Riding a motorcycle, teaching child scientists, and 21 more L.A. styles you can help others.

Riding a motorcycle, teaching child scientists, and 21 more L.A. styles you can help others.

How can you help out in Los Angeles? We counted 23 ways.

There’s no deficit of things to do in sunny Southern California. And that’s also true when it comes to helping others and doing something good for the community.

But with so many different things to do, it can be a wee bit tricky to know where and how you can be most effective. After all, where do you even start?

Well, we took care of that for you by breaking down concrete ways to help along with actionable steps, so you, my friend, do not have to worry. Just work through our handy how-to guide that has a little something for everyone :

1. Express your artistic side and help others hone their craft.

Organizations such as Inner-City Arts and Piece by Piece dedicate volunteers a chance to help students gain confidence and creativity through the magic of painting, crafting, writing, and other art forms.

2. Adopt a new is part of the family at the zoo.

From amphibians to invertebrates, all animals in the L.A. Zoo are available for adoption. You can’t take them home, of course, but your contribution will enable the L.A. Zoo to join international conservation endeavours geared toward protecting all endangered species from extinction.

3. Help set a roof over the heads of people in need.

More than 46,000 people in L.A. are homeless on any given night. Luckily, you can donate or volunteer at organizations, such as PATH and the Downtown Women’s Center, to help personnel support those in need and create affordable permanent housing.

4. Be a big brother or sister to the next generation.

Everyone wants someone to look up to and that someone could be you. Get involved with organizations like Spark and 100 Black Men of Orange County and mentor a young person.

5. Have loads of fun improving the environment.

Creating more parks and planting more trees can be more fun than you think when you do them with People for Parks and the TreePeople. From volunteer photography to in-house research to getting your hands dirty, there’s an opportunity for everybody.

6. Give a helping hand to people with disabilities.

Provide one-on-one aid and have loads of fun helping others at AbilityFirst. Or, if you’re looking for a much bigger role, you can take training programs to help people with disabilities at the CSUN Center on Disabilities.

7. Discover the teaching side you never knew you had.

Whether it’s proving young people the ropes on writing with 826LA or teaching young lady the value of constructing with their hands at DIY Girls, you might surprise yourself with how good an lecturer you are.

8. Become your own champion of LGBTQ rights.

When LGBTQ youth need guidance or just someone to talk to, The Trevor Project is there. In fact, you could be the one answering their call.

9. Help homeless individuals get back on their feet.

Volunteers at Imagine LA and Chrysalis provide job training and mentorship and even throw fun family events geared toward get people’s lives back on track.

10. Make sure as many people as is practicable have a hot meal.

Whether it’s helping distribute unclaimed food with The Manna Room or food for thousands of hungry citizens regularly through the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, volunteers can fill up tummies and hearts at the same time.

11. Create access to safe water for people around the world.

783 million people worldwide still don’t have access to clean water. Help make water as accessible as possible for communities in need by starting your own fundraiser through local organizations such as Wells Bring Hope.

12. Set up emergency relief packages for vulnerable communities.

Reach out to Operation USA or the International Medical Corps and donate your time, money, or even your airline miles to help give assistance when tragedy strikes.

13. Unleash your inner scientist!

A project called 9 Dots is creating a brighter future for kids in underserved communities who want to pursue a life in science. And guess what? You can tutor them after school or on the weekends to help get them there.

14. Get in the fight for human rights.

The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking( CAST ) helps victims escape the cycle of modern day bondage by connecting them with other survivors and get volunteers to fight the good fight with them. You can conduct talks, be an in-house attorney, or even use your graphic design abilities to help out.

15. Harness the power to new technologies to generate change.

Free community Wi-Fi and affordable solar power? Yes, please! Open Neighborhoods is providing merely that to connect communities and help Mother Nature in the process. Lead the charge it is now time connect your neighborhood and stimulate the shift to solar.

16. Help former gang members find a new route in life.

Homeboy Industries provides assistance such as job training to gang-involved and lately incarcerated men and women in order to help them find a new lease on life. Volunteers can help tutor and counsel participants and employers can even check out their talent pool for some emerging candidates.

17. Help prevent young people from entering gang life at all.

A Better LA focuses on community solutions to bringing peace, order, and prevent the gang way of life from taking over in the first place. In fact, they’re always looking for leaders just like you to help push the mission forward.

18. Park that vehicle and stretch those legs for a cause.

CicLAvia has a straightforward scheme: get people moving to promote better public health and cleaner air quality. Help out by get your community to join, managing traffic, or only an extra decide of hands.

19. Read, leading, and help your local library succeed.

The Library Foundation of Los Angeles offer people of all ages with different resources to help your local library. Whether through charitable donations or teaching others the value of read, there’s no famine of ways to help.

20. Prove how much you care about the coast.

With the help of Heal the Bay and Wildcoast, volunteers can help with beach cleanups, setting up educational events, or even merely maintaining a sentry and recording all the activity you insure on the shore.

21. Reach out to an org to money your own nonprofit.

Have an idea for a nonprofit that could help address an important issue? Reach out to the Goldhirsh Foundation or the Los Angeles Social Venture Partners and get your game-changing, life-altering idea out there.

22. Plant a garden and promote nutrition.

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust and the Ron Finley Project are planting more urban garden spaces in underserved communities and devoting them much-needed access to nutritional food. And they’re always on the lookout for helping hands to help in the garden or in their offices.

23. Raise your voice and engage the public.

Communicating is a crucial part of implementing change. And that’s what LA Voice is all about. You can donate to help get people’s voices heard or volunteer to help train your community in the art of public speaking.

Whatever you’re passionate about, there’s always something you can do to help.

In fact, if you’re looking for more alternatives, you can always check out Do Good LA for an exhaustive list of ideas .

No matter your calling in life, there’s an organization out there calling to you as well. So listen closely and listen good because the answer could change someone else’s life forever.

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