Seven non-Brexit stories you might have missed – BBC News

Seven non-Brexit stories you might have missed – BBC News

The media has been full of Brexit-related narratives in recent days, but what other news – serious and not-so-serious – might have fallen under your radar since Thursday’s referendum?

1: Falluja was liberated

Image copyright Reuters

Iraq’s government forces-out have recaptured the city of Falluja from the Islamic State group after more than two years. Falluja, a major city in the western Anbar Province, was the first Iraqi city to fall to IS. The government launched an operation to retake it in May.

Iraqi PM hails Falluja recapture

2: Panda birth

Image copyright Macau Government Information Bureau

Giant panda Xin Xin dedicated birth to twins in the Macao region of south-western China. Baby pandas are born pink, turning black and white a month or so later.

Panda’s twin pleasure

3: Farc ceasefire

Image copyright AP

The Colombian government and the Marxist guerrilla organisation Farc signed a peace agreement, designed to end 60 years of fighting in which up to 220,000 people are thought to have died.

Colombia foes reach truce

4: Unwelcome drenching

Image copyright AP

Police are cautioning people in central Manchester to beware of a mystery water bomber in the Portland House apartment block who is targeting members of the public strolling along the street below.

Who is the water bomber ?~ ATAGEND

5: Iceland elected a new president

Image copyright Getty Images

There’s plenty of interest in Iceland’s football team after they knocked England out of Euro 2016, but fewer column inches have been devoted to the election of the country’s new chairman, Gudni Johannesson. The option of an independent candidate followed anger at the elite, some of whom were alleged to hold offshore accounts in the Panama Papers tax evasion investigation.

New leader for Iceland

6: Vote refrain

Image copyright Science Photo Library

At periods of uncertainty it’s not unreasonable to stock up on reassuringly sweet treats, but top dentist Nigel Hunt warned against an office “cake culture” damaging workers’ teeth and expanding their waistlines. Don’t give them up entirely, but at the least mixture them up with some nuts, cheese and fruit platters, he advised.

Office cake ‘a danger to health’

7: Novel graphics

Image copyright Emojipedia

Brexit has raised a series of complex feelings. So it was lucky that 72 new emojis were introduced simply ahead of UK voters going to the polls. What use will be made of symbols such as a blond man wearing a crown and a pair of crossed thumbs is anyone’s guess.

New emojis revealed

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