Half Of All PhD Students Suffer From Psychological Distress

Undertaking a PhD in any topic in all regions is to walk down a track like no other. Its thrilling and terrifying in equal measure, and at the end of it, youll be the worlds foremost expert in the research youve chosen to spend 3-5 years of their own lives on.

However, for many people, that route to knowledge is often walked alone. Although individual experiences vary, composing a doctoral thesis is often highly stressful. Many PhD students suffer from mental health problems, from chronic anxiety to clinical depression.

A brand new study by a squad of international researchers has underscored just how common such conditions crop up in this very specific demographic. Writing in the journal Research Policy, its concluded that one-in-two PhD students experience psychological distress, and one-in-three are at risk of experiencing a psychiatric disorder, either over the short or long-term particularly depression.

Most prevalent are impressions of being under constant stres, unhappiness and depression, sleeping problems due to frets, inability to overcome difficulties and not being able to enjoy day-to-day activities, the team, led by Ghent University, write in their paper.

The primary predictor of mental health issues was work-family conflict, where the demands of the research interfere with their family or personal life. Common factors here include work overload, unrealistic demands, unsupportive superintendents or interpersonal problems at work.

Stressexplained. TED-Ed via YouTube

The prevalence of mental health problems is higher in PhD students than in the highly educated general population, highly educated employees, and higher education students, the team noted. A PhD student was 2.4 times more likely to develop mental health problems than those in the general population with an undergraduate degree.

The study involved investigating the relative mental health of 3,659 PhD researchers in Belgium. Although the paper merely focused on the different countries, its highly likely that their results can be replicated elsewhere.

Its distressing that depression is noted as being the most common ailment among PhD students. Worldwide, 350 million people suffer from depression and 800, 000 people each year take their own lives as a result of it being left untreated.

Its been estimated that 83 percent of people will experience a mental disturbance in their lifetimes, which means that its actually, sadly , normal to be a sufferer in this case. Some groups of people are more likely than others to experience it, however particularly women, for a variety of reasons.

All in all, then, this body of work suggests that girls studying for a PhD are more likely than most to suffer from depression. There is a particularly harrowing piece on Quartz highlighting this problem, one that urgently needs to be talked about a lot more.

The days I expended pursuing my PhD in physics are just a few of my darkest, the author recollects. It wasnt the intellectual challenges or the workload that brought me down; it was my deteriorating mental health.”

Depressionexplained. World Health Organization via YouTube

People pursue PhDs for an unfathomably large number of reasons. Most love the subject they are studying above all else, others wish to travel more, and some wish to start a rather unique kind of intellectual adventure.

Successfully gaining a doctorate is exhilarating, for sure, but this enormous psychological expense demands to be addressed seriously and comprehensively. It is a dark shadow that it was necessary to illumination otherwise thousands more will be enveloped by it.

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4 Things That’ll Ruin Any One-Night Stand Before It Starts

Everyone enjoys sex, except for people who don’t, and that’s a fact you can set your watch by. Your sex watch ! And many of us are not above the idea of a hookup just for the thrill of it, because if you’re cool with it and they’re cool with it, bolt anyone( not literally) who tries to judge you or suggest there are certain relationships that are worthy of being sex. If you’re not hurting anyone and they’re not hurting anyone, then kick it like rabbits and hump till you get a friction burn, is what my granny always said. But beware! You can cause serious damage to your humpability by falling victim to any of this tomfoolery.


Your Bathroom Is A Reflection Of Your Soul

No room in your home will ever be more honest than the bathroom. You can pretty up a living room with wall sconces and IKEA shelving, and you can use marble counter tops in the kitchen. But the bathroom, behind all the fluff, is the room where you sit bare-ass on a chair filled with water and expunge your waste. It’s as close to your spirit as a room can get.

Because the bathroom is so honest, you must treat it like a drunk friend who knows too much: Be wary, for it will spill your secrets when you least expect it. Not out of malice, but simply because that is its nature. You may think you’re putting your best foot forward and really charming the literal gasps off of someone, and then they excuse themselves to use the bathroom, at which point you have zero seconds left to stem the tide of what may follow. Is there filth-encrusted tissue sitting on top of your trash can? How about errant feminine hygiene products? Is the bowl clean, or is it decorated with a thin layer of ass spackle? Has anyone pissed on the wall and left drip marks that glisten in the light when you turn your head just so? Is there a hairy razor sitting on the side of the sink? Did you hang a wet pair of underwear over the rain rod? Is your hemorrhoid cream sitting out? THERE ARE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

The one-night stand is a purely impulsive decision based on your boner or lady boner’s insisting that you rub your groin on someone else’s until your brain nods in fervent arrangement. Both of them, and you at this point, will have forgotten if you bothered to tidy up the house. You will only remember at the moment your new crotch-cuddler asks to use it, and at that point it’s too late to do anything about it. A solid rule of thumb is to give your bathroom a once-over every time you leave it. Seem at it as if you were visiting someone else’s, and if anything makes you cringe, fix it before you leave.

jarmoluk/ Pixabay
If the believed to be wading through someone else’s groin shavings gives you pause, take care of it .


Your Kitchen Is As Important As Your Hygiene

You may be surprised to learn that I am not an immaculate homemaker. As it happens, I ascribe to the “If it’s in the house, it’s where it belongs” method of cleaning up more often than not. So generally, when it came to keeping the kitchen clean, as long as nothing was melting, festering or rusting, I was pretty confident that I had shit under wraps. This never gone over well when anyone came over and wanted to actually ingest anything other than their own anxiety. When your dishes form a squatter community across your counter and your fridge contains bags of soup, what you’re saying to other humen is “Hello, I’m a Morlock. I’ve only escaped my subterranean lair and wish to mate with one of your kind. Our spawn will be raised in a Rubbermaid storage tub.”

Your home is a reflection of yourself. A super-tidy, immaculate home may be the sign of an anal-retentive neat freak, while the eye of a shit cyclone is indicative of someone who may employ baby wipes in lieu of raining. You want a happy medium that doesn’t offend yourself or others, because yes, people judge you. And rightly so. You deserve to be judged if your go-to style is squalor. I deserved to be judged, and judged I was. Do you know how much tail I missed out on as a result of my hapless disregard for cleanliness and organization? One. One whole tail. And that’s a lot for me. Do you think I’m up in here having all the sexes? I once wrote a piece about why life would suck for a zombie, because I have the time to consider what life would be like for a zombie, because I have nothing else going on except cleaning my kitchen.


The Drunken Stupor Is Merely Fun Until You’re Naked

I understand that a large portion of one-night stands are birthed at the bottom of a bottle of peach schnapps, and that’s penalty. A little booze goes a long way in building some people more humpable. But there is a limit. If either one of you is so sloppy drunk that you don’t know what you’re doing, then that’s a shit buffet with no sneezing guard. Sloppy drunkenness isn’t fun for anyone.

The issue of consent is something you need to be always aware of and must be respected of. But even if you both are of sound enough mind to agree that you want to slide your slipperies together, there comes a phase in the night at which you can have too many delicious Tom Collins Slurpees. Even though inebriation might make you more clever or honest or a better dancer in your own mind, it also has a handful of drawbacks that tend to be the opposite of sexy. For instance 😛 TAGEND

1: Vomit

2: Unconsciousness

jarmoluk/ Pixabay

3: A limp, lazy , no-good wiener.

All three of these outcomes are to sex what all three of those things are to anything — maybe with the exception of the hobble wiener, a condition which doesn’t generally affect things like boiling an egg or Scrabble, unless you play it the way I do . But you get the idea. At some point, you need to know your restriction and drink within it, or else face the terrible prospect of sitting on your bed, vomiting onto your own wobbly squish digit before passing out in your new friend’s lap.


Fossils Of Booty Past Are A Sexual Brick Wall

A general rule of thumb you want to follow when it is necessary to sexuality is always pretending you’ve never had sexuality before. Which isn’t to say that you need to act like a virgin trying to discover which flap fits into which orifice, but you do not need to acknowledge that you’ve tasted someone else’s genitals in that moment. Because, more often than not, the current person whose undercarriage you’re taste-testing doesn’t want to know what other wobbles you’ve gobbled. The more you remind someone else that you’ve boinked other people, the more they’re going to be worried about two key things: Are you comparing them to someone else, and do you bone so many other beings that you’re a walking chlamydia salad with gonorrhea sprinkles and a side of Paul Newman’s non-GMO herb dressing?

ailinder/ Pixabay
It tastes like itching !

No one should care how many sex partners you’ve had , nor is it genuinely their business. But you make it their business when you rub it in their face, literally or figuratively. Hopefully just figuratively, but who am I to judge what turns you on?

Obviously, most of us don’t start an evening of seduction by saying something like “I’ve taken a real shine to your crotch, but the last five I jiggered were a little nicer.” Don’t say that. But you don’t need to say anything sometimes if you’ve actually fucked up your preparations. First and foremost, you’re going to want to not have a utilized condom pretty much anywhere that it can be seen. That’s a surefire sign that you’re gross. A used condom has no choice but to be gross, and the closer it gets to you, the grosser it becomes, like a proximity mine of viscous, ropy repulsion. It’s a literal bag of biohazard, and if you see it in someone else’s home, it means they had it in and around where you’re trying to go, all squishies and glorpy in the promised land. That’s terrible. Objectively, it’s a good thing, as it means that your friend is responsible. But you’re not objective — you’re subjective, and you’re being subjected to a rubbery spooge sock within oozing distance. Gross.

If you collect panties, jock straps, bras, photos of ham wallets, butthole silhouettes, or any other sort of sexual trophies, make sure they’re in one of those dry cleaning bags or something else no one is going to look in. People who collect sexuality trophies are too much like serial killers for anyone’s convenience. You conquered something and needed a creepy reminder of it that only appeals to you but when anyone else ensure it, they’re worried you’re going to set a tarp down and start playing Huey Lewis.

Even if the condom isn’t use, you’re going to want to keep your birth control out of sight in general as well. If you have a fishbowl full of condoms or an IUD-of-the-week rack, it takes person out of the moment. By all means, have those things, but keep them in a drawer. Imagine grandma coming over and mistaking your birth control pill for Tic Tacs, the way so many sexually clueless boob in direct-to-video slapsticks do. You don’t want to live with that on your conscience. It’s not about being a prude or hide who you are. It’s just about tact and considering the impressions of other people who have to see your use condom homunculus trying to birth itself from the ooze-encrusted waste basket, and must decide whether they should flee in silence or whilst emitting scared screams.

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7 Survivors On What It Entails To Have A Man Accused Of Sexual assault In The White House

Sarah Ortega, a 20 -year-old student at Winona State University( WSU) in Minnesota, is a survivor of sexual assault. And in the wake of a triggering presidential campaign, the healing process has become more difficult.

“The hardest part of the election for many of us is the outright acceptance of sexual assault, ” Ortega lately wrote in a powerful Facebook post. “This election was eerily similar to the rhetoric that was spewed at me when I reported my assault to police and campus authority. I don’t go a day without guessing how normalized rape has become in our culture and I can’t help but anxiety for the future.”

Now that Donald Trump, a man who’s been publicly accused of sexually assaulting over a dozen women, will be the next president of the United States, Ortega is ready to take action.

For Ortega, that personal call to action entailed creating a photo campaign featuring seven WSU students, including herself, who are all survivors of sexual assault. In the coming weeks, the images( shot by local photographer Cynthya Porter) will be turned into posters that will be hung around WSU’s campus. Each poster will feature a photo of a survivor and information about online resources for victims.

Ortega hopes that the campaign, which she created for her Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies minor, will promote dialogues surrounding sexual assault on WSU’s campus.

“According to a recent campus survey, 1 in 5 Winona State students are victims of gender-based violence, ” Ortega told The Huffington Post. “The campaign is meant to showcase this statistic, to show people that these numbers are real.”

This election was eerily similar to the rhetoric that was spewed at me when I reported my assault to police and campus authority. Sarah Ortega

Ortega said she had always been an advocate for survivors, but she didn’t realize how insidious rape culture really is until she became a survivor herself.

“In January I was raped. Despite reporting it to law enforcement immediately after, it took me months to accept what had happened to me, ” she said. “I didn’t realize how internalized the stigma of being assaulted was until I was raped … I faced extreme reprisal after Title IX induced the decision to expel my rapist from campus. Colleagues told him that I ruined my rapist’s life and that I would do anything for attention, negative or positive.”

Now, Ortega hopes to use her voice to mend and help other survivors do the same. “The most frustrating thing I have faced through my healing process is the stillnes of people close to me, ” she said. “Silence NEVER favors the victim … The first step in changing rape culture on Winona State’s campus is to simply talking here it. The conversation is likely to be uncomfortable, but it must happen.”

Scroll below to ensure the seven girls featured in Ortega’s project. The Huffington Post reached out to each of the women and asked them what it means to have an accused sexual predator heading to the White House.


Cynthya Porter

“President-elect Donald Trump’s victory represents the justification of sexism and institutionalized rape culture by millions of Americans. As a survivor, I am passionate about protecting human rights for all people, and I stand in solidarity with and fight for those negatively affected under the Trump administration.”


Cynthya Porter

“The results of this election and[ Donald Trump’s] entire campaign left me feeling devastated and betrayed. It hurts, and I spent most of the following days on an emotional rollercoaster of pain that took a toll on my mental health. Its different for a survivor, and its hard to explain to others what it feels like. We try so hard to get to a place where we can become activists and disrupt rape culture, but when a presidential nominee is accused of rape and was still even being considered for chairwoman depicts just how strong rape culture is in our society.”


Cynthya Porter

“Having a sex predator[ elected to the highest] office has, at the very least, made me uncomfortable. I’ve become uncomfortable to a greater magnitude with the rape culture that we live in.”


Cynthya Porter

“Having an accused sex predator as a president instills more anxiety in me than I ever thought I was ever capable of impression. I feel that it may be perceived by some individuals as having the right to assault another person without any thought of the consequences because it is the kind of example our leader has set for us.”


Cynthya Porter

“While the physical ache[ my rapist] inflicted on me was unforgivable, the true emotional toll was the silence of my colleagues, the silence of my family, and the stillnes of my friends.”


Cynthya Porter

“As a survivor, when I heard that Donald Trump won the election I felt that my country betrayed me. Electing an accused sexual predator to be the leader and image of our country entails supporting rape culture. It means that there are a lot of people in this nation that dont supporting victims and survivors of gender based violence, and thats not OK.”


Cynthya Porter

As a survivor of domestic abuse, seeing other women abuser as the leader of our country is discouraging. I can see how Trumpmakes many survivors feel stillness. However, the election has motivated me to speak even louder to stand with fellow survivors of gender-based violence and never stop fighting for the prevention of these kinds of abuse.

Self-care during pregnancy is about much more than midnight munchies.

I jolted awake, in a cold sweat and pant for air.

I was midway through my much-wanted, much-anticipated pregnancy with our second child, and in retrospect, I can say with some certainty that I was experiencing antenatal depression ( depression during pregnancy ). Little did I know, depression during pregnancy is actually pretty common up to a quarter of women may experience it. But at the time, I felt hopeless. I knew I wanted this baby, but the depression resulted me to fear that the pregnancy was a mistake. To wake from a dream about this baby not making it into the world, simply to dream it, left me feeling certain that I didnt deserve to be a mom.

Depression can rear its head for any number of reasons, and I dont know that I could have prevented it, but I do know that I wasnt taking good care of myself.

Mercifully, during the pregnancy, my hormones changed again and the darkness passed.( Though my depression passed, it doesn’t always, so contacting a health care professional can be essential .) And not long after, my “girls ” was bear, and all those feelings of fear and hopelessness felt so distant that they didnt seem real. I was so glad to have her. I felt so fortunate that she was mine.

Now, determining myself at the beginning of a third pregnancy, I’m aroused but also a little nervous that prenatal depression could creep back in down the road.

I didn’t experience depression during my first pregnancy, and I don’t know what my third will hold. But during this pregnancy, Im determined to induce self-care a priority. Because my emotional health matters .

Not merely to me and my husband, but also to my children and most definitely to the little one growing inside me. What Im suffering matters.

My self-care will include more “me hour, ” more social activities, more days vegging out( at-home spa hour with body yogurt, anyone ?), and more day talking to my doctor about what Im going through.

What everyone needs is different, and there are many places to start from easy things like taking a walk around the block to ones that take more of a commitment, like learning how to say no( check out this list over at the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS Program ). Im starting with daily meditation, deep breathing when Im feeling overwhelmed, and a determination to have more girl period with my friends.

It wasnt an easy lesson to learn, but now I know that sometimes its more than just “crazy pregnancy hormones.” Sometimes my feelings are telling me something important. Im eventually ready to listen.

We dont talk much about depression during pregnancy isnt it supposed to be a period of bonding and nesting and anticipation after all?

But according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, experiencing depression during that time isnt precisely rare. Between 14% and 23% of women are reported to face some depression symptoms during pregnancy but I have to wonder if those numbers would be higher if we werent so squeamish about the topic.

Your impressions are a big deal, but treating depression doesn’t have to be. There are lots of approaches available for depression or anxiety that are safe for you and baby. And you shouldn’t feel like you have to do it alone doctors and therapists are there to help.

I’m a busy running mom, and we are in the middle of trying to sell our home. I know how hard it can be for us moms to find time for ourselves.

And when I leave the children with my husband to have lunch with a friend, part of “i m feeling” guilty to even take a couple of hours for myself. But I know that by prioritizing self-care, I am investing in the well-being of my entire household. None of us likes the confused and impatient mama I am when Im burned out and overwhelmed, so I take some time for myself to construct my period with their own families so much better.

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Albany chiropractor pleads guilty to sexual abuse – The Daily Gazette

The Daily Gazette

Nabra Hassanen’s murder highlightings the challenges of designating a crime a hate crime

( CNN) Her father says her murder has all the hallmarks of a hate crime. Police and prosecutors say it was road rage , not religion, that spurred the deadly attack on the Muslim teen.

Nabra Hassanen was beaten to death with a baseball bat — and her body thrown into a pond — by a man who police say got into an debate with her and her friend as they headed back to a mosque in Virginia.

Thousands have signed a petition calling on country and federal officials to investigate the 17 -year-old’s death as a hate crime. But the instance, like others before, highlights how challenging it is to apply that label and the narrow criteria it needs to meet.

What is a hate crime?

Virginia law defines a hate crime,in part, as a criminal act committed with the intent of instilling anxiety in person because of his or her race, religion or ethnic origin. The FBI’s definition is a little broader –– it takes into account the same intent but also includes disability, sex orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.

Cancer Taught Me To Live Like I’m Succumbing

Last year, I became one of the estimated 1,685, 210 new cases of cancer to be diagnosed in 2016. Of that number, one out of three was projected to die from the disease. While the diagnosis and statistics are daunting at best, for me cancer became a lesson in how to live like I was succumbing, in how to embrace life in whatever sort I was allowed.

Surgery and chemotherapy were fraught with unexpected complications and hospitalizations. I chose to share my diagnosis only with close friends, family and my administrators at work. I did not rush to Facebook or Twitter to bemoan my nation, because lets face it, many people have it much worse. I didnt want empathy or sad-eyed glances. I wanted merely to be normal once again, and that status could be found only in living normally.

Between chemotherapy treatments I returned to my job as a nurse, worked on my third fiction, and tried to savor every special moment of every day. What I detected is that every moment is extraordinaryespecially if it might be your lasta last kiss, a last hello, a last glimpse of someone special, a final goodbye, and with those potentials securely in mind, I appreciated them all the more. There is magic in every moment and in so much around us. And the prospect of dying stimulates them that much richer.

The first lesson I learned was that its not all about mewell, it is, in a waybut then again, it isnt. The world will get on nicely without me. The best any of us can hope for is to know that it mattered that we were herethat we somehow made a difference for someone somewhere, that we created a special moment, a special memory for someone to cherish. And every day, we have a chance to create those moments for ourselves and for someone else, and it may well start with a seemingly innocuous greeting.

A simple how are you? is not so simple anymore. Most people expect a quick nod of your head , not a long monologue on the nation of your health, so for the most component, I respond in the way Im expected toI say Im fine. Those closest to me might know otherwise, but theres a kind of simple power in saying Im fine. For that moment, I am fine, and Ive learned that if I say it often enough, it becomes my truth, my mantra.

As the months wore on, and my stamina flagged, I tried to remember that the worst thing that can happen may turn out to be the best thing that can happen, for even the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Moments to cherish are everywhere. The perfect rose in your garden may well not be the only perfect rose in your day. There are roses everywhere. Perhaps its the older lady in line at the supermarket, bent and frail and fumbling for change and a smile, or maybe its a soft breeze that ruffles your hair and reminds you that you are alive, or perhaps, a ray of sunshine that warms your cheek.

The beauty in our days is most notable in the subtlethe crack in the sidewalk that brings you back to your childhood games, the far-away friend who calls, the smile of a perfect stranger. If we can see the miracle in the ordinary, we can live a little better and leave a sweet foot-print in out wake.

Cancer may have stolen a year of my life, but it “ve given me” much better, a life sentence rather than a death sentence, and an appreciation of all that is beautiful in life. Ive learned the hardest lesson there ishow to live like Im dying. And while Im now in remission, the lessons Ive learned will stay with me forever, and I wish that for all of youa life filled with endless beauty and endless prospects. Without the diagnosis of course.

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