives. How do you fake an olive, you ask? By literally taking an expired one that had gone unsold on the previous year’s harvest and painting it green to make it appear fresh and delectable. Since copper sulfate, the substance are applied to coat them, is not a food colorant, authorities seldom exam for its presence; apparently, their major concern is the tint of the foodstuffs , not potential toxicity.

We’re pretty sure some of this really is peanut M& Ms .

Copper sulfate, by the way, is described as “only moderately toxic” by Cornell University, which is like calling a knife wound “only usually fatal.” The reason it’s given this moderate status is that it’s usually vomited back up before the body actually begins to digest it — so they probably won’t kill you, simply your toilet.

Currently, 19 people face charges over the production of these olives, headed by long-time green food forger Sam I Am( or whatever the Italian equivalent of that is ).


France Had A Rash Of Wine-Motivated Acts Of Terrorism

French people take their wine very seriously. So severely, in fact, that some of them are willing to stoop to ISIS-like levels to maintain foreign fells out of their country.

For the last decade, a supervillain-sounding organization called Crav( “Wine Action Committee”) has pushed for the French government to increase the price of wine and for supermarkets to stop selling those filthy foreign formulas. The Crav ran as far as to threaten that “blood would flow” if Nicolas Sarkozy, “ministers ” at the time, did not give in to their demands. And they were deadly serious, leading to a string of small-scale bombings of supermarkets that dared selling non-French wines. One might assemble from this that the Crav is made of pissed-off French wine producers, but perhaps they just genuinely, truly hate foreign liquor .

Pascal Parrot/ Getty Images

Beyond their bombing raids on “traitorous” stores and even government houses, the Crav also assault the tankers and merchants themselves. They didn’t build blood flowing, but they did induce the streets turn red at the port town of Sete, where the main avenue of the town and many of its underground builds were flooded by wine from vats sabotaged by the gang of alcohol activists. Add a beset of frogs and it’s straight out of the Bible 😛 TAGEND

One of the Crav’s more violent and daring attacks came when they attacked and hijacked a Spanish tanker as it brought wine across the border, destroying 30,000 bottles’ worth of wine. The tanker was then emptied in front of television cameras as they reported on the tragic loss of enough wine to maintain a French family drunk for a month.

The government themselves even faced assault from the Crav when they targeted the country’s ministry of agriculture demanding more state aid for wine growers, different groups having a fundamental misunderstanding of not biting the ministry that feeds you.


Iranian Drivers Hire People To Walk Behind Their Car And Hide Their License Plate From Cameras

One of the best ways to try to stall the Globe heating up as it constructs to its season finale is to limit the amount of toxic crap our automobiles constantly fart out into the environment. As we all know, that’s no easy task, so our governments need to get creative. Iran, for example, has sought to curb air pollution and traffic congestion by splitting their roads between even and odd number plates, with each taking detention of the tarmac on different days. This regulation is enforced by cameras which capture the number plates and determine whether they should be on the road or not. Very clever, Iran.

Iranian drivers’ equally clever solution? Just hiring people to block the number plates.

Motorists hire other citizens to walk behind their cars in order to overshadow their number plate from the vision of the camera, allowing them to slowly creeping through the city center on whichever days they like. Since the license plates are blocked, the government is going to have a hard time identifying the person or persons use the strategy, as well. Iranians are executing the perfect crime each day — all so they don’t have to walk like the person or persons they’re paying, who the hell is presumably arriving at the destination at the same time as the car they’re following. But richer.


New Zealand’s Burgeoning Avocado Heist Scene

While the Land of the Long White Cloud appears to have been a lush and idyllic locale, it still has its fair share of robbers in among the Hobbit holes. However, like New Zealand’s aspirations to be recognized as a real nation, their crimes are quite adorable. And delicious. For instance 😛 TAGEND

Rapidly increasing demand both domestically and globally for avocados has created an unprecedented pandemic of fruit thievery. Over 96,000 households began purchasing avocados in 2015, and it seems a similar number only decided they would steal them — there’s been over 40 large-scale heists from avocado orchards since January last year, with up to 350 being taken at a time. Under the covering of night, thieves “rake” the trees and collect the produce in a blanket at ground level, or actually climb up and pluck the fruit themselves. They then sell them at roadside stalls or small businesses in Auckland, like southern Robin hood stealing from the richly planted and dedicating to the poorly fed.

This acute avocado anxiety is shared by Australia, judging by the signs you can find in supermarkets 😛 TAGEND

The fresh fruit comes with risks, though. They could be unripe, or still carrying toxins on the skin from recent spraying. Shockingly, people who climbing into orchards and steal fruit are not so concerned about safety standards of their make, and continue to operate despite the health risks to their loyal customers due to the huge profits involved.

Farmers are starting to combat the criminals through advanced technologies such as alarm systems and automatic suns. These measures have been strongly opposed by the mothers of New Zealand, who are just happy to see their children having a piece of fruit for once.


Indian Gangs Are Selling “Fine Insurance” To Ticketless Train Commuters

Congestion and fares are two issues that irk passengers all over the world when it is necessary to railway transport. Those problems are manifold in a nation as populous as India, where it often looks like train drivers are vying with one another to see how many people they can cram inside a single carriage.

In addition to the crowds, Indian railway authorities have increased fares to a level many simply cannot afford, creating an entirely new type of racket within one of the world’s oldest ones: insurance.

The gangs offering this new service call it “insured ticketless traveling.” Rather than pay the money for the train ticket, passengers pay the insurers a smaller fee. If they are calling into question railway inspectors or police, the sponsors will pay any penalties laid against them. Those who take up the offer, usually students or office-goers, enter into a strange kind of criminal protection service where they can travel illegally, and have said illegality insured by felons. They’re in essence operating a second-tier ticketing service. Whereas American gangs deal in drugs and weapons, sub-continental enterprises are offering alternative options for the working class — no wonder America is lagging behind Asia.

The racket is prospering due to the sheer weight of Indian commuters. Police and inspectors cannot check everyone on the trains for tickets, and anybody actually caught utilizing this insurance scheme is still a minute percentage of the population who are taking advantage. Even if the sponsors have to shell out for an unlucky few, they’re still transgressing even, and the passengers have the peace of mind that they’re now contracted to the criminal underworld. Everybody wins!( Except the suckers paying for the train .)


Rich Americans Are Stealing Fossils From China And Mongolia

All the specific characteristics of traditional American mid-life crises — fast cars, motorcycles, divorce — are falling by the wayside in the 21 st century. Now all the rage for those working rich enough to splash their cash and insecure enough to trash it on trinkets isn’t shiny or even brand new. The United States’ upper class are now after something which speaks to them on a more spiritual level, and reminds them of themselves: stolen fossils.

Delved from the Asian marketplace, as all good investments are these days, Americans are buying up ancient dinosaur remains from Mongolia, presumably to incinerate them and deny the age of the Earth. Many countries( including Mongolia) consider fossils part of their national natural history and do not permit private enterprise to interfere, something which simply does not jibe with America’s 28 th amendment of “I see, I take.” The world’s laziest poachers rummage through archaeological sites and export the fossils overseas for profit, destroying most of their scientific value by separating them from their geological context. They apparently host a small poaching party, too, as the telltale signs that bones have been burgled is empty vodka bottles and cigarette butt at the sites.

The only hurdle for the bone runners is getting their specimens through customs. As they are white and elderly, this usually isn’t much difficulty for the fossils, although in some cases the smugglers are caught — such as when a shipment of “shoes” into Chicago was discovered to be the skulls of Chinese dinosaurs. At least we hope that was a ruse and not the thief’s actual intended purpose for the ancient bones.

Florida resident Eric Prokopi was arrested for dino-poaching in 2012 and the extent of his single smuggling enterprise was mind-boggling. For example, working with a Mongolian guidebook and a British business associate, Prokopi managed to import the entire skeleton of a prehistoric being, which he meticulously reassembled and sold at auction for over one million dollars to an anonymous prehistoric animal from New York.


Russia And The US Have Bustling Cheese Black Markets

The two great Atlantic antagonists, Russia and the USA, have shared conflict, tension, and election data for generations, but their latest foe has them both stumped. We’re talking, of course, about the infamous cheese smugglers.

During the annexation of Crimea, Russia retaliated to Western sanctions against it by banning importation of their food products, cutting off their lunch to spite their stomachs. Citizens with a savour for cheddar just wouldn’t have this. Smugglers brought in the banned rennet being implemented in cheese production and sold it with forgery labels to locals, disguised as luxury European goods. One cheddar gang was caught with $30 million worth of the product by Russian authorities, who then bulldozed the forbidden fruit( cheese) on live Tv in the hopes the citizens would ultimately digest the message to stick to the Kremlin diet plan.

The other nation going through their own Colby War, the US, have their own battles with black market cheeses. Due to health reasons, merely cheeses aged more than 60 days can be imported under America, leaving some of the best young cheeses locked out of the stomach of US connoisseurs. Once again, people are going to some extraordinary lengths for their fix. Some resort to bringing back Brie in their suitcases; others hunt down the local underground producers building delectable covert camembert. Some coming from Mexico try the “hiding stuff inside the spare wheel” trick usually reserved for drugs or illegal Chihuahuas.

The FDA’s War on Dairy continues to rage across the country, leaving those involved in those rings in a constant nation of delicious danger. The government insists that these cheese will damage your health, but for a select few, they’re even worth dying for.

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