Pregnant Muay Thai Champ Shut Down Haters Who Criticized Her For Working Out

Pregnant Muay Thai Champ Shut Down Haters Who Criticized Her For Working Out

A while back, we introduced you to the lovely Sarah Stage.

You know, shes that gorgeous pregnant model who had a better six-pack than the majority of members of us could ever hope for, even without a newborn in our bellies.

Well, if seeing Stages shredded stomach stimulated you feel really bad about all the days you skipped out on the gym last week, you might want to look away.

It turns out Stage isnt the only woman out there who builds fitness an integral part of her pregnancy.

Caley Reece is another expecting athlete who hasnt let her pregnancyslow down her workouts.

Thats right. This six-time world champion in Muay Thai is still going strong at the gym.

In fact, even at 39 weeks pregnant, Reece still crushes high-intensity training sessions on the reg.

All of her heart-pumping sweat conferences are clearly doing wonders for her bod because this Muay Thai mama appears absolutely incredible.

Lately, Reeces workout routine has been triggering a lot of debate on social media.

Apparently, a lot of people have actually been blaming her for continuing to work out this far into her pregnancy.

However, Reece isnt letting her critics weigh her down.

She responded to her haters by posting a Facebook video of her most recent kickboxing conference with her husband, and she told her critics that working out while pregnant is completely safe.

Reece explains that she knows health risks associated with working out while pregnant, and she takes precautions to make sure shes not doing anything to endanger her unborn child.

She wrote on Facebook,

Theres so much I cant do such as switch left kicks, lots of punches in a row( twisting ), any power, any speed and quick footwork or changes, but that doesnt entail I have to give up. It simply means, I make do with what I have.

There is no freestyle pad constrain, Daz is calling every single thing so we both know exactly what is happening at all times.

People ragging out on previous videos telling Im going to fall over, trip on my belly, get punched accidentally, too much on the belly, etc ., so what if I get punched in the face? My newborn isnt growing in my head! There is no more hazard here than there is in power walking or distort in a pool.

Reece isnt just transgressing a sweat in the ring, either.

Shes also been maintaining herself in tip-top condition by lifting weights, and she posted a clip that shows her crushing a strength-training session simply a few days ago.

Now, youre probably wondering, How does Reece stay encouraged them to hit the gym every day?

She told Metro UK,

Its a simple answer right now I dont have an excuse not to.

It takes a reason , not an excuse and if I dont have a reason, then thats not been enough for me.

With the movements I have left, I feel entirely fine and everything is does so with rest time.

This kickboxing champ is living proof you can stay active during your pregnancy, as long as youve done research on how to keep both you and your newborn safe.

Plus, Reece also serves as an amazing reminder that being pregnant doesnt have to impede you from doing the things you love most in life.

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