Trust In The Timing Of Your Life

Life is chaotic sometimes. Just as you think everything is going swimmingly, something happens that sends you out of whack. It stimulates you a little bit adrift and this unsettling feeling is hard to shake. Whether its losing your job, your SO, or even if your favorite coffee shop closes down( yes, this would suck for me ), its important to take a step back, exhale and surrender.

I always get into a funk when my life goes off balance. Sometimes I feel like Ive taken one step forwards and two steps back. Thats when I stop and realise,

It’s okay.

Its okay to feel behind, its okay not to be okay, but at the same hour its important to pick yourself up. I give myself 10 emotional minutes in a day if I need it, then I get up and remind myself that I am a gangster( with a matcha latte and a yoga mat ).


We want to control everything around us, the situations and the person or persons, but youve got to remember that you cant control every aspect of your life. Dont waste your energy into things you cant control. Instead, utilize that energy to get yourself closer to those goals and being the best version of yourself.


Trust in life and trust in yourself. Trust that where you are at in your life at the moment is the right thing and the thing this is necessary most. Dont compare your life to others, everyone is on an individual journey and is on a completely different route and scrolling through your feed upon social media isnt going to stimulate you feel better if you think everyone is ahead of you. Life isnt a race so slow down.


Learn from the struggles, falls, heartache, heartbreak, loss, and endings. Because when something ends, a new thing begins. Learn from the people who have come into your life and left, learn from the people who are still here, learn from your experiences good and bad, and most of all learn from yourself.


We all have objectives that we one day trying to achieve, but in the meantime celebrate your small wins and keep yourself motivated. Focusing on only the big goal can be daunting at times when you think youre not getting closer to it, so look at each step as a tick in the box, getting you that much closer to your goals and go and have that glass of wine and celebrate( any excuse for a tipple ).

Be grateful.

Be grateful for everything in your life. Acknowledge the good no matter how small. You woke up this morning and have another chance at life, you have great friends and family, you have a roof over your head whatever it is, be grateful.

Remember, life is amazing, then awful. And then its amazing again. And in between the amazing and the awful, its ordinary and mundane and routine. Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the nasty, and relax and exhale during the course of its ordinary. Thats just living, heart-breaking, soul-healing, astounding, nasty, ordinary life and its breathtakingly beautiful.

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13 Newlyweds On Exactly How They Plan To Beat The Odds And Stay Faithful Forever

1. On a whim the other night, my wife started reading this sexy book out loud to me andI was rapt. That led to some really fun experimenting. Entirely new sexual territory for us. I only keep reminding myself that theres much better for us to do together. If you’re open-minded and committed to keeping the passion alive, there’s really nothing to worry about.

2. I started giving my husband sexual coupons( e.g. One start to finish blowie, redeemable with 48 hours notice) for special occasions a year or so into our relationship. Hes always loved them, and I think they give us both a healthy sense of security. He likes having a hoard of sex favors he can cash in, and I’m convincedthecoupons keep his dirty believes centered on me. When it comes to marital loyalty, coupons might just bethe best kept secret.

3. ” People always assume its the man whos more likely to cheat, but Im way more sex than my husband is. Fortunately, Im also an accomplishedmasturbator. As long as I’ve got ateam of vibrators at my bedside, I won’t be seduced to dabble outside our marriage .”

4. I fought with porn craving a few years back, when my wife was still my girlfriend. When I came clean, it was a big jolt toherself-esteem. But onceshe accepted that I had a problem, she came through with a genius plan.Instead of the typical date night, westay homeand induce our own sexy videos. It maintains us connectednot just sexually but emotionallyand I am one hundred percent certain were gonna make it long-term without any affairs getting in the way thanks to DIY porn.

5. There was a moment when I came close to making out with my colleague a few weeks after my husband and I tied the knot, but I pulled back in time. I’m not naive enough to think that we won’t be tempted sometimes, but I feel like Im programmed not to go there because I genuinely do love my husband that much. And I know in my heart that he feels just as strongly.

6. My wifes horny af. I wouldnt have marriage her otherwise because Im a guy who needs to get laid at the least once a day. But so does she! Were a perfect match. Seriously, were the happiest couple I know.

7. Right after the wedding, my husband and I experienced the early onset of the Seven Year Itch syndrome. Neither of us was all that interested in intimacyat least not with one another. But Im a type-Aladyand I refused to give up on us. I did a lot of research and we tried a bunch of things until we found somethingthatworks for us: A sex schedule. It might voice completely unsexy to schedule sex, but its not. My spouse LOVES the guarantee of sex, and we both have fun sending one another dirty calendar invites. Its such a simple measure, truly, so Im confident well always be able to rekindle the flamewhenever we need to.

8. My wife and I wedded later than most of our friends, and all of them were always telling us that wedding would kill our sex life. So whenwe gotengaged, we decided to beproactive about developing a really honest sexual dialogue. We started checking in with one another at least once a week merely to make sure were both okayin all areas, including sexuality. You cant assume someones happy. You have to ask them, and also be receptive to feedback if you want things to last.

9. My husband threw his back out jet skiing on our honeymoon andhe was bedridden for days. One morning he prayed me for a handy sincehe wasnt truly able to have sex. I rejected because I thoughta handjobwould be bad for his back if he was writhing his pelvis and hips. Hegot mad, and started screaming about how he’d “re going to have to” order amassage and a happy ending if I didn’t help him. I said, Fine! But if start taking liberties, will too. Then we both cracked up because we knew “were in” both full of shit. Theres balance between useven when we battle, you know? And we have this shared sense of humor we can count on tobring us back to solid ground.

10. Marriage is hard work and part of that work is keeping your partner sexually satisfied. Im fortunateto be married to a woman who reallyunderstands thatgive-and-take. Sometimes were both really into making love, but sometimes one of us is clearly doing the other a favor in get naked and thats okay. We live bya kind of unspoken pact that maintains us bothcontent.

11. Weve only been married for six months, and let me say to you: After the wedding, theres a definite drop off in the excitement level. The chaos ends and its easy to freak out. What Ive realise is that its important to shape your own position every single day. You can stress out thinking, oh my God, Im stuck with one girl for the rest of my life, or you can take comfort in a gues like, I am one luck human to get to come home to an amazing female every single night. Positive thinking, human. That’s how I do it.

12. Im not shy. Ill tap into my inner animal and get freaky in the sack and my husband knows he cant get that from other women, inevitably. He dated a bunch of women who were sex dud before we got together. If you want to make sure your partner doesnt cheat, just be the best sexuality they can have.

13. Ill tell you what my buddy were talking about staying faithful for a lifetime: One day at a time. Its the only style forward.

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To The Guy Who I Loved And Ultimately Lost

To the guy I loved and lost ,

Sometime ago I had a dreaming that I was in the prettiest white dress, and I wasjust about to walk down the aisle. As I approached the alter I assured the mostravishingly dressed-up guy; you. I was undoubtedly the happiest person in the worldas I looked into your bright and enchanting eyes. From your warm embrace, Icouldve reeked you as I leaned in closer. Your touch was so comforting, until I woke up and I realized I was alone.

Without your presence in my life, I live one alone, which is an excruciating and profound reminder that you are no longer a part ofme. We no longer speak to each other like we used to, but its already dawn. Its theday that I should start my life anew and I cant even rest at ease.

Within a few hours, I will arise from bedand do my morning routine. Ill shower and get dressed for my new task withcomplete awareness that you wont be there in the evening for me to tell you howmy day passed.

Subsequently, Ill likely be all alone feeing KFC while facingthe wrath of reality that the only person I want to talk to at the end of my day is theonly person I cant speak to.

I am basically a bomb might wish to explosion since it all happened. An entity of self-loath and loneliness was something I didnt think I was capable of being. That wasuntil I detected myself alone, staring at the four bedroom walls surrounding me andsobbing so uncontrollably, that I couldnt catch my breath . The night we broke up, Iinstantaneously packed up the stuff that you gave to me. I neatly folded your t-shirtthat I claimed from your DC comic collection. After which I cleared my room ofeverything that jogged my memory of your existence in my world. As a result, my room is also now beset with different things that remind me that, even though youre no longer present in my life; youd never be too remote frommy thinks. I can confess that there will be days that Id take that batman t-shirtand wear it as I pretend to be okay again . Ive started the procedure provided for in standardizing my life devoid of you in the working day ofyour absence. Gawkily filling the gaps that you once occupied with my black andwhite describes, old associates, all genres of movies and more ice cream than weboth can eat.

Despite all of my efforts to accept the situation and move forward, I constantly contemplate that with enough time, your decision will change. I hope that you want me in your life and there will be an us again. I anticipatethat youstill love me.

I keep thinking that youll change your intellect once again and insure meas the woman who will be standing next to you on the day of your wedding.

Wewould be the couple chilling on the sofa after we put the kids to bed. I imagine thatyou will reconsider your decision and return to me.However, I dont just want you to change your intellect. I want you to make up yourmind . I want you to make up your mind that it is you want, and show me that Iwasnt wrong to love you so unconditionally. I wanted to believe you when yousaid that you wanted to expend the rest of your life with me. I want you to make upyour mind that while there are lots of stunning women in the world, whod be betterin bed, that I am the only one you truly love. I want you to make up your mind thatIm the person that attains you the happiest and also give your life a new definition.

Unfortunately due to the circumstances, Im unaware of when or if this would everbe a reality, and thats the most difficult facet of this situation. There is thepossibility that the love of their own lives may simply not be me. Either style, I started my new occupation and Im still scared and nervousnervous asever. Youre the only person that can soothe me and tomorrow Ill be leaving homewithout your encouraging words that everything will be okay. You wont be ableto hear about it at night. Ill get through each day one step at a time while alsotrying to assure everyone that I am fine.

I am fine with the knowledge that youresomewhere else, doing something else and maybe with someone else. Ill expelyou from my mind and simply carry on. Until the working day I pass by the ice creamparlor and recollect your favorite flavor or even see your favourite color.Until the instant where my phone vibrates, until that creed or Shania twain songplays. Until I have to go to sleep. And until I have to fall apart and have to start all overagain. Without you .

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17 Ways Lazy Girls Fake Having Their Shit Together

I’m one of those lazy girls that constantly floats between wearing glasses and sweatpants, to the whole nine yards with murderer heels and a little black dress. But, the majority of cases( all the time ), I’d rather not really try.I have come to find that , none of us really have to try so hard to seem like weknow what we’re doing. It’s easier than it seems.

1 . Throw your hair up in a messy bun . No matter your hair texture, or how badly the ends of your strands seem, you can always set it up and spray with a bit of hairspray to make sure it lasts all day.

2 . Sunglasses . They hide tired eyes, puffy eyes, hangovers, and blemishes. They are truly the best accessory. You don’t even require make-up.

3 . Starbucks . I don’t care if you despise it, but carrying around a Starbucks cupin your hand induces you lookSOdarn fancy.

4 . Wine . Display wine bottles all over your place. Collect the corks to display on your coffee table. Basically, wine will always be the answer. No matter what.

5 . LaCroix Water . I likely will never be able to pronounce it, but when you pull one out of your purse, you will look fancy as f* ck.

6 . Throw on a dress . Candidly, why even bother putting on pants anymore?

7 . Always order the biggest plate of pasta you can . Literally, everyone else with their pathetic salads are going to stare at you with jealousy. #winning. #alwayssayyestopasta.

8 . Save old selfies . Whenever “youre feeling” on’ fleek ‘, take a scene. On the days when you are lying in bed with nothing to do, post one of those old but HOT pictures of yourself. Likes guaranteed.

9 . Google pictures of the gym . Then, post some believable ones on your snapchat. Keep’ murdering’ in bed.

10 . If you must go out, don’t forgotten your’ medicine ‘. Now, when you want to leave early to a collect, depict your friends your’ antibiotics’ that the doctor prescribed for you. You are free to goes, and in the clear.

11 . Fairy lightings . So, you don’t feel like vacuuming or cleaning your apartment up at all? Not a problem. Buy some cute suns, hang them up, and your friends won’t even notice the disaster that is right in from of them.

12 . Adult coloring books . Some may say you’re lazy for not going out on a Friday night, Isay you are relaxing your intellect with some good old fashioned fun( and alcohol ).

13 . Build up your bed . No matter how messy and disgusting your bedroom is, attaining up your bed will always make you look like you are on top of things.

14 . Always have gum on hand . Sometimes, you forget to brush your teeth while you were in a rush to get work. What does the job? Gum. Sometimes, you have a really bad hangover and brushing your teeth isn’t cutting it. What does the job? Gum.

15 . Dry shampoo . We all don’t have time to wash our hair every single day. Meet dry shampoo: your new best friend. It get rid of excess oil and constructs it look like you actually tried( for once ).

16 . Fake plants . I don’t know what it is about plants, but they are really hard to take care of( or it’s just me ). Solution? Fake flowers, fake hydrangeas, and fakesucculents will construct you seem like the queen of having your shit together.

17 . When all else fails, stop devoting a crap . Pay no intellect to the persons who to continue efforts to put you down. Espouse your laziness. Embrace who you are. You’re freaking awesome.

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Sometimes The People We Fall Hardest For Are The People Who Let Us Down The Hardest

As much as it hurts, and how much it kills you, sometimes the people we love we most, are the ones that aren’t good for us. No matter how much you care for them, and how much you want to keep them in your life, sometimes the people you love most are the ones who will hurt you the most.

It’s hard for us to picture the person we love most in this world every trying to hurt us, but the harder we love, the bigger the possibility of them hurting us gets. It’s hard for us to imagine them saying goodbye, or them leaving without another word. It’s hard to picture the moment when they will find someone better, someone prettier, someone more likable.

“It won’t happen to us”, we say. “Our relationship is different than all the others”, we try to convince ourselves. “He wouldn’t do that to me”, we whisperto ourselves in the darkness.

But sometimes, no matter how big the love is, and how confident the bond is between you two, they will end up hurting you. No matter what you do.

We can’t escape it. We can’t foresee it. We can’t ever predict it. Sometimes, it just happens. Without a warning. And without a chance of explanation. They call you on the phone telling you it’s over. They pack up their bags and leave overnight. They write a note on your bedside table saying sorry. They tell you they want to see other place. They tell you they have changed their minds.

And it’s not anyone’s fault. It’s not your fault for loving so hard. It’s not their fault for having a change of heart. It’s not your fault for entering into the relationship. It’s not their fault for finding someone else who they get along better with.

It’s just life. It’s how things happen. And sometimes, the worst things happens. The boy you thought was your forever is gone. The boy you loved the most, wrecked you. And they didn’t even give you a chance to show them all you had to offer them.

They never ever gave you a chance.

So, what do you say to them? What do you do? You tell those people who left you, that it’s their loss. That you feel sorry for them for never giving you the benefit of the doubt. That they just lost the best thing they could’ve had.

And then tell them thank you.

Because now, you finally realize that they weren’t the best person for you.

The best person for you wouldn’t ever leave. The best person for you wouldn’t ever dare to sneak out without another word. The best person for you would never utter the words, “goodbye”. The best person for you would be right there next to you, sleeping soundly, dreaming of you. The best person for you would stay. They will always stay.

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How To Know When It Is Finally Time To Let Run

Its 1:40 am and youre trying to wipe tears of your face from reading old text messages from when you first gather. You peek to see if hes online because you want to send that long message you saved in your drafts to let him know you miss him. Your heart is aching from flashing memories of all the favorite dates you had. This is it. This is when reality makes you the most. Youre in denial but you know you have to swallow the truth anyway .

This is when you need to stop.

Get up. Stroll to the bathroom and dunk your face into water. At this moment, you only cleaned not only the regrets from your eyes but the heartache you felt after months of being mistreated. Where did he run? Where was he when you went to bed screaming from a broken heart ? Realization flows into your body like a streaming river of sadnes. All those nights of you feeling like a ticking bomb waiting to explosion because you overthink on the what ifs and whys. You are done picking up pieces of your heart that he shattered every single day you make a mistake.

Its time to set yourself free. Its time to let go.

You knew he was not worth it. You knew you were unhappy for the longest day you could recollect. You stayed and held on because you thought that he would change. He promised you eternally. But eternally is now a remote memory. You cant “re fucking lying to” yourself anymore and no level of persuading is enough for you to go back to the style you were when you were in love . Place your hand over your heart and know that you cant do this anymore. This is too much. Pain has caused you to be somebody you’re not. Lies transgressed your trust and constructed you think everybody is the same. He brought the bad out of you like a dark angel came to see you a long-kept closet. This isnt you. This isnt him. And this is definitely not us.

If merely he could understand how you felt.

How you felt when you found out about his lies. How you felt when he left you hanging in between explains. How you felt when he “ve told you” that youre not been enough for him. You know you didnt deserve that but you believed you do because you love him to believe his terms over your own. When do you know when its time to let go?

You could only hold on to something painful for so long till you lose strength and heroism to let go. Why hold on to something that hurts you. Relationships are not supposed to be toxic. People say get rid of toxic because its bad for you.

Its time to realize that the toxic is a person . It needs to go. It needs to leave your system before it corrodes you and leave more damage than you could regain back. It will hurt. If it didnt then it wasnt real. Its never easy to let go of the person you love but it’s more impossible to stay.

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Choose Someone Who Loves You Without Anxiety

We all understandably get scared of rejection, of showdown and of getting hurt. So, sometimes, when we take our old bruised and beaten down hearts and give them to someone else, we get frightened. We get anxious. We get the urge to sprint the other direction .

But you shouldn’t choose the one who wants to run. You shouldn’t choose the one who sprints away from you. Never, ever opt the one who hesitates.

And never, ever choose the one who seems the other route when you pour your heart out to them.

Choose someone who gazes right at your flaws and doesn’t cringe. Choose someone who finds the worst parts of you and doesn’t cover his eyes. Choose someone who witnesses you spew venom, and doesn’t conceal in anxiety . Choose someone who will say ” I love you” confidently and easily. With no tremble in their voice. And no shakiness on their lips. Choose the person that listens to you when you’re hurting, and will hold you through it instead of scoffing at you. Choose members of the public who looks up at you instead of appearing down. Choose members of the public who lets you glisten on your own, and lets you walk at your own pace .

You deserve someone who won’t run at the first sign of trouble.

You deserve someone who won’t leave when you need them the most. True love isn’t supposed to fled the scene of such crimes. True love stays, through thick and through thin. True love is stronger than the urge to say goodbye. True love should never apologize for its strength. And it should never apologize for glistening so brightly .

The right person for you should love without a whisper of hesitation.

They will love you fiercely, without any doubt that you are the best person that they have ever met. They will kiss you aloud, and shower you with their confidence in you. They will hug you proudly, the kind of hug that doesn’t have a question mark in it . They will hold you, embracing you in their safety net. They won’t let any fire violate their grip on you.

Choose someone who loves you without dread. Who screams instead of whispers. Who leaps instead of strolls. And who runs towards you, instead of away from you.

Choose someone who always has a hand out for you to grab onto. Choose someone who never looks at you with a frown, but looks at you with a glimmer in their eyes. Choose the one who says” I love you” in everything that they do. Choose the one who loves you with every atom in their body and who will say ” I love you” only by a touch. Choose someone who loves you and doesn’t ever leave .

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Here’s Why You’re Permitted To Get Lost( And Why It’s Actually Good For You)

You’re allowed to get lost. I promise .

We are told to follow maps, to look at our compasses, and to always look ahead. We are constantly told to double checkdirections and to keep walking in a straight line.

But, what if we are tired of the straight lines?

What if we are tired of mapping out our entire lives, piece by piece, and corner by corner? What if we want to stop appearing down at our feet, being petrified of falling? What if we don’t want to follow the rules anymore?

So why don’t we do it? Why don’t we get lost for the first time in our lives? Let’s put down our maps and our lists and our tools. Let’s put down our scheme B’s and our five year objectives. And let’s lose ourselves in what freedom ultimately feels like .

Let’s travel down grime roads that lead to meadows and fences that open our eyes to new opportunities. Let’s travel down alley routes and gale roads that lead us to new coffeehouse, new people and to new destinations.

Let’s travel down the unexpected pathways.

Let’s ditch our the notions of what we should be doing, and simply do what we want to do for once. Let’s move to a new city. Let’s move to a new country. Let’s make an entirely new career for ourselves. Let’s get rid of negative people in our lives. Let’s finally tell that one person who got away, that westill love them. Let’s rid ourselvesof our dreads and our anxieties .

It’s time to do what we have always wanted to do. It’s time to do what frightens us and what sets us out of our comfort zones. It’s time to truly find our destiny, whether it’s on a grime road, or on the seaside shore. We’ve got to find where we belong whether it’s in a city full of skyscrapers, or a country side that lets us roam free.

It’s ok to get lost. It’s to get lost.

Because, when we get lost we truly find ourselves. When we get lost we truly figure out how we fit into this big world. Getting lost isn’t the end at all. No, get lost is just the beginning.

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48 Girls Reveal The Subtle Hints They Drop To Let A Guy Know They’re Interested

Found on AskReddit .

1. I twirl my hair.

( gets pissed when guy doesn’t take the clue)

2. I laugh at everything you say.

Everything you say is funny. I’m prepped to laugh before you’ve even finished the sentence. You are the king of comedians. Nah but seriouslystronger eye contact, smiling, hair touching( my hair , not theirs. That’d be weird .)

3. I touch you and insult you a lot.

I’ll generally come up with excuses to touch you and likely insult you a lot.

4. I magically get to the bus stop the same hour as you.

My boyfriend and I, before we got together, maintained magically getting to the bus stop at the same day. Our timetables coincided nicely, but I did occasionally have to miss the very first bus that turned up in order to make it happen.

5. I present my womb to you.

Here, mine womb. I pray it doth pleaseth you, sir.

6. I constantly bump into you on accident.

If we’re walking somewhere, I will constantly bump into you on collision and laugh at ridiculous things you say( but let’s be real, if I’m interested then I don’t mind ridiculous things ). I’ll tell a guy how handsome he is, compliment him( not only on physical things !) But also hoping that they will induce the first move so I don’t look like a dweeb and chicken out.: -(

7. I ask you when we’re getting married.

I just ask them when we’re getting married.

8. I pretend I dislike your fucking guts.

If I like you, I dislike your fucking guts…but that’s just me.

9. I ask to compare my hands size against yours.

When asking to compare my hands sizing against yours. Most likely very those who are interested in you if I do that haha.

10. Ill put my foot next to yours and say, Oh, your feet are so big compared to mine!

I still do the stupid putting my foot next to his thing and saying something like’ Oh, your feet are so big compared to mine !’ Ran a couple of times.

11. I steal your hat.

Professional hat stealer here.

12. No bra.

Not wearing a bra when I know I’m going to see him.

13. Cleavage.

Cleavage. Lots and lots of cleavage.

14. If I am trying to feed you, then I likely want to fuck you.

You mention you like brownies; a while later I happen to bake brownies and bring them to run/ school/ wherever you are. Basically, if I am trying to feed you, then I likely want to fuck you.

15. I stare at you and wish for you to be braver than me.

Simplestare and wish for the guy to be braver than me.

16. I stand a little bit closer to you and chat you up WAY more than necessary.

I normally stand a bit closer to guys( unintentionally ), and chat them up more than necessary.

But ladies? If you want my advice? FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST JUST BE STRAIGHTFORWARD.

I once asked a dude to see a movie with me, and since he asked if others could come as well, I presumed he was politely turning me down. Flash-forward to three months later, after we got together, and he casually mentioned how he wished that we had gone to see it as a date. He hadn’t put two and two together because I didn’t specifically say date.

Not all guys are that oblivious, but your guy might be. Just go over and ask them.

17. I describe your attention to my body, face, hair, eyes all the time.

I draw his attention to my body, face, hair, eyes all the time and cooking abilities. Like, Yeah, it is hard inducing pasta, the steam gets to my eyes, but I love making it, I don’t know why! Also I use the word love and like and adore all the time.

18. I dont acknowledge you or even look at you.

When I like a guy, I don’t talk to them or acknowledge them or even look at them. But when I have strictly platonic feelings for a guy, I’m friendly and talkative. However what always happens is that the guys who I don’t find attractive, end up liking me but the guys who I am attracted to think I’m rude. It’s a horrible system but I’m trying to improve it.

19. I ask you if you want to fuck.

My now-husband and I were sitting in his vehicle after helping some friends move and he was supposed to take me back to my automobile. I looked at him and asked, are you really going to take me back to my auto or do you want to fuck?
I think it was pretty obvious I was interested.

20. I get shitfaced and ask if you want to make out.

Get shitfaced and ask if you want to make out.

21. I stand closer to you when youre speaking.

Being much more touchy-feely. Standing closer to them when they’re speakingif you’re somewhere loud, holding their head and speaking really closely into their ear. Prolonged eye contact and smiles when nobody else is seem, merely general flirty 1 to 1 behaviour. I’ve been in a relationship for 3.5 and I miss the stage where we weren’t together yet but plainly liked one another, it’s a sweet day 🙂

22. Ill wink and tell you that youre handsome.

If I think you’re cute I’ll flirt with you, likely winking and tell you that you’re handsome. If I’m REALLY into you then I’ll likely say something embarrassing and then crawl into a pit to die from shame.

23. I have sex with you.

Usually I have sex with them.

24. I make a lot of eye contact and ask you a lot of questions.

Well, before I was marriage I would make a lot of eye contact and ask questions. Make innuendo. I was never shy about constructing the first move in terms of kissing. Now that I’m marriage, I still ask lots of questions and compliment my husband, but when I want to get busy, I pull my pants down and bounce my naked booty at him.

25. I act very nervous and awkward around you.

Am I entirely penalty around everyone else in the room, but around you I’m frightened and awkward and talking softly and rapidly so you can’t understand what I’m saying and then when you ask what I said I go into a long-winded weird irrelevant rationale and then nervously laugh and then run away?
If so, I’m probably into you.

26. I give you long goodbye hugs.

Getting close, finding ways to touch him, looking into his eyes, long goodbye hugs( my hugs are usually short as I’m not one for touching people except when I’m attracted to them ), detecting excuses to spend longer time with him, answering quickly to his messages( I am not one for messaging so I can take ages to respond but when I like a guy, I’m quick to react ), finding ways to compliment him, making future plans with him, lots of smiling and chuckling, playful taunt, really listening/ paying attention.

So I expended the working day yesterday with a guy I’m catching the feelings for and I merely described everything I was doing with him. Sigh, after writing this out I merely realised I truly do like him as he was on my intellect the entire hour I wrote this~ ___~

27. I ask for your number.

This worked on my current significant other. I straight up asked him for his number the second period I ensure him. Almost kinda hurled myself at him as he was getting up from his chair. I thought that was my merely chance before he left. Aimed up hanging out with him and friends subsequently that night and having an amazing day, and he texted me first the next day. Actually woke up to his text. Been more than two years and we maintain get stronger.

28. I accidentally bump hips with you.

Laugh at even the shittiest and cringiest of gags. Strolling next to you I will accidentally bump hips against you from is high time to period. I will ask questions rather than just answer them.

29. Constant touching.

Touching. Like constantly. On the limb, shoulder, hair, leg. Any reason to touch him.

30. I say youre cute, then compliment your skills.

Say they’re cute. Compliment their efforts( i.e ., attaining paper airliners ). Sit close to them. Body language like mirroring theirs. Touching their shoulder or hand.

31. Ill sit next to you so our legs touch under the table.

The main thing I do is, when sitting in a group, I’ll sit next to him and get just a closer than I ordinarily would, so our legs/ thighs touch under the table. Nobody else notices, merely him.

32. I giggle and say youre funny.

You’re so funny! Works every time.

33. I lie on the lounge with my pants off, spread eagle.

I lie on the sofa with my gasps off, spread eagle.

34. I touch your arm and tell you that youre funny.

I touch his arm and tell him, You’re so funny!

35. I will stare at you until you feel uncomfortable.

I will build eye contact and stare at you until you feel uncomfortable.

36. I let my tit to graze or rest upon your arm.

While standing next to them, stand close enough to allow your tit to graze or rest upon their arm. Never fails.

37. I taunt you more than I would other guys.

I tease him more than I would other guys. Is that a good thing or is it riling? Frankly no idea…

38. My vocal register goes up to voiced more girly.

If I like a guy, I’ve noticed several changes in my behavior. My vocal register goes up. Just a bit. I guess it’s to sound more girly. Also, despite being a somewhat touchy person to start with, I touch him a lot more if I like him. If we’re sitting next to each other and he makes a gag, I lean into him laughing. I taunted a little more, partly to construct more opportunities to touch him.

Basically, I kick everything up a notch. He gets just a bit more of me than anyone else in the room.

39. I will cook for you, cook for you, anything to stimulate “youre feeling” taken care of.

Any increased present of nurturing, cook for you, bake for you, any little thing to build “youre feeling” taken care of, we listen when you’re upset, ask about your family or ask about the things that mean the most to you in life so you know that you are heard and your priorities are valid. We ask for your opinion or for your help, so you know you’re needed and useful and important. Above all else we laugh with you and we build you laugh, because that’s the best. This is all the stuff daughters like me do. Other girls might punch you in the limb, others might attain super overtly sexual comments and crass jokes, it’s all dependent on what kinda girl is the one interested in you.

40. I openly flirtation and pester you.

I openly flirting and teasing you.

If I’m interested, I will intentionally dress in cute form-fitting clothes, and find reasons to stroll by you or quickly chat and build jokes. Use your name in a playful tone whenever I refer to your actions in dialogue. Have real conversations with actual content not only playfully slapping your limbs. Compliment your physical appearance so that you think about me discovering you attractive. But once I can get you to laugh or start an inside joke, hooking, line, and sinker.

Now it’s just getting you by yourself. It’s more interesting when there’s other interested females, cause then you have to make a choice. Offer you a ride home or something, you accept because I know you’re interested and curious, slowly integrate physical contact in accordance with your body language while we talk. It kind of goes on from there.

Plus I could feel your eyes burning holes through my clothes the whole time. I liked it. 😉

41. I will chuckle WAY too much when Im around you.

Laughing WAY too much and smiling when I’m around you. Like even if I’m bored or not in the best mood, I will still smile around you because of the nervousness. Also, insults. Not anything super hurtful, but little jokes that will force you to lightly insult me back. Taunt, I guess.

42. I send lots of hearts and kiss emojis.

I’m kinda obvious with it, I send lots of hearts and kiss emojis when I’m saying thank you for something, and I’m touchy as hell. I’ll grab your arms or face chiefly, and of course I’ll try to hang out with you every chance I get.

43. I mock you and am meaner than usual.

Mocking them, being funnier/ meaner than usual, general aloofness but also chuckling too hard at their gags and preserving eye contact. Depends on the vibes. We are a fickle bunch. But it’ll be pretty clear if we like you tbh, and clearer if we don’t like you.

Throw out a hook, if you get a bite: yay…if not: meh/

If I wanna merely sleep with someone I’ll pretty much just ask outright, though. We like to bone too.

44. At a party, I make you feel like youre the only person in the room.

At a party or social gathering, I make them feel like they’re the only person in the room.

45. I pester, joke, and cook food for you.

I tease. I crack a lot of innuendo jokes. I also cook food and offer it to them. It’s easy to insinuate when you’re talking about food or gaming without putting yourself on the line for rejection.

46. I purposely brush shoulders with you.

I’m usually over-touchy. Like I giggle and grab your shoulder. Or I sit close to you or intentionally brush shoulders with you.

47. I say that I want to see a movie, but all my friends are busy..

I truly want to watch[ movie name ], but all my friends are all busy lately.

48. I avoid eye contact, chuckle uncontrollably, and insult myself.

I won’t be able to induce eye contact. When I’m attracted to someone I have a hard time looking them in the eyes. I’ll laugh uncontrollably like an moron a lot. I’ll insult myself openly. On the flipside, if I really dislike you I won’t look at you either.

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