Soup for breakfast? It’s delicious!

Soup for breakfast? It’s delicious!

Yes, you can get broth in a coffee cup at 8am from New York Citys Hearth. Dave Bry discovers the unctuous pleasure of bone marrow first thing in the morning

I love soup. In fact, I consider myself something of a connoisseur. But Ive never considered it a morning food. So when I heard that Manhattans Hearth restaurant had started serving brodo( Italian for bone broth) in coffee mugs, and that it was becoming a popular breakfast choice I was surprised. Soup for breakfast? It did not sound great. So I went to check it out.

Hearth generates its concoctions from three base broths: chicken, beef and the house combo, called the Hearth, which is a combination of both plus turkey. Chef Marco Canora simmers the bones with spices for 18 hours at 208 F( 98 C) and aims up with eight ranges that he sells at the restaurants windowfront broth shop, Brodo 😛 TAGEND The Classic: Chicken broth with shiitake mushrooms The BBC: Beef broth with chili petroleum and gloops of bone marrow that bubble into rich ponds of oil on the surface( gloops, as a word, perhaps does a disservice to bone marrows deliciousness) The Marco: Hearth broth with ginger and roasted turmeric( Canora drinks it every day for breakfast) Tom Yum: Chicken with coconut milk and chili oil The BBT: Beef with beet kvass( fermented beet juice) and turmeric Spicy Nona: Fireside with garlic and chili oil What Came First: Chicken with an egg yolk and nutmeg Gilligan: Hearth broth with coconut milk and ginger Bone broth at Brodo in New York. Photo: Jeenah Moon for the Guardian Soup! For breakfast! Who woulda thunk ?! Photograph: Jeenah Moon for the Guardian

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