With new monument, Obama and Dems seize on Equal Pay Day | Fox News

April 12, 2016: President obama speaks at the newly designated Belmont-Paul Womens Equality National Monument, formerly known as the Sewall-Belmont House and Museum, on National Equal Pay Day, ( AP)

President Barack Obama and other Democrats on Tuesday confiscated on Equal Pay Day — a symbolic event dramatizing how much longer it takes a woman to earn as much as a man — to tribunal women voters and call out Republican for inaction on the issue.

Obama dedicated a new national monument to women’s equality and pushed Congress to pass legislation. He suggested he’s encouraged by motion toward full gender equality in many arenas — including corporate boardrooms, professional sports and presidential politics.

“If we truly value fairness then America should be a level playing field, ” the president told, as he joined House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Maryland Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski and other Democrat at the Sewall-Belmont House and Museum in D.C ., the onetime home of the National Women’s Party now designated as Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument. Alva Belmont and Alice Paul were figures in the women’s the same rights and suffrage movements.

The Democrats’ focus on Equal Pay goes amid a presidential campaign where the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, has alienated female voters in droves, to move to GOP fears he could diminish the party’s standing with that key constituency for years to come. Yet once again this year, Obama and Democratic lawmakers trumpet their equal pay proposals at press conference and briefings, Republicans have little to offer in return.

“We feel we shouldn’t be playing identity politics, we should be working together to strengthen families, ” told Sarah Chamberlain, president of the Republican Main Street Partnership, which advocates for pragmatic, center-right policies.

Democrats support legislation requiring employers to show pay disparity is not based on gender, among other steps. The bill, which passed the House when it was under Democratic control but was blocked by Senate Republican, builds on the first statute Obama signed as chairperson, the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, is targeted at making it easier for women to sue over wage discrimination.

For their portion, the Republicans who control the House and Senate have announced no plans to act on legislation addressing pay injustice, even though a few GOP lawmakers are pushing bills on such issues. Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb ., said she is hoping for Democratic is supportive of her narrowly focused bill letting employees to share wage datum. GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte said she is working with House Republican to get on board with her broader bill, modeled on one that passed in her home state of New Hampshire.

“To say that Republicans don’t care about equal pay, that’s simply ludicrous that anybody even says that, ” Fischer told. “Everybody cares about equal pay. That’s a value that we all share.”

Republican women dispute the notion that “women’s issues” are separate from any other issues , noting that women care strongly about national security, the drug epidemic and other matters not specifically related to their gender. With the GOP presidential primary season veering chaotically toward a contested convention, most Capitol Hill Republicans are also avoiding taking any steps that could connect them to the mess, including the perception that they are acting in response to Trump.

“I just put these in the context of good government and the right thing to do. I don’t put it in the context of anything else, ” Ayotte said. “I mean I’ve been working on this well before this presidential race.”

Yet the result is that the one group arguably best positioned to act as a counterweight to Trump with women voters — female Republican elected official — has been largely silent, allowing his controversial statements on females to go unanswered even as Democrats look likely to elevate the first major-party female presidential nominee in Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday, Obama hinted he views Clinton’s campaign as historic progression — although he has not formally endorsed her bid.

He said he hoped visitors to the museum will someday be astonished that there was ever a period when women could not vote.

“I want them to be astonished that there was ever a time when women earned less than humen for doing the same work. I want them to be astonished that there was ever a time when women were vastly outnumbered in the boardroom or in Congress, or there was ever a time when a woman had never sat in the Oval Office, ” he said. “I don’t know how long it will take to get there, but I know we’re getting closer to that day.”

Chamberlain spent months traveling the country with female GOP members of Congress, meeting with women voters to hear their concerns. Although women still stimulate on average 79 pennies for every dollar men are paid, equal pay didn’t make the listing when her group released its policy agenda in January. Drug addiction and mental health topped girls voters’ fears, Chamberlain said, and lawmakers involved with her group are pushing legislation on those issues and others, including workplace flexibility for new mommies and caregivers.

“Equal pay doesn’t come up, I’m not saying it’s not an issue but it doesn’t come up, ” Chamberlain told. As for Democrats’ focus on the topic, Chamberlain said: “I think it’s identity politics, I genuinely do.”

Clinton herself is participating in a round table discussion on the issue in New York City Tuesday, hosted by task website Glassdoor. Members of the U.S. women’s football team recently filed a wage-discrimination objection against U.S. Soccer, and actress Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out about stimulating less than her male co-stars, describing more attention to the issue than it has had in the past.

“These were not always major issues in presidential campaigns but “they il be” major issues today, ” told Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y ., who is hosting a briefing on pay equity Tuesday with actress Patricia Arquette. Of Trump, who had to recant after suggesting girls should be punished for having abortions, Maloney added: “I think that he is in the Middle Ages.”

Trump himself was questioned by a voter at a rally last fall who asked if she would make as much as a man if Trump were elected president. “I respect women and I’m going to take care of women, ” said Trump. “You’re going to make the same if you do as good a job.”

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How a Reddit forum has become a lifeline to opioid addicts in the US

With more than 37,000 subscribers, r/ opiates makes a space for substance users to signal-boost fentanyl warnings and get is supportive of overdoses and detoxing

Reddit is a modern-day canary in the coal mine for the people of Appalachia a region of the United States disproportionately affected by the opioid epidemic.

Since the presidential election, a Reddit forum called r/ opiates has transformed into a lifesaving map for addicts navigating a minefield often filled with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid virtually 100 hours more potent than morphine.

In 2017 alone, r/ opiates has featured fentanyl warns for New York, Delaware, Virginia, Massachusetts and North Carolina. These warnings, which signal the presence of fentanyl in certain batches of drugs, are making a difference, the moderator spinderalla6 9 said over private message.

100 days in appalachia

I remember find commentaries on other warnings weve posted that people in those areas do ensure the mentioned stamps, and then be discouraged, or they comment that they have had friends overdose on the same postage, confirming that whatever is in special stamps/ dope is extremely potent and dangerous, told spinderalla6 9, who cherishes the pseudo-anonymity woven into Reddits ethos and declined to share her identity.

R/ opiates is not for the faint of heart. To date, the subreddit has amassed more than 37,000 subscribers representing the entire addiction spectrum habitual users, addicts desperate to get clean, and everything in between.

This past month alone featured a post from one user experimenting with old opium tablets, another poking fun at being dope sick and a brief obituary for a moderator who died 31 May from an overdose likely involving fentanyl.

One person directly affected by r/ opiates was Aaron, 27, of McDowell County, West Virginia. Aaron, who faces legal issues related to drug dealing and abuse, withheld his real name out of fear of arrest.

Aarons descent into addiction began at 13 when he abused the ache medication hydrocodone. A few years later, his father was prescribed oxycontin after crushing his back in an accident.

I snuck to his room, transgressed one up into four pieces and feed one, Aaron told. About five minutes later, I was in pure bliss. Warm waves inundated my body. I decided to take another piece and then I nodded off.

By the time he was 20, Aaron was snorting five to eight 30 mg oxycontins per day. Since then, he has tried nearly every medication imaginable and has unsuccessfully used suboxone and methadone to detox. Today, hes more than 80 days sober thanks to kratom, an herb the Drug Enforcement Agency once considered making a schedule 1 narcotic( a listing that currently includes heroin ).

Around my area, I believe a lot of people use[ opioids] out of boredom. Theres no jobs , no way to have fun besides video games and riding four-wheelers and motorcycles. Theres nowhere else to go except a run-down mall over in another county, Aaron told. The pill epidemic is a lot more expensive at $35 to $50 for an oxycontin 30 mg. A plenty of people need two to get through the working day, and a lot of people dont want to wake up impression sicks so theyre willing to rob, steal or kill to get their fix. Cracking did leave some people bad off, but not like the pill sickness.

Aaron credits r/ opiates with helping him learn about kratom and giving his life intent. As a style to pay it forward, hes fentanyl warns in West Virginia.

Peoples pressing a fake 215, and crushing up ginseng pills mixing them with fentanyl and some other stuff and selling as heroin, Aaron, who goes by the handle of Optimistic-angel1 on Reddit, wrote in a 2 February post on the website inducing note of activity in neighboring Mercer County, which sits merely east of McDowell.

While the overdose warnings on Reddit may be a new trend, junkies have been no strangers to information sharing, said Dr Michael Brumage, executive director of the Kanawha-Charleston health department in West Virginia. Brumage has heard of junkies setting up networks to share information on bad heroin batches in the past while working with government departments needle exchange program.

While we dont directly exam for fentanyl, we are seeing an increase in the amount of fentanyl mixed in with heroin from asking our patients and from reports from law enforcement officials, Brumage told. We are even find the reporting of fentanyl-laced marijuanas, which is a new and dangerous finding.

These fentanyl warns are reaching more opioid users on Reddit than ever before. Since November, r/ opiates has grown in users by 42%. This number reflects a twofold increase in user growth when compared to the same timeframe starting in 2014.

Fentanyls potency has been linked to a surge in overdoses nationwide. Between 2005 and 2014, the rate of opioid-related inpatient stays increased 64% while the rate of opioid-related emergency room visits virtually doubled, according to a new report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality( AHRQ ). A closer look at counties in and around Appalachia prove this deadly tendency persists.

Montgomery County, in western Ohio, ensure more than 400 people succumb from overdoses this year alone while West Virginia has been hit so hard that the member states program providing burial assistance for poor families has nearly run out of money. In 2015, the nation with the highest rate of overdose demises was West Virginia( 41.5 per 100,000 people ), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Other nations from the Appalachian region rounding out the top five were Kentucky( 29.9 per 100,000) and Ohio( 29.9 per 100,000 ).

At the crux of why West Virginia remains an overdose hotbed is the states over-reliance on industries such as coal mining and its high unemployment, Business Insider reported. The country is also in dire need of improved substance abuse support. West Virginia merely had 750 narcotic rehab beds in 2015 to service a population of 60,000 people who identified as needing treatment, the Charleston Gazette-Mail reported. For many of these addicts, r/ opiates has become a life preserver in a aggravate storm.

A lifeline was exactly what Dustin Cinnamon, of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, was looking for from r/ opiates last summer.

A decade-long opioid addict, Cinnamon was about to turn himself in for a 2013 misdemeanour narcotic possession charge that fell through the crackings. Knowing how lonely his five-month incarcerate stint would be, Cinnamon asked r/ opiates users to mail him letters( he received one ). He also weaned himself off heroin using suboxone in order to mitigate withdrawal symptoms.

Released in March, Cinnamon almost immediately participated in a University of Kentucky analyze on opioids. He earned approximately $5,400 for spending six weeks in such studies. Every day, Cinnamon agreed to swallow a placebo or a non-FD-Aapproved pill being implemented in treating chemotherapy-induced nausea. He then had to snort an opioid or placebo and perform certain tasks like pressing a button numerous times while his vital signs were monitored.

Cinnamon has since moved to New York City and continues to visit r/ opiates. He praised the subreddits integrity and support. Cinnamon said he had always felt comfortable sharing his real identity on Reddit because he hasnt been involved in any major drug dealing-related crimes in a long time. He believes r/ opiates will only continue to grow as the stigma around addiction continues to lift across the country.

For a long time, we were afraid to say anything, voice our opinion about craving, Cinnamon said. We have people dying left and right, we have sons and daughters of senators and congressmen and lobbyists suffering, and I think that what we are seeing is the culmination of these issues being transformed into a dialogue that we are finally admitting that its time to have.

This piece was first published by 100 Day in Appalachia, a collaborative project from West Virginia Universitys Reed College of Media ,West Virginia Public Broadcasting and The Daily Yonder

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Bernie Sanders Inspired This Progressive To Challenge A Democratic Incumbent

A progressive House candidate is tying himself as closely to Bernie Sanders as possible in the hopes that it will help him pull off a major upset against a comparatively conservative Democratic incumbent in Oregon next Tuesday, portending a style in which the independent Vermont senator’s political revolution may continue after the presidential primary has concluded.

Dave McTeague served as a nation representative in Oregon’s legislature before working as the executive director of the state’s chiropractic examiners committee. He’s challenging Rep. Kurt Schrader, who is serving his fourth word as the representative for Oregon’s 5th district. Schrader is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition for conservative Democrats and has one of the most conservative voting records for a Democrat in the House. As a superdelegate, Schrader is backing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at the party’s convention this summer.

McTeague has said he entered the race for Schrader’s seat because he was inspired by Sanders, who has engaged millions of supporters across the country. Schrader voted last summertime to give President Barack Obama Trade Promotion Authority, otherwise known as fast-track acceptance, to negotiate international trade deals, and it’s one the main issues McTeague is now operating on. Schrader called AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka a “bully” because of the labor organization’s threat that it would withhold campaign donations to Democrats over the fast-track legislation.

“These days a lot of voters, Democratic voters too, don’t feeling represented by the Washington Establishment and want real change, ” McTeague told in a statement announcing his candidacy. “This is evident in the success of Sen. Sander’s insurgent presidential campaign, which I strongly support … I don’t have any illusions about this effort. Running against an entrenched incumbent is like taking on the Death Star in Star Wars especially one with access to a million or more dollars of PAC money.”

McTeague has some well-organized assistance behind him. The Working Families Party( WFP ), a political group that campaigns for progressive nominees and policies, has sent two different Sanders-themed mailers to approximately 20,000 households in the district in support of McTeague.( The WFP, which has chapters in a dozen states, endorsed Sanders in December, which was its first national endorsement .)

Working Families Party
A section of one of the mailers the Working Families Party is send to voters in Oregon’s 5th District on McTeague’s behalf.

Working Families Party
Another segment of the WFP’s mailer.

“Progressive voters in Oregon are luck to have a option on the ballot who will bring the fight for Bernie’s political revolution to Congress, ” told Dan Cantor, the WFP’s national director. “It takes courage to stand up against a well-funded and powerful incumbent, and Dave McTeague is someone who has always shown that kind of gallantry. From his time as a nation legislator standing up to insurance companies and polluters to his opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership to his bold endorsement of Bernie Sanders, McTeague has distinguished himself as a true champion for our values.”

The WFP has also put up digital ads aimed at Sanders advocates and is hosting phone banks for presidential candidates.

While McTeague may have only the slightest chance of defeating Schrader — he got into the race merely a week before the filing deadline and has raised only a fraction of what Schrader has raised — the competition between the two Democrats is an illustration of the sorts of races that may happen more frequently. Statute professor Tim Canova’s race is another example; he has has garnered media attention in his bid to unseat Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida.

The Florida race has drawn attention in part because Wasserman Schultz is of the country’s highest-profile Democrats. But Sanders’ record-breaking fundraising and strong challenge to Clinton may embolden more progressives to run against incumbents in future election cycles, with the recognition that progressive Democrats need to focus more on down-ballot races. Unlike Republicans, Democrats rarely challenge sitting Democrat. A congressional primary candidate hasn’t defeated an incumbent in Oregon in 36 years.

The WFP said that he hoped Sanders’ likely primary win in Oregon against Clinton on May 17 will boost McTeague. But even if he loses, the group wants Democratic incumbents like Schrader to think twice about be voting in favour of bills like fast-track, which progressive groups and labor unions abhor.

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This Muslim Figure Skater Is Decided To Build History At The Olympics

Zahra Lariis a professional figure skater from the United Arab Emirates who has represented her country in international competitions in places like Slovakia, Hungary, and Italy.

The 21-year-old from Abu Dhabi now has her heart set on a bigger dream — the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

While the UAE has participated in the Summer Olympics, the hot, humid countryhas reportedly never had an athlete represent it in the winter games. In 2013, the UAE became part of the International Skating Union, paving the stylefor Lari to participate in major international competitions.

If Lari stimulates it to the Winter Olympics, she’ll be attaining history for her country.

Getty/ HuffPost

Lari started skating on a caprice when she was about 12 years old , after watching the Disney film, “Ice Princess.” She told The Huffington Post that she was captivated by the artistry and beauty of the athletic. But when she got out on the ice, skating turned out to be much harder than she’d anticipated.

“When I first stepped onto the ice, I fell, ” she wrote in an email. “I knew that I just needed to figure out how to get back up and keep trying. So that’s what I did. Autumn after fall, I maintained getting back up.”

Despite the spills, she was hooked. What started as an after school pastime soon blossomed into an intensive passion for the sport. Fans in Lari’s country soon dedicated her the nickname “Ice Princess, “ after the movie that inspired her. By 2015, she was training between four to seven hours a day, balancing her day on the ice with schoolwork at Abu Dhabi University.

Fall after autumn, I maintained getting back up.

“I spend hours on-ice training each day and also hours off-ice developing each day, ” she said. “I have dreamings and I have set objectives for myself. If I reach these goals, then I will be jumping for pleasure but if I don’t, it won’t be for lack of trying.”

Francois Nel via Getty Images
Zahra Lari of the United Arab Emirates in action during a practice session at Zayed Sports City on May 19, 2015 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Lari said that both of her mothers were initially hesitant about her skating, worried that she would be injured or that her academics would suffer. But when they realized how passionate she was about the athletic, she said they began supporting her 100 percent.

“There was a period of time that my Dad wanted me to stop because he said that I was getting too serious and he felt that I had reached the age that I needed to stop, ” Lari said. “He always did so with love and kindness.”

“When there was a national competitor, he refused to allow me to participate, ” she told. “But in all fairness, he took me to watch and cheer for my fellow teammates. When he saw how happy I was for them but sad for myself, he allowed me to continue. That was when he ultimately understood me and how much I genuinely loved this sport.”

Now, Lari said that her daddy cheers for her just as aloud as everyone else.

AFP via Getty Images
Zahra Lari performs during the figure skating European Cup on April 12, 2012 in Canazei , northern Italy.

If Lari attains it to the Olympics in 2018, she’ll be following in the footsteps of a number of Muslim athleteswho have vied while wearing the hijab. Bahrain’s Ruqaya Al Ghasara, who participated in the 2004 Athens games, was reportedly the first Muslim woman to wear a hijab at the Olympics. The 2012 London Olympics was a particularly strong year, with challengers flying in from many of the world’s Muslim majority countries. This year in Rio, fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad will become the first Muslim American woman to represent the United States at the Olympics in a hijab.

Lari hopes that young lady — both Muslim and non-Muslim — will be inspired by her story to work towards their own dreams.

“I wish for all young women to find their passion. To be concerned for their health and well being. To take up sport. To not let small obstacles look like mountains. To strive for their own betterment and to not ensure the differences in people but to merely consider the likenesses. This is my wish for all, ” she said.

H/ T Pop Sugar

Watch a video of Lari in action above.

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Protein at All 3 Meals May Help Preserve Seniors’ Strength – Lincoln Journal Star

Man arrested in steal of $12600 laser from chiropractic office at Lake Sumter Landing – Villages-News

More to be done to help with sexual function as well as advice on STIs and pregnancy, say authors of survey

Large numbers of young people experience sexual problems such as pain or anxiety during sex, the inability to climax and finding intercourse difficult, a study has found.

A third (33.8%) of sexually active teenagers and young men aged 16-21 and 44.4% of sexually active young women the same age experienced at least one problem, which lasted for at least three months, with their ability to enjoy sex in the past year, according to the research.

Experts say the results, from the latest National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3) study of sexual health in Britain, show that young people need help with their sexual function as much as advice on avoiding sexually transmitted infection or unintended pregnancy. They experience problems almost as much as older people, it emerged.

For women, the most common problem was difficulty in reaching climax, which 21.3% of female participants said they experienced. The next most common problems were: lacking enjoyment in sex (9.8%), feeling physical pain as a result of sex (9%), an uncomfortably dry vagina (8.5%), feeling anxious during sex (8%) and no excitement or arousal (8%).

Among men, the biggest difficulty was reaching a climax too quickly, which 13.2% had experienced. Smaller numbers reported difficulty in reaching a climax (8.3%), difficulty getting or keeping an erection (7.8%), lacking enjoyment in sex (5.4%) and feeling anxious (4.8%).

The Natsal surveys, the funders of which include the Medical Research Council and the Department of Health, are seen as the most in-depth portraits of sexual behaviour in Britain. This latest edition has been carried out by academics from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), University College London and NatCen Social Research. Natsal-3 is based on 1,875 sexually active and 517 sexually inactive men and women aged between 16 and 21.

Our findings show that distressing sexual problems are not only experienced by older people in Britain, said Dr Kirstin Mitchell, the lead author of the study. They are in fact relatively common in early adulthood as well.

If we want to improve sexual wellbeing in the UK population, we need to reach people as they start their sex lives, otherwise a lack of knowledge, anxiety or shame might progress into lifelong sexual difficulties that can be damaging to sexual enjoyment and relationships, she added.

Among the sexually active, 9.1% of young men and 13.4% of young women said that they had felt distressed about a sexual problem that had troubled them for at least three months.

Natsal-3 found some significant differences between men and women in the sexual problems they encountered. Far more women (9.8%) than men (5.4%) lacked enjoyment in sex, felt anxious during sex (8% compared with 4.8% of men) and experienced no excitement or arousal during sex (8% compared with 3.2% of men).

The same stark gender divide was also apparent in those who professed no interest in having sex. One in five (22%) of women said they lacked interest, while far fewer men 10.5% said the same.

Young people are very unlikely to seek professional help for their problem. Although 36.3% of women and 26% of men said they had sought help, this was usually from family, friends, the media or the internet. Just 4% of young men and 8% of young women had turned to an expert such as a GP, psychiatrist or sexual health professional about their sex life.

Prof Kaye Wellings of LSHTM, a co-author, said: UK sex education is often silent on issues of sexual satisfaction, but these are clearly important to young people and should be addressed. Sex education could do much more to debunk myths about sex, discuss pleasure and promote gender equality in relationships.

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Turmeric Is The New Trendy Superfood, And Here’s How To Use It

Not too long ago, we introduced you to the riced cauliflower health craze.

However, it turns out that ricedcauliflower isn’t the only health food that’s gaining a cult-like following these days.

Yep, it appears that turmeric is also having a serious moment amongst health-conscious foodies.

If you’re not familiar with this popular spice, let me fill you in.

Turmeric’sbright yellow powder comes from the roots of an Asian plant. It has a peppery, bitter flavor, along with a mild ginger fragrance.

While turmeric is best know for being one of the main ingredients used to build curry, it has a wide range of benefits that go route beyond adding a little color and flavor to your food.

It serves asa powerful antioxidant that has a wide range of medicinal applications.

This herb is known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to treat everything from toothaches and bruises to diabetes, arthritis and even depression.

Turmeric has become increasingly popular as people begin to recognize the advantages of devouring this superfood.

Now lots of people are hopping on the turmeric train and incorporating this yellow powder into all sorts of tasty recipes.

You can use this tasty herb to build to construct everything from curried chicken and shrimp stir fry, to delicious lattes, smoothie bowls and even sushi.

If you want to give yourself a little health boost, you should basically just sprinkle this shit on everything.

Check out the pictures below to watch all of the things you can make with this trendy superfood.

Breakfast Bowl

Turmeric Smoothie

Avocado Toast OnTurmeric Bread

Turmeric Tea


Turmeric Latte

Spiced Popcorn

Turmeric Juice

Turmeric Chicken Salad

Vegetable Soup

Turmeric-Seasoned French Fries

Turmeric Falafel

Shrimp Stir Fry

Turmeric Ramen

Tri-Colored Sushi

Sweet And Sour Cauliflower

Turmeric Rice

Turmeric Ice Cream

Turmeric Cake

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27 Of My Most Cringeworthy Moments From My Early Twenties I Will Recount Here For Your Entertainment

Beyonce ‘Lemonade’ breast cancer survivor star strolling 1,000 miles topless | Fox News

  • A still from the teaser trailer for “Scar Story”

  • A still from the teaser trailer for “Scar Story”

  • ( Paulette Leaphart/ Facebook)

Two weeks before Christmas 2013, Paulette Leaphart said a message from God woke her up in the middle of the night. That incident led to her eventual breast cancer diagnosis and on April 30, Leaphart set off on a 1,000 -mile walk to raise awareness for and engagement about the disease. For her stroll from Biloxi, Miss ., to Washington D.C ., shes decided to walk topless. She wants spectators and those she gratifies to find her double mastectomy scars as she shares her tale about life as a single mother who ran from financially comfortable to struggling to care for her four biological and four adopted children.

Its a gigantic escapade, Leaphart, of New Orleans, told FoxNews.com.

Recently, Leaphart appeared in Beyonces much-hyped visual album, Lemonade. In the section titled Hope, shes bare-chested; she also appears in Freedom. When she fulfilled the superstar, she asked if shed join her for a block of her walk, but Beyonce proposed a mile instead, Business Insider reported.

Leaphart is aiming to reach the capitol by her 50 th birthday on June 27. Shell be accompanied by filmmaker Emily MacKenzie, 30, and her four youngest daughters, who range in age from 8 to 15. MacKenzie and producer Sasha Solodukhina are making a documentary, Scar Story, which they hope to have completed in time for Octobers Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

When shes completed her journey, Leaphart plans to start a foundation supporting single mothers who face illness and has started a GoFundMe page. She hopes to open homes through the foundation to house women without the financial and emotional support to take care of them and their children through treatment.

Had I been able to have that one place I could go with my kids for six months and focus on my healing, oh my gosh, she said. Thats my dream, my focus, my aim. Thats what God placed on my heart.

We want to hold stuff in

Leapharts journey with breast cancer began on that December 2013 night, when she jumped out of bed after hearing what she believes was Gods voice.

He whispered in my sleep that I had cancer, she said. I have a very close relationship with God. Were tight.

Leaphart then went to a surgeon who didnt find anything abnormal, but asked when shed last had a mammogram, devoted her familys history her mother, grandmother, and first cousin all had breast cancer. Leaphart had never undergone the procedure.

He looked at me like I was crazy, she said of the doctor, who wrote her a prescription. I had the money, but I have eight children, my world centered around my children. Id expend[ the money] for them to go to the doctor at the drop of a hat, but would never do it for myself. Thats just how a single mom thinks.

In June 2013, Leaphart was with her first cousin, Monique, when she died from breast cancer. The 32 -year-old single mother maintained her diagnosis to herself until right before she died and by then the tumor was painfully large and had spread to her bones and brain. Breast cancer wasnt something her family talked about.

I was so angry at the fact that we, especially as black females, we want to hold stuff in and dont want people to know our business and we feel ashamed, like we did something wrong, Leaphart said. Weve got to stop that.

Though Leapharts mammogram came out normal, she didnt believe the results and got a prescription for an ultrasound. Thats when they found a stage 3 estrogen-positive ductal carcinoma in her right breast. Her physician recommended removing both breasts, even though the tumor was small, because of her family history.

I already knew I was going to live God didnt wake me up to let me die, she said.

When Leaphart went to a reconstructive physician to look at options, he informed her that she wasnt a good candidate because she had Factor V Leiden, an inherited disorder that can increase the risk of abnormal blood clots, and was already on blood thinners. The narcotics put her at risk to hemorrhage behind breast implant, which would require more surgery. She was offered the option of prostheses to wear under her clothes.

Leaphart had a doubled mastectomy on February 12, 2014. Her surgeon also took out eight lymph nodes, two of which were positive for cancer.

I accepted the fact that I was going to be breast-less for the rest of my life after God came to me, Leaphart said.

The spirit of God was all over the beach that day

Though Leaphart didnt have health insurance, she had a enough income from operating her own daycare centre, her ex-husbands military retirement and infant support for three of her daughters.

I could take care of us comfortably and had a good quantity saved up, thank God I did. I took all of that to pay for my surgery, my appointments with all the specialists, drug, Leaphart said.

The family moved from Florida to Texas, shuttling between family members homes until Leaphart marriage an old flame and moved to Seattle. At that phase, she recalled, she felt like a burden to her family and moving seemed as though a answer. She sporadically received chemotherapy when she could afford it. When the matrimony failed, Leaphart picked up her daughters at their fathers home in Virginia and moved to Atlanta. Before the school year started, they took a trip to Biloxi for a beach weekend.

Though Leaphart had accepted that she would be breast-less, she said the Holy Spirit came to her while she was at the beach and told her take off her shirt and take images. She was puzzled, but promised herself she wouldnt disobey after what she went through with her recent marriage. She dedicated her daughter Destiny , now 13, her phone, kept her head up, and posed.

It was such a powerful moment, she told. I insured people around with tears in their eyes.

When she finished, a few women came up and told her it was the most beautiful thing theyd ever seen, when they realized she didnt have any breasts.

That let me know the spirit of God was all over the beach that day, she told. I knew in that moment my chest was touching people.

Her daughters set the photo on Facebook in September 2014 and within minutes, she had thousands of likes. Viewers posted their thanks and emailed their tales. To date, the post has gained over 1.3 K views and 196 comments.

Thats when Leaphart knew what God wanted her to do, she said to walk 1,000 miles baring her scars. The stroll from her hometown of Buloxi to D.C. is almost exactly that distance.

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