Trump trying $54 B increase in defense spending, cuts elsewhere

President Trump plans to seek what hes calling an historical $54 billion increased number of defense spending, while pursuing cuts elsewhere in the federal government, as part of his upcoming budget plan.

White House budget officials announced the proposals of the military spending boost Monday morning, saying the president will seek a commensurate reduction in spending across other federal agencies. Minutes afterward, Trump previewed the move while addressing the nations governors at the White House.

This budget will be a public safety and national security budget, Trump said. He said the plan would include a historic increase in defense spending to rebuild the depleted military.

The president reiterated that he wants to better prepare the military to not only deter war but win wars when called to fight.

Weve got to win or dont battle it at all, Trump said.

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney afterward corroborated, during the course of its daily press briefing, that theyre trying a defense budget of $603 billion, one of the largest increases in history.

He said other non-defense spending would be cut by an equal $54 billion, the largest proposed reduction since the early years of the Reagan administration.

Without going into great detail, Mulvaney said, It reduces money that we give to other nations. It reduces duplicative programs. And it eliminates programs that simply don’t work.

Trump’s proposal for the 2018 budget year is set to be sent to agencies Monday, the working day before his first address to a Joint Session of Congress. For Trump, the primetime speech enables us to refocus his young presidency on the core economic issues that were a centerpiece of his White House run.

According to an administration official, the budget plan won’t build significant changes to Social Security or Medicare after Trump promised during the campaign to leave major entitlements untouched.

The Pentagon is due for a huge boost, as Trump promised during the campaign. But many nondefense agencies and foreign aid programs are facing cuts, including at the State Department. The specific numbers aren’t final and agencies will have a chance to argue against the cuts as part of a longstanding tradition at the budget office.

Left unclear is how such a military increase would square with the requirements of sequestration, the mandatory across-the-board spending caps agreed to by Congress and the Obama administration. At the same day, defense hawks on Capitol Hill wanted to know whether Trumps proposed boost which would seek a fiscal 2018 defense budget of $603 billion would be enough.

$603 billion cant rebuild the Navy, said one Hill source who is concerned the defense increase is not large enough.

Trump is expected to release his final budget proposal in mid-March.

The president previewed a boost in military spending during a speech Friday to conservative activists, pledging “one of the greatest build-ups in American history.”

“We will be significantly upgrading all of our military, all of our military, offensive, defensive, everything, bigger and better and stronger than ever before, ” he said.

The White House budget office issued a statement confirming that an interim budget submission will be released in mid-March but declining to comment on an “internal discussion.”

“The president and his Cabinet are working collaboratively to create a budget that keeps the president’s promises to secure the country and restore fiscal sanity to how we spend American taxpayers’ fund, ” said Office of Management and Budget spokesman John Czwartacki.

Czwartacki said that the March submission was able to address bureau operating budgets funded by Congress and that proposals on tax reform and so-called mandatory programs they include food stamps, student loans, health those programmes and farm subsidies will be released later.

The March release is also expected to include an immediate infusion of cash for the Pentagon that’s expected to register about $20 billion or so and contain the first wave of funding for Trump’s promised border wall and other initiatives like hiring immigration agents.

By increasing defense and leaving Medicare and Social security systems untouched, the Trump final budget scheme is sure to project sizable deficits. In the campaign Trump promised huge taxation cuts but top GOP leaders like House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin don’t want this year’s tax reform drive to add to the budget deficit.

Fox News John Roberts, Jennifer Griffin and Chad Pergram and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Second Transmissible Cancer Found In Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian devils, Sarcophilus harrisii , are being threatened with extinction by a transmissible cancer called devil facial tumor cancer. This gruesome illnes has been ravaging the little marsupial carnivores since it was first observed in 1996. And now, researchers have discovered another transmissible cancer that also causes facial tumors in the devils.While these tumors resemble the previously identified ones, theyre genetically distinct, according to new work published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week.

With clonally transmissible cancers, living cancer cells are transferred between someones. We only know of three cancers like this in the wild, and they affect dogs, Tasmanian devils, and soft-shell clams. Devil facial tumor disease( DFTD) is spread by biting, and it causes tumors on the face and inside the mouth. It readily metastasises, killing the animal within months after symptoms appear.

Until now, the disease has been consistently linked to a single cancer cell pedigree now designated as DFT1. A team led by University of Cambridges Elizabeth Murchison and University of Tasmanias Gregory Woods detected a second transmissible cancer, called DFT2, in five demons from southeastern Tasmania in 2014 and 2015. That entails the poor Tasmanian demons have given rise to two different transmissible cancers something thats rarely observed in any species.

After wild Tasmanian demons with signs of DFTD on the Channel Peninsula were either found dead or trapped, tissue biopsies were collected and tumor samples were drawn through a fine needle( either post mortem or from live demons who were then released ). To the naked eye, DFT2 causes facial tumors that appear indistinguishable from those caused by DFT1, but a microscopic examination of the tissues uncovered minor though distinguishable changes. DFT1 and DFT2 do not share any detectable similarities at the level of chromosomes , not to mention DFT2 carries a Y chromosome, sharply contrasting with the female origin of DFT1.

In addition to being both histologically and cytogenetically distinct, DFT2 is also genetically distinct from DFT1. While researchers expected DFT2 obtained from DFT1, “as far as we can tell, DFT2 is a totally new cancer that has arisen independently of DFT1, “Woods explains to IFLScience. “The confusion is that both DFT1 and DFT2 appear to be derived from a similar precursor cell, but this has yet to be confirmed.”Theres also the slightest potential that DFT1 fused or transferred some genetic information to a normal cell, making DFT2.

If Tasmanian devils have spawned at the least two distinct transmissible cancer lineages, that means the kind of cancers may arise more frequently in nature than we think.

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How to feed: hummus

This month, How to Eat is dipping into hummus. But would you ever set it on a sandwich? Do you eat it with carrots or crackers, fried courgettes or lamb? And does its popularity genuinely hinge on the fact that you can eat it while unloading the dishwasher?

It is not often How to Eat( HTE) the Guardian blog defining how best to eat Britains favourite dishes feels it necessary to refer to the yellowing cuttings of the arts archive. But, merely occasionally, it happens that a spate of self-indulgent ad-libbing during a 2011 National Theatre production of One Man, Two Guvnors represents, in one sentence, so much of the misunderstanding, nay racism, that surrounds this months topic: hummus.

Apparently, during their larking about, the One Man, Two Guvnors cast would regularly ask the audience for something to eat. Offered a hummus sandwich, James Corden the George Bernard Shaw of Generation Bantz is reported to have called: Oh God, is this a Guardian readers night?

Please take a moment, dear reader, to fully LOLZ that one out.

Now, there is a lot about hummus culture that HTE has neither the space nor the inclination to fully explore here. It will not, for example, become mired in the moras of whether( sensible, egalitarian) hummus or( the unbearably affected) houmous is the correct spelling. It will not tread on Felicity Cloakes well-worn kitchen lino by discussing how hummus should be made. It will not seek to resolve the hummus wars that divide the Middle East. Suffice to say, HTE likes the posture of hummus-obsessed Israeli blogger, Shooky Galili: Hummus is a centuries-old Arab dish nobody owns it, it belongs to the region.

Hummus is a centuries-old Arab dish nobody owns it, it belongs to the region. Photograph: Getty Images/ EyeEm/ Kirsty Lee

But but but there are certain egregious slurs that we cannot let slide. Primary here is the idea that we Guardianista are preoccupied with hummus when, as any fule kno, it is not 1992. These days, we love quinoa, smashed avo and crispy kale. The notion that hummus is the conserve of a PC, sandal-wearing, left-wing vanguard is ridiculous when 41% of Britain has a pot in the refrigerator. Worst of all, though, is Cordens blithe adoption of the concept of a hummus sandwich. What kind of world are we living in, where* voice rising to a fever pitch of indignation* people are putting hummus in sandwiches ?

The hummus-sandwich interface

Insomuch as hummus has a role to play in sandwiches and wraps, it is as a garnish, deployed in a supporting role. Think Ernie Wise to Eric Morecambes falafel, grilled meat or Greek salad. HTE has read hummus described, incredibly, as a like-for-like replacement for butter or mayonnaise. It is not. Instead, it is better thought of as one of a number of broadly Levantine sauces( zhoug, tahini, tzatziki, harissa ), which when the( flat) bread is thin enough and its contents juicy enough that this will not become a stodgy slog can add a further layer of flavour intricacy to a sandwich.

However, the idea of adding often claggy, chunky hummus to a thick, sliced bread sandwich of turkey or chicken( how dry would that be ?) or, for the non-meat eaters, use it as a major sandwich filling in endless combinations of avocado, tomatoes, egg, spicy carrot and feta, seems not just gastronomically questionable how well do those ingredients gel, actually ? but also a surefire recipe for a truly dreary, lumpen sandwich. That is a wad of mush that you will start eating at lunch and still be chewing at tea time.


There is a lot going on in hummus, it is, variously, creamy, nutty, lemony, garlicky, savoury, salty( perhaps too salty ). Therefore, it is essential to choose dipping implements that offer either a) a neutral carbohydrate base for the hummus or b) a clearly complementary flavor to it( sweet carrots being a prime example ). Ideally, you should have a varied selection of these available every time you feed hummus.

Sweet carrots are a prime example of complementary flavour. Photo: Getty/ Cat London

Top dippers : warm, pliable flatbreads or pitta; carrots( raw for contrasting crunch , not par-boiled as is common ); refreshing cucumber; bread sticks; plain crackers( nothing cheesy or onionflavoured etc ); Ryvita or a similarly dark crackers, for extra earthy depth; overdone strips of barbecued beef or lamb( burnt ends, basically ); celery( useful for getting into a supermarket pots nooks and crannies ); raw white onion( conveniently curved and complementary in flavour ); red bell pepper.

Dysfunctional dippers : any fried veggie( that layer of greasiness is just unwelcome ); tortilla chips or, indeed, any crisps( often too salty, if not seasoned with jarring lime, etc ); battered fish goujons( a bizarre textural car-crash ); grilled halloumi thumbs; woolly, buttered sliced white toast( unless you are a child under the age of seven ); tomatoes( impractical ); radishes( too overtly peppery ).

Hot or cold?

HTE enjoys the cooling effect of fridge-cold hummus, while acknowledging that room-temperature is preferable if you want its flavours to glisten. Warm hummus is a different matter wholly. Its a texture thing. In its texture, warm hummus ranges from something that recalls lumpy porridge to a silken soup. It conspicuously absence the smooth, reassuring density of cold hummus that we Brits have come to love.

Why not jazz up hummus with whole chickpeas and olive oil? Photo: fotosr/ Getty Images/ iStockphoto

Hummus variations

There are, of course, numerous sensible ways to jazz up hummus: with whole chickpeas and olive oil,( toasted) pine nuts, smoky paprika and various Middle Eastern spice, herb and seed mixtures( dukkah, zaatar, sumac ). However, hummus is not endlessly versatile.

Topping it with slice of roasted red pepper or courgette presents an obstacle if dipping, while commercial versions topped with caramelised onions are, usually, style too sweet. Likewise, there are endless variations from the innocuous if baffle( topping it with fried mushrooms or chopped hard-boiled egg) to the, shall we say, more challenging addition of dried mint.

As for those supermarket versions that augment the hummus itself by blitzing-in red peppers, Moroccan spices, coriander, roasted tomatoes, etc, they are, invariably, borderline inedible. They are topped merely by those so-called hummus built with avocado, broad beans, beetroot, etc that dispense with the chickpeas altogether. They are labelled hummus only because the word paste is less sexy.

Sharing etiquette

On the vexed topic of doubled dipping, please refer to this entry on chips n dips. In brief, this blog does not share( pardon the pun) Western societys bacteria hysteria. If your mates are people who freak out if you go in for a second dip with a half-eaten carrot stick, then the answer is simple: get new mates.

The right style to hummus. Photo: Marianna Massey/ Getty Images

When ?

Lunch or as a snack. One that, as you warm that third flatbread and open a second bathtub of hummus, still feels vaguely virtuous. Such self-delusion is a dangerous, if delicious, thing.


Ideally, you would devote hummus the respect it deserves. You would generously top it with adornments and serve it in the centre of a large plate surrounded by your dipping veggies of option, sides of raw onion and pickles, and a separate heap of hot, fluffy pittas.

In reality, many of us regularly eat hummus speedily at a worktop, busily cutting carrots into batons and retrieving crackers from a box, while doing other jobs in the kitchen. It is not ideal. But at times it is very useful. Romanticise hummus all you like, but its popularity in the West is, to a great extent, down to its practicality.

So hummus, how do you feed yours?

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The Last day of WWEs Chyna and the Unraveling of Dr. Drews Celebrity Alumni

Groundbreaking pro wrestler Chyna is the latest’ Celebrity Rehab’ veteran to die too soon.”>

On Wednesday, the path-making professional wrestler Chyna, born Joan Laurer, was found dead in her apartment, with police noting no signs of foul play.

Chynas death was first reported to police as a possible overdose, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County coroners department confirmed to USA Today, although an official cause of death for the 46 -year-old WWE women wrestling champ has yet to be determined. At the time of her death, her director said that she was taking prescription drugs for anxiety and sleep deprivation.

A drug-related demise was rumored when news first violated devoted Laurers visible struggles with substance abuse, which were never more public than when she appeared on the first season of VH1s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2008.

Hers is the latest in a long line of premature Dr. Drew alumni demises, one that boosts the reality proves now-infamous mortality rate even higher.

In 2013, Dr. Drew Pinsky, longtime host of the call-in radio program Loveline, announced that Celebrity Rehab would aim after former cast member and country music vocalist Mindy McCready committed suicide.

Im tired. Its very stressful and intense for me, Pinsky said. To have people questioning my motives and taking aim at me because people get sick and die because they have a life-threatening disease, and I take the blame?

McCready was the fifth celebrity who appeared on Pinskys Pasadena-based craving recovery prove to die while it was still on the air. Up to that point, Rodney King, Grease star Jeff Conaway, Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr, and The Real world cast member Joey Kovar had all passed away, some of them from problems related to those that they had gone on Celebrity Rehab to treat.

Conaway was treated for alcohol and drug addiction in the first two seasons, dying of pneumonia and encephalopathy three years later after an overdose. Starr, featured in Season Three, died from a prescription drug overdose, as Dr. Drew afterwards acknowledged. King drowned in a swimming pool with cocaine, PCP, marijuana, and alcohol in his system. Kovar died of opiate poisoning.

As calculated by The Fix, that devoted the depict an alarming death rate approaching 13 percent of its casting members, sparking conversation about a Celebrity Rehab curse and placing farther scrutiny on the presents questionable therapy techniques.

Deaths of Dr. Drew alumni are to be expected. Relapse rates for drug addiction range from 40 to 60 percentage according to a 2000 examine in the Journal of the American Medical Association. But as critics like Tracie Egan Morrissey observed, practising therapy on high-profile public people in front of cameras may not have been the most effective form of treatment.

While his now-deceased bandmate was still on the depict, Alice in Chains drummer Sean Kinney called the depict pretty disgusting, saying, I dont think it helps anybody and it constructs entertainment out of peoples possible demise, and thats pathetic and its stupid.

In her own appearance on the proves first season, Chyna was reluctant to discuss her own substance abuse onscreen.

What scares you the most about being here? federal employees of the Pasadena rehab center asked her in an early episode.

I is believed that scares me most about being here is the disarray of why Im here, she responded, evading the issues to. I havent decided for myself what the issue is.

By Episode Five, she was more forthright but still did not directly address medications or alcohol. In a group meeting, counselor Bob Forrest told her immediately, Your suffering is caused by drugs and alcohol but you cant see it, so it really doesnt matter what everybody else sees.

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International Pharmaceutical and Nutrition Expert Dr. Jean Zetlaoui Joins VALBIOTIS’ Supervisory Board – Markets Insider

Board to Decide Professional Fate of El Dorado Hills Chiropractor Convicted of Practicing Medicine Without License – FOX4 0

FOX4 0

Midterm Slump: 8 Signs You’ve Entirely Given Up On This Semester

Do you ever have a moment when you’re in school, and you just feel like you’re altogether done?

Well, youre not alone.

Yeah, I know it’s only October, but there are certain things that stimulate you so fed up with the semester, you don’t care anymore.

1. You debate if going to class is really worth it.

Maybe you shouldnt have ordered Dominos at 1 am last night, but what’s done is done.

Now, it’s 7:30 am, and yourein bed, wondering if you can skip your class again.

Sure, you would get to sleep a little longer, but in the long-term, you know you should go to class.

No amount of sleep is worth the amount of work you might have to make up when you’re awake.

2. You can only get through the day with a nap.

Naps are sacred for college students.

When youre on a strict schedule of work, class and eating, you have to be able to schedule in some snooze time.

The same runs for binge-watching “Friday Night Lights” on Netflix.

3. You start using weird objects as utensils.

Maybe using a quantify spoon to eat cereal can be seen as inventive or smart.

Or perhaps, it’s merely because all your spoons are dirty.

But being completely over this semester entails doing the best you can with what you have.

In this case, it’s with what you don’t have.

4. You build mental notes to respond to emails, but you dont.

When your prof sends you emails, you care enough to read them, but not enough to respond.

The same goes with Facebook messages, calls from your grandma, texts from your papa, etc.

Mental notes are nowhere near as accurate as actual notes.

5. You have to borrow a pen in every class.

You barely wake up in time for class, so how are you even supposed to remember a pen with all this other stuff going on?

You get bonus phases if you remember to bring a notebook.

6. Your laundry basket is overflowing.

Sure, you want to wear that cute skirt you bought over the summer, but you wore it a month ago.

Now, it’s at the bottom of your laundry basket, and it would just necessitate so much effort to clean it.

So, what do you do? You wear the same pair of leggings you’ve been wearing for the past six days and hope nobody notices.

7. You cant be bothered to go out to parties anymore.

You could rain and put on makeup, or you could hang out in your sweatpants and be a mere two clicks away from “Gossip Girl” reruns.

Which option do you choose?

Either way, youre just going to be watching people get super drunk.

So, you might as well do it inthe comfort of your own home.

8. You go on your laptop to write a newspaper, and you end up shopping online for four hours.

The paper is probably late anyway. What’s a few more hours?

Plus, you know those shoes won’t be on sale forever.

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19 Awesome IKEA Furniture Hacks You Have To Try Right Now

IKEA is known for its huge selection of simple furniture alternatives. Well, that and their notoriously impossible directions for assembling said furniture.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more high-end( yet can’t bear to part with half of your savings ), you shouldn’t overlook the big-box store. With a few key upgrades that are quite easy to execute, you can turn your run-of-the-mill dresser into an epic bookcase.

Have a look at how you can give your boring furniture a new life!

1. Make this step stool into a cute side table or a statement piece in your child’s bedroom.

2. All you have to do to upgrade this clock is hang it with an old belt.

3. Turn an average headboard into an amazing one with some stikwood.

4. When you flip this shelving division on its side, you can turn it into a dining banquette.

5. Add some crown molding to simple bookcases and slap on a ladder — what a difference!

6. Simple ornaments and some paint can upgrade just about any piece of furniture.

7. Guests will never guess this side table was once a laundry hamper.

8. Reinvent this table simply by replacing the legs.

9. Make your couch look like a million bucks by tufting the cushions.

10. Create some rustic charm by adding a log slice to a stool.

var OX_ads= OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push ( slot_id: “5 3725160 4_56a597e08d46a”, auid: “5 3725160 4” );

11. Get the children involved with this one — all you need are some Sharpies and this chair.

12. You can make a farm-style table with two smaller tables and some plywood.

13. If you want to start an indoor herb garden, make it happen with a wine rack.

14. Make chic cat perches use shelving units.

15. All it takes is a little gold foliage to build your desk-turned-media-center into a work of art!

16. This jewelry tray would look perfect on any dresser.( No one will know it’s a $ 5 frame !)

17. A small bookcase becomes an adorable bar cart with some simple wheels.

18. Transform your bathroom into a spa with some deck wood!

19. And the easiest for last — construct cork heat pads into statement bulletin board for your office.

Never settle for subpar furniture ever again.

Which project will you try first ?

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Alternative medicine treatment set four-year-old boy in A& E – BBC News

Image copyright Thinkstock

The plight of a four-year-old boy who virtually succumbed after his parents gave him 12 alternative medicines has prompted physicians to warn against the treatments.

Doctors at Newham Hospital in east London said the mothers were “devastated” that their good intents had stimulated him so unwell.

The boy took a dozen supplements supposedly to help treat his autism.

The National Autistic Society said it was crucial for doctors to talk through the risks of alternative therapies.

The boy developed a potentially fatal condition after taking supplements from a naturopath( natural health practitioner) for a number of months, which included vitamin D, camel’s milk, silver and Epsom bath salts.

He was admitted to A& E after losing 6.5 lbs( 3kg) over three weeks, suffered by symptoms including vomiting and extreme thirst.

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption ‘Often mothers is considered that supplements are natural, safe…but this is not true in many cases’

Dr Catriona Boyd and Dr Abdul Moodambail, writing in the British Medical Journal Case Reports , said it was not until the boy had been at Newham Hospital, which is part of St Bart’s Health Trust, for several days that his mother told them about the holistic supplements.

Dr Moodambail told the BBC: “This happens on many occasions with other patients as well.

“Often the mothers think that these supplements are natural, safe and do not cause any side effects or adverse effects, but this is not true in many cases like this.”

He added: “The situation was stark because the child developed vitamin D toxicity leading to the highest calcium levels, stimulating the child quite unwell and this can even be fatal as well.”

The boy made a full recovery in two weeks after being treated with hyperhydration and medications to reduce his calcium level.

What are complementary and alternative therapies?

Complementary and alternative medicines( CAMs) are treatments that fall outside of mainstream healthcare Generally when a non-mainstream practice is used together with conventional medication, it is considered “complementary” When a non-mainstream practice is used instead of conventional medicine, it is considered “alternative” Examples of CAMS include homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic and herbal medicines Some complementary and alternative medicines or therapies are based on principles and an evidence base that are not recognised by the majority of independent scientists Others have been proven to work for a limited number of health conditions, such as osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture for treating lower back pain When a person use any health treatment – including a CAM – and experiences an improvement, this may be due to the placebo effect Osteopaths and chiropractors are regulated in the same way as mainstream medical professionals “Were not receiving” statutory professional regulation of any other CAM practitioners