Midterm Slump: 8 Signs You’ve Entirely Given Up On This Semester

Do you ever have a moment when you’re in school, and you just feel like you’re altogether done?

Well, youre not alone.

Yeah, I know it’s only October, but there are certain things that stimulate you so fed up with the semester, you don’t care anymore.

1. You debate if going to class is really worth it.

Maybe you shouldnt have ordered Dominos at 1 am last night, but what’s done is done.

Now, it’s 7:30 am, and yourein bed, wondering if you can skip your class again.

Sure, you would get to sleep a little longer, but in the long-term, you know you should go to class.

No amount of sleep is worth the amount of work you might have to make up when you’re awake.

2. You can only get through the day with a nap.

Naps are sacred for college students.

When youre on a strict schedule of work, class and eating, you have to be able to schedule in some snooze time.

The same runs for binge-watching “Friday Night Lights” on Netflix.

3. You start using weird objects as utensils.

Maybe using a quantify spoon to eat cereal can be seen as inventive or smart.

Or perhaps, it’s merely because all your spoons are dirty.

But being completely over this semester entails doing the best you can with what you have.

In this case, it’s with what you don’t have.

4. You build mental notes to respond to emails, but you dont.

When your prof sends you emails, you care enough to read them, but not enough to respond.

The same goes with Facebook messages, calls from your grandma, texts from your papa, etc.

Mental notes are nowhere near as accurate as actual notes.

5. You have to borrow a pen in every class.

You barely wake up in time for class, so how are you even supposed to remember a pen with all this other stuff going on?

You get bonus phases if you remember to bring a notebook.

6. Your laundry basket is overflowing.

Sure, you want to wear that cute skirt you bought over the summer, but you wore it a month ago.

Now, it’s at the bottom of your laundry basket, and it would just necessitate so much effort to clean it.

So, what do you do? You wear the same pair of leggings you’ve been wearing for the past six days and hope nobody notices.

7. You cant be bothered to go out to parties anymore.

You could rain and put on makeup, or you could hang out in your sweatpants and be a mere two clicks away from “Gossip Girl” reruns.

Which option do you choose?

Either way, youre just going to be watching people get super drunk.

So, you might as well do it inthe comfort of your own home.

8. You go on your laptop to write a newspaper, and you end up shopping online for four hours.

The paper is probably late anyway. What’s a few more hours?

Plus, you know those shoes won’t be on sale forever.

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19 Awesome IKEA Furniture Hacks You Have To Try Right Now

IKEA is known for its huge selection of simple furniture alternatives. Well, that and their notoriously impossible directions for assembling said furniture.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more high-end( yet can’t bear to part with half of your savings ), you shouldn’t overlook the big-box store. With a few key upgrades that are quite easy to execute, you can turn your run-of-the-mill dresser into an epic bookcase.

Have a look at how you can give your boring furniture a new life!

1. Make this step stool into a cute side table or a statement piece in your child’s bedroom.

2. All you have to do to upgrade this clock is hang it with an old belt.

3. Turn an average headboard into an amazing one with some stikwood.

4. When you flip this shelving division on its side, you can turn it into a dining banquette.

5. Add some crown molding to simple bookcases and slap on a ladder — what a difference!

6. Simple ornaments and some paint can upgrade just about any piece of furniture.

7. Guests will never guess this side table was once a laundry hamper.

8. Reinvent this table simply by replacing the legs.

9. Make your couch look like a million bucks by tufting the cushions.

10. Create some rustic charm by adding a log slice to a stool.

var OX_ads= OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push ( slot_id: “5 3725160 4_56a597e08d46a”, auid: “5 3725160 4” );

11. Get the children involved with this one — all you need are some Sharpies and this chair.

12. You can make a farm-style table with two smaller tables and some plywood.

13. If you want to start an indoor herb garden, make it happen with a wine rack.

14. Make chic cat perches use shelving units.

15. All it takes is a little gold foliage to build your desk-turned-media-center into a work of art!

16. This jewelry tray would look perfect on any dresser.( No one will know it’s a $ 5 frame !)

17. A small bookcase becomes an adorable bar cart with some simple wheels.

18. Transform your bathroom into a spa with some deck wood!

19. And the easiest for last — construct cork heat pads into statement bulletin board for your office.

Never settle for subpar furniture ever again.

Which project will you try first ?

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Alternative medicine treatment set four-year-old boy in A& E – BBC News

Image copyright Thinkstock

The plight of a four-year-old boy who virtually succumbed after his parents gave him 12 alternative medicines has prompted physicians to warn against the treatments.

Doctors at Newham Hospital in east London said the mothers were “devastated” that their good intents had stimulated him so unwell.

The boy took a dozen supplements supposedly to help treat his autism.

The National Autistic Society said it was crucial for doctors to talk through the risks of alternative therapies.

The boy developed a potentially fatal condition after taking supplements from a naturopath( natural health practitioner) for a number of months, which included vitamin D, camel’s milk, silver and Epsom bath salts.

He was admitted to A& E after losing 6.5 lbs( 3kg) over three weeks, suffered by symptoms including vomiting and extreme thirst.

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption ‘Often mothers is considered that supplements are natural, safe…but this is not true in many cases’

Dr Catriona Boyd and Dr Abdul Moodambail, writing in the British Medical Journal Case Reports , said it was not until the boy had been at Newham Hospital, which is part of St Bart’s Health Trust, for several days that his mother told them about the holistic supplements.

Dr Moodambail told the BBC: “This happens on many occasions with other patients as well.

“Often the mothers think that these supplements are natural, safe and do not cause any side effects or adverse effects, but this is not true in many cases like this.”

He added: “The situation was stark because the child developed vitamin D toxicity leading to the highest calcium levels, stimulating the child quite unwell and this can even be fatal as well.”

The boy made a full recovery in two weeks after being treated with hyperhydration and medications to reduce his calcium level.

What are complementary and alternative therapies?

Complementary and alternative medicines( CAMs) are treatments that fall outside of mainstream healthcare Generally when a non-mainstream practice is used together with conventional medication, it is considered “complementary” When a non-mainstream practice is used instead of conventional medicine, it is considered “alternative” Examples of CAMS include homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic and herbal medicines Some complementary and alternative medicines or therapies are based on principles and an evidence base that are not recognised by the majority of independent scientists Others have been proven to work for a limited number of health conditions, such as osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture for treating lower back pain When a person use any health treatment – including a CAM – and experiences an improvement, this may be due to the placebo effect Osteopaths and chiropractors are regulated in the same way as mainstream medical professionals “Were not receiving” statutory professional regulation of any other CAM practitioners

We’re Eating Burritos More Often Than We’re Having Sex — And There’s Proof

Think about the last time you had sex. Now, think about the last day you feed a burrito.

According to new research, chances are, youve likely had a burrito more recently than youve gotten laid.

Its sad. But its also true.

Acording to data from Moes Southwest Grill, Millennials chow down on burritos at the least once a week.

Over 1,000 people between the ages of 13 and 50 participated in this survey. The outcomes showed that 72 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 24( Millennials) feed two to three burritos per week on average.

If this sounds like you, did you ever think about the fact that you could be consuming 72 to 144 burritos A YEAR?

Dont think youre exempt from this eye-opening statistic, even if youre watching your weight. Forty-three percent of participants admitted that they would entirely feed a burrito daily if calories and food-shaming didnt exist.

What? Are you saying you wouldnt magistrate( or be jealous of) someonewho eats one burrito a day?

Now, lets compare that alarming data to a recent examine about Millennials sex lives, ascompared to the sexuality lives of older generations.

According to new researchpublished in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, 15 percent of 20 to 24 -year-olds reported that they had no new sexual partners after turning 18.

Meanwhile, only 6 percent of Gen-X-ers reported the same when they werethat age.

Researchers speculated that because were so wrapped up in our technology and social media, we may simply be too busy for sex.

Yeah and were obviously too busy feeing burritos.

Im waiting for a study to expose how many times Millennials have sex per week in 2016, but I do know for a fact that buying a burrito can be way easier than having sexuality especially if youre single. Most of the time, a burrito is route more satisfying.

Moes study proves that if youre faced with the opportunity to eat a burrito or have sex, we can bet youll choose the burrito nine times out of 10.

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Sonoma County teen get $36000 for founding two health education organisations – Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Healthpointe Now Offering Chiropractic Care Throughout Southern California – PR Web( press release)

PR Web( press release)

Google Wants to Put a Camera In Your Eye

Invasive eye cameras are about to construct Google Glass seem like a libertarian’s dream. “>

Two tech giants have filed patents to construct your eyes their own.

Sony and Google have both delivered plans for cameras that you would wear on( or in) your eyes, and while the primary purpose of the devices is your own recording, the implication of a connected camera recording what you insure means that others would have access to your vision.

Sony filed a patent for a contact lens camera that beat out similar patents from Samsung and Google. The awarded patent describes a lens that fits over your own, and is controlled by deliberate combinations of winkings that tell the camera when to record and capture.

If that sounds like something youve already seen, its because several science fiction films, including the most recent Mission: Impossible, made use of the same then-fictional technology as a way to secretly capture the documentation and scenes.

It might seem scary that this technology is in the works and( likely) just a few years from being on the market. But if a contact lens camera induces you wince, then what Google dreamed up will make you encompass your eyes in fear.

Thats because Google skipped the whole wearable notion for an eye camera, opting instead for an optical implant.

Thats right: the patent application( which The Verge says was filed in 2014 but publicized last week) proves a camera being mounted inside the eye, likely use a medical procedure that you can easily preview in any number of horror movies.

Google, similarly, mentioned LTE, GPS, NFC and other signals it wants its camera implant to be able to broadcast.

What could possibly go wrong?

And sure, maybe eye cameras are great for some situations. For instance, if youre streaming your view of a protest, a speech, a concert; if youre documenting something happening in the middle real hour and you need your hands free( or merely dont want to be the person holding a phone in the air) then yes, there are applications.

But even in that listing, there are a dozen ticketed( read: people pay to see them) events that promoters probably dont want you to river, from your eye, for free. So the logical step is having your eyes policed for cameras the same way your pouches are checked going into a stadium.

Never mind the litany of hateful tales published two years ago slowly strangling the elation out of the dorks that actually used Google Glass: the mock would turn to paranoia if eye cameras were ubiquitous. Imagine not being able to see that someone is recording you, because theyre not wearing a terrible, socially ignorant pair of nerd glass with a illuminate to advertise dont make fun of me unless you want it on Youtube.

But as much as the wearers purposes are a concern, theyre not the only ones youd have to worry about. All of those connection points and signals mean that your lens camera would be capable of broadcasting and recording everything. That datum could, conceivably, be used much the same route your browsing data is.

Imagine Google, for instance, knowing what newspaper “youre reading”, what medications are in your medicine cabinet. Imagine them find the contents of your billfold, bank statement, email inbox, refrigerator, and gym bag.

Imagine Google knowing what develops you take to work, and where, and who you talk to at work, and when you have a fight with your wife.

Imagine a third party hacking your device and get all that same informationall the analog data that cant be mined from your web browser suddenly being in someone elses hands.

But maybe theres nothing to worry about. After all, there was an episode of Black Mirror about this kind of technology, and nothing bad ever happened in that reveal.

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Statewide View: Cuts to nutrition programs a threat to Minnesotans’ health – Duluth News Tribune

Duluth News Tribune

The Guardian view on Trump’s Congress speech: different tone, same menace | Editorial

Editorial: The contrast between the presidential inaugural and the address to Congress was striking. But there are still two Donald Trumps and neither of them is good

By his own criteria, President Trumps address to Congress was something of a welcome relief. Five weeks ago Mr Trump delivered the most rebarbative inaugural address in modern US history. Since then he has abused the American press as foes of the people, picked fightings on social media, gone to war with a department store chain about his daughters clothing brand, got into stupid debates about crowd numbers at his inauguration and continued to insist, in defiance of all fact, that he did not lose the popular vote in November. Only last weekend his chief strategist Steve Bannon told a conservative audience that the Trump administration intended to have a daily fight with its enemies as it seeks its agenda of economic nationalism and the deconstruction Mr Bannons word for demolition of the entire regulatory state.

Judged against that backdrop, Tuesdays address to Congress a new chairmen equivalent of the state of the union address was more conciliatory. Superficially at least, this was a different President Trump from the one who has so dramatically divided America and so understandably alarmed the world. True, he structured his speech around many of the policy goals that have become his campaign hallmark: protectionism, infrastructure investment, tougher immigration controls, the wall with Mexico, scrapping Obamacare, a lobbying crackdown and increased military spending. But he clothed it in speech that was more placatory. He reached out to black and Jewish Americans whom he has previously antagonised. He spoke more warmly of Muslims than he did on the campaign trail. There was no lashing out at China and other foreign nations and, in a week when Tinseltown is a sitting target, there was no snarl at Hollywood liberals either.

Much of this can be explained by the nature of the event. Congress and in particular a Republican Congress addressed by a nominally Republican chairman expects to be treated with respect, especially with an ambitious budget due to be unveiled later this month. Last week the Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell said he hoped Mr Trump would dedicate a tweet-free, optimistic and uplifting message. The chairmen speechwriters clearly tried to oblige. There was unifying rhetoric. There were respectful notes about Congresss role in crafting legislative reactions. There were appeals for Democrats and Republican to work together and reassuring remarks about international institutions, in particular Nato.

Mr Trump sometimes talks as though he is a despot. That may indeed be his instinct. But he isnt one. Congress is not his to command. His political impulses and theirs are different on issues such as entitlement programs like Medicare and social security, as well as geopolitics. There are occasional signs, a few weeks into the Trump presidency, that he is beginning to grasp the complexity of the job. This week he admitted that he had not known how demanding the issue of healthcare would be. Clearly he was not paying attention while President Obama grappled with the problem eight years ago. But Tuesdays speech contained several sections on health, schools, immigration and crime , among others in which it was implicit that compromise on some of the details would be necessary. Welcome, however erratically, to the democratic political world, Mr Trump.

This was just one speech. Yet there are no grounds for reasoning, in this most chaotic and divided of administrations, that the combat between the disruptive Mr Trump and the more diplomatic one has been resolved, or is likely to be. Mr Trump may detest the establishment but he needs it to enact much of his agenda and most legislators on Capitol Hill face re-election in 2018. The big issues of the coming months the budget, tax, healthcare, immigration, trade are all political battlegrounds, both inside the Beltway and beyond it. Tuesday felt like Washington get a little of its breath back.

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