Should Christian Parents Permit Their Children to Be Transgender?

Should Christian Parents Permit Their Children to Be Transgender?

“What if your child doesn’t like the gender God gave them? ”

ByMoriah Dufrin

Disclaimer: I acknowledge the fact that this article may be incredibly offensive to some, even those that I call friends. However, this article is in NO way saying that I detest transgender/ homosexual people. I love and respect them as humen( and friends !), I just simply don’t support their decision. I want to freely express my views and such articles happens to hold a view that has recently been quite controversial in American culture .

I can’t wait to be a parent someday. I look forward to the unbelievable opportunity to raise children, is demonstrating love, and teach them about the world they live in. I want to be the one who sings them to sleep at night and weeps as the bus pulls away on their first day of school. I want to be the one who constructs their favorite food for dinner and mails care packages to their college dormitory. I also want to be the one who constructs sure they stay on the right path in life.

My child will not be allowed to express themselves as transgender. I will not be the mother who encourages my little boy to wear pink or grow his hair out. I will not be the mother who lets my daughter use the men’s bathroom because she feels uncomfortable in a bathroom with other women. Until they leave my home and my authority, my children will accept and love the biological sexuality that God consecrated for them on the day the latter are first conceived. This is how humanity was purposed to be, and I will not stray from that design. My boys will respect women, embrace their strength as a young man, and understand the importance of being a leader. My girls will be capable of supporting themselves, but they will also know how to exemplify honesty, grace and dignity.

You may ask, “but what if your child doesn’t like the gender God dedicated them? ” If my son wants to be a female, I will still love him. If my daughter wants to be called by a male-designated name, I will still love her. My children will always be the ones closest to my heart, but this does not mean that I will accept their desire to be anything other than who God built them as. I will love them, but I will help them fight with everything in me. In my views, transgender humans are suffering from a mental illness, in a similar fashion to those battle sickness such as anorexia and depression. If my child ever begins to show symptoms of this, I will help them pursue treatment. They will meet with therapists, counselors and physicians. They will be prayed for night and day. They will be constantly reminded of Jesus and the ultimate exhilaration we can find in knowing him and him alone. The world has become callous to the serious psychological battle that arises in transgender people, and I want to help their own children fight this war, should be used ever arise.

We have grown too comfortable with letting our children be whoever or whatever they want to be. Want to call yourself a man but still have boobs? It’s fine. Want to date the same sexuality? It’s fine. Want to have surgery done to change who you are? It’s fine. Want to sue someone and ruin their own lives because they won’t make a marriage cake for you and your lesbian partner? It’s fine.

No, it’s not fine, and to me, it never will be. I cannot accept a psychological illness as a “normal” part of this world. There is nothing normal about being transgender because human design wasn’t are required to be this way. God created man and woman , not half-man and half-woman. It’s as simple as that.

So why should I let their own children follow suit?

** Such articles originally appeared on The Odyssey .

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