10 Things You Should Take Away From Your First Job, Even If You Hate It

Everyone told me the real world would suck, but like every nave college senior, I believed my life would be the exception.

I had managed to turn my final semester internship into a full-time job, and I felt fairly confident at graduation knowing I was one of the few headed straight-out into working in my field. However, I was so happy to be avoiding unemployment that I dismissed quite a few red flags.

My internship hadnt been the best experience. There was a lot of tension within the company, people were constantly badmouthing the Ceo and my supervisor was so busy all the time that I felt guilty interrupting him to ask even a simple question.

I reasoned everything would be better once I was there every day, so I could manage my own workload and get a stronger feel for how the company was run.

Over the next six months, I watched two of the five people in my department cease, countless people got fired and my workload increased so dramatically that I stopped taking lunch. I even induced my trip-ups to the bathroom as fast as possible.

There were also a lot of shady happeningswith upper management, including some possible tax evasion. Soon, it became clear the work I was doing is not merely unfulfilling, but it was also borderline unethical.

Needless to say, I was miserable.

Its taken me over a year after discontinuing to look back at this time in my life with any sense of humour. However, I now realise Im glad I had its own experience. Component of it induces me appreciate my current chore with my cheery co-workers and manageable workload.

Mostly, though, it taught me valuable life lessons about these 10 problems to look out for with future employers πŸ˜› TAGEND

If you are giving 100 percentage and not keeping up, its not your fault.

If you go to work every day with good intentions, an organized to-do listing and no intent of transgressing for lunch, you should have some sense of accomplishment when 5 pm rolls around.

Occasionally, its understandable if youre thrown a curve ball and need to work late. But if youre doing this every night and still not getting ahead, something is definitely wrong.

In my final few months of employment, I ran longer hours than ever and felt like I get even less done than before. If this is happening to you, you may need to talk to your manager about your workload.

If you are giving 100 percent every day and still not maintaining up, the job may not be for you. In fact, it might not be for anybody. No one should have to work over 40 hours a week and still feel like they have regressedon their to-do list.

Keep your eyes on upper-level management.

How do they treat you? How do they treat other employees? How do they treat each other?

The last one is really key.

While its possible that your boss hate you is all in your head, a good way to test this theory is to watch how theyinteract with others besides yourself.

Amanager treating all employees under them severely but constantly sucking up to those above them in the office hierarchy is definitely a red flag.

Even worse, if they are always getting into spats with other department heads, because every mistake is always someone elses flaw, then its a major sign that there are fundamental problems with the style the company is run.

It shouldnt be the end of the world if youre late.

Weve all had those Monday mornings where its especially hard to get out of bed. Then, the coffee maker wont work, and then, you reach every red light on your commute.

Of course, being routinely late is a problem, but if you have an office job where the only thing waiting on you is your computer, occasionally being fiveminutes late without having to explain yourself extensively should be permissible.

At my first task, we had to clock in and out, so we were never paid for any time we didnt spend run. Yet, I watched people get severely reprimanded for showing up even a few minutes past 8 am.

Leaving early was also frowned upon, which was understandable. However, it dawned on me as I watched my manager fly into a fury over hearing someone say goodbye a minute before 5 pmthat, if your boss is watching the clock that closely, they have the problem , not you.

You can have too many meetings and too much communication.

It might seem like a good idea to have daily meetings with your boss, but if youre constantly going over things that could easily be shared in a memoranda or condensed into a weekly meeting, you may be the main victims of micromanagement.

To test the worth of frequent sessions, take note of whether the get-together is to discuss your advance or if its an open forum to ask questions and discuss your day.

If the session is merely being called with the intension of monitoring you and other underlings, your boss should realize your time is better expended actually working and not only reporting on what you have or havent accomplished.

Quantity is valued over quality.

In most undertakings, numbers do matter. Whether you balancebudgets or accumulate social media likes, there is usually some quantitative route of measuring what you get done.

This is normal, and even healthy, as it allows you to gauge your own productivity.

However, if the quantity of what you producefar outstrips the importance of the quality, it was possible to time to assess why. No one wants to constantly chase unobtainable numbers, especially if it entails rendering content or a product you wouldnt even buy.

Bonding with your co-workers is important.

Watch what things you are bonding over, though. I get close to a lot of my office peers very quickly, mostly because we were all united in how much we hated our boss and the company.

Everyone should be bonding over the awesome new coffee shop that opened down the street , not over how desperate they are to find new jobs.

You shouldnt dread Monday.

OK, we all dread Monday.

But if you dread Monday to the point of not being able to enjoy the rest of your weekend, then you are the victim of an unhealthy work environment.

There were weekends during my first chore where I lay in bed impression nauseated, and I fantasizedabout contracting the beset so I wouldnt have to go into work the next week.

If you are spending so much hour thinking about calling in sick that its actually attaining you sick, its time to put your own health first.

Money isnt everything, but

You should feel like you are properly compensated for your work.

We all wish we could have a pay create. However, if research depicts other entry-level positions in your field are offering several thousand dollarsmore than what youre generate, dont stick around while you contemplate why.

At my first undertaking, salary negotiations were always hushed. We werent supposed to talk about what we were inducing with other employees, which is usually a huge signthat someone isnt to be paid what they deserve. Dont let it be you.

Vacation is not just a privilege.

You cannot be expected to work 52 weeks per year with only weekends off.

Even if you dont have an extensive vacation schemed, things will come up. At my first chore, I got one day of vacation per month. This sounded pretty good, until I realized that I didnt get any sick days or personal time off. If I called in sick or had afamily emergency, I had to use my vacation days.

No one should have to choose between attending a loved ones funeral or taking a much-needed three-day weekend the following month. And no one should be coming into work with the flu because they used all of their vacation time visiting household the week of Christmas.

A solid benefits package can be just as important as an appropriate salary.

Watch the turnover rate.

I watched many people cease or get fired within my first six months of employment, and eventually, I lost count.

Once, an entire department disappeared overnight because the CEO chose they werent required any more. Some of the employees in that department had been hired less than two months prior.

People should not be hired and then fired just because someone higher up is having a bad day. After less than a year of running full time, I was the second most experienced person in my department. Everyone else had quit.

If the shelf life for someone with your position in the company is less than two years, start looking for a more stable undertaking right away.

There will always be someone with a worse job, and there will always be someone with a better task. The most important lesson I learned in my first year of post-graduation employment is to always pushfor the better job.

Dont ignore the red flag for one year or even for one day. The second your intestine tells you it isnt right, its time to start looking for something better.

The real world can be tough to tackle, but if you arm yourself with the lessons frompast experiences, you are on your style to a better future.

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Glassdoor ranks the 20 best employee benefits and perks

Employees work in a fun, relaxed environment at Pinterest Headquarters in San Francisco, California .
Image: kim kulis/ corbis via getty images

Unlimited vacation and ping-pong tables won’t solve every workplace problem, but employee perks and benefits still can help with the mood at an office.

Jobs site Glassdoor released a list of 20 companies that are offering unique perks. The list not ranked by quality was based on the hundreds of thousands of benefits reviews shared by employees on the site.

Here is the listing of 20 companies with one unique perk, followed by an employee quote summarizing the benefits πŸ˜› TAGEND

1. Four months of paid paternal leave IKEA

Great pay, amazing benefits, and company culture is strong. Although it is a worldwide company, you feel like a family. Vacation/ sick time off is great. Having been with the company many years, I get five weeks of PTO and a week and sick time. The building itself is a major benefit: lockers& showers, computer rooms, quiet/ prayer room, coworker-only restaurant that serves a different meal each day for only $3. Some locatings have gyms and free bicycles to rent, lactation rooms for new mommies, etc, ” writes a current storekeeper.

2. On-site gym with Crossfit Reebok

Reebok Ambassador Batu Khasikov joins forces to help launch Reebok’s The Sport Of Fitness Has Arrived campaign on May 15, 2012, in Moscow.

Image: Oleg Nikishin/ Getty Images

“The company mission and values are clear, communicated often, and espoused. It’s ok to take an hour for fitness throughout the day and fitness events are encouraged to participate in, ” writes a current marketing director .

3. Soccer tournament Bain

Fantastic team spirit, worthy of the old A Bainie never lets another Bainie fail expression which is supported through local and global trains where employees are working together from around the world to share experiences and take on new challenges, ” writes a current employee .

4. Gender reassignment surgery Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is devoted to people growth and high achievers opportunities to grow professionally. As federal employees, you are surrounded by intelligent, driven colleagues and have the benefit of a culture that is focused on bringing out the best in you, ” writes a current vice president .

5. Healthcare coverage for interns Facebook

The worst thing is that there are so many perks and benefits you may not know about all of them, writes a current employee .

6. Pet health insurance Scripps Health

Image: DeAgostini/ Getty Images

“Good benefits, especially the Wellness program, which if all requirements are satisfy, the employee’s benefits are at no-cost for the next year. Lots of additional benefits available; pet insurance, legal assistance, etc. if you want to purchase those, ” writes a former employee .

7. Full tuition reimbursement Starbucks

“Benefits, lots of breaches, they treat you like a human being, great place to run. Tuition reimbursement and stock options, ” writes a former barista .

8. Parental leave policy American Express

AmEx has always treated me well as an employee. My spouse had serious health problems some years ago, and my leaders were very compassionate, and allowed me to run from home full day until she recovered. Good pay, good benefits, good people to work with for the most proportion, ” writes a current graphic designer .

9. $60 wellness stipend Eventbrite

What I love the most about Eventbrite is the office/ run culture that it has created. I have never experienced anything like it before. The company proves over and over again that it truly cares for their employees in each department, ” writes a current employee .

10. 20% store discount Whole Foods

The 365 by Whole Foods Market store in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, Calif.

Image: patrick t. fallon/ bloomberg via getty images

They created an environment where you are motivated to work hard and that’s enjoyable. They devote great benefits to their employees. The upper management seems to care a lot of their employees, ” writes a former prep food team member .

11. Free Double-Double brew In-N-Out

Extremely flexible with scheduling, you work with similar personalities so everyone tends to get along. You move up quickly, you genuinely feel appreciated 9 days out 10, and a free dinner every day that you work. Great pay and excellent benefits for a rewarding job, ” writes a current employee .

12. T wo sabbatical programs Deloitte

Great company to work with. Collaborative surrounding in which experienced hires will not be left out. Partners will actively support your career advance, ” writes a current employee.

13. Free access to SF Museum of Modern Art Gap

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art( SFMOMA ).

Image: JOSH EDELSON/ AFP/ Getty Images

Very comprehensive superiors. Flexible hours. Great team and great work environment. Very laid back style you can dress as you like. Great employee discount, ” writes a current assistant .

14. $800 StayFit reimbursement program Microsoft

The best things were the 401 K( Microsoft would match up to 50% of max) and the employee stock purchase plan. Also the Stay Fit options were good( could go to a gym or get $800 to spend on fitness related activities/ equipment or other things ), ” writes a former employee .

15. Own the Way You Run program Swiss Re

Diverse, supportive, knowledge company, good benefits, foster horizontal and vertical moves, good global opportunities, professional, canteen food, market leader, own the way you work, ” writes current asserts specialist .

16. Share paid leave Amazon

Image: pete endig/ dpa/ corbis

Great benefits all around. Best insurance I’ve ever had, didn’t have to worry about the bill I’d receive a month afterward after going to the doctor. I never paid anything to the doctor or received a bill for any of my son’s well-baby visits, ” writes a former fulfillment associate .

17. 401 k with 8% matching USAA

Excellent culture and environment where they genuinely care about serving the members and observing new innovative ways every year to make their lives easier. Great benefits, work-life balance, and excellent coworkers to work alongside, ” writes a current software developer .

18. Confidential counseling Southwest Airlines

Ability to make a difference, senior management listens to all ideas for improvement, genuine care for employees, competitive salary, awesome benefits, cash bonus offered for reaching certain metrics, ” writes a current senior director .

19. Car cleans, haircuts, dentist Genentech

Genentech headquarters.

Image: justin sullivan/ getty images

“Great place to work due to culture, benefits, talented people. Mature processes and tools. Possibilities available locally and globally. Diversity and inclusion are central and focused on, ” writes a current director of global product management .

20. 40 hours to volunteer Timberland

Employees are very community service minded and passionate about the brand heritage and products. Great work environment with lots of perks, writes a current employee .

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