I Never Knew You Could Do So Many Things With Hydrogen Peroxide

I still remember how much I detested get cuts and scrapings as a kid…because they meant my mom would douse the places with hydrogen peroxide and that arguably hurt more!

But it also always did the trick. Since hydrogen peroxide does expire — you should get rid of it six months after opening — it can be tough to use the entire bottle up on only bumps and cuts. Then again, if you know all of these awesome employs for the fizzy liquid, you’ll find yourself going through bottle after bottle. This stuff is so useful!

First, for easy application, consider getting a spray bottle top for your hydrogen peroxide.

1. Devote your dishwasher cleanser a boost by adding a splash of hydrogen peroxide to it.

2. Make elephant toothpaste with your kids.

3. Got gunk in your ears? Clean them out with a fell or two of hydrogen peroxide.

4. Get rid of dry, cracked heels by soaking your feet in a hydrogen peroxide and hot water bath for 30 minutes.

Dry them off and scrub with a pumice stone to easily remove the dead skin.

5. Clean off burnt-on food and grease stains with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

6. Disinfect your makeup brushes with baby shampoo and some hydrogen peroxide.

7. Hate the yellow cavity stain marks on your white shirts? Some hydrogen peroxide and dish soap get rid of them!

8. Spot clean carpets with a mix of water, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon essential oil.

Here are the details.

9. Watering your plants with one ounce of hydrogen peroxide to every two beakers of water is super good for them. Here’s why.

10. Don’t only rinse your fruits and veggies — make sure you’re really cleaning them by spraying with some hydrogen peroxide.

11. Keep leftover salad from spoiling and wilting by spraying it with a half beaker of water and a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide.

12. Run some hydrogen peroxide over your toothbrush to clean it.

13. You can also build toothpaste from hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

14. Pour a half cup of hydrogen peroxide into your toilet bowl, let it sit for 20 minutes, and scrub it clean.

15. Spray down your rain after every employ with some hydrogen peroxide. It’ll disinfect and keep your grout white.

16. Get rid of acne and acne scars with hydrogen peroxide.

17. Spray pennies or other copper pieces with hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and salt to give them an antique look.

Well there you have it — stop simply utilizing it on your cuts and start using it all around your home!

In a cool science video, insure exactly what happens when blood comes into contact with more concentrated hydrogen peroxide!

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What He Did With Some Mason Jars And A Wooden Board Is So Simple And Adorable

I probably have the smallest kitchen in New York City — severely, my closet is bigger than my cooking space — but I make it run because every inch has a purpose.

I’ve always wanted to have an indoor herb garden, or just anything green that will actually survive in the space, but up up to now, I never thought it was possible. Thankfully, I arrived across this quick and simple DIY from Redditor allkindsofmamba.

First, allkindsofmamba got a six-foot piece of pine picket, cut it in half, and encompassed it with some stain to create a weathered look.

Measuring things out, they left a few inches between each mason jar( you can buy them anywhere from Goodwill to Amazon ).

Then, the crafter got some four-inch duct clamps and self-drilling screwings to secure the mason jars to the board.

When all was said and done, this was the goal for the mini planters.

It should be noted that one Reddit commenter said that some drainage holes would be needed for anything to survive in these planters 😛 TAGEND

“If there’s too much water and no place for it to go, your plants will drown. […] You might have luck with a glass drill bit, or a masonry bit — merely be really careful. Encompass the jars in masking tape and wear goggles and long sleeves to prevent accidents.”

Either way, this is a pretty awesome objective result for such a simple DIY!

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16 Awesome Recipes You Can Make…In The Microwave? Pure Genius!

We’ve all experienced it…that bone-crushing, soul-killing tiredness when we get home after a long day.

There’s absolutely no way you’re going to cook a whole dinner with all the bells and whistles. But you also don’t want to trash money on ordering in. So what do you do? Grab some simple ingredients and pop them in the microwave.

No, seriously.

You can stimulate so many tasty things in that little countertop appliance you typically just use for hot cocoa.

1. Let’s start off with fulfilling your craving first: you can construct perfect potato chips in your microwave.

2. Sausage and cheese spaghetti? I can’t believe how good this appears!

3. But if traditional spaghetti isn’t your jam, try some parmesan spaghetti squash.

4. I bet you didn’t know you could stimulate polenta in the microwave…

5. This ooey gooey potato casserole is everything.

6. In the same vein, you can stimulate baked potatoes in the microwave, too!

7. You can totally have breakfast sandwiches for dinner…and attained in the microwave.

8. Then again, this well-balanced breakfast can also work come dinnertime.

9. Butter chicken pot pie…with naan crust? Yes, please!

10. This perfectly portioned spinach ricotta lasagna means no wasted leftovers.

11. Fried rice, anyone? Did I mention I’m hungry?

12. You could induce your salmon in the dishwasher, but the microwave sounds better.

13. Enchiladas are astonishingly easy to attain — they are mostly melted cheese, after all.

14. I love pizza and I love easy meals…so this microwave mug pizza is a no-brainer.

15. Well, it wouldn’t has become a snack without dessert…right? This snickerdoodle mug cake should do just fine.

16. Now that I know you can microwave lemon curd, I’m going to make it all the time…and put it on everything.

I had no idea you could build so many delicious things in a microwave!

If you’re suddenly craving more microwave recipes, check out all these mug desserts.

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What He Does With A Regular Tennis Ball Could Get Rid Of Your Lower Back Pain

It’s something that affects 60 to 80% of the U.S. adult population…lower back pain.

Treatment for some is as easy as get a new mattress or exercising more, but for others, there’s a need to get surgery or costly massages.

If normal remedies haven’t worked for you, you might want to give this little trick a try. Grab a tennis ball and watch Manu Kalia, a physical therapist, walk you through a simple exert for lower back pain.

Here’s another quick stretch routine.

You’d be surprised at how massaging your butt can affect your lower back. Everything in your body is connected and it’s important to listen to what your muscles and bones are telling you.

Of course if your ache persists or worsens, definitely consult a doctor.

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22 Awesome Things You Can Stimulate On The Grill This Memorial Day Weekend

Nothing signals the start of summer quite like Memorial Day weekend.

The weather is eventually warm enough to get the whole household outside, gardens are flush with beautiful blooms, and most importantly? The grill is uncovered, cleaned, and ready to go!

So what should you stimulate? Well, here are just a few recipes that will be big crowd-pleasers this weekend!

1. Let’s start off with appetizers! Did you know you can attain nachos on a grill? Well, you can, and these ones are loaded to the gills!

2. These honey Sriracha wings are to die for.

3. But if you want to balance your meaty snack out with some veggies, these cheesy zucchini wraps should do the trick.

4. Ah yes, here’s the perfect combo: bacon and asparagus!

5. Stuff anything with herbed cream and I’m there.

6. How about some sides! If you like corn, you’re going to love this cheesy, spicy, Mexican version.

7. But if that’s too out of the box for you, these old-fashioned potatoes will please everyone. They’re given a kicking with paprika!

8. You can also run a little fancier with these sweet potatoes with a cilantro vinaigrette.

9. I can’t decide if this grilled watermelon salad is a side or a dessert…and I don’t mind it one bit.

10. Normally, I’d choice meat over veggies, but these cheese and spinach-filled portobellas look ridiculous.

11. Let’s ease into the main course with a casual( read: amazing) bourbon teriyaki tenderloin.

12. Okay, but can we talk about this steak with herb butter? Can we ?!

13. Then again, these balsamic-glazed steak roll-ups seem bomb.

14. Everyone likes grilled chicken, but this recipe with avocado salsa will make guests fall in love.( Because avocado .)

15. What grill list would be complete without a burger? This caramelized onion turkey burger is everything.

16. But if you want to go super fancy, this grilled rack of lamb is all you need to set the mood.

17. Did you know you could attain pizza on the grill? You’re welcome.

18. These garlic and dijon salmon skewers come with their own lemons!

19. Following with the seafood theme…I present these grilled clams with charred jalapeno basil butter.* Drools*

20. When you’re done grilling these peaches and cherries, they get a cinnamon honey syrup. YES.

21. This grilled dessert pizza is everything that’s good about summertime — including s’mores.

22. This grilled apple is filled with maple cream caramel sauce and topped with ice cream.

Before I started writing this, I had no idea you could grill half of these things! Needless to say, I became hungrier as I went on.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go heat up my grill!

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19 Awesome IKEA Furniture Hacks You Have To Try Right Now

IKEA is known for its huge selection of simple furniture alternatives. Well, that and their notoriously impossible directions for assembling said furniture.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more high-end( yet can’t bear to part with half of your savings ), you shouldn’t overlook the big-box store. With a few key upgrades that are quite easy to execute, you can turn your run-of-the-mill dresser into an epic bookcase.

Have a look at how you can give your boring furniture a new life!

1. Make this step stool into a cute side table or a statement piece in your child’s bedroom.

2. All you have to do to upgrade this clock is hang it with an old belt.

3. Turn an average headboard into an amazing one with some stikwood.

4. When you flip this shelving division on its side, you can turn it into a dining banquette.

5. Add some crown molding to simple bookcases and slap on a ladder — what a difference!

6. Simple ornaments and some paint can upgrade just about any piece of furniture.

7. Guests will never guess this side table was once a laundry hamper.

8. Reinvent this table simply by replacing the legs.

9. Make your couch look like a million bucks by tufting the cushions.

10. Create some rustic charm by adding a log slice to a stool.

var OX_ads= OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push ( slot_id: “5 3725160 4_56a597e08d46a”, auid: “5 3725160 4” );

11. Get the children involved with this one — all you need are some Sharpies and this chair.

12. You can make a farm-style table with two smaller tables and some plywood.

13. If you want to start an indoor herb garden, make it happen with a wine rack.

14. Make chic cat perches use shelving units.

15. All it takes is a little gold foliage to build your desk-turned-media-center into a work of art!

16. This jewelry tray would look perfect on any dresser.( No one will know it’s a $ 5 frame !)

17. A small bookcase becomes an adorable bar cart with some simple wheels.

18. Transform your bathroom into a spa with some deck wood!

19. And the easiest for last — construct cork heat pads into statement bulletin board for your office.

Never settle for subpar furniture ever again.

Which project will you try first ?

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