5 Horrifying Things Parents Utilized To Do To Babies

You’d guess people would generally be nice to babies. They’re cute, they’re the future of our species, and the foreskins of the males can be used to create four football fields of human skin. You weren’t expecting to hear that advantage, were you?

A human baby, seen here cultivating the playing surface of your nightmares .

But our posture toward newborns and their useful, useful foreskins hasn’t always been so benevolent: We can now add “caring for the young of our own goddamn species” to the list of things humanity has managed to fuck up. For instance …

# 5. Premature Infants Were Utilized As Sideshow Attractions

Today, infants that are born very prematurely are under an obligation to spend weeks or even months lying in incubators, another word for fancy baby-holders that control an infant’s surrounding until it’s ready to enter the cold, germ-ridden outside world. Today, you’ll find these Containers of Tiny, Adorable Sadness where one would assume they have always been: inside hospitals. But in the early 20 th century, you were more likely to find them on display in an amusement park. Really , guys? That’s even more upsetting than clowns.

At the Coney Island amusement park in Brooklyn, fairgoers could pay money to file past rows of teeny, depressing premature infants. The sideshow even featured a barker who stood out front of the showing and tried to seduce passersby to come inside, presumably with the help of hilarious puns. It sounds insane, and luckily this infant-suffering-as-attraction was a flash in the pan, with indignant mob assemble within months, simply repeating, “Really? ” until everyone packed up and left. That’s why it lasted only … uh … 40 years.

Really ?

But we shouldn’t be too harsh on the attraction that turned the cotton candy of countless fairgoers to ashes in their mouths. The sideshow’s founder, a physician named Martin Couney, was desperate to bring his newfangled incubators into common , non-clown-related utilization, but the medical establishment didn’t take him seriously. Instead, the standard therapy for premature infants at the time was to try to distract the mother while softly shuffling them out of view.

“Your son? Yeah, he’s around here somewhere. Anyhoo, this is a describing I did of a duck penis.”

So the Coney Island sideshow was Couney’s way of funding his baby-incubating project and saving as many teeny lives as possible without having to charge their parents for their care. In fact, I’m willing to bet at least some parents of preemies today would put up with the presence of corn-dog-clutching gawkers if it entailed they could avoid a $30,000 medical bill.

# 4. Every Baby Wore A Dress( For Poop Reasons)

We’ve mentioned before that the current fad of gender-specific newborn stuff is actually a recent phenomenon, and that for much of history both genders wore feminine, flowing clothes as newborns. After all, babies are basically highly efficient human-waste factories, and flowing garments are easier to wrangle when you’re trying to clean up said waste in an era before zippers and Velcro. But sometimes this skirts-for-everyone thing ran past mere convenience and style into “my parents must have really wished I was a girl” territory. Here, for example, is the very male 18 th-century French king Louis XV πŸ˜› TAGEND And here’s young Ernest Hemingway, whose mom admittedly went a little overboard πŸ˜› TAGEND

On the one hand, the continued survival of male humans definitely seems to prove that putting little boys in feminine dres isn’t harmful to them, which is a good reason to stop calling down the wrath of God whenever a parent paints their son’s fingernails or when a retail chain ditches its gender-specific toy labeling. On the other, why would you dress a kid of either gender like this?

He’s likely pooping, like, all over that, guys .

# 3. English-Speakers Have Always Been Terrible At Naming Kids

Even if you’re has still not been at the “get off my lawn” stage of human life, “youre supposed to” agree that English-language names are get weird. And it’s true that “original” names are far more prevalent than they have been in the past, and that, around the country, thousands of preschool-aged Rykers and Maysons are unprepared for the nightmare of Starbucks cups and tedious phone-spellings that awaits them in adult life.

“We can’t wait to meet little Joffrey Ann.”

But this is far from the first unhealthy tendency in English-speaking baby-naming. At one point in 14 th-century England, for example, a full third of the male population was named either William or John, and it was even common to give siblings the same goddamn name: One record has a family of three living sons all named John and two living daughters both named Margaret. And you thought it was bad that there are four Jaydens in your daughter’s kickboxing class.

Around the time of the Puritans, things somehow got even weirder: To distinguish themselves from their not-religious-enough countrymen, and perhaps also because everyone still recollected being so goddamn sick of John, a new type of biblical name swarmed the child-naming marketplace. And by “biblical name, ” I mean “opening a page of the Bible and naming the kid the first thing you saw.”

“‘And the Lord said unto Chad … ‘ — DAMMIT.”

That likely isn’t an exaggeration, by the way: Recorded Puritan names include “Fear-not, ” “Give-Thanks, ” “Fight-the-good-fight-of-faith, ” and other names that appear to have come from mothers rummaging desperately through the Good book like the latter are searching a purse for the last non-yellow Starburst.

# 2. Toilet Training( Supposedly) Caused War Crimes

In the early 1940 s, anthropologist Geoffrey Gorer had an idea. An notion about turd. Gorer explained that Japanese mothers potty train their children earlier than mothers in the West, and that this early poop-control made them murderously repressed, which explained Japanese soldiers’ excessive barbarism in World War II. In other terms, parents, when you’re excitedly giving your child a sticker for evacuating their bowels in the musical training toilet shaped like a race car, you might think the only damage being done is the painful, nagging reminder that you used to be cool. When in fact you could be creating a future violator of the Geneva Conventions, and your child will probably the working day take a dump on the killing fields.

Merely the dead know the end of war( it’s poop ).

Unbelievably, people took Gorer seriously: He was hired as an analyst( heh) for the U.S. Office of War Information during World War II. Why? Well, his ideas were fertilized( heh) by Freudianism, which I’m starting to think was just an excuse for grown-up men to write about poop without all the other psychologists laughing at them. According to Freud’s hypothesis — which people actually believed, you guys, I can’t stress this enough — toilet training small children too early could lead to lifelong damage, by “freezing” his or her personality at a stage of poop-obsession. As late as 1999, a German professor was arguing that East Germans had difficulty accepting democracy after the fall of Communism because of the style they’d been toilet trained as infants, which I’m sure was the real reason, rather than, you know, being raised in a Communist nation .

Above: Lenin tries in vain to explain his ideas to a baffled , normally-toilet-trained audience .

Partially as a result of this paranoia, children’s potty training( which historically was usually finished by the time the child was a year old) got pushed back subsequently and later. Producers soon started making disposable nappies for older children to accommodate the trend, and now it’s not unusual for mothers to keep children in nappies until they start school. In other terms, a poop-covered-plastic landfill the size of Texas probably exists today at the least partly because we once believed utilizing lavatories at the wrong time caused the Rape of Nanking.

Anyway, such articles has been pretty lighthearted in so far, but now that the Rape of Nanking has been mentioned, it’s time to move on to the darker stuff. If reading about young children getting hurt is a problem for you, simply skip down to the comment segment right now and describe the fluffiest goddamn bunny you ever saw. Otherwise, read about how …

# 1. Burial Clubs Encouraged So Much Murder

“Burial clubs” might sound like a badass pastime for really coordinated goths, but they were actually a form of life insurance popular in 19 th-century Britain. By payouts after demise, burial clubs permitted mourning families to afford funeral expenditures after their child fell inside one of those fancy top hats and suffocated. I don’t have time to check right now, but I assume that was the leading cause of child demise in the 19 th century.

“Why don’t we just all stop wearing these hats? “
“Go feed a dick, Reginald.”

But then as now, the idea of instant postmortem profits did generate the incentive to, well, assassination people. The difference is that a person today who tries to take out six different life insurance policies on a family member will shortly be dealing with, like, all the police. Back in the 1800 s, however, poor and desperate parents could profit from the death of a child with almost no questions asked: The industry was too unregulated for anyone to get suspicious, and anyway, newborns merely dropped dead all the time back then. So one child at the time was found to be enrolled in no fewer than 19 burial clubs, and if babies were a bit smarter, it probably would have packed up all its stuff using its adorable baby hands and run far away.

“We never ask Frank about his past, but we have our mistrusts. He’s get that thousand-yard stare.”

Technically, the penalty for infanticide was the death penalty, but as it was almost impossible to distinguish between child-murderers and grieving parents who were still haunted by recurring hat-related nightmares, actual guilty verdicts were rare. So, assuming that these people left at the least some of their children alive, some of the people read this probably had great-great-grandparents who murdered their children for money and got away with it. Be sure to bring that up at your next household seance.

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California natural gas leak could be capped next week, officer says

An adviser to Gov. Jerry Brown told residents near the leak that the final phase to intercept the ruptured well should start Monday.

A California official outlined a scheme Thursday to cap the massive Los Angeles-area gas leak by the end of next week.

Wade Crowfoot, an adviser to Gov. Jerry Brown, told residents of Porter Ranch that the final phase to intercept the ruptured well should start Monday. It is then expected to take another five days to permanently seal the Southern California Gas Co. well that has been initiated leaking in October.

The announcement at a public session is ahead of the companys worst-case prediction that it would be plugged by the end of the month. The well has been leaking for 15 weeks.

The blowout at the largest natural gas-storage facility in the West has uprooted thousands of residents and spewed more than 2 million tons of climate-changing methane.

Residents have complained of headaches, nausea , nosebleeds and other symptoms. Public health officials blame the woes on an odorant added to the gas and said there shouldnt be long-term health problems.

SoCalGas said it paid $50 million to try to cap the leak and relocate people through December, but it hasnt given an update since on the costs. The number of relocated families has since rose to 4,400 residents, and the company is facing more than two dozen suits from residents and several public agencies.

The company was charged this week by the Los Angeles district attorney with misdemeanor criminal charges for failing to let country emergency officers know about the leak for three days after it was detected Oct. 23.

Several state bureaux have ordered the company to plug the leak and are analyse its cause.

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Physician At Chiropractor’s Office Assistance In Parking Lot Birth – CBS Pittsburgh/ KDKA

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The ‘tampon tax’ is not a marginal issue – it’s the force of structural sexism at work | Gabrielle Jackson

In New York they have just repealed the tax on mentstrual products as a matter of social justice. This taxation on being a woman is insulting to us all

Im sick of conversations about the tax on tampons being shut down by claims that there are more important issues to worry about. Of course there are. There are always more important things to worry about. But this really is despite what youve “ve been told” an issue of vital importance. An issue that represents in lurid detail the lack of consideration given to womens health and wellbeing.

It is, as New York governor Andrew Cuomo noted upon repealing the nation sales tax on menstruation products last week, a matter of social and economic justice. Its also a matter of equal opportunities.

Women already pay more for haircuts, clothes, razors, mortgages and automobiles, and pretty much any other product that is likely to be feminised. And we pay the GST on most of those higher-priced products. The fact we are also charged a taxation on what amounts to a medical product is an outrage.

It feelings obscene to remind people that these are products females have to buy every month. Its not a selection. We could, I suppose, choose not to buy menstrual products and use tree bark instead but the impacts on our health would be disastrous if we did( theyre called sanitary or hygiene products for a reason ).

But its even more obscene that this is a country in which an Aboriginal woman was fined $ 500 for stealing a $6.75 box of tampons. Penalty for stealing a necessity she couldnt afford could there be a more heartbreaking example of the economic stress paying for these products every month has on girls living in poverty? For too many girls, every penny countings.

There was a brief moment of hope for Australian women in 2015 when Joe Hockey agreed to consult the states about lifting the goods and services taxation on menstrual products. Alas, the country treasurers couldnt agree to remove the tax because stimulating economic growth was deemed more important.

At the time, Labor claimed to support lifting the GST and shadow treasurer Chris Bowen said: These are in effect health products and arent simply a matter of choice for women.

And then along came the federal electoral campaign during which Bill Shorten changed his mind, saying we cant afford to lose the revenue.

He wants the revenue. Lets just think about that for a moment.

Women already earn 17.9% less than men in Australia.

Women do the bulk of unpaid labor, such as cook, cleaning and housework, with Australian girls being among the most overworked in the world.

The industries slated for penalty rate cuts are those dominated by women, while in male-dominated industries, penalty rates remain untouched.

Women retire with 53% of the superannuation that men retire with.

Women are significantly more likely to experience poverty than humen.

And the government needs more revenue from us ?

Ive got an idea: why not introduce a human taxation? You could just add a levy to the incomes of men. This would have the dual benefit of inducing up the revenue lost from the GST on menstrual products( estimated to be about $120 m over four years) and level the playing field to its implementation of disposable income for men and women.

Did you bristle when “youre reading” that, fellas? Because thats what the tampon taxation amounts to: a taxation on being a woman, and I bristle every time I think about that.

Not merely should the tax on menstrual products be lifted immediately but menstrual beakers and pads should be available through pharmacies and listed on the pharmaceutical benefits strategy, available for a basic flat fee or free for women on benefits. Stimulating menstrual cups free would be very economical since they last 10 years and are much better for the environment.

This doesnt definitely sounds like a marginal issue to me, it looks like a powerful force-out of structural sexism. The policy is either grossly negligent of the lived experience of women or a deliberate attempt to keep females worse off than men. Either style, its an insult to every woman in this country.

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Play stations: Railway stops worth persisting at

Image copyright Getty Images

The golden age of rail traveling appears to be well and truly over, and stations absence the glamour formerly associated with letting the train take the strain. Often unmanned and usually unloved, they are places to hasten through.

Commuters on the daily grind tend to be grimly decided when leaving a train. Heads down, elbows out, it’s a fight to get to the exit. The only reason to intermission is to grab a cardboard beaker of something caffeinated before stalking out into the ice-spiked drizzle of a dark winter’s morning.

But what if your station wasn’t full of faceless coffee chains and people pushing? What if there was a station garden filled with fragrant shrubs, or an art gallery, or a top-notch local restaurant?

Here are some everyday railway stations with added extras you may wish to linger at – or even arrive early for.

Leaves on the line

Image copyright BBC/ Incredible edible

Todmorden railway station in West Yorkshire is a great place for the culinary passenger.

The westbound platform is lined with herb planters from which travellers are urged to help themselves, while created beds in the car park offer leafy greens – all free of charge. The Prince of Wales is a fan – he described the town’s “incredible edible” project as “inspiring”.

There is also a gallery in the former parcels office, which can be hired by anyone wishing to showing artwork.

Image copyright Christopher Furlong

Off the beaten track

Image copyright Jaggery via Geograph

Prince Charles, clearly a fan of railway stations, also rocked up at Kemble in Gloucestershire in 2013 to open a garden accessible from the platform.

The once-derelict area has a sundial, is planted with attractive and fragrant shrubs, and seats are available for people wanting a peaceful hiatus between catching trains.

The prince admired a dry stone wall and accepted congratulations on lately becoming a grandfather, as well as cards and gifts for the newly-born Prince George.

Image copyright BBC/ PA

Butcher on the buffers

Image copyright Owen Dunn

Melton, on the line between Ipswich and Lowestoft, is one of the few railway stations with a butcher on site.

The station itself opened in 1859, was closed in 1955, and reopened in 1984 following a local campaign.

Although there is a rail service, the station is unmanned – so there was a nice butcher-shaped space available for the purveyors of pork.

During the winter the Five Winds Farm shop specialises in local game, and the team have been national finalists in the awards known as “the Oscars of bacon”.

Image copyright National Rail Enquiries

Whistle-stop cafe

As well as being an attractive station, complete with hanging baskets overflowing with blooms, Wymondham in Norfolk offers travellers the chance to step back in time and dine in the 19 th Century building that houses the station bistro.

No curling sandwiches here – the restored cafe, furnished with seats taken from first-class railway carriages of yesteryear, offer homemade dinners and snacks and even a three-course Christmas menu..

Pronounced Windum, the station is on the main Norwich to Cambridge line.

Image copyright Station Bistro

Art a-track

Image copyright Salford City College

Artwork has been installed on the previously-bare walls of Walkden railway station, located on the Manchester to Southport line.

Ten laser-cut steel panels line the stairs to the platform, celebrating the history of the station as well as representing aspirations for the future.

Designed by artist Mark Mennell and students from Salford City College, the circular runs are based around the theme of travel.

Letting off steam

Image copyright Little Street/ Google/ Geograph

Frimley railway station in Surrey is the locating of of Little Street play centre, a series of themed rooms and props for children to let their imaginations run wild.

Ride-on vehicles include a police car and fire engine, and there’s a feign air ambulance helicopter where children can pretend to be a pilot or a medic.

Big children might enjoy the nearby miniature steam railway.

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Alternative medicine therapy put four-year-old boy in A& E – BBC News

Image copyright Thinkstock

The plight of a four-year-old boy who nearly succumbed after his parents gave him 12 alternative medications has prompted doctors to warn against the treatments.

Doctors at Newham Hospital in east London said the mothers were “devastated” that their good intentions had constructed him so unwell.

The boy took a dozen supplements supposedly to help treat his autism.

The National Autistic Society said it was crucial for doctors to talk through health risks of alternative therapies.

The boy developed a potentially life-threatening condition after taking supplements from a naturopath( natural health practitioner) for a number of months, which included vitamin D, camel’s milk, silver and Epsom bath salts.

He was admitted to A& E after losing 6.5 lbs( 3kg) over three weeks, suffered by symptoms including vomiting and extreme thirst.

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption ‘Often mothers think that supplements are natural, safe…but this is not true in many cases’

Dr Catriona Boyd and Dr Abdul Moodambail, writing in the British Medical Journal Case Reports , said it was not until the boy had been at Newham Hospital, which is part of St Bart’s Health Trust, for several days that his mother told them about the holistic supplements.

Dr Moodambail told the BBC: “This happens on many occasions with other patients as well.

“Often the mothers is considered that these supplements are natural, safe and do not cause any side effect or adverse effects, but this is not true in many cases like this.”

He added: “The situation was stark because the child developed vitamin D toxicity leading to the highest calcium levels, making the child quite unwell and this can even be fatal as well.”

The boy made a full recovery in 2 week after being treated with hyperhydration and drugs to reduce his calcium level.

What are complementary and alternative therapies?

Complementary and alternative medications( CAMs) are therapies that fall outside of mainstream healthcare Generally when a non-mainstream practise is used together with conventional medicine, it is considered “complementary” When a non-mainstream practice is used instead of conventional medication, it is considered “alternative” Examples of CAMS include homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic and herbal medicines Some complementary and alternative medications or treatments are based on principles and an proof base that are not recognised by the majority of independent scientists Others have been proven to work for a limited number of health conditions, such as osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture for treating lower back ache When a person uses any health treatment – including a CAM – and experiences an improvement, this may be due to the placebo consequence Osteopaths and chiropractors are regulated in the same way as mainstream medical professionals “Were not receiving” statutory professional regulation of any other CAM practitioners

Republican Governor Warns ‘Lives Are At Stake’ If Obamacare Is Repealed Without Replacement

WASHINGTON Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval( R) cautioned Congress on Wednesday about the results of repealing the Affordable Care Act without an adequate replacement for millions of people insured under the law.

Sandoval, who opted to expand Medicaid under Obamacare for Nevadas neediest residents, said he likes what hes hear so far about a replacing for the law. But the governor added there are a lot of lives at stake with its possible repeal and said he hoped congressional leaders would take them into consideration.

We have a state run insurance exchange. Its working well for us. There are a lot of lives at stake, with regard to decisions that are made here, Sandoval said at an event hosted by the National Governors Association near Capitol Hill.

I hope decisions arent stimulated in a vacuum and that there is a reach out to the governors. Everything can be improved, he added of the law. The rhetoric Ive heard is nobodys going to lose their coverage, that prices arent going to increase. I say great, thats wonderful. But until we get into the specifics, Im not going to get into an adversarial relationship.

The governor noted he had given his concerns to the entire Nevada delegation, including Republican Sen. Dean Heller, who supports repealing the law.

Sandoval is one of five GOP governors including Govs. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Rick Snyder of Michigan, John Kasich of Ohio and Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas who set a letter to Congress about the disastrous consequences of repealing a law without a replacing in place.

Earlier this month, Senate Republicans took the first big step in their years-long crusade against the law. They say they want to ensure those people currently insured through the law wouldnt be hurt by efforts to replace it.Rep. Tom Price( R-Ga .), who is President Donald Trumps nominee to resulted the Department of Health and Human Service, for example, says it is absolutely imperative that people with insurance get to keep their coverage even if Republicans repeal Obamacare.

But current GOP proposals to replace the law such as block awards would result in far less federal spending on health care and thus far fewer insured people.

In Virginia, unfortunately, we have not expanded Medicaid.A repeal of the ACA, accompanied by a proposed block award, could cost the state of Virginia in the next budget over $300 million, said Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe( D ), the chair of the NGA, who spoke alongside Sandoval at the event.

McAuliffe said that House Speaker Paul Ryan( R-Wis .) disclosed few details about the GOP replacement for Obamacare in his meeting with governors earlier on Wednesday.

Nobody today is telling us what theyre going to replace it with, he said. I dont suppose anybody knows, to be honest with you.

But he added the sense he got from the speaker about dedicating more power to states, is that Ryan would like to see them implement block grants.

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