Silicon Valley’s false feminist idol eventually makes a peep

Silicon Valley’s false feminist idol eventually makes a peep

After an era of cowed silence , noted fair-weather feminist and Facebook demigod Sheryl Sandbergfinally spoke up!

Sandberg had not objected to the Trump administration clearly an affront to her values, the values that have sold more than two million copies of Lean In but late this week she posted on her platform of choice to decry Trumps day oneexpanded global gag rule. That law will yank foreign aid from any nongovernmental organization that so much as discusses abortion as an option with patients. And yes, for anyone with even a happen interest in womens health, that policy is bad. Sandberg is right about that proportion! So, um, about that Womens March.

Sandbergs only other recent Facebook posts concern a feel-good story about a long-distance swimmer( hashtagged #LeanIn) and a politically defanged feel-good story about a Syrian refugee Olympian, the latter on the eve of the inauguration. On January 21, the day of the unequivocally historic Womens March, Sandberg didnt appear in public , nor did she carry her support. Instead, she withdrew comfortably into the samedeafening post-November stillnes that for many women in tech isnt going unnoticed.

The streets filled with womenfrom every walk of life, but for Sandberg, who built her personal brand and some of her fortune around a particularly virulent strainofapolitical white feminism, it appears to have been all too political.( Sheryl, if you read this, pick up some bell hooks !)

Still, she makes hour for closed-door sessions with Trump, just like the rest of Silicon Valleys groveling upper-class.

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At the World Economic Forum in Davos just days before the inauguration of an administration openly hostile to females, Sandberg mustered up only a few hilariously anemic insights about gender gap , none rooted in the very real events unfolding around her, insulated as she may be by notoriety and wealth.

As Fortune reports 😛 TAGEND

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on Wednesday narrowed her fight for gender equality to a single foe: gender stereotypes in advertising.

I dont think its possible to overstate how important stereotypes are, she said at a panel in Davos, Switzerland, where the annual World Economic Forum is being held this week. The problem is at the root of the gender gap we face, she said.

Thursday, sheexplained her opposition to theglobal gag rulein a Facebook post, stepping very carefully among perceivedpolitical landmines 😛 TAGEND

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