Can we secure the internet of things in time to prevent another cyber-attack?

Easy-to-hijack smart devices just crashed some of the worlds biggest online platforms. Experts say its a wake-up call to improve security and quickly

Can the world wide web survive the internet of things? Its a question many are asking after a vast attack on US and European internet structure last week, likely led by smart DVR players and webcams, that has left the tech industry reeling.

And according to experts, unless hardware and software producers band together to improve the security of the open internet and quickly more assaults are imminent.

The attack on the internet infrastructure provider Dyn took down sites including Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and the Guardian last week. Dan Kaminsky, lead scientist for the cybersecurity firm White Ops, said the incident should force the tech industry to take a more serious look at its networks.

Back in 2008, Kaminsky discovered a serious vulnerability in the domain name system( DNS) the way computers name sites on the internet that became known as the Kaminsky bug. Since uncovering and helping to mend that flaw, he has spoken regularly about the need for broad and free security measures online.

How to Save That Summer Feeling Through Fall

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The official aim of summertime is virtually upon us. Even though the rules say we have to set our white jeans away, we can keep the summer vacation feeling around the house all year round. Guess about the places and rituals that stimulated you happy on vacation and try to adapt them at home. Ill share some of my favorites to help get us started.

Set up a flame cavity . Nights are getting chilly and a bunch of chairs thrown around an outdoor flame pit is the next best thing to being away on a camping journey. Actually, I think its much better, because after the flame burns out you can sleep in your own bed and enjoy indoor plumbing. Hang a hammock . A hammock is a swaying piece of furniture that can really take you away. Enjoy one for as long as the weather allows.

Consider a hang chair. These add resort-like fun to a bedroom, family room or analyze particularly in such studies. When you need a mental breaking, you can hit the swaying chair and play a little Candy Crush.

Pause for tea time( or happy hour or wine oclock ). Whether your predilection is Earl Grey, a mocktail or a chilled glass of rose, these vacation rituals are a great way to mark the end of your day and help you transition from busy mode to relax mode.

Set up a kitchen garden in the kitchen. Plucking fresh mint, basil, rosemary or lavender from the garden is one of summertimes big benefits, and many of us mourn the loss as our beloved herbs wither in the autumn. Small herb plants are usually readily available at the grocery store for a few dollars. Place them near a sunny window( herbs need sun to thrive) with your other plants and enjoy their perfume and flavors indoors.

Find the Perfect Planter for Herbs

Keep vacation reminders around . Whether its a family photo from your mountain trip-up, a painting or basket you picked up on your travelings, or a few shells you collected on the beach, display your mementoes somewhere where you can enjoy them.

Make time for reading. Nothing says vacation to me more than being able to loll with a magazine or finish four books in a week without feeling the least bit guilty. While you wont be doing it on the beach with a pina colada, its still a good way to recharge. My mom calls it Joys 20 Minutes and lets herself have the time every day. Shes on to something.( By the style, her name happens to be Joy, but perhaps we should all call it Joyous 20 Minutes.”

Unplug . Pretend youre on a remote island without Wi-Fi, with zero bars on your phone every now and then. Put the phones on aircraft mode when youre with friends and family and connect with one another. Resist every temptation to pull out your phone. Trust me, your friends dont genuinely care about seeing your vacation photos( and they probably already did on social media ).

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